The Terrifying Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius • Puppet History

Aug 21, 2020
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RUN FOR YOUR LIVES. (And bring a pillow.)
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  • At this point, the Professor just wants to keep Ryan and annoy him on purpose. I bet Ryan's gonna strangle the Professor one of these days

    Oviya OmprakashOviya Omprakash16 hours ago
  • 5:04 What was that noise???????????

    Jordan DrinkwaterJordan Drinkwater2 days ago
  • pretty sure the Quote meant Fortuna. Goddess of Luck and Destiny. So Fortuna favors the bold not fortune in our modern sense of riches

    Anna PancakeAnna Pancake2 days ago
  • Matt is beautiful

    MeltInYourMouth PhotographyMeltInYourMouth Photography3 days ago
  • I've grown so emotionally attached to The Professor.

    Louisa LoveLouisa Love3 days ago
  • ryan: *breathes* me: "🥺🥺 baby!!"

    jasmine matosjasmine matos4 days ago
  • The letter to Pliny the Elder was probably hand-delivered by a slave belonging to Rectina.

    Kit JohnsonKit Johnson4 days ago
  • Skeletal remains of two men (a rich man and a slave) attempting to escape death from the eruption have been recently discovered in Pompeii

    Nandini MittalNandini Mittal6 days ago
  • pompeii belongs in horny jail

    maggot breathmaggot breath6 days ago
  • The song was LIT

    Chuy GarciaChuy Garcia7 days ago
  • 5 years of study Classical texts and history, and 16 more of passion about Roman history. This is by far one of the best narrations about the Eruption of Vesuvius and the subsequent destruction od Pompeii I've ever seen FUN BIT: we have A LOT of graffiti around the "lupanare" (brothel) in Pompeii, that worked exactly like Tripadvisor, with reviews and comments. Many are about a well-known lady, Euplia, a girl "with whom thousands of valorous men joined", and gigolos of renown too, like Marittimo ("the Seaman") who "accepts virgins too". HISTORY BIT: Actually Roman postal services were pretty awesome. We have letters written by a legionnaire fighting in Germany received by his Egypt! Also, two new guys have been found in Pompeii, namely a 40-something guy and his (probably) slave, and you can still see the wrinkles of their clothes. More info here: Thanks again for your awesome videos!

    Jacopo CasagrandeJacopo Casagrande7 days ago
  • I literally took notes from this and gave it in for my history independent work and got credit for it... I learn more from this show than from my history teacher 😂😂

    Moo Moo The GreatMoo Moo The Great7 days ago
  • Big fan of Pliny the Elder due to the Sawbones podcast

    Gamer GrilGamer Gril7 days ago
  • I don’t know why so many people are having trouble with the ‘fortune favors the bold’ quote. Fortune is the root word of ‘fortunate’.

    PrettypinkdorkPrettypinkdork7 days ago
  • I really didn't like that guest they had. Is he from BuzzFeed? Or another channel? He just seemed a bit douchey, like he didn't really want to be there or had better things to do.

    Marcel GreenMarcel Green7 days ago
  • Me: mom I’m going to online school Online school:

    rivoli carvalhorivoli carvalho8 days ago
  • 11:05 Ryan admits ghosts don't exist. He was already called out on this during Ruining History

    ChronicopiaChronicopia9 days ago
  • who is this wonderfully beautiful man?

    The RowTurnThe RowTurn10 days ago
  • SHane is so talented. I love all the songs at the end!

    Juan Paulo ConchaJuan Paulo Concha10 days ago
  • IM ADDICTED TO PUPPET HISTORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gayatri GuntamukalaGayatri Guntamukala11 days ago
  • Nephew Pliny didn’t write how the letter got there because he was sitting on the bench

    Riley CavanaghRiley Cavanagh11 days ago
  • As someone who has been reliving her 4th grade Pompeii obsession since start of quarantine, I’m very excited.

