Stealing The World’s Most Expensive Necklace • Puppet History

Feb 27, 2020
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Is this history's greatest grift? YOU DECIDE.
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  • HELLO. Shane here! Hope you enjoy this saucy little yarn. If you're eager for more Puppet History, don't miss the next episode dropping on April 9th. And in the meantime, if you need to get more of the fuzzy little blue guy into your life, we've rolled out some Professor merch over at and, frankly, uh, I can't get enough of it. Also I'll be dropping behind-the-scenes commentary for this episode over on this weekend so swing by there for that and lots of other exclusive treats. Lastly: thanks for watchin'!

    WatcherWatcher9 months ago

      Phoenix7351Phoenix7351Month ago
    • This is by far THE best song of Puppet History Season 1 & 2.

      Mia TerracottaMia TerracottaMonth ago
    • I love your puppet shows, Shane! Someone give this man his award for best original segment.

      Kelly DwyerKelly Dwyer2 months ago
    • your my new drug !!!lol😋

      AnnaMaria MazzolaAnnaMaria Mazzola2 months ago
    • we can tell it's you shane, ryan doesn't start sentences with HELLO.

      jo mariejo marie3 months ago
  • "Marie Antionette" XD 6:38

    Kaitlin EdmondsKaitlin Edmonds4 hours ago
  • "Summoun your brains"

    Oviya OmprakashOviya Omprakash16 hours ago
  • She is my favorite guest

    Andres MONSERRATTEAndres MONSERRATTE2 days ago

    EmmaEmma2 days ago
  • im rewatching this shit man its so goooood

    DadDad6 days ago
  • Now I need Shane to write a version of Mr. Brightside for this story

    Natalie DeWyerNatalie DeWyer6 days ago
  • When you realize you know some answers to this because you watched a distorted version of events in Rose of Versailles.....

    TwoBitFoxTrotTwoBitFoxTrot7 days ago
  • I'm disappointed that this vid and it's singing performance didn't once include a joke about Marie Antoinette no longer being able to wear it/him on a count of her head being separated from is body!

    Spookay T'is MeSpookay T'is Me7 days ago
  • For what it's worth... That horse animation was one of the best things in this video!!

    Spookay T'is MeSpookay T'is Me7 days ago
  • Rohan's a simp

    quietFangirlquietFangirl7 days ago
  • I come here every month to listen to the most amazing musical number I’ve ever heard

    Kaishya DesaiKaishya Desai9 days ago
  • I keep rewinding the Pile of Diamonds song, truly one of Shane’s best moments.

    Amy JunekAmy Junek10 days ago
  • 3:38 one of my fav parts :""D and then the 4:53!!! Ryan is precious, and insane; Kate Peterman is a JOY.

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime Pop10 days ago
  • It was only a grift, how did end like this? it was only a grift it was only a grift lmaaoooooo

    The RowTurnThe RowTurn10 days ago
  • Watching this after playing Dress Up Time Princess hahahaha. Learned a lot there about the Affair of Necklace

    Dani FelicianoDani Feliciano11 days ago

    Gayatri GuntamukalaGayatri Guntamukala11 days ago
  • I absolutely adore this trio!!! Shane, Ryan and Kate have my whole chaotic heart.

    panic! at the pilot's fall out romancepanic! at the pilot's fall out romance13 days ago
  • The song at the end made me burst into laughter 😂 ❤

    cаманта oвчинаcаманта oвчина14 days ago
  • Just one nitpick about Maria Theresia, she was not the Holy Roman Empress. Her husband had that title, because the rest of Europe did not jam well with a woman holding that title. The Holy Roman Emporer was elected, so this posed an issue.

    TheturtleowlTheturtleowl14 days ago
  • *what did Ryan say*

    cloverpatchescloverpatches15 days ago
  • I love her

    Anya LawrieAnya Lawrie15 days ago
  • Summon your brains 😂😂😂 I cant with thiiiiiis 😂😂

    Eva SigurdardottirEva Sigurdardottir15 days ago
  • Ya know, it may surprise you, but 18th century necklines were frequently that low, and nip-slips weren’t completely unheard of among the intensely fashionable.

    Brbrbrbreanna DBrbrbrbreanna D15 days ago
  • Oof. Shane’s got some talent

    Kyle BellKyle Bell15 days ago
  • music at 20:07 is from castaway (the game)

    Shea HastingsShea Hastings16 days ago
  • Shane needs to make an album 😂

    NoNameNoName16 days ago
  • This song... is everything.

