Top 5 Beatdown Q+A • Watcher Weekly #006

Feb 12, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to the 6th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
- Morning routines
- Top 5 Beatdown
- Grocery Run
- Q&A
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  • I paused this video to go do something and un paused to Ryan going "Cinnamon in your [BEEP]" And I'm dying.

    kodomo shawnkodomo shawn2 days ago
  • ryans energy remains, unmatched

    mahmah2 days ago
  • ryan in docs ryan in docs ryan in docs ryan in docs ryan in docs ryan in docs ryan in docs ryan in docs ryan i ndocs ryan in docs ryan ind ocs

    dhyxck sdhyxck s7 days ago
  • in really sad shane ignored the spangles question

    Jada NicholsJada Nichols11 days ago
  • The bobblehead editing gag reminds me of the meme where people shrink Charlie Kirk's face in TPUSA edits

    María/Seph NuñezMaría/Seph Nuñez13 days ago
  • As a Texan can I just say hearing Steven say bucky’s is one of the best and worst things I’ve ever heard

    AshAsh18 days ago
  • Ryan was on something different for this one

    Gracie E.Gracie E.28 days ago
  • I like how he didnt even mention bucees is a gas station 😂😂😂

    jongup guppiejongup guppie28 days ago
  • I can't with the sound of the facial hair rubbing the felt backing. Literally. Can't.

    Joy ReneeJoy ReneeMonth ago
  • Remembering Free Range Grass 💚💚💚💚

    Kaysha Rogers-SchulerKaysha Rogers-SchulerMonth ago
  • Ryan, you're part Filipino, you gotta try those stanky foods.😉

    Becoming WholeBecoming WholeMonth ago
  • Stinky foods rule, thank you Steven. Natto and durian are like, my fav things

    IchabodIchabod2 months ago
  • ryan jeans are _aggresivley_ cuffed.

    melanin maiyamelanin maiya2 months ago
  • okay but ryan in doc martins and cuffed jeans....😍

    melanin maiyamelanin maiya2 months ago
  • Shane has the mind of an Artist

    Syruss Tha GreatSyruss Tha Great2 months ago
  • Shane and Ryan just dissing on Cincy skyline and Ohio as a whole is clear they haven't had Graeters either.

    Ashley JenkinsAshley Jenkins2 months ago
  • We're at buccees constantly. Dangerous place to be. Expect to spend over 100 each time you're there lol

    Ranger LongRanger Long3 months ago
  • all the thigh action...wearin the shizz out that denim fellas! :P

    elad smadaelad smada3 months ago
  • What Steven was talking about at Skyline Chili is exactly what I get at Steak and Shake ;)

    Jordan MurphyJordan Murphy3 months ago
  • Once I get my feet on Bourbon St., I'm gonna splooge 😎👍

    White TrashingWhite Trashing3 months ago
  • Ryan seems absolutely fucking zooted, glad he's having a great time!

    White TrashingWhite Trashing3 months ago
  • The lazy river interviews is actually a fantastic idea

    Karma 01Karma 013 months ago
  • I pity the person who is in charge of sounds.

    aditi shettyaditi shetty3 months ago
  • Not enough comments on the box content!!! Shane's "GO. GET. THAT. BOOOOaaAAAAAAXXXXX" Ryan carelessly throwing the package material at Shane. Steven forgetting about his address on the box. Gotta say it is definitely *Chef's kiss* 😂😂😂😭😭👄

    Katherine QuintanillaKatherine Quintanilla4 months ago
  • "Geese is the....goose? plural." for some reason made me smile

    Karen KKaren K4 months ago
  • Ryan has had too much coffee in this 😂😂

    Sarah brownSarah brown4 months ago
  • Ryan: “they buy guns, isn’t that what they do in Texas” Me (a Texan): I mean... he’s not wrong. We do, what we do.

    Maegan RaelynMaegan Raelyn5 months ago
  • Ryan is completely right about Ohio being right. Have you BEEM HERE?

    layla Perduelayla Perdue5 months ago
  • I liked the previous ep so I was particularly excited to watch this Watcher Weekly but it has no subtitles :(( I'm hard of hearing and was rly excited to see all of Watcher's videos subbed but apparently not all of them :(( Anyway more power, Watcher!!!!! Hope more people subscribe in your channel cuz u guys really deserve millions!!!!!! I love all your content 😭💖💖

    우리원우리원우리원우리원5 months ago
  • i'm sorry but i was so shook when the ghoul boys didn't know what buckey's was

    2am bean hunter2am bean hunter5 months ago
  • SKY.LINE.CHILI. fuck yes!!

