The Grisly Journey of The Donner Party • Puppet History

Oct 2, 2020
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Now this is a story all about how a bunch of people ate each other in the mountains.
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  • eating lunch while watching this was a bad idea-

    coletheratcoletherat6 hours ago
  • massive ups to Mike Fox on his work throughout this serious. jeez

    Bryce HaganBryce Hagan6 hours ago
  • The song started nice and ended quite disturbing.

    Oviya OmprakashOviya Omprakash17 hours ago
  • Joyce never heard of the Donner party? Smh.😣

    Phil BPhil B20 hours ago
  • The last guy probably killed all of them not because they all dead by natural causes.. honestly he rather eat human meat than ox legs that pretty much red flag. Also Reed kinda saved from horrible journey because he was banished.

    Bounty M1Bounty M121 hour ago
  • Does anyone know when season 3 comes? I am obsessed with this show and need it so I don't go crazy during quarantine

    SweetingSweeting23 hours ago
  • Joyce is my favorite human ever

    Franny ValesFranny ValesDay ago
  • All Hail the Watcher!

    Dash LukkyDash LukkyDay ago
  • All of them: Talks shit about Reno Me, born and raised in Reno: 😭😭😭

    Riley as ArtRiley as Art2 days ago
  • the donner party has always been my favorite nonfictional historical story !!

    jj2 days ago

    ILikeEmoBands ___ILikeEmoBands ___2 days ago
  • why does the genie look like klaus hargreeves i’m scared

    grape muskgrape musk2 days ago
  • Okay, so this is completely serious and genuine... the musical numbers these guys come up with are amazing! They get stuck in my head and every time I hear another one I'm always surprised at how good they are. Quality videos on this channel, so happy for them!

    Alex BaldwinAlex Baldwin2 days ago
  • Okay okay season 3 idea: You guys pick people from the comment section and there the guest star! And uhhh since I gave the idea I should be on the season premiere of season 3 (pssst btw I’m 15 idk if y’all have rules and stuff)

    Vitor MasonVitor Mason2 days ago
  • the professor: (dumping on white people and colonizers the whole season) Me: Thats a lot of damage (and i am living for it)

    Ravioli PastaRavioli Pasta2 days ago
  • Im actually a descendant of one of the donner party

    Spectral cheeseSpectral cheese2 days ago
  • I think prosser is a time traveler

    Templar CrusaderTemplar Crusader3 days ago
  • Excuse me GENIE SHANE !?!?

    AlvaAlva3 days ago
  • Not me falling in love with Joyce 🥰

    Avery LawsonAvery Lawson4 days ago
  • i go back and rewatch all the songs and forget Shane does all the voices. He's really good!

    Erin CrimminsErin Crimmins4 days ago

    Kamila OrtegaKamila Ortega4 days ago
  • Was the genie Shane??????

    TheOzys TVTheOzys TV4 days ago
  • I would love it if they would do an episode about the Trojan War!!! That would just be an amazing episode!!!!

    Megan C. HoltfreterMegan C. Holtfreter4 days ago
  • 24:13 The Professors reverse psychology is complete. Ryan is disappointed to win a point with his correct answer.

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money4 days ago
  • Check out the movie ravenous. It’s about cannibals in the 1840’s west.

    ZyzorZyzor5 days ago
  • *(unpleasant bone sounds)*

    Marianne CiomekMarianne Ciomek5 days ago
  • I never hear my birthday uttered in any of these and when it finally appears, it’s their cattle running off😂😂

    Shaila AdiaShaila Adia5 days ago
  • Watching while at Donner lake. Getting kinda hungry...

    Sydney’s LifeSydney’s Life6 days ago
  • *unpleasant bone sounds *

    Sydney’s LifeSydney’s Life6 days ago
  • I need more

    Amanda ShaferAmanda Shafer6 days ago
  • I was scrolling too fast and legit thought the lady on the thumbnail was Jeffree Star. I was shook.

    Richie BeckRichie Beck6 days ago
  • What I have never understood about these how they ran out of food in the first place. Each family had their own wagon, which was pulled by either 2 or 4 horses or two oxen... It was freezing outside so any meat would not have spoiled. Slaughtering the horses and oxen before the animals began losing weight...would have yielded thousands of pounds of meat. The meat could easily have been stored in the snow...or tied up in the trees as the temperature would have frozen the meat very quickly. If they had rationed this meat to only one small meal a day...or even every other day... they should have easily kept from starving for the duration of their time. This was not simply a tragedy caused by people who took the wrong route. They were obviously not very intelligent at all. Every time that I hear this story...this is the one question that is never answered. Think about it... if we were to slaughter a cow, horse or ox...we would have enough meat to feed our families, for an entire year. (Granted we would serve it with other food). But these people all had multiple big animals for each family to slaughter... They had enough horses or oxen to pull their huge wagons which means that each family had 4 or more of these huge animals. So, did the meat run out so quickly?

    Kim SmithKim Smith6 days ago
  • I misread this as the “The Grisly Journey of the Dinner Party,” then realized I actually wasn’t that far off...

