Shib Sibs Share Their Secret To Olympic Success • Grocery Run

May 1, 2020
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On today's episode of Grocery Run, we have the most incredible humans in the world, Maia & Alex Shibutani. Aside from their long list of accomplishments which you can easily track down on Wikipedia, I've had the pleasure of getting to know them as friends over the years. The one thing that impresses me the most is how much love and care they put into everything that they do from ice skating to their philanthropic work to their individual friendships. Their new book Kudo Kids: The Mystery of the Masked Medalist, drops on September 8th, 2020 so make sure to grab a copy! And of course, subscribe to them @ Thank you Maia & Alex!
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Guest: Alex Shibutani, Maia Shibutani
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Filmed in October, 2019
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  • Thank you for having us! We had a lot fun! :) And to everyone watching, we hope you enjoyed the light roasting of Steven Lim! 😂

    ShibSibsShibSibs6 months ago
    • The three of you were the sweetest

      Kayleigh Dunne OfficialKayleigh Dunne Official5 months ago
    • You guys are coolest siblings..

      happy mehappy me6 months ago
    • loved watching you guys 💗

      plotlessplotless6 months ago
    • ShibSibs aaaaaa I’ve missed u guys!!

      Alejandra RodríguesAlejandra Rodrígues6 months ago
    • Yes it's so much fun!

      Geanna Afera TseuGeanna Afera Tseu6 months ago
  • Love this episode

    kat. neskat. nes24 days ago
  • This show is so underrated

    VK JungenbergVK JungenbergMonth ago
  • i keep thinking it says grocery pun on the fridge

    ParisParisMonth ago
  • this (and steven's other series) is such a comforting series for me tbh, like?? steven lim interviewing celebs and buying food for them cook? :pleading emoji: also as someone who is asian and doesn't often see asian representation it's so lovely to see asian people thriving. thank you everyone at watcher for this series

    ParisParisMonth ago
  • I was shocked at the number of views. :O

    Gwen M.Gwen M.Month ago
  • Yes the ShibSibs! I love them!

    JessicaJessicaMonth ago
  • 16:23 "I want a brother... wait, I do have a brother! His name is Alvin, Hi Alvin..." Rofl Steven you are just a marshmellow

    Animania freakAnimania freakMonth ago
  • It's quite fun and harmonious with Phil but the vibe is a little off here, can't put my finger on it...

    Animania freakAnimania freakMonth ago
  • Awe he’s carrying a hair band for her

    MondayMorningPressMondayMorningPressMonth ago
  • Im gonna die theyre both so fucking pretty

    alifia !alifia !2 months ago
  • Very interesting and enjoyed watching it a lot

    katherine collinskatherine collins3 months ago
  • The shib sib's dynamic is just wonderful

    Aine Spears CahillAine Spears Cahill3 months ago
  • Is it weird that they LOOK like skaters..?

    piss6a6ypiss6a6y3 months ago
  • Alex: she's being very, very modest Maia: *salmon*

    ActuallyRandomPersonActuallyRandomPerson3 months ago
  • Have I been mispronouncing endive for the past five years? Edit I have not he is saying it wrong

    Megan NehringMegan Nehring3 months ago
  • Alex has now replaced salt bae, he is the new salt bae. But also wow, this got me interested in ice skating, gotta check the Shibutani sibs out~

    Lourdes Veira MercadoLourdes Veira Mercado3 months ago
  • they're both so hot i cant do this

    Valerie MValerie M3 months ago
  • Haha Alex is cute and it’s not okay I can’t get over it oh god I wasn’t expecting this today they’re both so attractive and they seem like genuinely nice people too who are passionate about skating

    Jessica CJessica C4 months ago
  • Why is he hanging on for dear life in the car??

    Lanna's Missing LinkLanna's Missing Link4 months ago
  • Alex is such a bae, love his humor

    alexiel axelalexiel axel4 months ago
  • How do I get so many "celebrity" friends like Steven.

    OlisingOlising4 months ago
  • This show is really so fun. Pure and funny and friendly. I love seeing Steven's friendships with everyone. And I always get hungry xD

    SkyrilSkyril4 months ago
  • they're both so beautiful?? officially stanned

    Andrea AyalaAndrea Ayala4 months ago
  • Beautiful people awesome meals you guys are wonderful ❤

    gary ba ba booeygary ba ba booey4 months ago

    uptown ratuptown rat4 months ago
  • It kind of looks like the dry-erase board in the background says "Grocery Pun"

    emotional support beesemotional support bees4 months ago
  • I loved this episode! So fun, sweet, and engaging!

