Steven Flawlessly Imitates Ryan • Watcher Weekly #009

Mar 4, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to the 9th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
- Ryan & Steven fight over the couch
- Spooky Small Talk Episode 2 Preview
- Vidcon UK
- Q+A
- Steven attempts to imitate Ryan (and vice versa)
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  • Heya folks! Reply to this comment with your questions for the next Watcher Weekly!

    WatcherWatcher8 months ago
    • When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up

      carmey.bcarmey.b7 months ago
    • steven plEAAaaaaaase do filipino food for homemade

      clownclown7 months ago
    • shane- would you ever extend ruining history to watcher? like the professor just fucks your view of reality

      clownclown7 months ago
    • Can you guys do an impression of shane?

      Chana WinonaChana Winona8 months ago
    • Did you guys kill your plants?

      Chana WinonaChana Winona8 months ago
  • Steven becoming Ryan is like Ryan becoming Ricky

    Tilly SeymourTilly Seymour5 days ago
  • Shane being chaotic just balances out Ryan's and Steven's weirdness and makes them seem sane.

    Bani SinghBani SinghMonth ago
  • 13:45-13:55 14:45-14:55

    Anna LeeAnna LeeMonth ago
  • ThOsE GuYs...LoL

    JooN JooNJooN JooN2 months ago

    LibraryCakeLibraryCake2 months ago
  • 12:10 oh my god its steve

    Amber JAmber J2 months ago
  • Ryan and Steven: "Shane's sick" me watching this with corona context: 😲

    Macie JayneMacie Jayne2 months ago
  • Sam mallec?? The same one behind all those blessed crack vids- Lmaoo WE 👏🏻GOTTA👏🏻 STANNN👏🏻, freaked out when I heard that! Yesss go girl! ❤️ Thanks for shouting her out! 😆🥰

    Mireilly GlzMireilly Glz2 months ago
  • hi lauren has incredible editing skills and you should give her a raise or at least like, a really good lunch, because damn

    maggie rogers kellermaggie rogers keller2 months ago
  • i feel like you can't leave ryan unattended without shane because he really just loses it

    Garrick GastonGarrick Gaston2 months ago
  • please pass on thanks to lauren for her mad editing skills!! these videos are some of my favourite, including the "hi i'm ___ and i'm a ____" bit its so good!

    mel mackmel mack2 months ago
  • i'm sorry??? you got the ABSOLUTE LEGEND that is simone mallec?? you guys actually got her to run your social accounts? hi i'm losing it here that's the crossover of the century

    el.el.2 months ago
  • Oh no.... I'm slightly worried about Steven's sanity with these two pure chaotic energy😂 I want to see Steven interviewing other ppl, see different ideas bouncing off ppl from all walks of life.

    Animania freakAnimania freak3 months ago
  • this whole episode is just steven harassing a tshirt

    Lily GarnerLily Garner3 months ago
  • 9:36 what the fuck

    Ali KatAli Kat4 months ago
  • I'm so confused . I feel like their heads are so much bigger than usually help

    Alfie O'sheaAlfie O'shea4 months ago
  • this was it. this was the video where my eyes finally gave up on me and now I can't tell when their heads are big (I mean I can tell when they are enlarged but when they are normal it looks so weird and my eyes play tricks on me)

    MinorAccidentMinorAccident5 months ago
  • yeah steven is really fucking funny

    juliajulia5 months ago
  • take a shot everytime they talk about poop

    JayJay5 months ago
  • ryan looks like how my dad looks after he naps…all sleepy and ruffled

    Ellen WadsworthEllen Wadsworth5 months ago
  • ryan is twice as chaotic because shanes not there

    Kennedy MasonKennedy Mason5 months ago
  • 7 minutes in and i'm questioning ryan's sanity once again

    daimonasdaimonas5 months ago
  • I love how you guys literally answered One questions xD xD

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • The big head edits remind me of the infamous face morphs Cow Chop used to do ❤️

    KellyKelly6 months ago
  • With out Shane here we really get to see the weird ooze out of Steven. And as much as I love Shane, it was also really fun to see that side of Steven.

    Little_Lion_HeartLittle_Lion_Heart6 months ago
  • Damn the more I get to know Steven, the more and more I fancy him ugh drums?! so hot

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • I can't wait for the montage of all the "Hi, I'm Ryan Bergara and I'm..." bits

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • If I'm Steven's imaginary girlfriend does that mean that he's my imaginary boyfriend....? 🤔 I mean, he's pretty cute and dorky and funny and hot and wow do I have a crush on Steven?

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • Speaking as Steven's imaginary girlfriend, I do love his facial hair, and I noticed it the second the video started up so I gotchu boo xxx

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • steven's chaotic energy really jumped out in this one

    Mallu NovaisMallu Novais6 months ago
  • Ryan: "Make sure to go outside" 9:12 Corona: "Not on my watch"

    mxmtooniemxmtoonie6 months ago
  • I cannot wait for the next making watcher episode!