    Jacob PierceJacob Pierce7 days ago
  • I want Joyce to be my friend. She seems like a blast to know

    PrettypinkdorkPrettypinkdork7 days ago
  • Nobody: Me, that one theater kid watching this: fOR WHAT’S THE SOUND OF THE WOOORLD OUT THERE

    Trash can you notTrash can you not7 days ago
  • I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💜💜💜💜💜

    Paige AndersonPaige Anderson7 days ago
  • Ryan basura lol

    Tyler MotiTyler Moti7 days ago
  • I love how public education in Utah taught us all about the Donner Party in fourth grade when we learned about the pioneers on the Oregon trail. They loved teaching children about wagons, Mormons, and cannibalism.

    Keeli ArmstrongKeeli Armstrong7 days ago
  • The way she said i'm ready to learn professor was just perfect

    Shadowseeker621Shadowseeker6217 days ago
  • The child-eater dude probs went insane bc human flesh doesn’t have enough nutrients to keep a fully grown man alive for very long, the lack of nutrients would have severely impacted his brain function.

    Hannah NottHannah Nott7 days ago
  • Is no one going to acknowledge that Shane has been revealed to be the trickster genie? 18:51

    at7229at72298 days ago
  • These 19 behind-the-scenes facts about iconic horror movies are pretty interesting :

    Edwin TaygonEdwin Taygon8 days ago
  • The rest of the party were lopping off arms and legs for food!!!!

    Storm TStorm T8 days ago
  • i would love an episode next season on the romanovs aka the history behind anastasia and possibly talking abt the people who pretended to be her?

    leila middletonleila middleton9 days ago
  • I made the mistake of trying to watch this episode while eating lunch

    Jackie CulajayJackie Culajay9 days ago
  • The snowman song is (ironically) straight fire.

    Man Down UnderMan Down Under9 days ago
  • So much fun! The show and your beautiful guest. But really, why sending rescue parties that can only accommodate a few folks at a time? I mean, can it get more depressing than that?

    Rascal BascalRascal Bascal10 days ago
  • omg you boys *synchronized evil laughing*

    Preston KlinePreston Kline10 days ago
  • When Ryan wins one day they have to switch the tasty jellybeans to the rotten beans from the beanboozled jellybean challenge without him knowing. Please make it happen someday.

    CO22 uwuCO22 uwu10 days ago
  • I'm sad they didn't mention that a bunch of the kids they brought to california on the first expidition they found in a dark hut feasting like animals on one of their mothers :)

    Poodle apocalypsePoodle apocalypse10 days ago
  • they should produce jellybeans... the flavors being the extracted essence from all of the puppets featured on puppet history... like when the skeksis extract the life essence from the podlings... owo

    ∇Tabs⊿∇Tabs⊿10 days ago
  • Does anyone know when classes start up again??

    Kristine BryantKristine Bryant11 days ago
  • Why do the captions say whore instead of hoe

    Elena CElena C11 days ago
  • Me: * sees the name of this video * * remembers my GCSE history * Me: oh no

    Jessica BrownJessica Brown11 days ago
  • I am ridiculously disgusted that after three rescue teams, with only five left, one was a four year old.

    Carrie TylerCarrie Tyler11 days ago
  • Say ho. one. more. time... Nah, I love Joyce, her reaction to the last question was pure gold.

    Liz CLiz C11 days ago
  • I live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. I've taken Donner Pass to Reno many times. Of course, it's a highway now. My mother knows a descendant of the Donner Party. That descendant claims, point-blank, that a lot of this didn't happen; however, I'm inclined to believe the official story. Survivors of the Donner Party certainly didn't want to be associated with cannibalism and murder, so they lied to their kids. That seems more likely to me than the cover-up that would have had to happen to keep the whole thing quiet. Then again, this was quite some time ago. Stories tend to be embellished over time. It's odd I don't remember hearing about the Mi-Woks murdered for consumption. Damn, that's cold (pun intended), especially since it sounds like they were the most moral people in this whole story.

    Ladyhawk's LairLadyhawk's Lair11 days ago
  • PLEASE have Joyce back I love her

    Katie ChallacombeKatie Challacombe11 days ago
  • Damn she’s got a deeper voice than both of them

    RamenLettuceRamenLettuce11 days ago
  • A bunch of people died all because Reed was that one guy that is a dumbass despite the actual advice of an expert

    Isaac OlleroIsaac Ollero12 days ago
  • I'm really hoping for a dysentery song

    RinRin12 days ago
  • Joyce owning a sex shop would contribute to population control...

    Martin LutherMartin Luther12 days ago
  • Thinking of eating your own father,, that struggles every day to find a job, and always there to support you, comfort you, make you happy, and love you the way you are, will make you cry think of eating him,,,. I'll decide to die with him then of eating him, that was the scariest night mare that I really don't like to think before going to bed.

    Angelica Ivy GagarinAngelica Ivy Gagarin12 days ago
  • “he died naturally of being murdered by me”😭

    dj browndj brown12 days ago

    LauLau13 days ago
  • That moment when Ryan is technically closer but the point is still given to the other person for being closer.

