Shane & Ryan Visit A Secret Breakfast Club • Weird Wonderful World

Jul 31, 2020
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*Edit: The LA Breakfast Club was founded in 1925!
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  • Ham an' Eggs, Ham an' Eggs, Flip 'em Flop em', Flip 'em Flop 'em, Ham an' Eggs.

    Clay the Skyrim GuyClay the Skyrim Guy6 hours ago
  • all saw were just white people

    Lucious GrayLucious Gray11 hours ago

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky21 hour ago
  • Okay stop. That guy at 2:36 looks like the guy from the Aebleskiver shop in the quaintest town O.o

    CassCassDay ago

    Hannah HoweHannah Howe2 days ago
  • are we not going to talk about "kinky but wrong"

    Eeva REeva R5 days ago
  • Dang our culture will never be the same after covid. All I can see is lack of social distancing and how easily they're all contaminating each other. I know this was filmed pre-covid but yikes!

    CrimsonChickCrimsonChick7 days ago
  • seeing the softer more earnest side of shane is the thing i’m most grateful for about this channel

    nat tnat t10 days ago
  • I believe I just got a glimpse of what I dream Heaven is like.

    MoBachhMoBachh10 days ago
  • :") this is the cutest little club and i adore it

    WolfCraze 101WolfCraze 10111 days ago
  • Nobody else I know will eat a lemon. I peel and eat them like an orange, and am glad to see somebody else eats lemons.

    SilverWolfGamesSilverWolfGames12 days ago
  • I don't mean to be a party-pooper, but there is no amount of money you can pay me to attend this

    MrJamhammMrJamhamm12 days ago
  • this is literally so cool i love it so much

    Ethan EllisEthan Ellis12 days ago
  • The calisthenics/dancing and then sing along time.omg I was dying but it looked so fun!

    RedOphelia 13RedOphelia 1315 days ago
  • 13:29 is that Jamie Lynn beatty?

    Haylie ClaireHaylie Claire15 days ago
  • This is the whitest thing i have ever seen

    Aleena AsifAleena Asif15 days ago
  • Anyone seen the fanart of them as agents in the 19 century? They look similar here! 😍

    Am. B.Am. B.16 days ago
  • I am a sort of an introvert and the idea of a breakfast clubs haunts me in my sleep.

    BookwormBookworm17 days ago
  • Also maybe the lemons were a metaphor for "when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade" ?

    Minion PrimeMinion Prime17 days ago
  • Shane always dresses like a lesbian and I love it

    Country_GnomesCountry_Gnomes17 days ago
  • someone commented ““citadel of shanes and ryans”” and like can you imagine an rick and morty au with these two 🥴

    alluraallura18 days ago
  • Seems like a jolly place but by the time the lights turned off, I think it goes on a little long. Eat breakfast, have a conversation, sing a few songs and wrap it up. 😂

    Joe MamaJoe Mama18 days ago
  • shane and ryan look and act like an old married couple i'm LIVING for this

    EmilyEmily18 days ago
  • This gives me countryside church party vibes

    r_ramendumpr_ramendump18 days ago
  • What an awesome place. Looked like fun

    SamhainJackSamhainJack19 days ago
  • I love the intro! I adore watching you two together! ALL GOOD THINGS!!!

    MintakahMintakah19 days ago
  • I still wanted to watch this episode cause I love these guys, but as an introvert, this whole thing was surprisingly very, very, very uncomfortable to watch.

    ACE 99ACE 9920 days ago
  • I love Shane and Ryan nervously chatting and making jokes in line like freshman on the first day of school until some upperclassman comes and tells them how things work.

    nerdlandianerdlandia22 days ago
  • This seems like the most magical place ever. I want this to be everywhere. Social clubs need to become a thing again because honestly online stuff just can’t beat it!

    Emma AveryEmma Avery22 days ago
    • If you are ever in Los Angeles, please visit us! D.W. Griffith said "If every city had a Breakfast Club, there would be no war." It's not quite the same, but we are currently meeting on Zoom and details are on our Facebook page.

      Christopher HansonChristopher Hanson12 days ago
  • Shane is at peak weird hipster old man style in this video. Like WOW that hair and mustache combo 😂😂😂😂😂

    Emma AveryEmma Avery22 days ago
  • Well, that club ain't secret no more.

    Joseph DavilaJoseph Davila23 days ago
  • I hope all the members of the society are doing okay

    Ali Shades Indo YuAli Shades Indo Yu25 days ago
    • We are! It's not quite the same, but we are currently meeting on Zoom and details are on our Facebook page.