    Riley CavanaghRiley Cavanagh11 days ago
  • Talking about Pompeii history,, the movie of the eruption was the most emotional and the best movie for me ever,, until today even I watch it three times it's still the best.😄😄😄😄👍👍👍👍

    Angelica Ivy GagarinAngelica Ivy Gagarin12 days ago
  • The only thing I could think about when the volcano was singing was Pompeii but Bastille💀😂

    Mary BallardMary Ballard13 days ago
  • People refusing to leave when the volcano they live on erupts continues to happen. Back when Mt. St. Helens erupted a man refused to leave his home, as he had lived there for about 50 years. He, along with his 16 cats, all perished

    Annabelle ElizabethAnnabelle Elizabeth13 days ago
  • It’s 4am and I can’t stop watching a puppet talk about history. Life is weird.

    Matt SMatt S13 days ago
  • Matt is a god I lob to see Shane and Ryan interacting with him

    Lil SquirtLil Squirt13 days ago
  • So from what I gather the professor was an archaeologists who found the lamp on one of his adventures where he encountered the genie. The genie, in return for his freedom, granted the professor eternal life and knowledge but for some unknown reason is a real d*ck about it.

    Aleah C137Aleah C13713 days ago
  • Do one about Krakatoa!!! XDD

    Dionny NatanuelDionny Natanuel13 days ago
  • I cannot believe how much I like this.

    Brian SmithBrian Smith13 days ago
  • I like to see Shane get a voice project in disneyXD

    Levi HoLevi Ho14 days ago
  • Couriers existed like they just ran over and delivered the letter by hand, it's not that complicated

    Miles P.Miles P.14 days ago
  • Fun fact: there was no word for volcano in Italy until Vesuvius’s eruption, and nobody had even dreamed of a mountain erupting spilling rock in all three states of matter over the land. I learned this in a musical exhibit about prostitution in Pompeii

    Ace WhiteAce White14 days ago
  • Brian’s face during the song😂👌🏽Perfect lol

    Twinkly BubblyBitsTwinkly BubblyBits15 days ago
  • Of course the guys pick C - orgy😂🤦🏽‍♀️I’m here like “well clearly they grabbed pillows and ran..” nice

    Twinkly BubblyBitsTwinkly BubblyBits15 days ago
  • Anyone else notice that the Propeller and the Professor talked over each other? I thought Shane was doing both voices but I guess not...

    Leah JorgensenLeah Jorgensen16 days ago
    • He does voice both as far as I know, I think the sponsor part was recorded separately but I could be wrong.

      WendillonWendillon15 days ago
  • love the john mulaney reference

    Anne KesterAnne Kester16 days ago
  • 12:48 Or my personal favorite, "they couldnt hit an elephant from this distance."

    ultimateninjaboiultimateninjaboi16 days ago
  • Please never have that bland idiot on this show again.

    snavissnavis16 days ago
  • My family an friends are part of those 3 milion people, but i'm kinda relaxed about it cause that volcano is monitored 24/7, we would know about a possible eruption like weeks before it happens, so to be able to evacuate

    Dany ThirstaeDany Thirstae16 days ago
  • 27:39 If someone in 2019 had high hopes for 2020 then sees what happens

    Mr. FibuliMr. Fibuli16 days ago
  • propeller kinda sounds like rowlf from the muppets

    Matthew MazurMatthew Mazur20 days ago
  • As Sawbones fans will attest, Pliny the Elder doing stuff like this before his death TOTALLY tracks. He was a weird dude.

    Madison FreestoneMadison Freestone20 days ago
  • I’m writing my notes for Ancient Rome and I just started and I had to rewatch this for random information on it.

    Kaitlynn C.Kaitlynn C.21 day ago
  • Now I feel the urge to listen to Pompeii by Bastille

    Grimm VampGrimm Vamp21 day ago
  • Can they please start selling professor plushies? I’d be so excited 🥺

    Clair BrightClair Bright21 day ago
  • Little note: fortis fortuna adiuvat (original latin) means luck/fortune favours the bold and fortune in this sense is the goddess Fortuna. So fortuna is quite literally a person(ification) of fortune.

    lina völzkelina völzke21 day ago
  • Omg this is wildly entertaining...! And Matt Real is a snack!

    ically fangically fang21 day ago
  • Ancient karen😂😂

    Eve hEve h22 days ago
  • “We’re as dumb as they are.” LOL

    LamiaLamia22 days ago
  • Buzzfeed could not contain the interdimensional being of chaos that is Shane Madej. Nothing can.

