Shane’s Puppet BTS • Watcher Weekly #033

Aug 19, 2020
163 816 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 33rd episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
1:22 Show News
3:27 This Week
3:56 Chill Zone
7:29 Q & A
14:13 Puppet Preview
22:33 Goodbye
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  • All Hail the WATCHER...

    Dash LukkyDash LukkyDay ago
  • Color ur hair👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

    carolina vargascarolina vargas14 days ago
  • I hate to be that guy but this Steven kid is the weak link in your chain, the third wheel... I get that he was essential for you guys to get going but now that you are I think it would be best if he was bts, he really doesn't fit with your guyes style.

    snavissnavis16 days ago
  • As someone who loves to do arts & crafts, I can rly relate to Shane in his creative process. Just starting out with a general idea in mind and let your hands do its thing, see where it takes you. Then you just make some more decisions along the way until you have your finished product! Friends would always ask "How???" but honestly I've no idea either. Doesn't rly matter how you do it as long as it looks decent in the end.

    Sintha MardameSintha Mardame18 days ago
  • OMG the torch. Thank you so much. Shane. Watching these instead of homework. People on earth, follow and do. So fun. I don't know how to get my lame imitation of the entire, just Shane do it out there, but. . . we could. Loving people, and their creative side, and thank you Shane for the YES, simplicity. Everyone is smart enough to figure this out from your awesome example, and it will be just fun for the world, and enjoyment. We all need the simple, fun, enjoyment and worldwide talent. I really want to see a guy from Australia, a chic from Canada, a Chicagoan, an Argentinan, a Cambodian, or even a North Korean, Englandite, Francian, Italian. . . ANYONE...get a puppet and get it on the web. Create your reality, via a puppet show. Neat, fun, innocent idea. Thanks again, Shane. Just let's do it. The world needs the fun lovin' right now. We, maybe can at least come up with some of that. There has to be more people than this one dude, a.k.a. MR. SHANE. Seriously, there may be many more of him. Share the talent people. We need you.

    danita whitsondanita whitson18 days ago
  • That TRAIN, the song! Excellent. DARE anyone else to top it. Get on it world. This is the fun stuff that you need to be doing other than your real life crap. Just do this.

    danita whitsondanita whitson18 days ago
  • hahaha. The cawdbowad. . .the exacto knife. . .the floor sit, foot fold. Can't believe others do this. Keep seeing it, and hope million others partake. Thank you.

    danita whitsondanita whitson18 days ago
  • Oh. I am in west central Illinois, used to live in Chicago suburb, just had a tornado and the pour down and wind gusting up to 60 m.p.h, while taking my mom to an MRI. Ah, the loveliness. Autumn smell and crunch and wet and wild and windy. 80 degrees yesterday, 30's tonight. Hahaha. Noone should be born and live and die in this state. . . but, IF YOU WERE AND ARE AND DID, YAY, you did, and good for ya'. Ughulaciousness. Since day one. Yet, an incredible human accomplishment. Yay to the WATCHER boys.

    danita whitsondanita whitson18 days ago
  • Omg the genie turned me.tophatem into a puppet

    Aaron KuminskiAaron Kuminski28 days ago
  • I remember the sports struggles. But Shane you are obviously a virtuoso

    Maj RodicoMaj RodicoMonth ago
  • i really admire shane for his dedication on puppet-making. i loved puppet history even more

    Reayannah ConstantinoReayannah ConstantinoMonth ago
  • "I made a box". Goddammit Shane, you're fantastic, and so are the other lads!! You box making goon!!!

    S.Michael GrantS.Michael GrantMonth ago
  • bts is nowhere in this video i feel lied to

    LavenderMorgueLavenderMorgueMonth ago
  • :o

    Sloth StackSloth StackMonth ago
  • If shane is a demon then we know one of his puppets will end up in the warrens museum (Annabelle if u don't get it)

    RatRatMonth ago
  • Damn the determination is amazing.

    Arath FelixArath FelixMonth ago
  • Stephen looking especially nice today. Must be the lack of stress of having to wrangle a Bergara's attention back to the conversation =P

    Tarrie RevenantTarrie RevenantMonth ago
  • Wow.. Its really impressive how Buzzfeed was able to reduce such an ocean of talent like Shane into just a handful of videos

    Aadithyan JrAadithyan JrMonth ago
  • Shane dye your hair!!!

    Riso RoyRiso RoyMonth ago
  • Very chill vibes

    Riso RoyRiso RoyMonth ago
  • You're editors better get some Streamies.

    Steph SsSteph SsMonth ago
  • Ok but we need a puppet behind the scenes series! What is the inspiration? How does he find their voice? How did he learn to make puppets?

    Nicole BookishNicole Bookish2 months ago
  • Yo Shane, LOVE Puppet History! You have re-ignited my passion for puppets & my quest for history knowledge.

