Social Distancing D&D • The Quarantine Games

Mar 27, 2020
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We may be socially distant but that doesn’t mean we can’t roll some D20s and lop the heads off trolls.
Chapter 1:
We meet our intrepid travelers at a mysterious tavern. Unbeknownst to them, an incident will occur that will link them for the unforeseen future...
#StayHome & Game #WithMe
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  • Hey everybody! Shane here! Welcome to SDnDnD, a fun way for us to cope with being cooped up in our apartments for the foreseeable future and hopefully some incentive for you all to while away the hours during this suddenly strange time. If you’re new to DnD, hey, no worries! Most of us are too! (I mean, look, I played for 5 years as an extremely acrobatic Eladrin rogue who sparred with the best of them and won the hearts of all he met, but this is my first time serving as Dungeon Master, so even I’m green here.) This one’s dropping on a Friday but starting April 5th you’ll get a new episode every Sunday. SEE YOU IN THE DUNGEONS, FOLKS. Also, big thanks to Raid: Shadow Legends for sponsoring this first episode!

    WatcherWatcher8 months ago
    • If you guys don't make more of these I'm gonna be pissed, n not in a good way, I might get drunk too because if u stop making these I'll be depressed.

      Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
    • Please can we have another; please please pppppplllllleeeeeeaaaasssssssseeeeeeee...

      L LL LMonth ago
    • You're not doing bad!

      Nym QuNym Qu2 months ago
    • This is awesome! I'd like to start a campaign with friends so I can't wait to watch you guys do this :D

      S A M A N T H A T S U K IS A M A N T H A T S U K I2 months ago
    • Thanks shane this is awesome !

      AnnaMaria MazzolaAnnaMaria Mazzola4 months ago
  • Fuk it ima rewatch it

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • The quezza Stefanos friendship is beautiful

    Willow RosenbergWillow Rosenberg2 days ago
  • The halfling cleric getting the first kill, fucking ace my guys

    Protein CurryProtein Curry11 days ago
  • Every time Steve breaks the suspension of disbelief by talking about Google calendars and whatnot I always take a moment to appreciate the look on Shane's face

    RoRo17 days ago
  • POV: you here 7 months later and want to go back to when this was new

    Covered TexasCovered Texas17 days ago
  • NGL I like this better than critical role haha

    CrimsonChickCrimsonChick23 days ago
  • Me and my friends do D&D every week we call our group the Social Committee of Nomadinnen. Why that name? Well all of us in the group are left wing sooooooo yeah there's alot of Communist Revolution.

    Codeandadventure with TravelingteenCodeandadventure with Travelingteen28 days ago
  • Anyone else notice how one of the songs in this was used in the hot daga?

    Hailey OHailey OMonth ago
  • Damn... it really was important to his backstory huh...

    Kristen CainKristen Cain2 months ago
  • So CooL GuYs CaNt WaIt To See WhAtS NeXt....

    JooN JooNJooN JooN2 months ago
  • Stephanos: everyone in my family is dead Shane: *bursts out laughing*

    Morgan Von HoeneMorgan Von Hoene2 months ago
  • I love weird DnD characters named Steve. First Sohinki, now Ryan. Love it!

    Pavlína FričováPavlína Fričová2 months ago
  • never played before ! but would love to play! Shane please take my D&D virginity ! lol

    AnnaMaria MazzolaAnnaMaria Mazzola2 months ago
  • qezza=zuko

    Emily PriceEmily Price2 months ago
  • I miss SD&D&D 🥺

    Mia TerracottaMia Terracotta2 months ago
  • Are we introducing characters? I'm very proud of this one. Also, I'm sorry about this. Hi I'm Ian Kognito, a human sorcerer of you guessed it a shadow sorcerer who has been trained in the arts of a thief. I've been apologizing to everyone I introduce his character too.

    joshua huangjoshua huang2 months ago
  • Дратути! Watcher нечасто встретишь человека с задатками ютьюбера-миллионника Залетайте и на мой канал с комментариями и если понравится - то и с подпиской

    Руслан РуссиянРуслан Руссиян2 months ago
  • Never played dnd before but the fight scenes look stressful for the narrator!

    J FigJ Fig2 months ago
  • Shane having the most fun for over 30 minutes! Haha!

    J FigJ Fig2 months ago
  • Every Uber driver ever 4:00 aka “we just met but here’s my life story”

    J FigJ Fig2 months ago
  • god i miss this so much i'm sad. i hope they bring this back

    fairyfairy3 months ago
  • It’s even better when you close your eyes and listen to it like an audio book.

    Amanda CAmanda C3 months ago
  • Why does Steve sound like Pete Davidson 🤣

    Cluver AtreidesCluver Atreides3 months ago
  • does anyone know if this was a custom world made by Shane or if a book was used?

