Shane & Ryan Visit A Soda Emporium • Weird Wonderful World

Jun 5, 2020
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These fizzdaddies are ready to gulp.
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  • Shane keep calling Ryan little. And I'm like 5'3. 😭

    Andy LimAndy Lim4 hours ago
  • I really like this duo. Buzzfeed watcher has the best talented show hosts. Keep up the good job.

    Andy LimAndy Lim4 hours ago
  • All Hail the WATCHER

    Dash LukkyDash LukkyDay ago
  • When Ryan smacked his hand was I the only one that thought of jackseptycy intro (sorry if I spelled it wrong)

    NJ 2KNJ 2KDay ago
  • BuzzFeed soda pop

    Caleb WhiteheadCaleb Whitehead2 days ago
  • BuzzFeed sounds like a soda they could be the spokespeople for a soda company

    Caleb WhiteheadCaleb Whitehead2 days ago
  • My soda game needs improvement

    Caleb WhiteheadCaleb Whitehead2 days ago
  • Shane and Ryan's attire make them look like a cute little gay couple LOL

    Rachel B.Rachel B.3 days ago
  • ryan's aggressive *"what"* when he heard about the soda machine just keeps me in orbit-

    Charmelle LopezCharmelle Lopez3 days ago
  • I popped for Green River

    Chris GrabChris Grab3 days ago
  • I got this big stupid smile on my face when they found Kimura on the shelves-- before COVID-19 I used to get that at this ramen shop that I went to on special occasions!! Sadly it closed recently.. man I miss ramen shops :0

    BeaBea5 days ago
  • How does Ryan not know what blackcurrant is?

    Liam McGrathmusicLiam McGrathmusic5 days ago
  • "hes a creamy little guy"

    Eeva REeva R6 days ago
  • 1:53 ryan cheershing the imaginary little kid at the exact time the screen changes in the background was great to watch

    Eeva REeva R6 days ago
  • i-im sorry- fIZZDADDIES THAT ARE READY TO GULP?/1./1/,2/.3,.1/

    Eeva REeva R6 days ago
  • 0:14 Is that John? Paul? i see in the backround painted??? (I have so many bottles from cracker barrel because thats the only place i know with a good variety of sodas) 9:12 perfectly cut scream

    wybie lovatwybie lovat6 days ago
  • This is such a cool store! I could spend so much money in this store.

    ebrownebrown6 days ago
  • Shane: How do you feel? Ryan; NOhohoh

    Abel-J_29Abel-J_298 days ago
  • Why are they so awkward around other people

    yami bakurayami bakura10 days ago
  • the tasting scene post rona hits different

    nat tnat t10 days ago
  • That's my favorite sarsaparilla ❤️

    Shelby shoffShelby shoff10 days ago
  • The owner is so sweet 👍 also I never tasted any of these variety of drinks, Wow

    Komaeda CoffeeKomaeda Coffee10 days ago
  • My hyperacidity could never hander all this carboanted drinks😔😔

    Unknown personUnknown person11 days ago
  • I LOVE moxie. I can't find it anywhere in my state but when I'd go on vacation with my famuly as a kid, my parents would bring back a box of the stuff

    SleepyartistSleepyartist12 days ago
  • God. Just hearing someone else call it “pop” makes me feel like there’s a place for me in society again.

    4NN13 H4NN13 H13 days ago
    • Also, just everything Fentiman’s makes is so damned good.

      4NN13 H4NN13 H13 days ago
  • Fentimans Rose Lemonade and Curiosity Cola are SS tier sodas

    Angus HusbandsAngus Husbands13 days ago
  • They would love wandering around Charlie Brown Farms in Littlerock CA

    TiffTotTiffTot14 days ago
  • Kvass is Russian bread beer. Literally made from fermenting leftover crusts in a old landlady used to make it.

    EvieHEvieH14 days ago
  • i'd fucking die for everyone in this video

    definitely not Ldefinitely not L15 days ago
  • who’s responsible for calling them “fizzdaddies” in the description? i just want answers

    danieladaniela15 days ago
  • Just curious when this was filmed?

    GinaGina15 days ago
  • the was def before corona because they are sucking and passing these soda bottles

    luis russoluis russo15 days ago
  • big gay's juice !! 10:42

    Blake WillsonBlake Willson16 days ago
  • DId y'all try the Eli's blueberry???

