Shane vs. Ryan: High-Speed Kart Racing • Weird Wonderful World

Jul 10, 2020
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Filmed February 2020
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  • Why was a really attracted to Shane during the slowmo

    angel michieangel michie20 hours ago
  • They put a drag queen in the old navy ad

    ReactorMars 8441ReactorMars 8441Day ago
  • ryan is like the younger sibling

    Rose .ARose .A2 days ago
  • i feel the exact same way as shane when it comes to sports. like it was scary how similar it was and it was nice knowing im not the only one like it

    Andres MONSERRATTEAndres MONSERRATTE2 days ago
  • Ok but why does Shane wearing this racing get-up do it for me??? Like damn.

    Danielle LongDanielle Long3 days ago
  • Loved everything about this. Tyler should be brought back for other videos

    Carol SimermamCarol Simermam3 days ago
  • Ryan's 'Ricky Goldsworth' was showing too much this day

    Lisoo jengLisoo jeng3 days ago
  • My husband took me here for our second date and he pushed me into the wall 😳 but it was super fun! He now races karts as a hobby and just won his first championship! He wants me to race too but I’d rather just stick to bowling 🎳

    Jessica HowartonJessica Howarton4 days ago
  • way to go ryan, its ok Shane your still funny

    Frankie MackenzieFrankie Mackenzie4 days ago
  • 3:52 has the same energy as "I am a man who owns four ovens." -Mark Fisbach

    Blu 16Blu 165 days ago
  • (Unintelligible boasting)

    Phoebe RosePhoebe Rose5 days ago
  • Oh my god, his sad face just made me sad. Like he actually looked depressed and wow that was a gut punch.

    Magical LizardMagical Lizard6 days ago
  • Tyler: "We're not pointing any fingers or any blame" *Shane and Ryan immediately pointing fingers*

    Yvain CallipsoYvain Callipso10 days ago
  • ryan and shane are klance: confirmed

    angrodguz the thirdangrodguz the third10 days ago
  • I live for these Tyler comments 😂😂

    Britt WhateverBritt Whatever11 days ago
  • Not me 4 months behind

    Charlie AyresCharlie Ayres12 days ago
  • Dude I love Tyler lmao that race was gold

    satanichispanicsatanichispanic14 days ago
  • Thank you whoever edited the captions. Unintelligible boasting and nervous wailing

    RachelRachel14 days ago
  • You guys make my day so much better

    Elizabeth TuellElizabeth Tuell17 days ago
  • At first the employee was all awkward and then by the middle of the video he was making fun of both of them 😂😂

    Joe MamaJoe Mama18 days ago
  • High Speed!? lol.

    BlottedBlotted18 days ago
  • I just came here to say that Ryan is so incessantly vicious to Shane (kinda makes me glad he chose chocolate & grape flavoring for his already cotton candy soda!) Check out the Ring The Belle women’s wrestling channel to equally wish misery upon me ✌️

    Kate-Lynn HolleyKate-Lynn Holley18 days ago
  • Name a more iconic duo

    KariKari19 days ago
  • Shane : *trying his best Ryan : *laughing maniacally

    hachirunhachirun20 days ago
  • Its the looking like buzz lightyear for me

    sinta yolandhasinta yolandha20 days ago
  • I!! Tried really hard to ignore the fact that Ryan's head looked like a clitoris but! I'm weak!!

    uh YeAh I sure HOPE it doesuh YeAh I sure HOPE it does21 day ago
  • I actually went gokarting with my family a few months ago and it was very fun. We did however drive fueled karts, not electric. It took a bit of getting into but once you get the hang of it, it gets much easier. Also it's a little funny how when they stood on that pedestal, they were almost the same height :')

    MiledithMiledith21 day ago
  • i am speed i am speed

    Deanna DoostdarDeanna Doostdar21 day ago
  • Tyler needs to join this duo (at least as a special feature), his roasts fit in perfectly 😂👏

    Eve hEve h22 days ago
  • i love shanes mantra

    kat. neskat. nes22 days ago
  • I was TERRIFIED when I was go kart racing.