    CinemaOnWaffleCinemaOnWaffle3 months ago
  • Why does Ryan sounds like Oscar doing southern accent from the Office

    MAQSMAQS3 months ago
  • shanes story telling talent>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    mahmah3 months ago
  • This was so much fun!! It's always fun to see how new players react to stuff and who will play what

    CamiboomCamiboom3 months ago
  • As a DM myself, I really feel for Shane

    Oliver BiresOliver Bires3 months ago
  • Katie: i take my greatsword and go right for him Shane: you cut him in half! Everyone else: *looks of mild horror*

    Rhaena TargaryenRhaena Targaryen4 months ago
  • i finally decided to watch this series and was hit with the largest amount of quarantine whiplash at seeing how normal shane looks

    Shannon XuShannon Xu4 months ago
  • I haven't seen the rest of the first episode, but Ryan naming his character Steve just reminds me of the Goatman Bridge episode.

    J. Mir.J. Mir.4 months ago
  • "Are you together?" "No" "...oh" THE END

    CamiTheWitchCamiTheWitch4 months ago
  • I'm a long time Unsolved, Worth It, and D&D fan. This is the most amazing content I could have ever hoped for. So pleased you guys are striking out on your own to make amazing content!

    Kalib WatsonKalib Watson4 months ago
  • I hope you continue this series. I'm not a DnD fan, but this definitely got me hooked and wanting to play DnD FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lady MoxleyLady Moxley4 months ago
  • Ryan's second voice is literally just Beetlejuice

    Lanna's Missing LinkLanna's Missing Link4 months ago
  • Why does Ryan’s “real accent” sounds like high pitched pete Davidson lmfao

    hbh Tcrhbh Tcr4 months ago

    Gabe F-LifeGabe F-Life4 months ago
  • Oh man, can someone with skills please please please animate this with thier conversation as audio?

    David McClymontDavid McClymont4 months ago
  • Now this is the stuff they need to do

    No, Formerly MaybeNo, Formerly Maybe4 months ago
  • We out here rewatching this for the third time!!!

    MidnatestarMidnatestar4 months ago
  • God Damn!!! Neverwinter Nights!?! So Nostalgic men like the places and all. I hope Someone knew this also.

    DoBetter BeBestDoBetter BeBest4 months ago
  • D O Y O U H A V E A N Y M A G I C J U I C E ?

    MidnatestarMidnatestar4 months ago
  • My DnD character is Hagrid Fiercewench, who is an elf that looks like Jonathan from Queer Eye. He has lightning powers!

    Brittany BBrittany B4 months ago
  • Ok but this was sooo good :)

    Me meMe me4 months ago
  • I can't believe the name Steve was actually important to his backstory

    MikuLeekzMikuLeekz4 months ago
  • bold move, shane, playing dm for the first time

    virus - Detectedvirus - Detected4 months ago
  • ryan's character's voice is literally killing me

    Li0nLi0n4 months ago
  • "I think it's, kinda sexy actually!" **music literally cuts out**

    I'm JarrifriedI'm Jarrifried5 months ago
  • it does not surprise me at all that shane is the one to have played dungeons and dragons before

    grac isn’t scaredgrac isn’t scared5 months ago
  • i wish someone had asked steve to play wall of wonder :(

    Viceroy MarxViceroy Marx5 months ago
  • me, a dnd player of four years: *hears the words "roll for initiative"* uh oh *flashbacks*

    rowan roserowan rose5 months ago
  • someone: *gets attacked* steven and shane: *sips tea*

    rowan roserowan rose5 months ago
  • shane: candlelight illuminates the room ryan: *grins, looks at his candles*

    rowan roserowan rose5 months ago
  • New series Now.

    Coconut CrabCoconut Crab5 months ago
  • Are they playing Waterdeep Dragon Heist?

    Alexyss HilderbrandAlexyss Hilderbrand5 months ago
  • 5:20 ...wait what? Halflings aren’t half-human though

    Alexyss HilderbrandAlexyss Hilderbrand5 months ago
  • This is adorable- good job!

    MopRocksMopRocks5 months ago
  • I got to say, but it was kind of a missed opportunity that shane wasnt a regular player, his personality wouldve been really hilarious,

    Some Stereotypical Space MarineSome Stereotypical Space Marine5 months ago
  • Ryan: I like your accent where you from Steven: I’m a halfling Ryan: *bends down* sorry I like your accent where you from

    Jillian McGauleyJillian McGauley5 months ago
  • "Thats quite remarkable to share on the very first time meeting us..." *one minute later* "my family is all dead" Lol

    Adrian SnipesAdrian Snipes5 months ago
  • Ryan really missed his chance to go with Goldsworth

    Alice ThomasAlice Thomas5 months ago
  • How are they all so good at accents?

    SydnamonSydnamon5 months ago
  • Everyone's dead or disowned in everyone else's characters' lives and Ryan/"Steve" is like "hi, want to meander into certain death?"

