Surviving The Titanic: History's Luckiest Woman • Puppet History

Apr 10, 2020
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Surviving that fateful disaster was only the beginning...
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  • Shane: OH MY JELLY BEANS!! Ryan: *evil laughs

    Sophie NiamiSophie Niami2 hours ago
  • I wonder if Violet ever met Arthur John Priest, another unsinkable human.

    Grace RayGrace Ray2 days ago
  • I wonder if Violet ever met Arthur John Priest, another unsinkable human.

    Grace RayGrace Ray2 days ago
  • 2:39

    Aile StrikerAile Striker4 days ago
  • Jenny reminds me uncannily of a drama teacher I had in high school

    Gamer GrilGamer Gril5 days ago
  • I love this show but UUUUGGGGHHHH DON'T PERPETUATE THE IDEA THAT OCEAN LINERS ARE THE SAME AS CRUISE SHIPSSSSSSSSS Ocean liners get you from A to B as quickly as possible. Cruise ships take their time and let you enjoy the journey. The application of air travel rendered ocean liners obsolete which is why we don't see them anymore.

    AnnemarieAnnemarie6 days ago
  • Violet has crazy plot armour

    Ayndrew WaggonerAyndrew Waggoner6 days ago
  • if y’all want a real good conspiracy theory, look into the Olympic-Titanic theory, and the possibility that the Titanic never actually took sail and was intentionally crashed for the insurance money.

    mckenna whitemckenna white6 days ago
  • This guest is a humourless bore.. 👎

    Mavis BrmrMavis Brmr6 days ago
  • lol at the liberal feminists being confused by the sexism of barring a young woman from work on the basis of her being too attractive for it. the point is that she's meant to be someone's wife.

    BryanBryan7 days ago
  • 2020 made Ryan Metal AF.

    Reggie ReedReggie Reed8 days ago
  • 0:22 the opening is hilarious!!! Jenny's quick reply and Ryan's lightning response --!!!!! (lolllllllllll) 2:41--the slowmo is glorious, what made me laugh out loud--in that moment i realized the euphism ahaha 12:56-13:15 so funny ahaha!!!!! Always great fun to see ryan push the Prof's buttons. i love all the banter btwn Ryan and the Prof, and the wonderful hilarious guests. it's fantastic!!!

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime Pop8 days ago
  • Anyone else think that that puppet history is like ruining history and the hotdaga had a baby?

    Z RZ R8 days ago
  • i am officially crushing on Jenny Lorenzo

  • Puppet History is honestly the cure for depression

    smacgregor717smacgregor7179 days ago
  • Anyone else sing the campfire song about the titanic? "Oh they built the ship Titanic to sail the ocean blue and all they said, through all the land the water would not get through but the Lord raised his hand, said THIS SHIP WILL NEVER LAND! Oh it was sad! When the great ship went down~"

    SuppystarSuppystar9 days ago
  • Is it bad that I can now quote the entire episode

    Carmen Leigh RoseCarmen Leigh Rose10 days ago
  • And so the genie appears

    SheAr CleFtSheAr CleFt11 days ago
  • Will Ryan ever win one of these D;

    KatzyKinsKatzyKins11 days ago
  • i s t h i s a g a m e t o y o u b e r g a r a

    Annie BretzAnnie Bretz11 days ago
  • Ok but shane do be busting out the bangers in this series

    Kat CoffieKat Coffie11 days ago
  • I think I’m in love

    LIL BUKILIL BUKI11 days ago
  • HOW did I just now find this channel. I LOVE this and I didn't know I needed it. Also Ann's "sounds as if something has happened." Is such a baller thing to say.

    Maddy MMaddy M11 days ago
  • "Back to back world war champs" America in 1917-8: ôk I guess we can join now.

    Zoe the PotatoZoe the Potato12 days ago
  • Absolutely love the songs

    Dmitry BahrtDmitry Bahrt12 days ago
  • bro they said she was too pretty to work on a ship so lowkey maybe it was karma because she worked anyways. If they didn't hire her the boats wouldn't have sank

    Gabrielle GriffisGabrielle Griffis12 days ago
  • White star was sued for $665,000 which comes out to about $430 for each life lost in the incident which kinda sucks cause I feel like a life is worth more than $430....

    Gabrielle GriffisGabrielle Griffis12 days ago
  • So basically the movie is based on a lot of very true events. This is pretty interesting😯even the name Violet to Rose.