    ClepsydraClepsydra23 days ago
  • rated R muppets

    Tabitha GarnerTabitha Garner25 days ago
  • Very random reference, but Pliny the younger sounds like Barbaros from Skyrim

    Ella McMillenElla McMillen25 days ago
  • I feel like the professor doesn't want to give Ryan the win so he will keep participating in Puppet History.

    Hannah PierceHannah Pierce26 days ago
  • about to write a research paper on pompeii, wish me luck

    lastimosalastimosa26 days ago
    • Pomp smoke

      Josue CabreraJosue Cabrera23 days ago
  • If Shane would've ever taken up teaching as a career he'd be the coolest history teacher (staying true to the cool 'history teacher' belief.)

    panic! at the pilot's fall out romancepanic! at the pilot's fall out romance26 days ago
  • I absolutely love love love LOVE this show !!!!!!!!!!!!!.......

    Rachael SimpsonRachael Simpson27 days ago
  • “you’re a rotten man, or thing, or whatever you are” *choking sounds*

    Adrien SurprenantAdrien Surprenant27 days ago
  • I’m 100% here for a T2: Judgement Day reference!

    Ashlee ErinAshlee Erin27 days ago
  • “Ryan Bergara, who thinks bears are scarier than volcanoes”😂😂

    Dayana PinedaDayana Pineda28 days ago

    Duda PontualDuda Pontual28 days ago
  • This is my favorite song by far! Please put these on iTunes!

    Katie McElweeKatie McElwee28 days ago
  • Rly they should have written their insults in latin

    C_bC_b29 days ago
  • I'm not gonna lie, the silly songs help me remember the content lmao

    AlanaAlana29 days ago
  • ⛄️☃️☀️☄️🍑🍎

    One Fat CoconutOne Fat CoconutMonth ago
  • One critique: don't need to shake puppets so aggressive. It's hard to look at them.

    Anais MaljanAnais MaljanMonth ago
  • next time consult someone on your geology facts this is stressing me out

    Sydney MillerSydney MillerMonth ago
  • By weak throat, do they mean Pliny the Elder had Asthma or something like it?

    Clare HidalgoClare HidalgoMonth ago
  • omg i need my grave tombstone to read "rip - died trying"

    AlinaAlinaMonth ago
  • "sea dogs"?? you mean an otter???

    AlinaAlinaMonth ago
  • What about the town close by that ended up encased in volcanic concrete basically

    Michael CicciarellaMichael CicciarellaMonth ago
  • Ryan's gonna snap if the professor doesn't give him jellybeans

    brynhild2012brynhild2012Month ago
  • me: ryan may win! the professor : BITCH I WONT LET YOU GET THE CHANCE!

    buttercup babybuttercup babyMonth ago
  • if i died and was preserved in ash i think i'd make a little hand heart

    fishtouchfishtouchMonth ago
  • Oh my god the intro subtitles "Schwem, ka-BLONK"

    Becka GBecka GMonth ago
  • Omg! I just found you channel today, and I’m begging you; please please please can you make a shirt that says, “Pompei, if you’re feeling it shout at mey. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I woke my roommate, I was laughing that much.

    Zosia CichockiZosia CichockiMonth ago
  • The crazy thing is this is going to happen at Yellowstone

    Ben BratvogelBen BratvogelMonth ago
  • "Fortune favors the bold" actually makes a ton of sense. The Romans worshipped the idea of the goddess of fortune being the reason for success rather than individual greatness.