    KellyAnn O'BrienKellyAnn O'Brien4 months ago
  • Best bro’s/sister in the word. Your parent must be very proud.

    Dixie ChoDixie Cho5 months ago
  • maia and alex are so cool and funny!!!! i loved this episode with them

    Kaitlyn BerrospeKaitlyn Berrospe5 months ago
  • These siblings are just incredible and so funny.

    kabazinga -kabazinga -5 months ago
  • your shows are always so fun and comforting to watch steven :'^)

    Em REm R5 months ago
  • bring david so on the show!!!!!

    the filapanothe filapano5 months ago
  • I love everything about this! 😄

    Ray RayRay Ray6 months ago
  • They are so precious

    Xena AsmrXena Asmr6 months ago
  • No quantante?!

    Gin HeGin He6 months ago
  • holy cow how are they so attractive

    chinqaliciouschinqalicious6 months ago

    bbyspectrbbyspectr6 months ago
  • They’re hilarious

    TheLovelylightsTheLovelylights6 months ago
  • Omg these two are so sweet

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • This show is getting warmer and warmer..(✪㉨✪)

    happy mehappy me6 months ago
  • was just inspired to rewatch their performances from the olympics in 2018. teared up bc they are so beautiful. also lol how Alex says perfection is unattainable as if he’s never looked in a mirror haha

    Emma MEmma M6 months ago
  • the positive energy the siblings has...want that for me

    plotlessplotless6 months ago
  • alex def can also make it as a youtuber

    plotlessplotless6 months ago
  • Alex has a future in directing lol. He had a vision for this episode!!

    Mikayla PerryMikayla Perry6 months ago
  • This was super fun! I love watching the Shib Sibs skate, and I love them even more now seeing how down to earth and funny they are. Super fun episode - great job, all! :) :)

    Liāna LloydLiāna Lloyd6 months ago
  • Steven: "You finish each other's..." Maia: ... Alex: ... Steven: "... sentences."

    cola malfoycola malfoy6 months ago
  • They are adorable 😂

    ShSh6 months ago
  • Steven: "I want a brother!" "Actually, I do have a brother... and a sister." lmfaooo

    Phoebe ShenPhoebe Shen6 months ago
  • Great episode! The Shib Sibs are so charming :)

    Amy the Ambling AdventurerAmy the Ambling Adventurer6 months ago
  • waiting for the season finale to be george takei

    Kathleen ShiromaKathleen Shiroma6 months ago
  • I love Maia and Alex so much

    SumzaSumza6 months ago
  • They're so cute together, I love their chemistry. Steven please never stop producing these shows

    Lauren TLauren T6 months ago

    Lauren TLauren T6 months ago
  • Every guest on this show is so sweet i love the wholesomeness

    Alisa PerezAlisa Perez6 months ago
  • Easily one of my favorite series on Watcher, along with the home cooked series

    jamesbat09jamesbat096 months ago
  • Maia is so cute!

    AsmiAsmi6 months ago
  • Ahhh ! the shibsibs are amazing and great at telling dad jokes! Hey Steven, can you host Rich Brian next on grocery run? He does more than microwaving bread now!

    Alvin HuynhAlvin Huynh6 months ago
  • I love this episode so much

    AnastasiaAnastasia6 months ago
  • I love the #ShibsSibs sooooo bad. 💜💜💜

    Gel VelascoGel Velasco6 months ago
  • they’re so cool

    Macaroni MalikaMacaroni Malika6 months ago
  • Maia and Alex are legitimately the cutest persons I've seen in my life

    Karlo de AsisKarlo de Asis6 months ago
  • they are both sooo attractive and talented and funny, my poor bisexual brain almost exploded lmao

    Luiza MórLuiza Mór6 months ago
  • CUTE

    charlie hcharlie h6 months ago
  • Stephanos works hard for his banging bod. 😭

    AnnaJacquelineAnnaJacqueline6 months ago
  • Alex is like the first person ever to do the salt bae and clean his elbow prior to that. Wow, that was so satisfying, thank you!