    John SmithJohn Smith17 days ago
  • When quarantine is over I really wanna go to this place!

    Melissa MintonMelissa Minton17 days ago
  • This feels like a worth it lightning round 😂

    Lyra RavenLyra Raven17 days ago
  • I love the soda shoppe owner so much He's just loving the guys

    Maegan MMaegan M17 days ago
  • I am the party pooper that's gonna come in here and ask...when was this filmed? 'Cause the posting date, combined with what I see in the video...hope it was much, much earlier in the year than that, but if not, YIKES.

    Fang QueenFang Queen17 days ago
  • I thought they went to pops, and being an Oklahoman I got very excited.

    _Foward___Foward__18 days ago
  • is this the store biliie eillish goes to a lot? idk

    TO THE MOONTO THE MOON18 days ago
  • John was loving every second of their banter 😂

    Joe MamaJoe Mama18 days ago
  • Oh my god ryan please stop drinking your national treasure and shane

    Ethan Jacob DeMesaEthan Jacob DeMesa19 days ago
  • 19:17 🎵watermelon sugar high🎵

    Malyha KhakwaniMalyha Khakwani19 days ago
  • Not a fan of the headband not coordinating with the shirt. Pure white and navy blue does not go with off white and cobalt blue. I am so deeply disappointed in Shane for this. Shame unto Shane.

    KariKari20 days ago
  • Wolf Cola, “It's the right cola for closure".

    Monte8CarloMonte8Carlo20 days ago
  • The supermarket I used to work at sold that Olde English root beer. It's actually quite nice

    Aoife DrummondAoife Drummond20 days ago
  • "toasted marshmallow Ryan just learned that word" 😂😂😂

    XochitlLotusXochitlLotus20 days ago
  • 11:46 im- did this absolute madman really just pop that cap off with his hand?

    comradekuncomradekun20 days ago
  • The old man looks so uncomfortable the whole time 😂

    Unforseen BeingUnforseen Being20 days ago
  • You guys didn't try brainwash?

    Kirsten SchultKirsten Schult21 day ago
  • I love that they both just add head to the end of words to express that they like it lmao

    snake toessnake toes21 day ago
  • Ryan’s mic the whole tasting session JESUS CHRIST I can’t hear anything anymore

    Senor MillerSenor Miller22 days ago
  • the owner is so wholesome so cute 💚

    Shanila Al MamoonShanila Al Mamoon22 days ago
  • Fentemans soda is great also, black currant isn't a grape lol

    Jess ClayJess Clay23 days ago
  • Grandpa John! We love you

    Rapunzel LouiseRapunzel Louise24 days ago
  • Them drinking from the same bottle is so sweet and still platonic

    SwapnaSwapna25 days ago
  • If the show Californians Gold was hosted by Millennials

    Sara JohnsonSara Johnson25 days ago
  • Can this lovely man be my grandpa, PLEASE?!🤗

    Queen BQueen B26 days ago
  • Never go away. You fellas are awesome together on all your channels. Ive literally sat up all night watching multiple videos on multiple channels..

    Will jayWill jay26 days ago
  • When he spelled impatient wrong "empatient"

    Minute RocketsMinute Rockets26 days ago
  • All hail the watcher

    Joshua OuterbridgeJoshua Outerbridge26 days ago

    xvxv27 days ago
  • In the UK I know a lot of cocktail bars thast use Ting to make a nice summery cocktail

    KateRavenBlueEyedKateRavenBlueEyed27 days ago
  • Irn Bru is the best drink in the world

    S CS C28 days ago
  • 9:29 me waiting to tell my mom I peed my pants

    Eduardo MemijeEduardo Memije28 days ago
  • Anyone notice @20:13? There is a black head shadow thingy that moves behind the aisle on the left side of Ryan's head.

    Joe HangJoe Hang28 days ago
  • Green River floats Yum

    Crystal WysimierskiCrystal Wysimierski28 days ago
  • John is so cute. Hope to visit someday.

    micky131micky13128 days ago
  • So obviously pre-covid 😆 I panicked every time you shared a bottle

    shannon fergusonshannon ferguson29 days ago
  • Bruh cheerwine is the best ever

    Drew BishopDrew Bishop29 days ago
  • The Shaniac really came through today XD

    Otakuattackcosplays 1Otakuattackcosplays 1Month ago
  • Ryan did a little Nya thing so cute

    Otakuattackcosplays 1Otakuattackcosplays 1Month ago
  • Is it just me or Ryan just called Shane BABE?

