The World's Greatest/Rudest Samurai • Puppet History

Sep 18, 2020
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Meet your new favorite a-hole.
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  • shane really said gay oar rights

    grape muskgrape musk8 hours ago
  • Musashi = The Bork Lazer of Japan

    Conrado JavierConrado Javier15 hours ago
  • Who would win in a Fight? Yoshioka Clan vs Emu.

    Conrado JavierConrado Javier16 hours ago
  • I love how this is basically just a continuation of ruining history, but now with musical numbers that everyone but Ryan loves 😂😂

    Jessi MorganJessi MorganDay ago
  • This had the best song. Thank you.

    LadyRandomnessaLadyRandomnessaDay ago
  • Gay oars gay oars gay oars gay oars

    WhiddleWhiddleDay ago
  • He was a full blown psychopath or narcissist. Thats why he was so good. They are master manipulators, don't play by society's rules etc and they stay calm under pressure. That's why he didn't hesitate to cheat by blindsiding the first guy he killed. The apology scenario totally disarmed the guy he challenged and of course he was going to take advantage of that and not feel bad about murdering someone in cold blood.

    Indoor Orchids and TropicalsIndoor Orchids and TropicalsDay ago
  • i'm completely serious when i say i would read puppet history fan fiction featuring all the characters that've sung on the show

    maitsmaitsDay ago
  • i need to know more about the gay oars, please, what was their backstory before one became a sword? how did they become lovers? where did they go wrong? please

    maitsmaitsDay ago
  • When are we getting these songs on streaming services?!

    Kaity EggKaity EggDay ago
  • 9:18 lol the og Kakashi sensei

    Gabrielle PhillipsGabrielle Phillips2 days ago
  • We need more puppet history in time for finals hopefully

    Heather CubbifauxHeather Cubbifaux2 days ago
  • He’s like kenshin himura from rurouni kenshin who travelled for soul searching

    Alexa LauraAlexa Laura2 days ago
  • This song is fucking amazing! Kinda cried a lil bit...

    thisjazzkillsthisjazzkills4 days ago
  • Can we get these songs on Itunes please

    CharleyCharley4 days ago
  • Omg Ryan doing the villain from Kung Pow!!!!!! AHHHH I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH THESE PEOPLE SO CULTURED

    Julio AguilarJulio Aguilar4 days ago
  • Ohhhhh, get monked on

    Ellie YeeEllie Yee4 days ago
  • It would be so cool to see Caitlin Doughty from Ask A Mortician on one of these (sorry I've been binging both channels lately)

    M CostM Cost4 days ago
  • Absolutely my favorite episode, fricking loved this.

    Magical LizardMagical Lizard4 days ago
  • Okay I'ma need that oar song cuz that's a bop lmao

    Brandi Eve TaylorBrandi Eve Taylor5 days ago
  • that song was lowkey not bad

    John DetubioJohn Detubio5 days ago
  • "Die - ee - mee - ohs" (Samurai nerds) ARGHHHHH NOOO IT'S PRONOUNCED, "DIE-MYO" REEEEEEEEE Also just for anyone wondering, Musashi whittled a sword out of an oar because his opponent was known for having a sword just longer than most were used to, so Musashi made a longer one than what he usually used.

    TheVoodooman1TheVoodooman15 days ago
  • Did no one see the caption at the very beginning 😂 it describes the sound of the logo slamming down. It sends me.

    •Sleeping_Jess••Sleeping_Jess•5 days ago
  • *The level of yaoi in this ores was so high that it describes the whole level of yaoi fandom in Japan*

    Levi HoLevi Ho6 days ago
  • Well those damn racist calls me Hoe just because my surname is Ho..

    Levi HoLevi Ho6 days ago
  • This was great.

    brep66brep667 days ago
  • shane drop an album challenge

    Emily GardnerEmily Gardner7 days ago
  • ok 8:52 i say A because i know that in japan its extremely rude to show up late with people often showing up like 20 minutes early sometimes or something along those lines

    ∇Tabs⊿∇Tabs⊿8 days ago
  • Ryan Bergara, age 12: This one's to end racism! *_slams child onto the ground_*

    Elena CElena C8 days ago
    • why is the professor just. watching them Do It. sir. sir please.

      Elena CElena C8 days ago
    • GAY OARS!!!!!!!! *_GAY OARS!!!!!!!!_*

      Elena CElena C8 days ago
    • "Well for the right price he could be" RYAN DAKJFHKJDHKJFKDSF

      Elena CElena C8 days ago
    • 90% of elite martial artists: What up I'm Jared I'm 19

      Elena CElena C8 days ago
    • shrikes are fucking metal dude

      Elena CElena C8 days ago
  • Could we maby get an episode on yasuke who was the first black Samir?

