The Mysterious Disappearance of Ryan Bergara • Watcher Weekly #024

Jun 17, 2020
265 116 Views

The real reason Ryan's been acting like a maniac REVEALED. Stay until the end for an exciting announcement.
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Hello! Welcome to the 24th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
1:10 Where is Ryan?
3:06 Chill Zone
4:41 Watcher Shoutouts
7:32 Q&A
15:04 Surprise Segment
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  • That gum really fucked ryan up

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn20 hours ago
  • I swear to god, the ending to that was so fricking awesome

    Magical LizardMagical Lizard7 days ago
  • This really got me HAHAHAHAHAHAHA🤣

  • "Its not a cult" But on a hoodie.

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money14 days ago
  • Bunch of losers I love watching....!!!!!!

    kevin greykevin grey20 days ago
  • shit it was very freaking me out

    Yara AmaliaYara AmaliaMonth ago
  • Let's be real if Ryan was haunted then he'd just go to Shane and at the very least Shane would annoy the spirt away.

    Violet SmokesViolet SmokesMonth ago
  • Look for balls balls

    WAKKAWAKKAMonth ago
  • I knew it was fake because the sounds is the most human doing thing

    Gian Mari PainitanGian Mari PainitanMonth ago
  • Imagine if everything with Ryan was real...

    Pineapples VlogsPineapples VlogsMonth ago
  • I hope Ryan is ok I’m kind of scared for him

  • Shane: On This Case Of The Unsolved We Look Into The Disappearance Of Ryan Bergara

    Mc ChingMc ChingMonth ago
  • Sad i hope he is not dead

    Dorothy NicholsDorothy Nichols2 months ago
  • Me watching this after are you scared has already come out 👁👄👁

    Theater Geek That’s From JapanTheater Geek That’s From Japan2 months ago
  • if ryans actually hunted then he'd scream and run away

    no nino ni2 months ago
  • Omg it would've been so cool if the are you scared episodes came out for Halloween

    Kaelan NiblettKaelan Niblett2 months ago
  • Ryan; come back, please. I'm worried for you. I hope you're safe. I miss you, and I'm praying for you. Be safe out there. You too, Shane. 🙏😢😭

    Vlada ShlyavasVlada Shlyavas2 months ago
  • Unpopular opinion: I actually like Steven and Shane together like this, it's a calming soothing energy, give it some time I think they'll find their rhythm, there's some good stuff here.

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • Ooh, this is neat. I was wondering if last week was the start of an ARG or some kind of unfiction but I didn't think it'd actually go that direction.

    Z NullZ Null2 months ago
  • Shane is just straight toking it 🤣

    ChezDayableChezDayable2 months ago
  • Hey look. No bs but if ryan is going through something you guys should check on him. All games aside with everything going on he is your friend so check on him.

    Derrick ReynoldsDerrick Reynolds2 months ago
  • uhhhh am i the only one genuinely concerned about ryan?

    AnnaAnna2 months ago
  • Ok but I'm genuinely scared for Ryan:(! Like,,, I'm not even sure if he's okay and how he is doing but i just love him a lot and don't want anything bad to happen to him!!!

    It was the Summer of 2001It was the Summer of 20012 months ago
  • 1:59 ghosts be eating Doritos

    StarpiersStarpiers2 months ago
  • Shane is looking more and more like Brian David Gilbert and I am absolutely here for it.

    Ava CatherineAva Catherine2 months ago
  • You were in the middle of a huge hit when "action" was called huh?

  • I was fooled.

    pr9jectilespr9jectiles3 months ago
  • Was this acc real?

    Madison LeMadison Le3 months ago
  • Ghost: *haunts Ryan* .......*knocks on wall*...... *eats a potato chip*

    Paulina DelaoPaulina Delao3 months ago
  • Lmao for a sec i though this was a realllyyy old video.. i was like wait ryan is so young.. and then i was like WAIT thats not ryan🤦🏻‍♀️

    GyeommieGyeommie3 months ago
  • It’s an add 😑

    𝔸𝕤𝕥𝕩𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕞𝔸𝕤𝕥𝕩𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕞3 months ago
  • I think its D.B Cooper lmao One hell of a promo ngl

    The ZodiacThe Zodiac3 months ago
  • 2:33 there was a quiet whisper after he says "everything is..." the whisper was so quiet i almost didnt hear it these are some words that could be what the whisper said: 1. Out him 2.Out here 3. Come here 4. Come out here 5. Right here 6. Ryan here 7. Without him 8. "Ra" him 9. Run here 2:47 another sound i heard, not sure it was ryan but the voice sounds kinda deep the voice was heard twice i heard saying "Hmph" and a *gasp* noise maybe the ghouls are gasping i guess ;-; but anyway whos voice is dat? *shane laughing in the backround after makin those noise*

    Lil LeafMoonLil LeafMoon3 months ago
    • What the ffffffff that first one.but the 2nd was probably Ryan

      Alvero FathirrAlvero Fathirr2 months ago
  • So it’s fake right just worried about Ryan it is fake isn’t it ?