    TeirdalinTeirdalin13 days ago
  • I hope Joyce comes back for season 3!

    Will Moshe CarrWill Moshe Carr13 days ago
  • Joyce is so fuckin chill, I love her

    KatzyKinsKatzyKins14 days ago
  • Could you do the story of Grainne Mhaol (Grace O'Malley)? She was an Irish pirate and she was a badass and nobody knows anything about her. I think it would be a great episode!

    Noel Jean HuntleyNoel Jean Huntley14 days ago
  • I really really hope Joyce comes back to guest again, she is AMAZING!!!!

    ButtonsTheTurtleButtonsTheTurtle14 days ago

    Levi HoLevi Ho14 days ago
  • my best friends last name is Donner and they are related to those at the Donner Party

    aryanna stararyanna star14 days ago
  • i need jean back on the show!!

    Liota RoseLiota Rose14 days ago
  • my ancestors came to oregon on the trail, and i’m happy to say they never had to result to cannibalism, although my 5th great aunt did die of cholera

    Annabelle ElizabethAnnabelle Elizabeth14 days ago
  • "He told them to eat his body for food." Me: *burst out in histerical giggles*'s not funny; I'm just laughing because I'm uncomfortable.

    Stephanie WoznyStephanie Wozny14 days ago
  • these captions replacing "hoes" with "whores" is hoe erasure

    Evelyn LumihameEvelyn Lumihame14 days ago
  • The 500 miles bit, i was thinking the proclaimers song but thats just me

    Alyx PennyAlyx Penny15 days ago
  • This show looks so fun! Do you guys ever let people out of state audition to be on?

    Twinkly BubblyBitsTwinkly BubblyBits15 days ago
  • This is so amusing and informative I love you guys!

    Kristal RamirezKristal Ramirez15 days ago
  • There's a documentary on this that goes into pretty gory detail. If you guys wanna know more check it out. I think it's called donner party best documentary.

    Richard SanchezRichard Sanchez15 days ago
  • all the guests on this show are delightful

    DanaDana15 days ago
  • The music that plays whenever the guests claim their prize makes me so happy :’)

    Brinlee BosenBrinlee Bosen15 days ago
  • Real stoked for the Puppet History Dad Hat I just impulsively bought

    Samantha LewisSamantha Lewis16 days ago
  • I got to say the weirdest thing that happen to me when I watch this video, was when I found out a week later, one of my coworkers was a descended of the Donner Party. Not sure which one and I think this would be too much to ask but, in the meeting, I was like oh nooooooo, I just watch that puppet history video!!!!!!

    First LastFirst Last16 days ago
  • Would never have guessed the bizarre ranting man from Oregon Trail 3 would have birthed in me an interest in something like the Donner Party, but here we are

    ultimateninjaboiultimateninjaboi16 days ago
  • 7:28 the unsolved supernatural howl xD

    CrimsonChickCrimsonChick16 days ago
  • Dinner Lake is gorgeous!!

    nicole06964nicole0696417 days ago
  • Did you change your username and put capital letters bc in ur previous vid, someone saw "someone" (you) with all lowercase letters in ur name?

    Leslie AguayoLeslie Aguayo17 days ago
  • I've got wood. I'll give it to you if you give me your sheep.

    Joseph FullerJoseph Fuller17 days ago
  • Joyce seems like a bright and entertaining lovely lady... I could do a bowl with her! .

    Baadass MofoBaadass Mofo18 days ago
  • It took me a minute to give puppet history a chance sense I was already a ruining history fan. But I like these just as much.

    Brett DavisBrett Davis18 days ago
  • 6:26 - “I might just be a bankrupt businessman and you might be an exploring mountain man, but I’m gonna go with my gut...” So they were basically being lead by Early Donald Trump! .

    Baadass MofoBaadass Mofo18 days ago
  • 4:38 - “Oh yeah, I’m a lazy ass hoe...”!!

    Baadass MofoBaadass Mofo18 days ago
  • Do the dyatlov(sp) pass?

    Bill WhiteBill White18 days ago
  • Joyce fairly won this episode, tho.

    Morgan RichardsonMorgan Richardson18 days ago
  • Why was the Donner party so dumb like who thinks during that time "Oh yeah let me travel through some fucking snowy mountains with dwindling supplies." They probably all should of died instead of eating each other. lol

    GhoulieGhoulie18 days ago
  • oof when will Ryan win one poor bb

    Breanna OlsenBreanna Olsen18 days ago
  • This is one of my favorite shows! Can’t wait for it to come back soon!!

    Lindsey BourneLindsey Bourne18 days ago
  • Indiana , ha appassionato risurrezione perso erano sulla hall le persone a indossare un nero 💋 束の宣誓以上を重要な世界で、ダビデは、あなたがないではないです場合ジ 所にどこあなたが送ることができないことがある、我々は、我々との戦いに私の

    Jenny TaylorJenny Taylor18 days ago
  • Damn can she come on again my favorite guest so far

    Carissa JCarissa J18 days ago