    Twinkly BubblyBitsTwinkly BubblyBits12 days ago
  • britanic

    AymanGamerAymanGamer12 days ago
  • titanic

    AymanGamerAymanGamer12 days ago
  • olimpic

    AymanGamerAymanGamer12 days ago
  • 2:43 / 3:02 "uh oh my jelly beans" aka the exact moment the Professor decided that Ryan would be eternally destined to lose

    Hailey FosterHailey Foster13 days ago
  • Arguably, considering half of the tragedy was because safety precautions were laughed off and ignored... you could make the claim that it was both a tragedy AND a farce

    ultimateninjaboiultimateninjaboi13 days ago
  • I have a feeling 4:39 is when Professor decided to never let Ryan win

    Aylin SabiAylin Sabi14 days ago
  • The problem with hipster chicks is you can't tell if their gay or not.

    snavissnavis15 days ago
  • This is cursed muppets

    Maddie RMaddie R15 days ago
  • i think that if i could start a luxury cruise line, i'd call it "Tom Cruise Liners", and everyone would get on board expecting some subpar movies and maybe a meeting with the man himself, but really the cruise is just a long trip to nowhere in which you are slowly indoctrinated into Scientology and there is no method of escape.

    Megan SlaughterMegan Slaughter15 days ago
  • ocean liners and cruises are two different things yall

    venice bitchvenice bitch16 days ago
  • White Star Line actually mailed some of the families of the employees who perished bills for their uniforms.

    Amanda LennonAmanda Lennon16 days ago
  • Quit calling Liners "Cruise Ships" its really annoying!!!!!!!!

    Alex BenisAlex Benis18 days ago
    • I swear

      venice bitchvenice bitch16 days ago
  • I swear, Ruthi is probably here. I awm em?

    Llama CraftLlama Craft18 days ago
  • hang on i need to know the origin of ‘go-by-the-wall-and-tickle-the-bricks’

    skibbosskibbos19 days ago
  • What happened to Americans?!

    Plague PotatoPlague Potato20 days ago
  • I just realized how Violet stayed alive during tumultuous times. Her father died so that qualified her to be a protagonist! She was protected by plot armor!

    CT JaafarCT Jaafar21 day ago
  • I love this show, but Columbus' ships were not called the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

    Connor McSherryConnor McSherry21 day ago
  • I highly recommend the documentary “Titanic’s Tragic Twin: The Britannic Disaster.” It goes into more depth about the sinking and Violet Jessop. It also talks about the other passengers. Violet isn’t even the only one to survive Titanic and Britannic, although that guy didn’t have a happy ending.

    Julianne GrossJulianne Gross22 days ago
  • Why would you get a job on a ship IF YOU CAN'T SWIM!?!?!

    Kristen CernilliKristen Cernilli22 days ago
  • Damn I was born in Nov. 21

    Ahmad ZulqarnainAhmad Zulqarnain22 days ago
  • Me: oh time for the song! Oh the propeller! this can’t be that ba- Propeller: **horrified screams of people on the background** *”CHOP CHOP CHOP and a SCREAM SCREAM SCREAAAAAAAMMM”* **horrified screams of people on the background** Me:➖👄➖

    drip dropdrip drop23 days ago
  • i wish they would do a episode about typhoid mary.

    VAMPIRAVAMPIRA23 days ago
  • Ugh my jelly beans. Lol

    Jeramy HarperJeramy Harper24 days ago
  • can i just say all the songs from puppet history was hella good 🤤😆

    kat. neskat. nes25 days ago
  • I just realized that the propeller sounds like Rolf from the muppets and I cannot unheard it.

    Aaron Tharp ProductionsAaron Tharp Productions27 days ago
  • 21:58 that face Ryan makes show show much of 2020 is good

    Dilophosaur sniperDilophosaur sniper28 days ago
  • The Titanic had enough lifeboats assuming the lifeboats were lowered at full capacity. The ship was one of the first to use steel cables to lower lifeboats so it easily could have had them at full capacity but the crew literally forgot, so lifeboats were lowered only half full

    Harmon LanagerHarmon Lanager28 days ago
  • 4:36 😭😭😭😭

    Nancy CamilleNancy CamilleMonth ago
  • Does anyone know what “go by the walls and tickle the bricks” actually means or stands for?

    GSDLoveGSDLoveMonth ago
  • I thought her dad was teddy roosevelt for a second

    LocateLocateMonth ago
  • LOL the subtitles for the watcher intro

    AlinaAlinaMonth ago
  • Ryan's face during the propeller's song.

    Amelia RedmanAmelia RedmanMonth ago
  • That song is the best

    Aoife DrummondAoife DrummondMonth ago
  • I didnt recognize Shane's voice at first, and I am ashamed (I also had no idea this was his channel, I love history and was intrigued by the title haha)

    Ave_Muse_MageAve_Muse_MageMonth ago
  • 🎵”Chop, chop, chop! Scream, scream, scream!”🎵 Now that’s a snappy little ditty!😱

    Richard HooverRichard HooverMonth ago
  • A fun way to learn history

    stephanie reyesstephanie reyesMonth ago
  • Who else wanted the option to be Iceberg Charlie hitting a shark with an oar?

