Spooky Small Talk Q+A • Watcher Weekly #003

Jan 22, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to the 3rd episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
- Hair
- Spooky Small Talk
- Weird and/or Wonderful World
- Q&A
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  • Hey Watcher gang! Steven here. Thanks for suggesting the seating change - felt a lot cozier and it was fun to be in the crossfire between Ryan and Shane. As we grow, we'll continue to listen your feedback on things we can do to make the content better! Don't forget - tomorrow we have a brand new series dropping called Weird and/or Wonderful World, and if you haven't already - check out our Patreon & merch store in the description box. B👁️

    WatcherWatcher10 months ago
    • Question, Steven: How did y'all come up with your logo, and what exactly does it mean? Are there intricacies here?

      SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
    • love u steven!!!! we wish to see more steven content ❤️

      neoneo8 months ago
    • Someone should tell shane to bring hotdoga back

      Microwavable MetalMicrowavable Metal9 months ago
    • Love you Shitheads

      Lazarus BoiLazarus Boi9 months ago
    • @Manasi Khade same!! it's so hard for me to follow what's going on without subtitles fdjhsk

      shytoadshytoad10 months ago
  • I'm still a shit fish

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • I like the replays

    Simone WilliamsSimone Williams12 days ago
  • hey, I demand on update on the patches considering they are sold out, I'm so bummed and I really want one

    Martin VongMartin Vong25 days ago
  • I like the replays

    Kourtnee JustesKourtnee JustesMonth ago
  • Shirtless shows are fun.

    Galvin OwensGalvin OwensMonth ago

    Kenneth Vergel DagaKenneth Vergel Daga2 months ago
  • 1.17 - Shane getting his "Where's Wally" vibe on

    Lucy LeeLucy Lee2 months ago
  • Steven is either their father or son

    Thalia ChanouxThalia Chanoux3 months ago
  • SHITFISH!!!!!

    Thalia ChanouxThalia Chanoux3 months ago
  • never before have i heard someone refer to obama as Barry

    vitam-et-mortemvitam-et-mortem3 months ago
  • Oh no. Since the pandemic is happening, Knotts Scary Farm wont happen :/

    Sara JamesonSara Jameson4 months ago
  • it's honestly odd seeing ryan without his cap

    Thricia AltizenThricia Altizen4 months ago
  • Ryan sometimes comes off as a dick when he’s trying to be funny

    peep novapeep nova4 months ago
  • Every time I rewatch a buzzfeed unsolved video I’ll promote their Channel

    hundredhundred5 months ago
  • Can someone explain to me who thediplocaca is? (or however you spell it lol). They bring him up every now and then and I don't understand the references.

    Kitana_xoxKitana_xox5 months ago
  • Steven: When your hair is long, you still need to get it cut Me, a girl whose hair is always at least to her ribs: Wow groundbreaking news

    littlecoconutinclittlecoconutinc5 months ago
  • All Hail The Watcher

    Lynn LewisLynn Lewis5 months ago
  • steven disrespecting the dip has similar energy to shane disrespecting goat man.

    PersephonePersephone5 months ago

    Victoria AtlasVictoria Atlas5 months ago
  • Treat your hair like shrubbery and you'll get toupeeary.

    vgoodusernamevgoodusername6 months ago
  • Ok. But Ryan's torn-knee pants were adorable.

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • I honestly just noticed Ryan's "Life is Beautiful" shirt in the flashback to the Building Watcher clip as he slides candy (I think it's candy?) into Shane's mouth, and awwwwwwww

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • I'm living for Steven just petting Shane.

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • First of all, I'm just gonna say that Ryan, I love your hair, okay. Your hair is awesome no matter how you put it.

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • That plant gets droopier each episode😂

    Jennifer KelleherJennifer Kelleher6 months ago
  • At 5:15 did Steven make the sound that Tim Allen made in Home Improvement or am I just weird with references?

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago

    Avery ColeAvery Cole6 months ago
  • My grandpa is a bee keeper! It's actually super neat. He holds handfulls of bees sometimes so I'm sure you could race one.

    Susannah JacksonSusannah Jackson6 months ago
  • 9:42 isn’t that the original hotdaga theme song when it was just about a hot dog, his wife, and surfing? simpler times.

    ross g.ross g.7 months ago
  • When the watcher sues them they will have solved a case and that is how buzzfeed unsolved ends

    Annie LAnnie L7 months ago
  • I love that Steven just basically petted Shane’s head like a kitty.. 🐱 mreow 🤣

    Amber GlowAmber Glow7 months ago
  • I'm sad that the 'Making Watcher' will be exclusive to Patreon. I'm a struggling student :'( Hopefully, I can muster up an extra £5 a month

    The Bibliophile GirlThe Bibliophile Girl7 months ago
  • I love the fun zooms when they make faces at each other or look straight at the camera, it's hilarious!! I'm really enjoying this channel! 💕

    Ellizabeth KaneEllizabeth Kane7 months ago
  • this is fantastic!! 💕💕💕

    Ellizabeth KaneEllizabeth Kane7 months ago

    KendraKendra7 months ago
  • SHIT.

    chochi chocolatechochi chocolate7 months ago
  • Steven! Talk to wongfu about those plushies! Maybe they can help :)

    sl slsl sl7 months ago
  • Ryan being cocky on Buzzfeed Unsolved: I don't like this. Steven being cocky on Watcher: THIS I LOVE.