    MikaMika6 months ago
  • this was so wholesome ;__;

    EdithEdith6 months ago
  • I really like these videos, but it would be a lot nicer if you brought reusable produce and grocery bags for making these videos

    FirmlyoutofplaceFirmlyoutofplace6 months ago
  • Great work, guys - keep it up! :) so many great stories you're sharing which may not reach a big audience...

    acreep77acreep776 months ago
  • I love how chaotic this episode was 😂. Also did you need a bit of ice Steven because you got roasted a few times hahaha

    Tina NTina N6 months ago
  • the guys are chucking the girls is so accurate hahaa

    A SA S6 months ago
  • Alex "You didn't say we needed sharp knives, or a lemon zester." At 11:40 had me cackling

    Jinx DoonanJinx Doonan6 months ago
  • I love this so much and gosh the food

    MusicWithElaineMusicWithElaine6 months ago
  • I know them from watching figure skating! they're incredible~ =)

    dhyc777dhyc7776 months ago
  • I love how down to earth they were. I always got the impression that those who were that dedicated to their sport from childhood were intense people. But they seemed so chill and cool to hang out with.

    Maya MMaya M6 months ago
  • when your fav youtube channel makes a video with your fav ice dancers: 🥺🥺 (the Shib Sibs' Fix You FD literally changed my life I'm not even exaggerating)

    Rainy LiuRainy Liu6 months ago
  • Nice video! this pre- or post- social distancing mandate? I guess with young people it's safe enough, but still

    TheGojoseonTheGojoseon6 months ago
    • These are all prefilmed!

      NazNaz6 months ago
  • Figure skating AND Watcher content???? Sign me uppppp

    Allison MossAllison Moss6 months ago
  • I don't think this is proper grocery store etiquette nowadays

    Nick TokarNick Tokar6 months ago
  • This was such a cute episode!

    seamanthedogseamanthedog6 months ago
  • Alex reminds me so much of Eric nam

    Peter FrostPeter Frost6 months ago
  • In quite a few way I'm hard to please when it comes to USworlds videos. I have a fairly short attention span if it's not caught immediately. However this video was FANTASTIC. The content was quality, as was the rapport between everyone. it was interesting, funny and informative. Well done Steven and co. :) (Maia and Alex).

    stigolumpystigolumpy6 months ago
  • Grocery Run always brings the joy.

    Norse MaidenNorse Maiden6 months ago
  • The siblings sooo hate being praised it's so adorably Asian 😍

    The Tony CamThe Tony Cam6 months ago
  • Please do an episode where they teach Watcher staff how to skate dance 🤣

    Stephanie TStephanie T6 months ago
  • these guys are probably my favourite guests on grocery run

    tori nixontori nixon6 months ago
  • I just love their mindset!

    Bluish BlowBluish Blow6 months ago
  • nowadays thinking of the grocery store makes me a bit anxious but this show is somehow very comforting and warm, it's actually rlly impressive

    JustineJustine6 months ago
  • The motivation I didn't know I needed.

    Jeni KJeni K6 months ago
  • Oh my goodness, I loved seeing them in the Olympics and shows, but this was just as fun to watch. They're really awesome people. And funny to boot xD

    Lady KokomosLady Kokomos6 months ago
  • I've always loved ice skating and I guess I've never had the courage or commitment to do something so risky? I admire them a lot. Thank you for bringing them on to the show!

    NattNatt6 months ago
  • Hi welcome to grocery run and......

    Omega SpadeOmega Spade6 months ago
  • The Shib sibs are the youngest looking 20s siblings I've ever seen.

    HoldmyleashHoldmyleash6 months ago
  • All hail the watcher

    Mikaella MousicosMikaella Mousicos6 months ago
  • I feel so stupid for assuming these two were a married couple and then only realizing they’re siblings halfway through the episode...

    Sophia MarieSophia Marie6 months ago
  • Love this show! Background music seems to get louder and louder. By 15:00 it’s louder than the people.

    Hope GoldHope Gold6 months ago
  • Oh no. Have I been pronouncing endive wrong for 40 years? Why didn’t anyone tell me??

    renjamin renoir III, esqrenjamin renoir III, esq6 months ago
  • never heard of theses celebrates

    MargotMargot6 months ago
  • as a big figure skating fan, this makes me Extremely Happy

    aerdnaaerdna6 months ago
  • Steven looks like that laid back uncle who lets his nephews do anything when babysitting them..hahaha

    Louise CipherLouise Cipher6 months ago