    Robin M. BeaulieuRobin M. Beaulieu2 months ago
  • Sorry boys- haven't you heard? New England- East Coast, USA IS THE destination for primo fall leaf peeping! Yes! people from ALL over the world come to our humble lil' neck o' the woods to see, photograph, jump into & roll around in our spectacular fall leaves, ,#WE'REnumber1! From ya gurl in Massachusetts, keep on watch'n!

    Robin M. BeaulieuRobin M. Beaulieu2 months ago
  • I just saw an psa on the Cinema re-opening, Yea!

    Robin M. BeaulieuRobin M. Beaulieu2 months ago
  • Shane's hair needs its own fan account. He's got this 70's vibe going on

    no nopeno9no nopeno92 months ago
  • I just watched Puppet History for the first time and laughed till it hurt.... love all your shows

    Eduardo RiveraEduardo Rivera2 months ago
  • Did they skip part#034 or ????

    positivebird is respawingpositivebird is respawing2 months ago
  • I still remember when Shane and Steven couldn’t be alone without Ryan without it becoming like that episode of New Girl where Schmidt and Winston try to hang out without Nick, and now look how far they’ve come

    Jordan CrowleyJordan Crowley2 months ago
  • shane has the hair of spencer from i carly

    container of beanscontainer of beans2 months ago
  • Ohhhh I was waiting for BTS puppets but then realized it is Behind The Scenes 🤣

    Komaeda CoffeeKomaeda Coffee2 months ago
  • I'm sure it's uncomfortable but Shane pulls off the long hair

    M ClausenM Clausen2 months ago
  • Maybe Steve can become a professor and he can teach "Big Apple Steve's Business 101"

    Elise SmithElise Smith2 months ago
  • So much work goes into those puppets and they are very cool

    Cynthia Marcos-HazeltonCynthia Marcos-Hazelton2 months ago
  • Would love to see Shane do a livestream of him working on his puppets 😊

    WhiteWaterAlchemistWhiteWaterAlchemist2 months ago
  • That train man puppet is an apex predator. Forward facing eyes. His jaw opens so wide. . . so wide

    Colleen StanleyColleen Stanley2 months ago
  • this is so impressive! i would love to see you and keith make puppets together!!

    Kitana WashingtonKitana Washington2 months ago
  • hey this was on my birthday

  • Do you draw the stick figures for puppet history? Or print those off.

    Irishshaltry 3434Irishshaltry 34342 months ago
  • beaver fever, BABEEEE

    Sara CobianSara Cobian2 months ago
  • shane, youre so humble. your puppets and puppet history are absolutely brilliant! also i love you call me

    mariedebrismariedebris2 months ago
  • Shanes existential crisis at the end of his June video is a big mood. Just "this is my life now."

    RosettaRosetta2 months ago
  • Shane during the Puppet Preview at the office is really the most human I've ever seen him look. Like not even in behaviour. He just looks really like. Guy. Idk what it is but whatever demon is possessing him really put in the effort that day

    C.o.R (Lex)C.o.R (Lex)2 months ago
  • Shane is sooo talented ughh i love him

    Rochelle AzarconRochelle Azarcon2 months ago
  • I fucking love all the puppet shit ✨🧚🏽

    * Beed* Beed2 months ago
  • Cheers to the cast and crew, you all dont get enough credit for all the behind the scenes and off camera work you do. Congrats and thanks for the content!👍

    Jordan VaughanJordan Vaughan2 months ago
  • Shane you're a genius.. love your puppets!

    Jane CJane C2 months ago
  • I think we need a whole BTS on puppet history on like the process of research, writing, and then filming the show etc.

    MarianneMarianne2 months ago
  • I love that they have a person who’s written and published history books being a researcher for this show. :) I just, love it. Plus, I have a friend who’s bought the book, and he highly recommends. He says it’s rad.

    Monroe RobbinsMonroe Robbins2 months ago
  • what about an official discord server?

    Sarah JamesSarah James2 months ago
  • Why does Shane look like if Paul McCartney stayed young forever whilst still aging?

    UniComsUniComs2 months ago
  • imagine if Shane made puppets for the Hot Daga

    Alex LeeAlex Lee2 months ago
  • 10:46 lol editors must love the chaos

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • i love you shane🥺

    miley xxmiley xx2 months ago
  • 5:23 Shane's "Ryan impression" is on spot lol, love Steven's laughter, felt that :)

    Animania freakAnimania freak3 months ago
  • The flute and Shane’s telling of the date weirdly gives me an “I’m the last survivor in this hell on earth and now I spend my time making puppets” vibe

    Louis LionLouis Lion3 months ago
  • When Shane says “Nobody likes a sick dog” I said to myself, “Lmfao fuckem”

    Makiyah MitchellMakiyah Mitchell3 months ago
  • Did shane take puppet making classes? Wow

    Isabella JayIsabella Jay3 months ago
  • I didn’t register BTS as “behind the scenes” and I really thought it meant like... Shane using his puppets to make a boyband.