    Alec BolinoAlec BolinoMonth ago
  • im learning about Caecillius's family in a latin class im taking (not the caecillius in this)

    firewolfgamesfirewolfgamesMonth ago
  • Fortune favors the bold has the same meaning as YOLO

    MarshdiditMarshdiditMonth ago
  • So...Plinys pulled a Trump!??...def going with the orgy

    Merciless MartionMerciless MartionMonth ago
  • And yea..pretty sure they did NOT know they were chilling next to a deadly mountain of 🔥 ...and rich lady

    Merciless MartionMerciless MartionMonth ago
  • This is undeniably my all-time favorite channel! How do I get a spot on the show professor "blue Grover"???? If you ever do a show on necrotizing fascitis ...Or anything equally as horrifying I'm ya girl!!

    Merciless MartionMerciless MartionMonth ago
  • The propeller looks like Seth Rogen

    Shea BaeShea BaeMonth ago

    Imperial GuardImperial GuardMonth ago
  • Pompeii was a Roman sex town with drawings of porn everywhere. Giant ancient boners, everywhere!

    Amanda CoffeyAmanda CoffeyMonth ago
  • Matt "Rey-allll" is an annoying ponce.

    TheMajR PayneTheMajR PayneMonth ago
  • I love Matt’s dry humor. Would love to see him return for future shows.

    Fox MorseFox MorseMonth ago
  • This series is iconic

    Ondina MunroeOndina MunroeMonth ago
  • 8:03 If I may give some insight... Mt. Vesuvius wasn't the only volcanic entity in the Mediterranean, and the Romans had access to the combined histories of the civilizations before them, including the Greeks and Macedonians, so they certainly had all the context clues to inspire the image of a great source of heat below the Earth's surface (magma). But that's more or less where the clues end and there was little evidence to suggest that the "great heat source" would sometimes bleed out (lava) through the peaks (sometimes) of mountains (volcanos). Evidently, all anyone could theorize about the "great heat source" was the already theorized Greek god Hephestus' forge, the deity being appropriated to Roman theology as Vulcan, and the forge described as so hot everything was on fire. Fire, mind you, not liquid rock, which is lava. So basically, Roman theologists, historians, and scientists deemed ancient texts as the absolute truth and good enough to copy and paste without further investigation that had the resources to do. Heck, there wasn't even a word for volcano in Latin until the exact moment Vesuvius was erupting! This is Vulcan and volcano sound similar, the word "volcano" is derived from his name, as such a colossal display of heat, pumice, and smoke could only come from the forge of the gods. It's been a pleasure being your guest note speaker, have a wonderful day/night!

    Liesa StrohbachLiesa StrohbachMonth ago

    Bacchus MochiBacchus MochiMonth ago
  • Karen of Pompeii

    ZöMonth ago
  • If I had a wish granted, it’s that these fun videos never end! 💕

    Angel HoganAngel HoganMonth ago
  • Wait but if Pliny the younger wasn't with Pliny the elder how did he know what was happening with him and write about it

    WinWinMonth ago
  • Honestly if the Professor taught a college class I’d be so down

    Dylen LowowskiDylen LowowskiMonth ago
  • Pliny the youngers speech at the end was badass hahaha We've really pissed off Hephaestus..err, Vulcan, our roman plagiarized version!! Honestly I've had 3-4 fires near my house hear in Santa Barbara CA and it gets pretty apocalypticy volcanic but I can't imagine it being this bad haha

    Odin SatanasOdin SatanasMonth ago
  • Some other Pompeii graffiti includes: -Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity! -If anyone does not believe in Venus, they should gaze at my girl friend -On April 19th, I made bread There are many more great ones

    dogs&drawings !dogs&drawings !Month ago
  • Unpopular opinion: Matt was alright, but I couldn't tell if the guy was just having a rough day or if he's like that all the time. He seemed irritated or uninterested or something. If he is like that all the time, I bet he's just a blast at parties....

    ScarletSirenScarletSirenMonth ago
  • You are fake news...

    BlueBoy0316BlueBoy0316Month ago
  • the professor in that tiny pillow hat is so cute omg

    IsabelIsabelMonth ago