    Gitz 23Gitz 233 months ago
  • Aw the cat daddies 🐈💕🐈

    Jill HilemanJill Hileman3 months ago
  • I’ve said it before I’ll say it again... I LOVE the headband

    Emma EarthlingEmma Earthling3 months ago
  • Go back to buzzfeed. This show was atrocious. I kept skipping forward hoping it would get interesting, but it didn't at all. We need the unsolved series in our lives.

    Katelyn ElswickKatelyn Elswick3 months ago
  • You guys are completely insane. UR FRIEND IS IN TROUBLE and u j joke around like he doesn’t mean anything to u. #saveryan

    Denise MicarsosDenise Micarsos4 months ago
  • buzzfeed just breaking into the arg industry

    Izaya FurryharaIzaya Furryhara4 months ago
  • Love u guys. Yall are awesome. I really hope Ryan is ok.

    Ben TollesonBen Tolleson4 months ago
  • What are the chances of Ryan disappearing is part or a ARG that they are making to keep us occupied during this time.

    Matthew D7Matthew D74 months ago
  • They act like they dont care about ryan

    bobbob4 months ago
  • The disappearance of Hatsune Miku...oh sorry wrong video

    This is Cutie Ringo JoyThis is Cutie Ringo Joy4 months ago
  • The best promotion ever!

  • Wtf where is ryan

    Dennis Taylor 3Dennis Taylor 34 months ago
  • If this is a prank you have gone too far because it is not really funny right now? I’m really scared

    XvelliseraptorXvelliseraptor4 months ago
  • Okay honestly, amazing promo/trailer

    Alyssa LivingstonAlyssa Livingston4 months ago
  • Will you go back to ghost hurting just wondering (sorry for the bad spelling and grammar):-)

    Moffat TwinsMoffat Twins4 months ago
  • Y’all are genius, this took so long

    D.B CooperD.B Cooper5 months ago

    Hayley RoachHayley Roach5 months ago
  • It's nice to watch Shane and Steven's friendship growing

    Kelyn HallmanKelyn Hallman5 months ago
  • why was I weirdly attracted to Shane with longer hair "sexy in a rat kind of way"

    Cai ChristensenCai Christensen5 months ago
  • He does a great Ryan

    Heather MasonHeather Mason5 months ago
  • The perfect number of subscribers 666k

    The Littlest EndermanThe Littlest Enderman5 months ago
  • I can't believe the same man who screams at ghosts and demons isn't confrontational enough to ask if he's been cut by the hairdresser lmao.

    clairvauxclairvaux5 months ago
  • all hail the watcher

    Cecilia ScofieldCecilia Scofield5 months ago
  • Is this low-key the "this is why we left buzzfeed" video?

    Antonio MiravalAntonio Miraval5 months ago
  • I honestly can't tell if this is like some sort of mystery video that's fake and you're supposed to solve it or Ryan is actually missing. Can someone please confirm if this is real?

    PerryPerry5 months ago
    • it's was a promotion for their new show "are you scared?" 2 episodes already dropped last week and today. tbh that was one hell of a promotion

      Sophia AvelinSophia Avelin5 months ago
  • More dbd

    Calen LaquierCalen Laquier5 months ago

    Kiara CKKiara CK5 months ago
  • I don't use hair length as time stamps but I do use hair color, like purple hair was 2015 me in college, gray hair was 2016, blue was 2019 when I changed jobs and 2020 before it all went to shit was green. So I guess you could think of it that way too, Steven hahaha

    Jade FerrerJade Ferrer5 months ago
  • So was there some watcher and buzzfeed unsolved crossover (like working both at the same time)? Or are you and ryan still doing buzzfeed unsolved too?! The episodes without you guys are subpar to the max 🤦‍♀️

    How Many Special People Change?How Many Special People Change?5 months ago
  • C A t D a D d Y

    Random GirlRandom Girl5 months ago
  • all hail the watcher;)

    TikiTiki5 months ago
  • Can you guys talk about your favorite Star Wars movie? Love you guys!

    Ava CoyneAva Coyne5 months ago
  • Wholesome lovely team call outs! Bless them.

    Zombie ChickenZombie Chicken5 months ago
  • Jamison family update?

    B1 SHY N H1GHB1 SHY N H1GH5 months ago
  • Omg when me and my bestie visited LA last year (we’re both from Australia) we both knew we HAD to go to Eggslut, and our hotel was literally around the corner from Grand Central Market. That egg and cheese brekkie sandwich with the fresh orange juice was one of the best things I ate during my time in LA 🥰

    Jessica BudinJessica Budin5 months ago

    forgetmenotforgetmenot5 months ago
  • I now get what he was teasing

    Joia MusicJoia Music5 months ago
  • I want an episode of Watcher weekly feature Shane and Steven's cats!!❤️

    Quyen TranQuyen Tran5 months ago
  • Watcher lore

    RinRin5 months ago
  • Ooo is Ryan making an alternate reality game?!