    Loren CollinsLoren CollinsMonth ago
  • “I’m your Huckleberry.” 😏

    Comment HighlightedComment HighlightedMonth ago
  • Wait, people don't have Blackcurrants? Where I live that's like the go-to children's birthday party squash (or orange squash lol)

    L SmithL SmithMonth ago
  • After rewatching this twice i just realised the store owner is the soda yoda aaaaaaaaaaaq

    Indira DevayantiIndira DevayantiMonth ago
  • I wish they had taken more time with each to learn about what they were tasting. Also ... Chilled em. Who drinks room temp soda???

    Joy ReneeJoy ReneeMonth ago
  • Shane probably likes ginger ale in the air because when you are flying your taste buds taste differently. I also don't like ginger ale but I do when I'm flying cause of this

    Lola ShusterLola ShusterMonth ago
  • "I lied" 😂 I almost spit out my coffee when he said that

    Brianda TapiaBrianda TapiaMonth ago
  • Omg I was a lil skeptical about this video just because I'm not much of a soda fanatic but sooo funny and entertaining😂👌

    Brianda TapiaBrianda TapiaMonth ago
  • I need a Ryan and Shane type friendship in my life lol

    carmeistercarmeisterMonth ago
  • I live in Japan and have never seen that "cat soda" (fukumaneki soda) so I did a search for it. The only articles I can find are from 2007-2008 unfortunately. :( But the cat on the front is a "manekineko" or a lucky cat, that businesses put in front (or people put in their houses) as a charm to draw money in. On the side of the bottle is a space to write the details of the weekly lottery you've supposedly entered, then you drink the soda, and that's supposed to bring you luck for winning the lottery. ^_^

    JaxJaxMonth ago
  • 11:15 Ryan and Shane look like they belong on that 70s show with them staches

    Reece CureReece CureMonth ago
  • "This guys like a godamn bloodhound" Hahahaha

    Leena ELeena EMonth ago
  • Sugar Shane... that's a cute one 😂

    Mia TerracottaMia TerracottaMonth ago
  • WAIT A MINUTE, have the video sequences changed? WOAH 😃

    Mia TerracottaMia TerracottaMonth ago
  • I fucking love trying various craft sodas and I want to go here so badly Y^Y

    Dyanne AboboDyanne AboboMonth ago
  • Is it just me or does Shane look like Barney wearing his lesbian outfit and accessories from "How I Met Your Mother?" xD

    Vi CVi CMonth ago
  • Ngl tho Shane looks hella good with the headband 🙏

    GigiGigiMonth ago
  • If I ever make it over to LA I now really, really want to visit this place. The guy seems like such a good sport, too. He picked up what they were putting down.

    Camilla JeffersonCamilla JeffersonMonth ago
  • getting HIGH on sugar frfr

    j moneyj moneyMonth ago
  • I have absolutely no idea why, but Shane and Ryan’s relationship gives me big Wes Anderson movie vibes

    Amanda LiptakovaAmanda LiptakovaMonth ago
  • try a ting lol

    NamokusNamokusMonth ago
  • I wish for this place to have a website people can buy from. ☺️😃 Every soda mentioned sounds amazing.

    Raina VillanuevaRaina VillanuevaMonth ago
  • Ting shout-out! 🇯🇲

    jaimariexojaimariexoMonth ago
  • Thats a nice store

    ninbu24fateninbu24fateMonth ago
  • 1- I’d hope he sells some kinda dandelion & burdock pop. 2- Ryan’s Dandelion, Shane’s Burdock...the new crime drama coming this fall, only on ABC. LOL

    Rabbit TeaPotRabbit TeaPotMonth ago
  • I love that store!

    Amber GastelumAmber GastelumMonth ago
  • There mustaches are a lot to take in

    Ava MuellerAva MuellerMonth ago
  • When i saw that they have kvass i jumped. I love kvass sooo much. I drink it all the time in the summer. It like my holly grail. Fuck i love kvass

    my black soulmy black soulMonth ago