The Disastrous 1904 Olympic Marathon • Puppet History

Sep 4, 2020
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On your marks! Get set! Ugh.
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  • What my local city is known for Bad olympics Highest murder rate per capita in the us Aight then

    Sarah NeffSarah Neff3 hours ago
  • I live 20 mins from StL and knew the worlds fair was here because of all of the landmarks but not the Olympics 😅

    Stephanie HanleyStephanie Hanley16 hours ago
  • This may have been my favorite song so far wow really catchy I love it

    Alli AlvarezAlli AlvarezDay ago
  • Ryan is adorable I'm sorry.

    Oviya OmprakashOviya OmprakashDay ago
  • The funniest part of this video is when Ryan Bergara makes a remark about the supposed lack of research the professor did, and then the professor gives him a rotten jellybean, and then Ryan continues to make him angry. Then, he starts yelling, and that's the most hilarious part of this video

    Jakub RatajewskiJakub RatajewskiDay ago
  • maybe i’m insane but i’ve guessed every multiple choice answer right except the more fruits one just by the way shane says the answers, like his tone of voice changes and he gives it away but maybe i’m just losing it

    Hold my tea I’m busy screechingHold my tea I’m busy screechingDay ago
  • Jon Bois

    Howard MarnerHoward Marner3 days ago
  • The 1900’s was such a crazy time period.

    ZyzorZyzor4 days ago
  • I want an Oversimplified on the 1904 Olympics.

    Conrado JavierConrado Javier4 days ago
  • Of course it was in Missouri. Too much? I'll see myself out.

    LadyRed LLadyRed L4 days ago
  • 6:50 “How bout no? You crazy blue bastard”

    LibertyBell711LibertyBell7114 days ago
  • hi? yes excuse me i need all of these songs on spotify now

    Kamila OrtegaKamila Ortega4 days ago
  • the song was a bop tho

    Darcel BertDarcel Bert6 days ago
  • I hope more puppet history comes soon I have rewatched the series several times and need new episodes

    ruby cordovaruby cordova6 days ago
  • I love this show and the Boo Boys. But as a South African myself... holy shit Shane murdered the pronunciation of "Boer" unfortunately I can't think of a way to spell it so that it would make sense.

    Alex MassonAlex Masson6 days ago
  • "Now it's not weird that you don't have pants on." I wish that was the first time I've heard that...

    Alex MassonAlex Masson6 days ago
  • So many clips from this video live in my head rent free...particularly the Professor blatantly yelling, “COME AT ME, PUTIN”

    Mary GraberMary Graber6 days ago
  • 13:11 "We are testing the limits of the human body" Ok, Markiplier.

    Noe The MooseNoe The Moose7 days ago
  • One of my favorite songs out of the lot, absolutely amazing

    Magical LizardMagical Lizard7 days ago
  • Ricky Goldsworth rlly be Popping into say hi at the end

    Fandom's Are My LifeFandom's Are My Life7 days ago
  • Kristen is a JOY!! Love her, and her passion for olympic sportsss u< learned so much!

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime Pop8 days ago
  • Can we have Jericho vs the one from Pinkerton episode

    Bill WhiteBill White9 days ago
  • AAU is kinda raw tho. Im an AAU state champion gymnast and our meets were always so fun

    Gabrielle GriffisGabrielle Griffis9 days ago
  • 22:51 phosphorus fucked here

    monsieur svenmonsieur sven11 days ago
  • Abolish the police? Who you gonna call if they rob your ass? Ghostbusters?

    Richard SanchezRichard Sanchez11 days ago
  • Shane you’re too talented LOL

    jane yuanjane yuan13 days ago
  • When I'm having a bad or sad day, I skip to 14:00 so I can hear the Professor's soft and friendly "Hi!". So comforting!

    Anna VeeAnna Vee13 days ago
  • the little song that's affectionately shitty makes me wish they would devote a series to things like this. Parts of history so comically stupid that they deserve a musical number.

    Tabasco MuricanoTabasco Muricano13 days ago
  • So actually small doses of strychnine can be a performance enhancer, although not used anymore it was used at the time. It's not without basis, apparently strychnine enhances performance, "by interfering with the inhibitory neurotransmitter system, which puts a brake on the stimulatory nerves. Without this moderating influence the excitatory signals to muscles can almost literally tear the body apart." So not good but hey, it could have worked.