      Christopher HansonChristopher Hanson12 days ago
  • istg this is my favourite youtube channel ever, everything they make is absolute gold and now i wanna make video's to show the cool spots in the netherlands

    Haha ik ben gayHaha ik ben gay25 days ago
  • This is so beautiful, I would love this to be a more commonplace thing

    donttalktomebyedonttalktomebye26 days ago
  • "what was in the hidden compartment?" *"the hidden object"* honestly, I would've answered the same

    Catherine GomezCatherine Gomez26 days ago
  • Ghoul boys, keep eating food. I will watch forever.

    Phoenix7351Phoenix735127 days ago
  • they've invented church from first principles, just minus god. that's what this is.

  • Anyone else wanna join?

    Nwc ChildNwc Child28 days ago
  • These are MY PEOPLE - why OH why am I on the OTHER side of the country?

    Catie PartridgeCatie Partridge28 days ago
  • It's nice that they documented all these kind of things considering that none of them are ever going to happen again.

    JalbatrossJalbatross29 days ago
    • @Christopher Hanson That's nice to hear. I was kind of just joking. I think in a year or two things will be back to somewhat like the way they were before all of this. Just got to wait it out.

      JalbatrossJalbatross9 days ago
    • It's not quite the same, but we are currently meeting on Zoom and details are on our Facebook page.

      Christopher HansonChristopher Hanson12 days ago
  • This is Ron Swanson's church

    GingerPockyGingerPocky29 days ago
  • 5:53 i like the guy who looks like Quentin Tarintino and looks DISGUSTED at Shane

    PemoPemo29 days ago
  • “...may I recommend-“ “Ryan Bergara.” “-the sHRINE OF F R E I N D S H I P”

    Annelise B_BAnnelise B_BMonth ago
  • this was a wholesome episode

    Caitlin KatzCaitlin KatzMonth ago
  • Why did she give them lemons? XD guaranteed talking about her in the future, Ryan “remember that lady at the breakfast club?” Shane “which one, the lemon lady?” 😭that’s how I’d remember her. She was super sweet tho I’d be her friend.

    T TT TMonth ago

    Lauren ElizabethLauren ElizabethMonth ago
  • I can’t stop looking at Shane’s jacket I want it 👉👈

    BlundungusBlundungusMonth ago
  • Me, eating while watching this: its like im there

    gummi dribblegummi dribbleMonth ago
  • This reminds me of what it feels like to see rocky horror live.

    OhmyglamstamOhmyglamstamMonth ago
  • No one going mention the Two Ronnies with the FVNEM?

    Abigail BeardshawAbigail BeardshawMonth ago
  • So a club thats against clubs hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm am I missing something.

    Penny PopPenny PopMonth ago
  • Ryan seems so overwhelmed by the sheer whiteness of this club

    TarvosTarvosMonth ago

    dreamincolor14dreamincolor14Month ago
  • 6:36 Shane ripping off old man G's hand 6:41 Ryan gently shaking the old woman's hand Hahahhaha 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    dreamincolor14dreamincolor14Month ago
  • these two look like they were made for this club

    Chad ThaddeusChad ThaddeusMonth ago
  • "the nourishing truth to know what it is to be a human being" so this is what the breakfast club is all about huh? Too much conviction and passion in that man for my liking. So it seems like a clean for people who don't have friends outside of this circle? Talking about death in a joking manner made that guy uncomfortable?

    Peter SaltPeter SaltMonth ago
  • The sea song got me!!! :')

    HannahHannahMonth ago
  • 9:00 this is why the aliens don’t wanna speak to us 😂

    MA551VMA551VMonth ago
  • This place seems like so much fun it sucks I'm on the other side of the country 😔

    not dipper pinesnot dipper pinesMonth ago
  • This seams like a cult and I live for it lmao 😂

    Sierra • RoseSierra • RoseMonth ago
  • That was gosh darn wholesome

    Jesse DillardJesse DillardMonth ago
  • Documentary films 👁️👄👁️

    Sara JohnsonSara JohnsonMonth ago
  • ryan when he was intruduced to the whole club looked like a homeless man bruh

    arman israniarman israniMonth ago
  • The bohemian grove of breakfast clubs

    Ryan MillerRyan MillerMonth ago
  • Basically a couple hours of healthy wholesome silliness... nothing wrong with that!! Happy people are healthy people!

    Vee VintageVee VintageMonth ago
  • Me: wow, this seems...weird Also me: can i join?

    Kitty MonrovaKitty MonrovaMonth ago
  • jaime lyn beatty?????

    LesleeLesleeMonth ago
  • What a fun place.

    dollofvoodoodollofvoodooMonth ago
  • This guy sad calisthenics whaha... Oké dude.