    Xavier DJXavier DJ17 days ago
  • The songs at the end have crazy ex girlfriend vibes XD

    wishsong98wishsong9818 days ago
  • Damn Kate was such a good guest!!

    square root of ashleysquare root of ashley18 days ago
  • I love this show so much. Shane puts so much work into these and it's clear that he loves it

    NarutoNoBakaNarutoNoBaka18 days ago

    Yaya LucíaYaya Lucía19 days ago
  • In Unsolved , Ryan tells the story... . In Puppet History , Shane tells the story...

    Crims_ 1106Crims_ 110619 days ago
  • This song was a fuckin banger. Great job, Shane!

    a bagel?a bagel?20 days ago
  • Anyone else think the song sounds like a 311 song?

    Noodle TongsNoodle Tongs20 days ago
  • And he will never win another puppet history again.

    Victoria ManVictoria Man21 day ago

    ically fangically fang21 day ago
  • kate is the cutest I love her laugh

    avaava21 day ago
  • "Is her boob out?" Omg lmfao.

    Glen KersulGlen Kersul21 day ago
  • I guess that servant was a Rider of Rohan

    Gavin H.Gavin H.22 days ago
  • I feel like theres a little biese😂

    AJ x AJ 999AJ x AJ 99922 days ago
  • This girl has the laugh of like a 3 year old New York child who grew up with a lady named Betty chain smoking around her lol. She’s the female Tim dillon

    Hoodie yHoodie y25 days ago
  • Damn the song tho... reminds me of Hamilton idk why

    drip dropdrip drop25 days ago
  • where can i get that song?

    tophatflamingo danieltophatflamingo daniel25 days ago

    JohnnyPlays VodsJohnnyPlays Vods27 days ago
  • This is my absolute favorite show 💕

    Anna FandelAnna Fandel27 days ago
  • It’s 3:47 am and I’m binding puppet history

    Soda-KSoda-K27 days ago
  • I think my favorite part is this blue puppet staring intently at the picture of the woman while saying that there is no nipple, and ths other two laughing

    Ave_Muse_MageAve_Muse_Mage27 days ago
  • Kate was a perfect guest! Her energy matched the duo's perfectly!

    Maleah LudlowMaleah Ludlow28 days ago
  • I love this show. I mean the creativity and effort that goes into this is amazing work...

    Bryna FooBryna Foo28 days ago
  • Idk what the fuck what I watched to get a targeted ad for punjabi gangster rap but that was the funniest shit I ever sat through. On to the actual video Edit: good shit, Professor McNasty.

    Jon DyckJon Dyck29 days ago
  • I know nothing about history or this case but the fact I got most of these questions right with my knowledge of Rose of Versailles I feel like a champ, ha ha

    Adori-tan LifeAdori-tan Life29 days ago
  • I think i'm falling in love with the professor

    Audrey BooAudrey BooMonth ago
  • Wait i found a comment on another one of these videos saying "what if the professer actualy likes ryan bagara which is why he makes sure he never gets the cup cause if he sid there would be a new person in that chair"

    Amber RobersonAmber RobersonMonth ago
  • Rohan, history's first simp

  • "When in doubt, pick C", did that to math test, nearly got 0. Jesus! Well it's fine at least I'm not 0

    annaannaMonth ago
  • 1:49 she was the same age as W. A. Mozart!!

    Jupiter MoonJupiter MoonMonth ago
  • i only press the like button for shane and ryan 😌

    marianne joymarianne joyMonth ago
  • Who dislikes these? Just don't watch if you don't like it... I don't get people....

    FleursDuMalFleursDuMalMonth ago
  • This is definitely Shane's sweet spot... Loving it!!

    FleursDuMalFleursDuMalMonth ago
  • This is refreshingly delightful!

    Cat McMillanCat McMillanMonth ago
  • The three of them are great together

    TVmansdaughterTVmansdaughterMonth ago
  • Horse girl alert 💀

    Trenton GarciaTrenton GarciaMonth ago
  • [sad saxophone music for approximately 0.4 seconds]

    AlinaAlinaMonth ago
  • when shane voiced marie antoinette he started to sound like bernie sanders

    musically-in-lovemusically-in-loveMonth ago
  • These series are obviously Shane getting to do more hot daga, and I for one cannot be happier that he gets a (different) outlet for that urge. Very cute!

    KatKatMonth ago
  • Long Live Puppet History! Learnin’ and Grammy-worthy songs!

