The Dancing Plague • Puppet History

May 22, 2020
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Finally, the true story of those people in France who danced until they died.
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  • this performance was my favourite among all the other songs XD annoyingly catchy

    Salai BlackSalai Black6 hours ago
  • I need an album of these songs

    Kenneth MacGregorKenneth MacGregor19 hours ago
  • How do they get away with cursing?

    Metal In Your HeadMetal In Your Head22 hours ago
  • Wait!! is this the backround for the fairytail of the red dancing shoes???

    Anna PancakeAnna PancakeDay ago
  • i hope you all know that "Frau" is not a name. It just means "Woman" and is also used as "Mrs"

    Anna PancakeAnna PancakeDay ago
  • Dance is a disease? Might wanna check how BTS is doing.

    Jordan DrinkwaterJordan Drinkwater2 days ago
  • The only thing that made me cringe was the comments passed at 1:11, its not cool to hate on white people, ik it was a joke but in 2020 this is a sore spot. Lets be kind to one another its not cool to be a racist.

    pati 17pati 172 days ago
  • 26:52 He has seen stuff before

    Turtle NinjaTurtle Ninja2 days ago
  • Theory: Shane was a ghost who died of starvation because the clergy and lords wouldn't let him pick berries / hunt and fish so the anger and resentment for them turned him into a demon and now he's here to get revenge. But that's just a theory, a ghost theory! (and also maybe a fanfiction)

    RayAlexB 2092RayAlexB 20922 days ago
  • 1:04 I love Shane's reaction.. he knows half this country, and the majority of this channels viewers are crazy leftist..

    Robert SoudersRobert Souders2 days ago
  • This is the best thing on the internet!!! I have a mighty need for an album of all the songs from Puppet History.

    BecomingCrystalBecomingCrystal2 days ago
  • we love jermaine

    jessie s.jessie s.2 days ago

    emmalynnemmalynn2 days ago
  • All hail the watcher

    MelMartinezfangirlMelMartinezfangirl3 days ago
  • Does anyone know the song that ryan danced to. Ive looked for it and I can't find it.

    Walter WigginsWalter Wiggins3 days ago
  • *Insert Purple light*

    Olivia JohnsonOlivia Johnson3 days ago
  • The summersaulting serf is amazing

    jjcoola998jjcoola9983 days ago
  • "I guess that's gusto!" I didn't think I'd enjoy this as much as I did. The unbridled delight in Shane's voice when they discover the jellybeans is just priceless.

    AlessandraAlessandra3 days ago
  • I hope shane doesnt leave youtube to become a profesinal puppeteer because hes pretty good at it.

    gruby 17gruby 174 days ago
  • Shane is a fcuking genious

    gruby 17gruby 174 days ago
  • am I the only one who thinks that puppet is the cutest puppet

    Meeta VermaMeeta Verma4 days ago
  • I want a Spotify playlist of all these songs😂

    Beck HallBeck Hall5 days ago
  • The Professor having jellybeans in his bag will never Not be the cutest and most wholesome thing.

    Lili SnowLili Snow5 days ago
  • Could you guys maybe lay off going after God? You obviously wouldn't do it to other religions and it is insensitive.

    CaitlinJessicaSmithCaitlinJessicaSmith5 days ago
  • 9:39 i love this part 😂

    cаманта oвчинаcаманта oвчина5 days ago
  • so this is basically the dance till you’re dead meme, just irl

    galaxycaratgalaxycarat6 days ago
  • *subscribed*

    oblivionoblivion6 days ago
  • 15:20

    Aile StrikerAile Striker6 days ago
  • If there was ever another dancing plague, I'd love to see someone bust out and mimic Hatsune Miku during her AgeAge Again, Miku, or Ten Thousand Stars. Atleast they'd go out with style.....I'm probably going to hell.

    SonicDashie759SonicDashie7597 days ago
  • Since they called 1517 "the Bad Year" I hope we start referring to 2020 as "the Horrible Year"

    Jonathan BroncoJonathan Bronco7 days ago
  • Song was amazing

    Matt BronsonMatt Bronson7 days ago
  • Ryan is the less talented little brother. Ryan is the guy that tells a joke twice, just so everyone can appreciate how intelligent he is.