    Rhys ThomasRhys Thomas8 days ago
  • 31:10 married couple energy

    AbigailAbigail8 days ago
  • I love Musashi. This was brilliant!

    Zara MoonZara Moon8 days ago

    Toad ManToad Man8 days ago
  • Being apart from my fiancé because of the quarantine and now I’m crying listening for the oar song for not even first time

    Olga UmaruOlga Umaru9 days ago
  • Idk what this show has done to me, but that OAR song is a roller coaster of emotion 😂❤️

    Rural IcarusRural Icarus10 days ago
  • This song and the Diamond Necklace song are my two favorite Puppet History songs ever! So good!!

    VitashiqueVitashique10 days ago
  • 16:15 "pretty cool to have a fight on an island", he says, whilst discussing something that happened in japan, an archipelago nation (jk i love s̶h̶a̶n̶e̶ The Professor, but like,...son)

    Iris RoseIris Rose10 days ago
  • So I'm no expert nor have I been in many boats but I'm pretty sure you need two oars to steer a boat. Otherwise you kind of go in a circle. So there was a third oar perhaps. Or maybe that's why he was two hours late?

    MissObIiviousMissObIivious10 days ago
  • This episode is extra funny for anyone who’s seen UBW and the abridged series.

    Aleah C137Aleah C13710 days ago
  • Ever Garrick ever appears on puppet history again will he be in puppet form? lol

    Elizabeth LovettElizabeth Lovett11 days ago
  • That gay oar ballad was straight out of A Star Is Born was not expecting that lol

    Jade WolfJade Wolf12 days ago
  • Hope you do an episode on the real life history of Yagyu Jubei Mitsuyoshi. He’s another interesting swordsmen in Japan.

    TheBestComicKingTheBestComicKing12 days ago
  • i'm pretty sure that at least 1 contestant ate one of the jellybeans on camera during season 1 and nothing special happened, but okay

    Evelyn LumihameEvelyn Lumihame12 days ago
  • Garrick saying 'hey' to the oar is everything

    Sabrina LopesSabrina Lopes12 days ago
  • OMG I ALMOST WEE MYSELF AT THE END !!!!!!! By far the best episode

    Queen DredQueen Dred12 days ago
  • I came into this blind after being a Buzzfeed Unsolved fan for a while, absolutely heartwarming. You all are fantastic.

    Jesse FishJesse Fish12 days ago
  • When the party's samurai took too many levels of rogue, and still needs to live up to the "ultimate warrior," hype.

    ultimateninjaboiultimateninjaboi14 days ago

    Biird BonessBiird Boness14 days ago
  • I love Kate and Garrick so much, I loved Opposite Sex Roommates so much and seeing them here being featured on my favorite USworlds channel is immaculate.

    Ya Boi ChankumYa Boi Chankum14 days ago
  • Shane has been keeping Ryan from turning into a puppet this entire time. So selfless! For real though, this is by far my favorite episode!

    CrimsonChickCrimsonChick15 days ago
  • im tryna watch this vid but youtube is down in america rn

    jasmin perrinejasmin perrine15 days ago
  • theory: the professor was a wandering historian in search of artifacts. one day, he found a lamp and the genie inside granted him three wishes. he wished to become a time traveler to make his search easier, but this genie was a bitch and turned him into a puppet to make things "more efficient" for him

    not slelelenot slelele15 days ago
  • That oar song gave me goosebumps

    Tegan CoxenTegan Coxen16 days ago
  • "wELL IT'S TIME TO DIE!" holy shit that had me laughing for like five minutes straight

    FirebirdMinerFirebirdMiner16 days ago
  • was the birdie thing a reference to kung pao enter the fist,

    Emory OlanderEmory Olander16 days ago
  • That’s a Disney-caliber song there, or at least the draft of one. “Boy, we make ‘em bleed” is the one line that’s a bit tonally off. The rest? ::chef’s kiss::

    TK WallaceTK Wallace16 days ago
  • Can't believe this samurai had such major jock energy as a youngin and then grew old to paint and write like a real renaissance man 😩😂😂👏

    Madenique van WykMadenique van Wyk16 days ago
  • Wait... this isn’t Gintama’s plot? Lol

    Joy VoramonJoy Voramon17 days ago
  • 17:09 How many hand does Shane have???

    arocknrolldreamarocknrolldream17 days ago
  • Wait who was singing with Shane during that wierd duet at the end a

    Madison gunnMadison gunn17 days ago
  • Garrick just brought my anxiety levels down so much w his calm energy lol

    Ellie REllie R18 days ago
  • He had a sword but carved, the oar into one for the extra reach which Sasaki Kojiro wouldn't be used to.