    InfiniteIdeas squaredInfiniteIdeas squared5 months ago
  • Qezza: “hey I’m running away from my corrupt father. Nice to meet you.” Stephanos: “hey my family is dead. I love you. Nice to meet you.” Steve: “sup”

    Camila Hwang-CarlosCamila Hwang-Carlos5 months ago
  • Love It!

    jOefLyjOefLy5 months ago
  • Stephanos acts like a cinnamon roll but literally killed a man

    Mel MelodiesMel Melodies5 months ago
  • "I'm just pleased to have settled things down" Meanwhile 1 person got a bolt through the shoulder-throat, and another guy was literally *JUST* split in half! I would think that would do the opposite of settle things down! I guess that's just how things are in taverns.

    PureSilverFoxPureSilverFox5 months ago
  • Guys stop! The dislike button has reached 69! We can't push it any farther!

    PureSilverFoxPureSilverFox5 months ago
  • I am having withdrawals. Please make this a regular show!!!! I don't know which of you is funnier. Katie with her dry wit & need to confront everyone. Steven with his sweet yet disturbingly murderous personality or Ryan's multiple bad personalities and lack of bard talent. Jk #shaniac4eva

    Reignfyre67Reignfyre675 months ago
  • “Are you together?” “No.” I-

    PersephonePersephone5 months ago
  • Steve and Taako, names of legends.

    J MJ M5 months ago
  • Make it a podcast and you’re set.

    J MJ M5 months ago
  • Idk how d&d works but... i didnt imagine it went like this. Not disappointed. Just surprised. And a bit confused

    Sophie WalshSophie Walsh5 months ago
  • DM Shane gives me the strength I need when my players start to de-rail my campaign.

    Misty BouquetMisty Bouquet5 months ago
  • The phrase “I just checked my Google Cal” is genuinely so funny, thank you Steve

    NickiNicki5 months ago
  • I’m immediately comparing their characters to my own group’s: Katie: my girl Kobe Steven: any character my friend Alex plays Ryan: my friend Teddy’s character Shane: poor Ben trying to DM

    Keegan LillithKeegan Lillith5 months ago
  • On my third rewatch

    Elizabeth StolmeierElizabeth Stolmeier5 months ago
  • “I’m going to grab your skull and throw you across the room” Yup sees like a normal session one

    MasterLink255MasterLink2555 months ago
  • Middle of 13 Kids whole families dead ... Percy? XD

    Mellie ChovexaniMellie Chovexani5 months ago
  • Godammit Steve..Gotdammit 🤩🤩

    DeAnnP84DeAnnP846 months ago
  • Mmmmm,,,,,he's knees

    khristy Rodriguezkhristy Rodriguez6 months ago
  • The fact that I didn't know about this is criminal

    Chad KroegerChad Kroeger6 months ago
  • This is so cool. Love this show.

    george cronjegeorge cronje6 months ago
  • I love the shifts from a bad European accents to bad American accents of the ol us of a. its like tripping over cockney and hitting Jersey rolling over to West Virginia

    PBHumanPBHuman6 months ago
  • Raid is the bane of my advertisement existence 😂🤣 it is inescapable at this point

    Perple MagiicPerple Magiic6 months ago
  • Oh so Steve is Ricky Goldsworth

    jaffaloves007jaffaloves0076 months ago
  • This was amazing and loved watching the game

    katherine collinskatherine collins6 months ago
  • Purposely waited it out so I can binge, PagChomp

    Sander BalchenSander Balchen6 months ago
  • god poor shane lmao stuck with a vex/vax situation

    00qverlord00qverlord6 months ago
  • Shane is actually a good dm. Like okay, wow!? My dm is less organised than him and hes been doing this for years

    DeanosaurDeanosaur6 months ago
  • 1:00 Was about to sub but nah...

    CheeseTricksCheeseTricks6 months ago
  • Steve: complains about not getting dinner with his show Me: "Steve, at this rate she's gonna give you a knuckle sandwich for dinner. "

    Katie EverettKatie Everett6 months ago
  • 24:30 the music added here in editing is pretty funny.

    Poochie CollinsPoochie Collins6 months ago
  • It's wild to come back to this first episode and realize that the name Steve WAS important to his backstory O_O

    FlanneryschickensFlanneryschickens6 months ago
  • “I think it’s kinda sexy, actually.” *music cuts off*

    TiTi6 months ago
  • I cannt i cant these four are way too chaotic

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • I LOVE IT, but why is Ryan’s character going along as a ‘little guy’ like the halfling when Ryan is a half Elf. I always thought Elves were taller than humans. At least that’s how my team and I play 👀

    Tammy O’BrienTammy O’Brien6 months ago
  • Noone: Ryan: nice shot :D

    leeyleey6 months ago
  • shane: “this is gonna be insufferable” katie: “oh god this is gonna be a nightmare”

    Tayler MaddocksTayler Maddocks6 months ago