    Brian SmithBrian Smith7 days ago
  • sounds like ergot poisoning. Or, an early Grateful Dead concert run. What do you think?

    oo7 days ago
  • this entire time my mind was playing dance till youre dead on loop

    Master of BeepMaster of Beep8 days ago
  • Tbh Strasbourg just be like that

    That One Cryptic MotherfuckerThat One Cryptic Motherfucker8 days ago
  • Puppet history is always absolutely brilliant

    katherine collinskatherine collins9 days ago
  • Bad things happen in 1517

    Jess milsJess mils9 days ago

    AyraAyra10 days ago
  • “it’s god” “god’s a white man...?” “oh, i mean, ITS THE DEVIL!”

    Catelin B.Catelin B.11 days ago
  • SO his name is Prof. Lil Nasty???

    MrLordbubasithMrLordbubasith11 days ago
  • Jermaine is soo into the lesson, he’s so cute

    Ret TakaRet Taka11 days ago

    Juan Paulo ConchaJuan Paulo Concha11 days ago
  • 5:28 i respect this

    Juan PabloJuan Pablo11 days ago
  • my history teacher played this in class

    2021Addison Mull2021Addison Mull11 days ago
  • R.I.P (But in French)

    Liszt MattelLiszt Mattel12 days ago
  • But seriously where do I download these songs

    RinRin13 days ago
  • You know thanks to 2020 I 100% believe that the plague drove people into insane religious insanity. Just the other day a coworker gave me a rant on how 2020 was caused as justice for Israel and that if we dont repent the world will end, so I think ill start dancing tomorrow and get some little red shoes.

    RinRin13 days ago
  • 1517: I’m the bad year 2020: Hahahaha hold my beer

    Aleah C137Aleah C13713 days ago
  • So are we calling 2020 “The Bad Year pt 2”?

    Cierra VolkertCierra Volkert14 days ago
    • The Bad Year 2: Electric Boogaloo

      Molly BrashearMolly Brashear13 days ago
  • “Ignore the hand” “Who’s hand is that?-“ “It’s god!”

    Pedal SoftiePedal Softie14 days ago
  • [ 25:10 ] Petition to make this a official song by our Devil Shane. *P l e a s e I n e e d t h i s s o n g o n S p o t i f y*

    Moni SinghMoni Singh14 days ago
  • Jermaine’s reaction to the God puppet was hilarious

    Smashsista16Smashsista1614 days ago
  • This is the best you guys are freakin awesome 👏

    Kristal RamirezKristal Ramirez15 days ago
  • I just love Jermaine's reaction to God along with the possibility that Satan as a white guy would be easier on the eyes in contrast

    Andres PalomoAndres Palomo15 days ago
  • "Yeah, you dipshit!" "YEah- wait,, fuck you."

  • But what was the other dancing plague, where they danced from a village to another and people from along the way would join? I believe it was in Germany.

    Elina KeränenElina Keränen16 days ago
  • You fuckers really hate Florida. Fuck yall its a wonderful state.

    Timothy WallsTimothy Walls16 days ago
  • This is one of the best series I've ever seen, Shane is so fuckin funny

    Joe HardestyJoe Hardesty17 days ago
  • I love this show so much, it is such a perfect mixture of interesting info and fun performance. The god's song is brilliant

    Sh USh U17 days ago
  • The subtitles at the beginning say "SHWORNK AND-A SHPING!" I'm not kidding

    Evlyn RemleyEvlyn Remley17 days ago
  • *The dancing plague but every time you pass out it gets faster*

    Liv BLiv B18 days ago
  • I fucking love the song 😹😹😹 florida is the worst fucking place ever

    DadDad19 days ago
  • 26:47 What's the name of that song?

    hlp215hlp21519 days ago
  • That song at the end surprised me. Subscribed now 10/10

    slice xf lifeslice xf life20 days ago
  • oh my goodness theres a puppet history wiki

    Vicky SuVicky Su20 days ago
  • oh my goodness theres a puppet history wiki

    Vicky SuVicky Su20 days ago
  • Why does the Professor look like Les Claypool?

    Glen KersulGlen Kersul21 day ago
  • That song was amazing, it's reminiscent of a Disney villain song. Shane is so talented.