    Ruth KRuth K8 months ago
  • Is it just me, but Ryan looks exactly like Harry Potter...

    SyndariaSyndaria8 months ago
  • great!

    Marco CarreonMarco Carreon8 months ago
  • Ok but if ryan had Zane and Heath on the Spooky SmallTalk it would be so great LASKDJGÇOAI they'd all scream so much

    Maria LamezonMaria Lamezon8 months ago
  • Buuut a plushie would be so cuuute!

    Crazy Panda ^-^Crazy Panda ^-^8 months ago
  • I would pay an amount of money that my parents would think was far too much for a The Professor plushie.

    Shelby HarveyShelby Harvey8 months ago
  • maybe the diplococcus is two people? seeing as how an actual diplococcus is an "A diplococcus (plural diplococci) is a round bacterium (a coccus) that typically occurs in the form of two joined cells. "

    Kelly-AlecKelly-Alec8 months ago
  • Really would like to see you guys in a more closed in set, like a late night show vibe or kinda like a Ruining History set with 1 long desk. To me the set doesn't match with you guys vibe. I love watching you guys either way. ❤

    Vanessa JamisonVanessa Jamison8 months ago
  • Binging this while under self isolation 😂😂😂

    Kahlo GarrisonKahlo Garrison8 months ago
  • I outran a swarm of yellowjackets when I was little, of course after getting stung a lot.

    Musical動物OS。Musical動物OS。8 months ago
  • I would love a Professor plushy

    TheWhimsyGypsyTheWhimsyGypsy8 months ago
  • I like the spooky talk but I wonder why the Shane and Ryan ghost hunting stopped and downplayed? 🤔 I feel like spooky talk replaced that 🥺

    xmixaplixxmixaplix8 months ago
  • I’m hearing about series on Patreon, will you leave anything just on USworlds?

    Cynthia BlinnCynthia Blinn8 months ago
  • Who the “star” who they pissed off?

    Nicki AlaskanYogiNicki AlaskanYogi8 months ago
  • 0:47 Don't worry Ryan, it's actually incredibly adorable on you lol

    Aurora WilleachurfaceAurora Willeachurface8 months ago
  • I agree with Steven that i liked the replays on the spooky small talk, but it would feel more special if there were more focus on the big spooks. I think cutting to a slow motion version of the scares without calling it a replay could work, then you won't be over-using the replay thing. When people are spooked they react very quickly, and the replays and some slow-mo helps us catch the funny reactions. Love from a chronically distracted fan

    Christine HelgetonChristine Helgeton9 months ago
  • Man i'm late to the Watcher craze, but i am totally into those Watcher patches. Did i miss their time on the store, or is that coming up? I have a patchwork hoodie in the works and that patch calls my name.

    Gh0styVibesGh0styVibes9 months ago
  • Yoooo, I’m a Phelps and I keep bee!!!! Hit me up!!!

    Nom de PlumeNom de Plume9 months ago
  • how did they no see the pan's pants pun?

    shubidoeshubidoe9 months ago
  • All Hail The Watcher

    Halo The FoxHalo The Fox9 months ago
  • I think it would be really great to get Diplococcus merch sort of like "I am TheDiplococcus" or "I am not TheDiplococcus" because it seems like it's really starting to become a defining thing for the community, but legality things ??? Idk just a thought I'm putting into the universe. I would buy it.

    Alysabeth LipmanAlysabeth Lipman9 months ago
  • The poor plant looks like it's dying :(

    Caspen WCaspen W9 months ago
  • I wonder if Ryan goes pantless or shirtless to his therapist... or both, considering the amount of.. "openness" necessary in a therapy session. Also wonder what therapist Ryan's therapist goes to.

    Mayara T.Mayara T.9 months ago
  • What celebrity don’t they talk to and why??

    A RodA Rod9 months ago
  • does steven feel left out knowing that he doesn't have ghoul hunting boots?

    missrileyelainemissrileyelaine9 months ago
  • 10:45 notice how he dodged the question

    missrileyelainemissrileyelaine9 months ago
  • When will we see Bergara guitara?