    Golden WeedGolden Weed18 days ago
  • yo you guys should read Vagabond (manga) by Takehiko Inoue (other notable work is Slam Dunk). It is based on this bad boy's life and (mis)adventures. Highly recommend ed bc of the masterful writing and godlike art. cheers

    Maki ZeninMaki Zenin18 days ago
  • the hair tho- are those pigtails-

    -Verxnica --Verxnica -18 days ago
  • So that's why the Professor doesnt let Ryan win, cause he wants to spare Ryan from the pain of being transformed into a puppet

    caseycasey18 days ago
  • Oh my god absolutely LIVING for the Puppet History lore

    snake toessnake toes19 days ago
  • Never did I think that a song about disconnected gay oars that were separated because one had to be turned into a sword to kill an esteemed samurai by an equally but secretly more esteemed samurai would be genuinely moving and very very well done

    snake toessnake toes19 days ago
  • Between this and the racing video, I don't think either Shane or Ryan know the difference between dirty talk and trash talk haha

    snake toessnake toes19 days ago
  • Wait so...Samurai just, at like. Around 18-20...Just become murder hobos?

    Frederick SmithFrederick Smith19 days ago
  • I love the part at 10:06 when some women held a sign that says 'Why are these signs in English'

    Jostena MoawdJostena Moawd20 days ago
  • This episode is priceless for so many reasons. 😂

    Daenaeris TartigradeDaenaeris Tartigrade20 days ago
  • 9:15 if C actually happened that would’ve been gold.... *that’s a different type of sword fighting*

    drip dropdrip drop22 days ago
  • jeeebuzz I'm tryna binge some puppet history but these comments over here writing 2 paged essay like wattpad lore on why the professor never let's ryan win

    Katy AnimsKaty Anims22 days ago
  • bro straight got smacked to monkhood

    ummul aimanummul aiman23 days ago
  • Imagine being the Professor and politely asking your guests if they've ever been in a fight to get your students engaged in your topic, imagining that you'll maybe hear about some drunken fisticuffs or something. And instead your good friend Ryan just casually drops into the conversation that he physically picked up and slammed a racist child into the ground at age 12. How do you even recover man I would be unable to think about anything else for at least 3 weeks

    SetFireGirlSetFireGirl25 days ago
  • Is everyone going to ignore the fact that when the oars were off screening it they put the sound of sawing wood in there. please tell me i’m not the only one who understood what that meant💀💀

    Type to make you cryType to make you cry25 days ago
  • Records of ragnarok am I right:)

    Waifu_BirdWaifu_Bird25 days ago
  • These songs really slap 😭💕

    Erin TaylorErin Taylor25 days ago
  • Sounds like Oden in One Piece

    Super LUFFYSuper LUFFY25 days ago
  • 13:19 Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

    Skybots 10Skybots 1026 days ago
  • Musashi straight Jedi'd those two children

    Sierra BensonSierra Benson26 days ago
  • gay oar duet

    yeeetyeeet26 days ago
  • gosh i need that oar song on spotify

    albborummalbborumm27 days ago
  • Dude can we talk about how Shane can actually sing pretty good?

    Anrinette PelletierAnrinette Pelletier27 days ago
  • Ok Shane said "gay rights for oars" and Ryan made a reference to The Office and basketball multiple times. *I'M LIVING*

    Kelly FurmanKelly Furman27 days ago
  • That song made me sad

    Road RunnerRoad Runner27 days ago
  • All hail the wacher

    Amber RobersonAmber Roberson28 days ago
  • What if the chest pain that he experienced at the end of his life was the ghost of the last guy he killed smacking him with a paddle?

    Dulcie VDulcie V28 days ago
  • Professor said fuck racists. Stan the Professor!

    TheEmeraldSnowflakeTheEmeraldSnowflake28 days ago
  • 23:00 nearly took me off this land i was in TEARS AND HYSTERICS IMAGINING WHAT THE ANSWER WAS

    Atela LaffordAtela Lafford28 days ago
  • we need more puppet garrick content

    Steph TylerSteph Tyler28 days ago
  • Loven' Lewberger in the song

    Amelia RhinersonAmelia Rhinerson29 days ago
  • I would literally pay to watch a full-length Broadway musical written by these gents.

    Stacie MacLaughlinStacie MacLaughlin29 days ago

    HOW HOWHOW HOW29 days ago
  • Man, i wish there weren't so many swears in this show. It's perfect education for kids.

    Stu CrewStu Crew29 days ago
  • I really love the song in this series lol.

    Chua KoktungChua Koktung29 days ago
  • "Imma beat your ass with an ore"

    Memeward On A ChairMemeward On A Chair29 days ago
  • His "son" Yeah sure. ...

    Blu PeppersBlu PeppersMonth ago
  • that oar song was a whole ass bop

    chenghao chenchenghao chenMonth ago
  • Never in my entire life I would expect to *ship* 2 oars pun intended, you may say bUt thAT isN't a ShIp-ssshhhhhh it's a ship for the sake of it

    aye ladaye ladMonth ago