    Patrick BalicantaPatrick Balicanta7 months ago
  • I love Steven attempting bits, LET STEVEN DO BITS

    MoonzyyyMoonzyyy7 months ago
  • Steven is wrong, both Ryan and Shane are gone. That man beside him is Ricky Goldsworth.

    Jill StephensonJill Stephenson7 months ago
  • Can't get over how INSANELY accurate Steven's impressions of Ryan are. If I'm not looking directly at the video, I genuinely can't tell who is talking. America's Got Talent 2020 (Self Isolation Edition) winner? I think yes.

    Josh RiceJosh Rice7 months ago
  • loved steven in this hahaha

    sukisuki7 months ago
  • yay i like this

    Exi AFKExi AFK7 months ago
  • Ruyan u play guitar Steven plays drums wth get shane a mic or a bass and start a fake band plz!!

    Exi AFKExi AFK7 months ago
  • is ryan okay

    Kendall AndersonKendall Anderson7 months ago
  • 7:52 yep

    Emma O.ThorellEmma O.Thorell7 months ago
  • 13:44 Ricky Goldsworth coming out

    ShaliekShaliek7 months ago
  • Ryan's laugh at 9:35

    ShaliekShaliek7 months ago
  • you try to be perfect when you have your hand up someone's *ass* - ryan berg 2020

    Abbie BroomAbbie Broom7 months ago
  • Oh my god...that was freaky. A train literally passed by as Ryan said "that's a train." Haha I love those little coincidences.

    MochiMochi7 months ago
  • Okay, I need the bizarre pairings to continue being a trend for Watcher Weekly. Let's see how far the boys' insanity and chaos will go.

    Nicola H.Nicola H.8 months ago
  • Choked on my tea the second Ryan mentioned Steven's imaginary girlfriend and being happy for their imaginary supportive relationship. Wish it was iced. I'll haunt them from #ghostmortem Edit: Nvm, I just finished watching this clip from the great beyond and thought they had enough crazy on their own

    Elizabeth RegnesElizabeth Regnes8 months ago
  • So is no one going to point out at 1:40 that tfti is not 'thanks for the info' but 'thanks for the invite' ._.

    lorenalorena8 months ago
  • I’ve been binging on watcher due to coronavirus and I’m not mad. 🤪

    AnnaJacquelineAnnaJacqueline8 months ago
  • Bro their energy is sleep deprived siblings. This is literally how my siblings and I act when it’s like 1 am and haven’t slept well in like a week. Keep up the good work guys.

    Li_Yu _Li_Yu _8 months ago
  • Im looking into making my own Professor because hes just Top Tier. The merch is not enough for this gal

    Alexandria SmithAlexandria Smith8 months ago
  • Btw!! What happened to the guest artists?!

    Marco CarreonMarco Carreon8 months ago
  • Get over the homophobia. If someone shows affection to you no matter the gender, take the compliment. I still love the channel though. Just an observation i made.

    Marco CarreonMarco Carreon8 months ago
  • I thought Steven was the sane one. I was wrong. None of them’s sane.

    Tiffany FatimaTiffany Fatima8 months ago
  • Hey Ryan do you regret telling us to go outside in this video?? Lol

    Kishna KisvanaKishna Kisvana8 months ago
  • "what does your imaginary girlfriend thinks about it?" 🤣🤣🤣

    Kira HwangKira Hwang8 months ago
  • I first saw the large head on Shane, and because Ryan is always going on about how huge his nogging is, I thought maybe it has always been that big and I just noticed now :P

    Juhi VermaJuhi Verma8 months ago
  • what the FUCK happened to you Steven

    Imogen ImagineImogen Imagine8 months ago
  • Why do you guys look like bums?

    Johnny DoJohnny Do8 months ago
  • I love how we all collectively came to the conclusion that Ricky killed Shane and just started joking about it in the comment section

    JustsomegirlJustsomegirl8 months ago
  • This is like watching two siblings. Steve is constantly caught between sassing Ryan and being mature whilst Ryan is just feral

    Nobell PrizzNobell Prizz8 months ago
  • Great stuff guys

    The ShapeThe Shape8 months ago
  • wait- what happened with Ying?

    anintyas windriyoningrumanintyas windriyoningrum8 months ago
  • soooo shane is the only human out of you lot. this information has thrown me through a loop. how is this possible

    Jenna BeattieJenna Beattie8 months ago
  • this is just a teaching moment for us, ryan is depressed and loves making the videos an absolute mess

    Jenna BeattieJenna Beattie8 months ago
  • Steven, you are so funny, I laughed every time you went in the shirt XDDDDDDD

    TsunfishTsunfish8 months ago
  • that was chaotic and i loved every second of it

    Anne-Sophie G.-N.Anne-Sophie G.-N.8 months ago
  • cooking classes! i’d love that!