    Singing MochiSinging MochiMonth ago
  • Back to back world war champs😤😤

    joe ambrosiajoe ambrosiaMonth ago
  • " oh was that my phone?" " yeah I think so" " oh rest in piece" As someone who cellphone was on its final days I relate to that

    pretty spectrum xxxpretty spectrum xxxMonth ago
  • Can we get an album?

    Megan PattersonMegan PattersonMonth ago
  • She’s a fucking legend bro, dude like seriously

    TheTrueMr FTheTrueMr FMonth ago
  • The singing propeller was my fav.

    Super PlatypusSuper PlatypusMonth ago
  • The line "ugh my jelly beans" sent me into a laughing attack hahahaha I love Puppet History!! :D

    Victoria SantillanVictoria SantillanMonth ago
  • I died a little that they keep calling ocean liners, cruise ships.

    MepMepMepMepMonth ago
    • ME TOO😭😭

      venice bitchvenice bitch16 days ago
  • bro what the fuck happened to americans

    ande hayesande hayesMonth ago
  • Okay but who is this guest? She is so pretty!

    ageee090ageee090Month ago
  • The guest got the number of lifeboats correct there were 20 total. 16 Davit mounted lifeboats and 4 collapsible

    Codeandadventure with TravelingteenCodeandadventure with TravelingteenMonth ago
  • #RyanandthePropellerdeservedbetter

    Adg RAdg RMonth ago
  • This one was super frustrating to watch because I actually knew the answers to the questions

    Korinna BeckenbauerKorinna BeckenbauerMonth ago
  • one word no two words fucking GOOD! if school was like this , i will have my Phd by now .

    Consuelo ChavezConsuelo ChavezMonth ago
  • 😂😂

    Mersstw StynrMersstw StynrMonth ago
  • I had a hard time breathing from laughing so hard at the propeller's song omg

    violetphoenix13violetphoenix13Month ago
  • I just... as a former sailor: don’t get on a boat at all if you cAN’T FUCKING SWIM

    Gwyneth/Peter OchsnerGwyneth/Peter OchsnerMonth ago
  • s.s. jessop ya'll, that bitch is unsinkable

    eternalWIPeternalWIPMonth ago
  • Has anyone found the book he's talking about??

    Tara HartnettTara HartnettMonth ago
  • This woman would be a great person to sit next to and listen to her stories, my grandma tells me a bunch of stories

    screams_in_idiot21screams_in_idiot21Month ago
  • Mr professor is secretly Shane Ryan

    Isabelle RubrightIsabelle RubrightMonth ago
  • I love shane so much but ryan makes it work

    kcgates 13bravokcgates 13bravoMonth ago
  • Does the Propeller do weddings?

    CarolyneCarolyneMonth ago
  • live pd

    juan pablo quero silvajuan pablo quero silvaMonth ago
  • She was rescued by the Carpathia? My ancestor captained that ship!

    Krell 14Krell 14Month ago
  • You guys crack me up!!! We all need a laugh these days!!! 😊 thanks

    janet casejanet caseMonth ago
  • Puppet History is perfection. We must forever protect The Professor.

    Cory R.Cory R.Month ago
  • I just want someone to say “A Beauty like you shouldn’t be slaving away on the poopdeck” to me😔😔😔 is that too much to ask for

    Drawma ArtsDrawma ArtsMonth ago
  • Seriously? I'm assuming they're playing dumb for a comical effect.

    kissofshadows21kissofshadows21Month ago
  • The song is the most Shane thing I've ever heard XD it's not at all surprising that he wrote/performed it.

    Otakuattackcosplays 1Otakuattackcosplays 1Month ago
  • This was the most quality thing I have seen on USworlds.

    Maximus MarkgrafMaximus MarkgrafMonth ago
  • Omg I love this series! 😫👏🏻

    SᴘɪᴄʏSᴘɪᴄʏMonth ago
  • More people wouldve survived if it wasnt for iceberg charlies dumb ass.

    Iris CastanedaIris CastanedaMonth ago
  • Americas full of karens now

    Iris CastanedaIris CastanedaMonth ago
  • Violet is just fucking bad luck!

    Chinmayee SurveChinmayee SurveMonth ago
  • "I'm finally gonna win one!" Oh, Ryan...

    How Do I Make A Username?How Do I Make A Username?Month ago