    BloodDollRavenBloodDollRaven5 months ago
  • Plot Twist:Ryan is The Real Watcher.

    Silver RyderSilver Ryder5 months ago
  • Man's face melts in skydiving crash, pilot dies and he dies as well, but comes back to life. See him recount his miraculous recovery here:

    Carolyn EdgarCarolyn Edgar5 months ago
  • This reminds me of unus annus

    Kris ForoKris Foro5 months ago
  • How can I apply to work for y’all? Lol

    Abigail RamirezAbigail Ramirez5 months ago
    • I wanna be a part of the team 🥺

      Abigail RamirezAbigail Ramirez5 months ago
  • Guys, please cover the history of Widecomb, England!

    HappyLittleMopHappyLittleMop5 months ago
  • This is basically like a skype call being recorded and I love the simplicity of this series.

    Denix VamesDenix Vames5 months ago
  • he needs to delete his cookies, lol.

    Kennedy JaureguiKennedy Jauregui5 months ago
  • Is it just me or did anyone else hear whispering at 13:52 ???

    Yadira CerdaYadira Cerda5 months ago
  • Are they going to kill Ryan off like Parker from SP7?

    Paul KimPaul Kim5 months ago
  • yall are ridiclous i love it

    River TorresRiver Torres5 months ago
  • "Do you think if we say I'm sure he's fine enough it will be concerning? *I'm sure he's fine, nah, he's fine.* " "They had two other cats and he just *kept trying to murder the other cats* , so, yeah I mean *he's an absolute angel.* " "But I am 100% cat dude now, *cat daddy.* That's what they call ya." "I think Ryan was the one I hung out with the most outside of work because we shared a lot of the same interests, basketball. Yeah you guys are b-ballers. Video games, *fantasy football.* " " *There's a restaurant in Los Angeles called Eggslut.* " "Sorta like when you see The Beatles with their crazy long hair, you're like, *'Oh that's after they went to India' and you know took a bunch of drugs.* " "There was a place that I went to a lot and then *they cut the back of my neck with a razor and didn't say anything. And I was like 'Sure feels like they cut the back of my neck with a razor. You know, I'm from the Midwest and I'm non-confrontational, so I was like 'Hey did you cut me?' I was just like, 'Thanks!'* And then I walked out of the shop and started walking home and *I put my hand on my neck and it was bleeding!* "

    Riyanca MajumdarRiyanca Majumdar5 months ago
  • Annabelle the doll killed Ryan ya'll.

    Kanita ManningKanita Manning5 months ago
  • Watcher is turning into a Slender Man vlog from 2010

    Trevor HerronTrevor Herron5 months ago
  • I don't know what the watcher is but I've been enjoying the watcher weekly series :) keep it up

    K Pahl-DuffyK Pahl-Duffy5 months ago
  • Will u two not be in buzzfeed unsolved any more ??

    Encleadus CassiniEncleadus Cassini5 months ago
  • Flashbacks to when Ryan and Shane said if they went missing they would be worried about each other

    Saburbur CaliforniaSaburbur California5 months ago
  • This may not have been the best year in many ways to be getting a new company off the ground, but I am so thankful that you did. Watcher content really has been one bright thing to look forward to during this time where days seems like weeks, weeks months, and this year eternity. Puppet history, social distancing DND, the watcher show it's self and now this new development with Ryan and are you scared, has brought fear, joy and horror in to my days and for that I thank you all and the team making this all work. Also Ryan if you read this, stay safe never go anywhere without a torch and keep quiet you never know who is watching

    Jasmine MackJasmine Mack5 months ago
  • Shane, I don't like you stepping out!!!

    Andrea ZirgerAndrea Zirger5 months ago
  • Why do I feel like ryan is setting up the sequel to lonely girl 15...

    emily fieldsonemily fieldson5 months ago

    trekiegirltrekiegirl5 months ago
  • Did you leave BUZZFEED UNSOLVED???

    RKRK5 months ago
  • How can you afford to pay all employees ?

    196833lwl196833lwl5 months ago
  • This gave me fallen leaves vibes

    LisaLisa5 months ago

    Nicole La'ShaNicole La'Sha5 months ago
  • Shane's hair has properly reached "magnificent" level

    trekiegirltrekiegirl5 months ago
  • my one aunts ex boyfriend has two cats. ones name is little guy. the other ones name is d.o.g. like the word dog. but when u say it u spell it out. n that cat is a cross eyed Siamese. 🤘😎😂😂😂😂😂

    Stefanie DiceStefanie Dice5 months ago
  • Oh!! I just realized Ryan's disappearance was a promo for 'In The Walls'

    Noa BinnendijkNoa Binnendijk5 months ago