    Anne-Sophie G.-N.Anne-Sophie G.-N.8 months ago
  • HOW is this more chaotic WITHOUT SHANE?!?😂😂

    Ajok AkoiAjok Akoi8 months ago
  • ryan is SO weird i love him

    juliajulia8 months ago
  • Steven and Ryan is a problematic (read: entertaining af) combo because when the other person doesn't join you in your bit but instead gets weirded out, that's basically permission to get as insane as you want to get a reaction out of the other person. Hence Ryan pretending to strip dance and Steven shoving t-shirt Ryan into his mouth.

    MidNiteParisMidNiteParis8 months ago
  • I wish I had money for Puppet History March, cuz it’s def one of my favourite Watcher shows.

    Lorelei-Lorie-StoneLorelei-Lorie-Stone8 months ago

    Michelle JosephMichelle Joseph8 months ago
  • Watching steven be so comfortable right now is all I needed to feel complete. And "it actually got funny after you did it for 15 more seconds" It's always like this lol I love how Ryan has to experience what Shane goes through, trying to manage his outbursts, when it's just him and Steven and he cant handle it.

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money8 months ago
  • Nice to see Ricky making a guest appearance at 6:00

    Lauren HammonsLauren Hammons8 months ago
  • Where is Shane?

    Rizwana akhtarRizwana akhtar8 months ago
  • Shane, this is what happens when you leave Ryan unsupervised 😒

    Brie HainesBrie Haines8 months ago
  • I dunno whether to laugh or coo when Steven said "Wait, I'm Ryan!" I think I'm insane!

    Jay KayJay Kay8 months ago
  • love the new merch!

    Malorie PhilipsMalorie Philips8 months ago
  • What the fuck did i just watch(er)??

    Miranda DoughertyMiranda Dougherty8 months ago
  • Who knew Shane was the Calm that kept the crew somewhat sane? Wonder if he bribes Ryan with Jellybeans ?

    Countrydiva524Countrydiva5248 months ago
  • The camera guy, would have to zoom in on Steven. You can barely see it, barely. I wasn't even paying attention, until you mentioned it. Now that I am aware, I can see it on your chin and it looks really ❤sexy!!!!!!!

    Angelina CruzAngelina Cruz8 months ago
  • Steven's #Shoes?👞👞They Look SUPER.

    Angelina CruzAngelina Cruz8 months ago
  • *Ryan and I have A MATCHING HAIR.*

    Angelina CruzAngelina Cruz8 months ago
  • Me, watching from Seattle: OH NO SHANE HAS CORONAVIRUS

    Jane GreenJane Green8 months ago
  • Please stop doing things without out Shane, Shane is the bread in the PB&J sandwich... Ryan and Steven ( that other guy) without Shane , is like watching an old show and remembering why without all integral parts it just sucks .... I didn't mind so much when Steven wasn't there, but with out Shane, Watcher Weekly is like the view ... only with less testosterone and more bitching ... I'm surprised that without Shane even Ryan sucked it up this week ... for shame !!! The Professor must return !!

    Sid Vi CiousSid Vi Cious8 months ago
  • i’ve always heard rock, paper, scissors, shoe... wha T

    annaanna8 months ago
  • me out. You can totally do a live action puppet history... If Shane is in a giant professor costume.

    Jose Luis Gray SanchezJose Luis Gray Sanchez8 months ago
  • The 2 episodes so far with just two of them have been so wacky and weird, in different ways (I’m not complaining). Curious now what an ep of WW will be like if it’s Shane and Steven without Ryan.

    T. B.T. B.8 months ago
  • I live a simple life, I see a mug of the professor, I ORDER IT ON THE SPOT

    Emily TeixeiraEmily Teixeira8 months ago
  • Get well soon Shane!

    Jason YoungJason Young8 months ago
  • What happened to your plants?

    Brooke HenryBrooke Henry8 months ago
  • Ryan is an entire mood

    Jasmin LozaJasmin Loza8 months ago
  • Is it safe to assume that Shane, a demon, scares Ricky Goldsworth so much that he doesnt come out around Shane?

    Beverly DodsonBeverly Dodson8 months ago
  • ricky comes out a lot in this😂

    Beverly DodsonBeverly Dodson8 months ago
  • is that a little bit of ricky goldsworth popping out at 6:03?

    Beverly DodsonBeverly Dodson8 months ago
  • watcing this drunk hits differently

    Mojca VertičMojca Vertič8 months ago
  • Man Ryan really let loose the loopy this week. Does that mean he moderates his craziness when Shane is around to balance him out? Or is Shane so whacky that he makes Ryan seem more mellow by comparison?

    Taylor CarriageTaylor Carriage8 months ago
  • Theory: Demon!Shane is more powerful than Ricky, but since Shane is gone Ricky is breaking free. Steven, unfortunately, is absolutely no match as he doesn't have an alter ego/demon trying to take him over.

    CassidyCassidy8 months ago
  • the energy in this is actually insane, when its the spooky bois its super chaotic but theres some structure to the chaos, but this is just utter hysteria

    Holly AHolly A8 months ago