    Z marchalZ marchalMonth ago
  • As long as this club is not racist, it's good I guess ( I feel weird about this being full of caucasian people )

    srsly btchsrsly btchMonth ago
    • That’s racist in itself

      GM45 _GM45 _Month ago
  • First minute of the secret breakfast club: This looks like an old folks home. By the end: This is definitely a cult.

    Mark PembertonMark PembertonMonth ago
  • Shan looks like he is just out of a herry Potter movie 🤣🤣🤣

    layba Benedictlayba BenedictMonth ago
  • Someone take me there

    MashiatMashiatMonth ago
    • If you are ever in Los Angeles please join us when life gets back to normal! It's not quite the same, but we are currently meeting on Zoom and details are on our Facebook page.

      Christopher HansonChristopher Hanson12 days ago
  • Ok that’s it. I need to uproot my life and move there. Corny, but nice!! It’s nice to see happy, good people. Kids, pack your shit!

    Solstice BeatSolstice BeatMonth ago
    • Please join us if you are ever in Los Angeles when life returns to normal! It's not quite the same, but we are currently meeting on Zoom and details are on our Facebook page.

      Christopher HansonChristopher Hanson12 days ago
  • This place is my dream come true, wish I could visit.

    tweedy gremlin boytweedy gremlin boyMonth ago
    • @Christopher Hanson oh sweet! I'm about half the world away in Scotland but I'll definitely go check it out.

      tweedy gremlin boytweedy gremlin boy12 days ago
    • It's not quite the same, but we are currently meeting on Zoom and details are on our Facebook page.

      Christopher HansonChristopher Hanson12 days ago
  • Strange things, what loneliness can do to a man.

    Alex BeachbumAlex BeachbumMonth ago
  • Wish there was something like this in my tiny town...makes me miss Chicago

    AzeraVAzeraVMonth ago
  • To any young viewers who see this comment, be sure to take advantage of settings like this once the world opens back up. Being able to socialize in these kinds of environments is a good skill to have.

    yo yoyo yoMonth ago
    • @Christopher Hanson Excellent! We have to make do with what we have!

      yo yoyo yo12 days ago
    • It's not quite the same, but we are currently meeting on Zoom and details are on our Facebook page.

      Christopher HansonChristopher Hanson12 days ago
  • this is where drama teachers come from

    cjcjMonth ago
  • Shane is the college professor I never knew I wanted to sleep with. 😍

    Leeson JamesLeeson JamesMonth ago
  • Ryan and Shane are such a odd and beautiful pair...

    gabiluch87gabiluch87Month ago
  • When was this made?

    ION JION JMonth ago
  • An introverts worst nightmare

    bleedingredbleedingredMonth ago
  • idk why but i find this kinda creepy in a way. Like it seems cool but it also seems like there's something going on that we dont know about.

    NediahcGamesNediahcGamesMonth ago
  • Thank you for dressing like a professor who has a secret.

    Samuel BensonSamuel BensonMonth ago
  • Cult ✨vibes✨

    Rogelio Diaz2747Rogelio Diaz2747Month ago
  • Holy crap, Bert and Ernie! That place was tailor-made for you guys!

    Cleo HarperCleo HarperMonth ago
  • this is like if the freemasons made a lodge for happy people.

    Hart DrHart DrMonth ago
  • I love the jokey cult and death references, but that poor man was not here for it.

    Ash SawyerAsh SawyerMonth ago
  • So nice to catch a glimpse of Shane and Ryan when they reach 70.

    Bradley HepburnBradley HepburnMonth ago
  • I caught myself smiling. This place has such good vibes. It has a similar energy to pataphysics seminars I went to.

    Goose DoctorGoose DoctorMonth ago
  • This was clearly before the pandemic. Watching it during said thing is... Stressful. All the touching .

    SabrinaSabrinaMonth ago
  • Guy with who’s seems strangely aggressive: This place is SO DIVERSE Uh, yeah, very whitely diverse. *just saying.*

    SkySkyMonth ago
  • This is like, every midwestern banquet hall 😂 I love it

    lindsay couvionlindsay couvionMonth ago
  • the singing scene made me emotional and it definitely doesnt have anything to do with the fact I haven't left my house since quarantine started like 6 months ago

    MoriahMoriahMonth ago
  • I've never had anxiety when eating breakfast, or surrounding breakfast in general, but this shit made me nervous...

    Yellow BellyYellow BellyMonth ago
  • I really hope a a place like this exists here in Scotland. I'd join as soon as possible

    Jordan CathcartJordan CathcartMonth ago
  • This series is UNDERRATED

    Geniely CruzGeniely CruzMonth ago
  • Slovenly hog? ;-)

    Konrad GajewskiKonrad GajewskiMonth ago
  • I can't decide if I think this is creepy or really freaking cute. Edit: Figured it out. It's creepy.

    Whitneyleigh392Whitneyleigh392Month ago