    Níamh CurranNíamh Curran13 days ago
  • Her favorite sport is eating

    Dmitry BahrtDmitry Bahrt13 days ago
  • Interesting, America almost ruined something for the whole world in one fell swoop.... sounds familiar to me but idk 🤷🏻‍♀️

    julie haukejulie hauke14 days ago
  • God bless these runners, I took a running class on a relatively even street in winter & I felt like I was dying every week, I can't imagine doing this as a marathon on such uneven conditions in Missouri summer

    Miles P.Miles P.14 days ago
  • "Yeah whatever, COME AT ME, PUTIN!!" that aged remarkably well

    Evelyn LumihameEvelyn Lumihame15 days ago
  • Ya... cuz she needs more jelly beans...

    Timothy WallsTimothy Walls17 days ago
  • “Come at me Putin”

    Pedal SoftiePedal Softie17 days ago
  • What if you had a college professor that did all of his lectures through a puppet like this, and it was set up in such a way that you never knew what your actual Professor looked like

    Ruby DarlingRuby Darling17 days ago
  • Is it just me or does Lorz look like Tom Holland 21:16

    Britain CampbellBritain Campbell17 days ago
  • Damn that song is catchy

    Nottz4Lyf18Nottz4Lyf1817 days ago
  • I like how we are slowly, but surely get *Lore* about the trash guy from Elmo but blue and actually went to collage and got a job

    MasterCraft LeoMasterCraft Leo18 days ago
  • the anthropomorphic torch killed me........

    ella vrenaella vrena18 days ago

    ella vrenaella vrena18 days ago
  • Her laugh is so contagious, everytime she just started cracking up I couldn't help but join in

    Lola Amador-LocherLola Amador-Locher19 days ago
  • Past me has been too busy living the 2020 nightmare to stay caught up on Puppet History but now present me can binge them as a birthday treat. In conclusion, All Hail the Watcher.

    M. The BugM. The Bug19 days ago
  • I only know what roque is because of The Shining

    NarutoNoBakaNarutoNoBaka19 days ago
  • So where did this song place on the top 100 of the year?

    Johnny FictionJohnny Fiction20 days ago
  • This is my favorite series ever. 😭😭😭

    SweetingSweeting20 days ago
  • I also love that Jordan Lorden got sick from accendently eating rat poison

    Blue MirrorBlue Mirror20 days ago
  • Loved the energy in this one, and Kristin was a delight!

    FoxgloveWandererFoxgloveWanderer20 days ago
  • Love you Shane and Ryan and Kristen is awesome as all hell

    Rascal BascalRascal Bascal21 day ago
  • Yippee! Content that we can all agree on loving! No politics

    Rascal BascalRascal Bascal21 day ago

    Rascal BascalRascal Bascal21 day ago
  • So We Not Gone Talk About This Song? 😭😭😭😂😂😂

    Ashia SmithAshia Smith21 day ago
  • Maybe they should do a series of solved mysteries like in buzzfeed unsolved but it’s solved...

    Crims_ 1106Crims_ 110621 day ago
  • The story of 20:10 remind me on what Geoffrey did in Fresh Prince

    _ Susan_ Susan21 day ago

    caseycasey21 day ago
  • Shane tried so hard to pronounce those South African names hut yoh he buckled a bit

    Amber BeresfordAmber Beresford21 day ago
  • Abolish blm and antifa

    BlueBoy0316BlueBoy031621 day ago
  • Are we going with Professor McNasty as a name? I like that

    Brandon HinrichsBrandon Hinrichs22 days ago
  • Wait am I the only one that noticed that the puppet sounds like Shane from the ghoul boys

    Collin GarlangerCollin Garlanger22 days ago
  • This is my favorite show on USworlds!!! It's so funny and informative, I couldn't describe a more perfect show!

    Sabrina AlsinSabrina Alsin22 days ago
  • I absolutely LOVE the dynamic that this show has. Like, Ryan has been putting up with Shane for so long that nothing fazes him anymore, but the newcomers are always so excited. It's adorable!

    Samantha BrowSamantha Brow22 days ago
  • 5:54 - 6:14 My favorite part

    Plague PotatoPlague Potato23 days ago
  • Another masterpiece by Shane. Please don't ever stop being your crazy creative, hilarious brilliant self. Your charming anthropomorphic creations are what the world needs more of right now. Much love for the watchers from Canada. P.S you remind me of Jason Segal's character in forgetting Sara Marshall when he creates a puppet musical version of Dracula. I always thought that was such a great idea using puppets to put a fresh humorous spin on a classic.