    ButcherCatButcherCat3 months ago
  • Shane needs a cricut

    Margot ChekanMargot Chekan3 months ago
  • This is the first video I've seen with Shane's actual face It's so weird

    Alba GAlba G3 months ago
  • I have a friend who HAtES wet leaves like it ruins her day and you can tell she saw a wet leaf even if you don’t see any she will actually tell you she saw one but It’s fine cuz it’s funny

    Martin NagleMartin Nagle3 months ago
  • He is so fucking talented and creative

    BalmyBalmy3 months ago
  • congrats on the scabs, Steven!

    RydeRyde3 months ago
  • i swoon for Shane Madej's gorgeous hair.

    RydeRyde3 months ago
  • So impressed with the puppet-making! Shane is quite artistic! On another note, such a different mood without Ryan. A lot of people are saying this video is calmer, and it's so true! It feels a little bit like two people who still aren't able to be too weird without each other - which I think is the reason why he was so roasted! Easier to roast him than each other...

    vigilauntvigilaunt3 months ago
  • I love when Steven gets to talk more in watcher weekly!

    Alisa PerezAlisa Perez3 months ago
  • I want more D&D&SD

    Tru DatTru Dat3 months ago
  • Shane: Patron demon of craftsmanship

    Bri BrightBri Bright3 months ago
  • can i just say i really appreciate that literally every single watcher video has closed captions it makes watching videos so much easier for me and other ppl who have hearing troubles ☺️☺️

    awkward humannawkward humann3 months ago
  • i would like to watch a video of the 3 of them just going to a barber or waterver its called and get a haircut it would be so random but it would be very entertaining or calming. lol

    JessicaJessica3 months ago
  • Ok but imagine running into someone famous you admire and _them_ asking _you_ for a picture. God I love Ryan XD

    BluestarBluestar3 months ago
  • Love the puppet making so inspiring

    Gifts Of Mercy JewelryGifts Of Mercy Jewelry3 months ago

    Phill swiftPhill swift3 months ago
  • congrats on the 777k subs!!

    marciemarcie3 months ago
  • I really enjoy Puppet History. I was a big fan of Ruining History and wanted it to come back. Puppet History is even better.

    Vivian S.Vivian S.3 months ago
  • I love the way Watcher edits and puts together their shows. It's really idk satisfying

    anthonyanthony3 months ago
  • All hail the watcher

  • That poor plant, is it dying?

    DragonTamer 4444DragonTamer 44443 months ago
  • Q.: Could you please not shake the puppet-cutout characters quite so much? I understand you're indicating which character is talking, but it's a bit much.

    eastportlandeastportland3 months ago

    HelenHelen3 months ago
  • I’m pretty sure Ryan would be delighted that he missed all the scab talk

    ᄋᄉᄋkrystelᄋᄉᄋkrystel3 months ago
  • What happened to are you scared?!?!?!? Been waitinggg :( Definitely loving it during this lockdown

    Maria Martha EstradaMaria Martha Estrada3 months ago
  • more are you scared pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SHAM IRLSHAM IRL3 months ago
  • Why did they leave buzzfeed unzolved?

    Joren BautistaJoren Bautista3 months ago
  • Puppet History is the greatest show ever lol so your hard work pays off sir.

    BiLLz614BiLLz6143 months ago

    Ranger LongRanger Long3 months ago
  • That Shane dude sounds suspiciously like The Professor...

    IsobelEugeneIsobelEugene3 months ago
  • Make a video where you use your hair, that your cutting off anyway, in a wig.... a lace front wig

    Original WitchOriginal Witch3 months ago

    MillyMollyMandy1999MillyMollyMandy19993 months ago
  • Shane surely is a nerdy, creative and goofy guy that i find so attractive but i cant have :))))

    Khadijah MachdarKhadijah Machdar3 months ago
  • At first i read the title as "Shane's Puppet BS" and i was like, hey don't be rude.

    VCRVCR3 months ago
  • 1) Puppet History is the most underrated show on USworlds 2) I never want longhaired Shane to end lol

    Siobhan SprouseSiobhan Sprouse3 months ago
  • "Midwest Rise Up!" Oh, we are. Peace. Love. Solidarity. From Minneapolis.

    gruntmezeragruntmezera3 months ago
  • Tape. Use tape as a handle. roll it into a circle sticky on the outside, put your hand in the inside, stick it to the inside. easy and effective (And more Flexible.)

    Frost Dragon SpecterFrost Dragon Specter3 months ago
  • Where's Ryan? Nice puppets btw Shane👌

    Dakota ChesnutDakota Chesnut3 months ago
  • I love these guys! Shane is an extremely talented human muppet.

    Brandy RoseBrandy Rose3 months ago
  • did y'all hear that they solved the colony on Roanoke

    Eva FraseEva Frase3 months ago
  • I wish you guys could bring back Ruining History. I know with the current pandemic it'd be hard (and it was technically buzzfeed's) but I LOVED that show and I was sad it stopped.

    Mayi KelleyMayi Kelley3 months ago
  • Only someone as talented as Shane in Puppet Making, Puppet Operating, Story-Telling, and Song-Writing could make Puppet History work all by themselves

    J. L.J. L.3 months ago