    Kiera WegewitzKiera Wegewitz23 days ago
  • Ryan: “you get used to it” Gods, he sounded sad.

    Am. B.Am. B.24 days ago
  • I was born to drive

    Deanna DoostdarDeanna Doostdar25 days ago
  • Tyler is literally the embodiment of 'The Office'

    AsianDumplin_AsianDumplin_25 days ago
  • it hasn't even been 10 seconds into the video but my first thought is "why are there two different colored condoms talking to the camera?"

    Katie 1172Katie 117225 days ago
  • This whole show feels like a fever dream

    DeniDeni27 days ago
  • Great chemistry between all 3 of them. This was really good.

    myles ruckermyles rucker27 days ago
  • The thumbnail kinda looks like they dressed up as among us characters

    Yonny AlfaroYonny Alfaro28 days ago
  • Shane after losing with the mustache looks like a sad dad who thought he still had it but just realized he was old & losing it

    KaseyKasey28 days ago
  • tyler: i wonder if shane is angry driving right now shane: tyler looks disappointed in me :(

    gillgill28 days ago
  • Clearly, Shane was disadvantaged with the additional body weight due to his racing against a pygmy.

    Reynard GrimmReynard Grimm28 days ago
  • I mean thats what happens when you put a human on the horse instead of a jockey

    SherwinSherwin29 days ago
  • I think Tyler did the best redemption 🙂

    Comment HighlightedComment HighlightedMonth ago
  • "Oh man , The speed....THE SPEED! AHAHHAGAHAHHAHAHA!!!" -Ryan Bergara

    Sophia DySophia DyMonth ago
  • I literally don't think I've laughed this hard in months. 10/10 speedy bois

    SamSamMonth ago
  • Please add Tyler to the regular Watcher task. :') Iconic roasts.

    Camilla JeffersonCamilla JeffersonMonth ago
  • I love y’all so much

    Trevor BrightlyTrevor BrightlyMonth ago
  • shane madej? more like SHAME madej ammirite

    Rhia BayerRhia BayerMonth ago
  • he's straight up ROASTING Ryan tho

    Rhia BayerRhia BayerMonth ago
  • 10:58 killed me 😂

    may flowermay flowerMonth ago
  • The only time Ryan got to be taller than Shane is when they both stood on the 1st and 2nd

    K3W GamingK3W GamingMonth ago
  • can't wait to try this for the first time and tweet Ryan my results and show him im faster hehe or who knows I might do worse than Shayne SOMEHOW and then they'll laugh at me but either way it'll be a good time lmaooo

    MilagrosMilagrosMonth ago
  • Ryan on the winner step is as tall as Shane on the second step lol

    Giulia NicoGiulia NicoMonth ago

    Mariah HacksundaMariah HacksundaMonth ago
  • Ryan's face in the thumbnail-

    arson opossumarson opossumMonth ago
  • This is the best video from this series I really like watching this friends having such a good time

    Jorge Cepeda VillagranJorge Cepeda VillagranMonth ago
  • Tyler was cool af

    54321saveusy2j54321saveusy2jMonth ago
  • The editors here at Watcher really spoil my experience watching most other channels, 'cause they're SO GOOD - the sounds, the cut-aways, all the little details are *chef's kiss*.

    A TA TMonth ago
  • Was this the same track used in the tv show the good doctor ?

    bass clarinetbass clarinetMonth ago
  • Poor Ryan just wants to be tough and they wont give it to him. Ahahaha. 🤣

    MeMyself&Mandy !!!MeMyself&Mandy !!!Month ago
  • tyler i see you

    charlenecharleneMonth ago
  • Ryan had to win so he could experience a glimpse in time where he wasn’t shorter than Shane

    Shannon VieleShannon VieleMonth ago
  • "Speed Expert" *Life Goal*

    Road RunnerRoad RunnerMonth ago
  • love how tyler was trash talking both shane and ryan