    Jasmin RodriguezJasmin Rodriguez9 months ago
  • will the professor get a girlfriend ;)

    motojmotoj9 months ago
  • Love this channel but I do believe the guys should drop the name of it on their other channel because I learned about this late

    alejandra lopezalejandra lopez9 months ago
  • slap it on your mom

    Will CampbellWill Campbell9 months ago
  • all hail the watcher

    Daksh joshiDaksh joshi9 months ago
  • to replay to the "I'm not good enough" -fake it till you make it- I'm a Bio-Chem Major ( won't bore u with details) it happens in every field.

    Niqui BNiqui B9 months ago
  • Shane and Ryan calling Barack Obama "Barry" was absolutely chaotic.

    Leah SmithLeah Smith9 months ago
  • You guys really seem to be listening to what we want and making changes, it's so nice! With that in mind WE WANT NUDE VLOGS

    Seaweedgirl1Seaweedgirl19 months ago
  • Will there ever be a show where they take steven to some haunted place?

    MikhaMikha9 months ago
  • Came for Ryan's knees, stayed for the crazy hair

    Malorie PhilipsMalorie Philips9 months ago
  • You guys are funny AF!! Keep it up!!

    Jr RayJr Ray9 months ago
  • ABSOLUTELY LOVE Steven's comebacks for TheDiplococcus 😂😂😂

    Mia TerracottaMia Terracotta9 months ago
  • You guys remind me of those guys from Good Mythical Morning. Must be some social media golden ratio to USworldsrs. 🧐

    usedsocks89usedsocks899 months ago
  • I'm so happy for you guys!

    Nancy LazoNancy Lazo9 months ago
  • Anyone remember the Shit Fish?

    Eire DarneyEire Darney9 months ago
  • Omg the replays were 100% Asian reality tv energy 😂 obviously i love buzzfeed unsolved as much as air itself but I love seeing Ryan bend his way around what I’m sure is a very complicated contract with buzzfeed and I’m excited to see him get a bit more comfortable with it as well! Go back and watch any Chanel’s first podcast or video of a serious and they’ll always be a bit more awkward when they start because they’re humble and know there’s a chance it could flop, but once it gets going, it GETS GOIINNGGG 😅

    asia thomasasia thomas9 months ago
  • I prefer shirtless vlogs. This isn't the Disney Channel! Show me some sexy man skin. Muscles make anything better :-D

    Kk C-McgeeKk C-Mcgee9 months ago
  • You should make a shirt that has So Happy It's Thursday on it :D

    ChesterSnapChesterSnap9 months ago
  • I liked the replays! Even with them I still had to rewind sometimes to see the reactions

    ChesterSnapChesterSnap9 months ago
  • Hey Ryan, why not interview people in real haunted houses and have the team add some spook to the interview. Maybe a random door opening and closes, weird noises and dark figures appearing in the corner of their eye, and have this happen throughout the course of the interview. And have them think it’s real.

    Un-PeteableUn-Peteable9 months ago
  • Love the music they have with this show!

    Xana HarrisXana Harris9 months ago
  • They made me want to get a haircut 💇‍♂️

    Flat TopFlat Top9 months ago
  • Loving the new content. Keep it up!✊🏼

    paul buddpaul budd9 months ago
  • Shithead merch please

    Aubrey BAubrey B9 months ago
  • I agree with Steven I watch a lot of Korean TV shows, so I'm used to replays

    MeganMegan9 months ago
  • I loved the replays, but i'm obviously in the minority. Save all the extras for a post-season scare fest set to some bright music. Should be hilarious if paced right. Also would like to hear from the operators of the spooky places. What they think of the videos, their best stories and why they do what they do.

    Rustum LaattoeRustum Laattoe9 months ago
  • it is only 1.47 min and they already completely change my views on hair...awesom.

    KuroinokitsuneKuroinokitsune9 months ago

    Francesca PattiFrancesca Patti9 months ago
  • Loving the shows so far guys, super proud to see you guys making your own content. Puppet history is AWESOME. It gave me ruining history vibes but better 🙂

    Hannah WilliamsHannah Williams9 months ago
  • The way Steven holds his mug scares me

    ginny :oginny :o9 months ago
  • “He’s safe and sound” *shot of The Professor sitting precariously from a shelf* “SAFE AND SOUND!?!?”

    M.C EllenM.C Ellen9 months ago
  • get a PO box, please and thank you.

    mielmiel9 months ago
  • Yo so like... why isnt this a podcast? Or why dont you guys make a podcast? Cuz you guys have amazing conversations

    Jennifer MesaJennifer Mesa9 months ago
  • "oH there's a MUG"

    nati - book nostalgianati - book nostalgia9 months ago
  • That slight head nod from side to side, Ohhh those times.

    Cry JamCry Jam9 months ago
  • Hype for those patches though

    zeeheadedzeeheaded9 months ago