    Angela sonotthatcoolAngela sonotthatcool5 months ago
  • I miss seeing them like this. :')

    Lamia T LLamia T L5 months ago
  • That was the best Watcher Weekly yet, hahahaha, I love it

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • As a native Texan, I am completely satisfied with the Buc-ees comment 😌

    marilee vaughanmarilee vaughan6 months ago
  • Hell yeah Buc-ee's

    SparklericeSparklerice6 months ago
  • “Geese is the goose plural right?” Does that make meese the moose plural? 🤔

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • Steven, baby, if your cheese is fluffy I think it’s long past its use by date

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • Also: Europeans are aware of what ranch is (we call it American Sauce), but like 9/10 that server was fucking with Ryan. "Oh you're asking for ranch? Because you think the world revolves around America? Have Mayo and pepper, piggie"

    Moxie LoftonMoxie Lofton6 months ago
  • Fans: I liked your top five episode so much I made my own list! Ryan: Fuck you and fuck your list

    Moxie LoftonMoxie Lofton6 months ago
  • BUC-EE’S GANG OMG THEY HAVE *THE BEST* RESTROOMS it’s basically the only rest stop i go to when i go on road trips

    Ann NguyenAnn Nguyen6 months ago
  • I LOVE CHILI and Skyline Chili is NOT chili! It's NASTY!

    Caitlin GhoulsbyCaitlin Ghoulsby6 months ago
  • Can someone tell me what's the story behind the Free Range Grass?

    데니스데니스6 months ago
  • Okay, but honestly?? Bringing your own bottle of ranch to a restaurant is a very Midwest thing to do

    Arabella EGArabella EG6 months ago
  • Shane and Ryan: says skyline sounds kinda gross Me: y o u r e m a k i n g m e n o t l i k e y o u

    Ellie PuglisiEllie Puglisi6 months ago
  • As soon as Steven said "Skyline Chili" I hit the like button so fast

    Thea AngeliThea Angeli6 months ago
  • Was not expecting skyline rep here but woot woot

    Vic SmithVic Smith7 months ago
  • BUCCCCEEEEESSS!! All hail the beaver!!!

    Roberto AguilarRoberto Aguilar7 months ago
  • @22:40 when Shane reads that Ryan isn't entirely real, does Ryan do a reality check by trying to push his finger through his palm? Is Ryan a fan of lucid dreaming too??

    Ashley AllenAshley Allen7 months ago
  • Theyre so crazy in this i love it

    v for villanellev for villanelle7 months ago
  • ofcourse steven loves durian!!!

    v for villanellev for villanelle7 months ago
  • I’m from Texas, and listen, arguably one of the best states 😂 Any other Texans out here??

    Kurapika KurtaKurapika Kurta7 months ago
  • Ohio is Hell

    Cheese 2000Cheese 20007 months ago
  • i love it when they make their heads bigger lmao

    Alessandra BaumgartnerAlessandra Baumgartner7 months ago

    Jenn McIntyreJenn McIntyre7 months ago
  • As a man from northern Kentucky (Skylike Chili is a Cincinnati based company), I must say that Skyline Chili is disgusting. Noodles in chili? Why. Just why Also, must say: Ohio is hell

    wassupitsyaboiwassupitsyaboi7 months ago
    • I'm sorry, WHAT! Umm, skyline is the best thing to come out of Ohio (other than steven), so how d a r e you. Also HEY, I'm from northern ky too! :)

      Ellie PuglisiEllie Puglisi6 months ago
  • I watched two 6 minute ads for y’all

    this is absolutely not a fun timethis is absolutely not a fun time7 months ago
  • This is my fav episode and I think u should film all the future episodes so early bc the chaotic energy is unmatched

    Clair LClair L7 months ago
  • 16:47 Ryan rubs his face on the plaque for 25 whole seconds and it's HILARIOUS

    Jill StephensonJill Stephenson7 months ago
  • buckees is great but as someone who has to deal with driving by it every time i want to see a movie in the evening it is quite nerve wrackingly crowded

    aleks noaleks no7 months ago
  • when the foam hit shane i cried LMAO he looked so confused 😂

    sukisuki7 months ago
  • 12:34 IT IZZ WHAT IT IZZ

    inêsinês7 months ago
  • can we talk about ryan's doc martens

    inêsinês7 months ago
  • shane: "oh mygod theres a p o r t i l l o s" me: *W H E E Z E*

    cloudivycloudivy7 months ago
  • shanes impression of ryan at 10:57 was actually not bad lmao

    Leslie SandovalLeslie Sandoval7 months ago

    Taylor FielderTaylor Fielder7 months ago
  • okay durian is so good, everryone in my house hates me for it, but i could eat 10