    Becca DBecca DMonth ago
  • Poor Shane...

    flexmode_ HD14flexmode_ HD14Month ago
  • Omg red and black r Ryan’s colours

    Vedanjali gadeVedanjali gadeMonth ago
  • Lmfao ryan (speed addict)

    Max IwanMax IwanMonth ago
  • LMAOOO "Cackling like a witch" Hahaha he's insane

    gabiluch87gabiluch87Month ago
  • Their faces wrapped in those head socks are so adorable and weird... Oh, the little things that make my day!

    gabiluch87gabiluch87Month ago
  • In the beginning Shane and Ryan look like pink and blue condoms

    Julie ShawJulie ShawMonth ago
  • Tthe fucking thumb nail is that smile ryan

    PolarPolarMonth ago
  • I like how shane mistakes trash talk to dirty talk 🥴

    BobbyBobbyMonth ago
  • We Stan Tyler.

    Samuel BensonSamuel BensonMonth ago
  • 3:20 ryan reminded me of when my dog tries to step on my laptop an I have to move her paw

    IsapizzaIsapizzaMonth ago
  • anyone know the song at 14:45 ????

    mollmollMonth ago
  • Dude honestly *kiiiinda* like this better than the other spoopy stuff they post

    Legendary ProductionsLegendary ProductionsMonth ago
  • I love how shane and ryan instantly point at each other after he says we aren't pointing any fingers

    Vibe BrosVibe BrosMonth ago
  • ryan just took shane on a date to gapplebees

    James WrightJames WrightMonth ago
  • They should go back here with Steven. Ryan vs Steven. Winner vs Tyler.

    Neiki VNeiki VMonth ago
  • That intro had me thinking I was watching the professor

    Skye AndreasSkye AndreasMonth ago
  • tyler and shane have somethin. theres a spark

    piqhellpiqhellMonth ago
  • Shaneastian Vettel vs Ryan Bergera Albon

    Aaron SIsonAaron SIsonMonth ago
  • How in the hell does Shane not own a car while living in LA?!?! His Lyft expenses must be HUGE!!!!

    BrazenLokiBrazenLokiMonth ago
  • The Professor brought the punishment to Ryan for lapping Shane

  • 😂

    Geniely CruzGeniely CruzMonth ago
  • The hand shake at the end 21:21 was audibly dry the ghoul boys could use some lotion

    Carissa JCarissa JMonth ago
  • You look like buzz light year Ryan looks like a pen15

    Ilena LoveIlena LoveMonth ago
  • tyler is hilarious

    hallie vihallie viMonth ago
  • I like how the guy played along xD

    ProdByBTMProdByBTMMonth ago
  • I really liked Tyler they should drag him along some time:)

    Itz ELItz ELMonth ago
  • The thumbnail made me think they were dressed as Among Us characters

    Eric GarciaEric Garcia2 months ago
  • The amount of "Cars" references that could've been made in this video by Shane would've made Ryan quit the channel.

    zyeem nazirzyeem nazir2 months ago
  • 40 mph? Pretty slow I go to one that goes 60mph

    Alexis DiestroAlexis Diestro2 months ago
  • Ryan: “If I ram you-“ Me, out loud to my empty house: “If you wHAT NOW SIR???”

    Sarah BottinoSarah Bottino2 months ago
  • Tyler has a really good personality

    floppywaterfloppywater2 months ago
  • So it's called weird wonderful world, but you only explore California?

    DannyDanny2 months ago
  • It was at this point Shane made the decision for Ryan to never win Puppet History...

    Mr. JoshuaMr. Joshua2 months ago
  • 8:18 I can't believe he never made a clown car joke

    Samia ISamia I2 months ago
  • shane in his racing suit looks like zooboomafoo

    Alexa Legault-BoyjooAlexa Legault-Boyjoo2 months ago
  • They did Shane dirty with the music at the end 😂😂

    Uncle IrohUncle Iroh2 months ago