    The Ginger CatThe Ginger Cat23 days ago
  • 'I'm an Asian hispanic man, I've never played croquet." That's so fucking funny

    Lauren TuckerLauren Tucker23 days ago
  • Say what you will about the 1904 Olympics there's something great about the stories made in a slapdash athletic competition with participants pulled off the street.

    RagabashRagabash23 days ago
  • Never trust a Genie!

    Amy GoodmanAmy Goodman23 days ago
  • Just give the professor stilts. How do you think I got in?

    Filing CabinetFiling Cabinet23 days ago
  • I didn't miss that Schaumburg was on that goddamn map

    horohorosrinhorohorosrin23 days ago
  • Kristin: "yeah living til you're old.." Ryan: "Eh overrated" Spoken like a true Sagittarius

    Moshi MontyMoshi Monty23 days ago
  • hahahha love the change costume

    kat. neskat. nes24 days ago
  • I’m kinda proud that I guessed they weren’t allowed water before the options even came up

    Hugo GojibiterHugo Gojibiter24 days ago
  • I’m so excited to see Kristin!

    BethebelleBethebelle24 days ago
  • "Like a Six Flags, with whale bones and racism." P.S. I did the math, and Ryan totally won by a full history point.

    Connor McSherryConnor McSherry25 days ago
  • These songs need to be on spotify

    Abigail SavageAbigail Savage25 days ago
  • 14:01 is the most precious thing I've ever seen/heard in my entire life, btw.

    Abby CalAbby Cal26 days ago
  • I wanna use that torch's song as a ringtone when working so much

    Carlito Jr BaylosisCarlito Jr Baylosis26 days ago
  • Kristin is a treasure, and should be in approximately *all* the things. Her level of excitement made the whole episode.

    Lee NyxLee Nyx26 days ago
  • Felix is my favorite

    ZipwadZipwad26 days ago
  • Did Ryan actually really win this one?

    Jacob SiegelJacob Siegel27 days ago
  • Fun fact: In small doses rat poison is a physical enhancer

    Lua The Scripting LanguageLua The Scripting Language28 days ago
  • Would you scoop out both your eyes, just to win that fucking prize? Ryan: *looks horrified* Lauren: *jammin'*

    Quinn BroQuinn Bro29 days ago
  • Please have Kristin on again - she's delightful.

    NonameforyoudangitNonameforyoudangit29 days ago
  • Shane’s storytelling weirdly soothes my anxiety attacks

    Louis LionLouis Lion29 days ago
  • Of course the worst Olympics happened in St Louis, the worst version of everything is in St Louis

    StarPhish4980StarPhish498029 days ago
  • Highly recommended listening for anyone who enjoyed this:

    JalbatrossJalbatross29 days ago
  • Man, that song inspires me to run at least 5 hills.

    JustGemThingsJustGemThings29 days ago
  • That last puppet was TORCHured

    Citlalli GarciaCitlalli GarciaMonth ago
  • I was born in Missouri, can validate desolate-ness and empty bags.

    Leena ELeena EMonth ago
  • Alice Roosevelt is a fucking boss. Gotta love her

    Miss SteakMiss SteakMonth ago
  • The olympic torch song is an actual banger the hell

    JonasWasTakenJonasWasTakenMonth ago
  • I know the words were of mr. Puppet but,what shane would have felt while saying "I'm short" i am just so curious to know about his felling.

    seema vikas mishraseema vikas mishraMonth ago
  • Ryan for sure won this one why does shane do this djkssk

    Mazal MMazal MMonth ago
  • you better get that fucking gold!

    Victoria FernandezVictoria FernandezMonth ago
  • Shane u funny asf

    James HubbardJames HubbardMonth ago
  • A for Abolish the police is EXACTLY why i love kristin

    Rhia BayerRhia BayerMonth ago
  • Why is she cheating by writing letters like that? Doesn't she realize it's rigged?

    Stanky WankStanky WankMonth ago
  • Shane just becomes the professor, or is it other way round

    Zoe the PotatoZoe the PotatoMonth ago
  • i thought Razzle Dazzle was obvious omg Chicago

    Zahid ZulfiqarZahid ZulfiqarMonth ago
  • 8:56 the irony

    Matt PassosMatt PassosMonth ago
  • Don't hate on 'the boys' or you're getting roqued square in the nuts.

    Benjamin MeadeBenjamin MeadeMonth ago