    Richard HooverRichard HooverMonth ago
  • Get rid of the fat bitch she is annoying as shit and there are way better guests you can have

    aaron anstettaaron anstettMonth ago
  • why did the song literally make me emotional

    samantha maneysamantha maneyMonth ago
  • the song for this one is a straight up banger

    samantha maneysamantha maneyMonth ago
  • Does anyone else feel like Shane deliberately makes the other guests history master because he doesn't want Ryan to leave?

    Kirstie Van WykKirstie Van WykMonth ago
  • Ok but seriously I keep just coming back for that the song at the end! Pure fire!

    Melissa KMelissa KMonth ago
  • I wanna see the professor and Ryan fight

    Jacob BuxtonJacob BuxtonMonth ago
  • "i love jelly beans." "i know :^] "

    Mónica Rodríguez QuintanillaMónica Rodríguez QuintanillaMonth ago
  • Kate has been my favorite guest!!

    Perla HerreraPerla HerreraMonth ago
  • " He begged them to spare him to spare him the shame of being publicly arrested" " He was publicly arrested "

    pretty spectrum xxxpretty spectrum xxxMonth ago
  • Kate is a sweetheart 🥺😖💞

    vanessa reynoldsvanessa reynoldsMonth ago
  • Oh my God!!! That song was awesome.

    Happy Go LuckyHappy Go LuckyMonth ago
  • anybody else noticing the tape on the professor's glasses? lol

    Claire ClaireClaire ClaireMonth ago
    • I just thought he had some wonky side burns

      Not ImportantNot ImportantMonth ago
  • The puppet theater got to be tall or they chopped Shane in half

    Red RioRed RioMonth ago
  • Marie Antionette was NOT a scapegoat. As a member of the Royal family and the corrupt, imperial system, she was an enemy of the people and had to be executed. Same to all the members of her family and the rest of the aristocracy. Criminals, looters, and pirates, all of them.

    TheMajR PayneTheMajR PayneMonth ago
  • That music number was fucking amazing

    GingerPockyGingerPockyMonth ago
  • These videos are the bomb.

    Angel HoganAngel HoganMonth ago
  • How is Shane this talented??? The music, the voices, the storytelling, AND puppetry? How???

    Courtney WilliamsCourtney WilliamsMonth ago

    ankebank 2005ankebank 2005Month ago
  • This is a thing in the game Dress Up Time Princess. When I realized I was like "...thanks for the help, Shane."

    Katy BaileyKaty BaileyMonth ago
  • I dont even see the professor as a puppet anymore. Wow

    tin cantin canMonth ago
  • I feel so bad that I discovered this channel so late as I was busy seeing Buzzfeed Unsolved (that too my slow-ass discovered in quarantine). But better late than never 😌

    Koushiki BhardwajKoushiki BhardwajMonth ago
  • Not a fan of buzzfeed, you are fake/ biased news. But Shane is a entertainment and comedic genius.

    BlueBoy0316BlueBoy0316Month ago
  • i luv kate omg

    lordbuttchinlordbuttchinMonth ago
  • Okay why tf does all his songs at the end SLAP

    PurpleCandyCornPurpleCandyCornMonth ago
  • 3:53 I have exactly the same reaction as Ryan when a teacher shouts at me in class

    Lisha NorthmoreLisha NorthmoreMonth ago
  • I had to pause at 20:14 because I laughed so hard on Shane's note, I cried 🤣🤣🤣 You did a very good job Shane! Love it!

    Lofa HaikalLofa HaikalMonth ago
  • I'm just gonna say it, Kate is beautiful af 😍

    The Notorious N.O.E.The Notorious N.O.E.Month ago
  • This is the most fun time with history I ever had I want Professor Puppet in my university. XD

    EternalHikari NoTenshiEternalHikari NoTenshiMonth ago
  • 22:22 lmao is that dude wearing jeans

    XavierXavierMonth ago
  • I live for Puppet History!

    Johanna ZamoraJohanna ZamoraMonth ago
  • This is by far THE best song of Puppet History Season 1 & 2.

    Mia TerracottaMia TerracottaMonth ago
  • It looks like the Professor has sideburns

    ClariClariMonth ago
  • Shane really is talented tho owo

    Otakuattackcosplays 1Otakuattackcosplays 1Month ago
    • I can't believe I said owo. I'm leaving it tho XD

      Otakuattackcosplays 1Otakuattackcosplays 1Month ago