    Mackenzie WaltersMackenzie Walters21 day ago
  • shane in the beginning when fumbled over his words is a whole mood lmfaaaoooo love these guys

    Kierra EvansKierra Evans21 day ago
  • "Overheated blood" Is it bad that when they said that was the supposed cause, I began singing Foreigner's "Hot Blooded"?

    Stephanie WoznyStephanie Wozny22 days ago
  • I think i'm in love...

    infinitelemniscatainfinitelemniscata22 days ago
  • Strasbourg wasn't medieval France. It was German, and it wasn't French until the late 17th century

    Antonio Lozano FenollAntonio Lozano Fenoll22 days ago
  • C'mon, open my little bag

    Jessica UrdankJessica Urdank22 days ago
  • R. I. P. (but in French) 😂I DIED at that 😂😂😂

    Francesca PattiFrancesca Patti22 days ago
  • God’s charisma really shone through in that last performance of his

    Poorva MaithPoorva Maith22 days ago
  • huh. that really is a very kind treatment to the afflicted in that time period

    lesli francolylesli francoly22 days ago
  • Shane Madej (as God): It’s not the worst thing that I’ve done, like bed bugs, pinkeye, Tampa, Florida and also the rest of Florida. Meanwhile, elsewhere Ariel Fulmer: What’s wrong honey? Ned Fulmer: Not sure, but I suddenly have the urge to slap Shane Madej...

    Craig SimpsonCraig Simpson22 days ago
  • Jellybeans in Professors satchel is the most precious thing I've ever seen!!

    Chrissy DChrissy D23 days ago
  • and also the rest of Florida 😭😂

    El AmiriEl Amiri23 days ago
  • 1:15 Alsace is certainly not pronounced like that 👁️👄👁️

    Spookay T'is MeSpookay T'is Me23 days ago
    • AL SAUCE

      El AmiriEl Amiri23 days ago
  • That song is amazing no joke

    snake toessnake toes24 days ago
  • mass ergot poisoning???

    MrLordbubasithMrLordbubasith24 days ago
  • These are masterful. I seriously look forward to this

    Anastasia TalbottAnastasia Talbott24 days ago

    Olivia updikeOlivia updike24 days ago
  • Just watched the salem episode.

    That One BenchThat One Bench24 days ago
  • Why is Shane so goddamn funny 🤣

    In 99In 9925 days ago
  • starving and hungry people still eat dirt, it's called mud biscuits or something and it's meant to fill missing meals people don't die from it, but it's to feel like they have a full stomach when they can't provide enough food to stop the pain

    PemoPemo25 days ago
  • I can rewatch puppet history over and over and it always makes me laugh, I love these videos so much. It’s like watching horrible histories but for adults

    Cara HRCara HR25 days ago
  • That song has a familiar tune but I can’t pinpoint it

    mozart fanmozart fan25 days ago
  • Idk fam sounds a lot like a faerie curse to me.

    Jade AnnabelJade Annabel25 days ago
  • This song and the Vesuvius one are the best 😂

    Rage JohnsonRage Johnson26 days ago
  • Shane should be teacher... He is awesome!

    ZetZet26 days ago
  • ...why did I just find this channel? I've been missing ruining history so I'm so glad I found these

    Sarah RiosSarah Rios26 days ago
  • is there a butt plug on that table

    Owen KingOwen King26 days ago

    Samantha MaGillSamantha MaGill27 days ago
  • This is the first time im watching this show. Absolutely brilliant!!! Love the guest too, he is so chill and fun. Onto the next episode🙂🙂

    in over my headin over my head27 days ago
  • I love this show

    Soda-KSoda-K27 days ago
  • I always regret watching this for background noise because I just end up dying from laughter 😂

    Cantage ArtCantage Art28 days ago
  • I love Ryan and Shane’s chemistry, Ryan is having a moment there and Shane just calls him a dipshit 😂😂 please never change guys

    CrywolfCrywolf28 days ago
  • so about the little red shoes thing in cases of choreomania across europe a common thing was that those afflicted could not stand pointed shoes. one source says the dancers could not perceive the color red, and another says they couldn't stand the color red, and the very sight of it made the dancers violent. maybe the shoes had something to do with those? perhaps the clergy thought the shoes could deter the dancing somehow? again, this info is for generalized cases across europe and not just for strasbourg

    桜加減桜加減28 days ago