    Katy Albar-KluckKaty Albar-Kluck7 months ago
  • Their editor had such gen z humor and I love them

    tinaatinaa7 months ago
  • Them: start their own company, take risks, make magic Also Them: how do you get a p.o. box??????? I cant stop laughing

    ColeCole7 months ago
  • Steven is carrying this channel

    S HS H7 months ago
  • Let me tell you, you three have MANY fans from Ohio. Much love

    Emily AEmily A7 months ago
  • Geese have teeth and moose are orca prey Bc they dive

    Anthea HolmesAnthea Holmes7 months ago
  • I wanna see the thing that compares to Asian convenience stores bc good god they are holy

    Anthea HolmesAnthea Holmes7 months ago
  • I'm a texaner and im watching this and YES BUC-EES ITS GREAT also steven is right don't mess with Texas baby

    Elena RangelElena Rangel7 months ago
  • You may think steven is not chaotic but you ask him to talk about food, and he goes WILD. This is the ONLY time when he can literally win the ghoul boys with his energy. Love it. 😂

    sl slsl sl7 months ago
  • I’m from Ohio and I can confirm that it is in fact hell

    Arah Al-shabanahArah Al-shabanah8 months ago
  • I can't believe Shane did the nose-button thing - it's something we've done in my family since I was a little kid, to curb an interrupting habit. I've never seen anyone else do it unless I had already introduced it.

    Rachel LambieRachel Lambie8 months ago
  • Yes!!! Excellent Episode!!!!! Shane, are you Dip?

    Marco CarreonMarco Carreon8 months ago
  • Is anyone else loving Ryan’s outfit here???

    Josie ThalJosie Thal8 months ago
  • if someone told me that ryan had partaken in smoking the ganja before shooting this episode I honestly wouldn’t be surprised

    Tamara BoenschTamara Boensch8 months ago
  • Shane’s just the dad of the show at this point

    SpookybabieSpookybabie8 months ago
  • Pause at 12:57. You'll thank me later.

    Love, SydneyLove, Sydney8 months ago
  • 1. In and out 2. Chick fil a 3. Miguel Jr. 4. Del Taco 5. Jack in the box

    Anna JaureguiAnna Jauregui8 months ago
  • I shouted out "BUC-EE'S" as Steven said it, it's so good! When I lived in TX I lived down the street from Beaver Aplin, so Buc-ee's was a staple!

    Catherine TritesCatherine Trites8 months ago
  • ryan??? wearing docs and cuffed jeans?????? is he bi now???

    merritthonmerritthon8 months ago
  • ohioans aren't THAT bad ok

    Alli ScottAlli Scott8 months ago
  • Steven’s shirt is the cutest thing ever

    Isabelle OlsonIsabelle Olson8 months ago
  • Asian man from Ohio here. Can confirm it is hell.

    Vincent VeakVincent Veak8 months ago
  • I think I picked the right episode of Watcher Weekly to watch while having a glass of wine, this episode was chaotic as hell and that just improved the experience Yes I am aware that I'm probably not making sense, and no I don't think I can blame it on the alcohol just yet

    Emily VignapianoEmily Vignapiano8 months ago
  • i love watcher weekly so much it’s *chef kiss*

    Anne-Sophie G.-N.Anne-Sophie G.-N.8 months ago
  • As someone from Cincinnati I respect Stevens skyline choice But I wanna know why Chick Fil A wasn’t on anyone’s list

    Baby KillianBaby Killian8 months ago
  • Ryan I ADORE your doc martens

    Garrick.thegnomeGarrick.thegnome8 months ago
  • I liked ryan. Until he meshed all texans into "buys guns" t-.-

    Hillary SlappeyHillary Slappey8 months ago
  • Bruhhhhhh stevennnnn skyline is fire 🔥🔥🔥

    aaron sebastianaaron sebastian8 months ago
  • im steven lim, and i love that stank -- also steven lim 2020

    alexaalexa8 months ago
  • don't just a dish by its stank -- steven lim 2020

    alexaalexa8 months ago
  • where the hell can i buy slim lim's sweater i love that shit

    alexaalexa8 months ago
  • I love bucees

    TheWhimsyGypsyTheWhimsyGypsy8 months ago
  • Ryan's story about asking for ranch was like me as a kid asking for vinegar for my fries when I was down in the states and them looking confused and coming back with....a cooking bottle? Of malt vinegar? 8 year old me was perplexed #canadianproblems

    Abigail Katerberg ColibabaAbigail Katerberg Colibaba8 months ago
  • hold on.. ryan and shane hate ohio 😳😳 that ain't fair we have LAFFS

    clay nclay n8 months ago
  • Man, Steven Lim. My man!! Skyline represent! and Raising Cane's on the list. Shane's list makes sense for midwest

    NapoleonicusNapoleonicus8 months ago