Tourist Trapped Q+A • Watcher Weekly #008

Feb 26, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to the 8th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
- Airplane hydration
- Our show cycle begins anew!
- Tourist Trapped Q+A
- Shane eats live bugs?
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  • how the hell did i never realize how much shane looks like ralph ineson

    Jared LudyJared Ludy9 days ago
  • Shane just seriously listed the live bugs he had eaten and its an extensive list. I am terrified

    alifia !alifia !2 months ago
  • Oh my goodness I loovee Shane's and Ryan's chemistry they are hilarious 😆 🤣 😂 😄 😭 💀 the hand shake thooo!!

    VickythinksVickythinks2 months ago
  • Hand shake sounds like some serious beat meatin'

    Ranger LongRanger Long3 months ago

    Ranger LongRanger Long3 months ago
  • Shane: Watcher 2 Me, out loud to myself alone in my room: Electric Boogaloo

    AdrianIsRandomAdrianIsRandom3 months ago
  • why is shane so casually eating live bugs?? im a little concerned

    Lily GarnerLily Garner3 months ago
  • I’m kinda sad Ryan didn’t do a English accent, it would have been hilarious

    Heather LucyHeather Lucy3 months ago
  • I learned from the "Bella In the Wych Elm - QA" that Ryan's best accent *is* Christopher Walken. It's great.

    Sariah LauniusSariah Launius3 months ago
  • cleveland gang

    YarnsYarns4 months ago
  • The fact that Shane and Ryan have a secret handshake fills me with joy

    Ali OopAli Oop4 months ago
  • Keep it cheesy.

    Bob BobBob Bob4 months ago
  • Carbs on deck Aminos on deck Cause its gym time

    Oliver92Oliver924 months ago
  • I was so ready for him to say “oooon BUN!!”

    Chambliss SchneiderChambliss Schneider5 months ago
  • Fire ants, because it doesn't specify that it needs to be alive so less likely to sting you...

    FollowingUsernamesRFollowingUsernamesR5 months ago
  • Yeah England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    The mad oneThe mad one5 months ago
  • where's the diplocaucus?

    2am bean hunter2am bean hunter5 months ago
  • "It's hard in the back" - Steven Lim, 2020

    starryeyedgirls _starryeyedgirls _5 months ago
  • Why do people freak out that the water you drink on a plane comes from the same place as the water that flushes the toilets? It's the same as in your house, doesn't mean you're brushing your teeth with poop water!

    ZarzeeZarzee5 months ago
  • i'm late to this party, but i wanna throw some solidarity at shane's weird ass bug eating. once, i dared my older brother to eat a live worm for a dollar, he said, i don't need the dollar, and swallowed it for free.

    Alise LynchAlise Lynch5 months ago
  • I agree with Shane about the bee because when I was little I got stung by a bunch of fire ants and it sucks. Also my cousin ate a wolf spider within a handful of sand and he grew faster and taller than anyone else in my family so maybe live bugs do make you grow more. I was the kid who would eat leaves and grass because I thought it was funny to watch people freak out

    Sydney MyersSydney Myers5 months ago
  • I always thought that Shane was the funniest but the more I watch, the more I realize that Ryan is my spirit animal, and I have seen an FBA before. Also it could be the poop jokes!

    Dorian ClarkDorian Clark6 months ago
  • Ngl when Shane said “I’m a pretty simple man when it comes to my chippies” I thought he was talking about ACTUAL chips (bc here in NZ we call them chippies) and I got confused for a sec but then he started talking about burritos and it was all good

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • I live for Steven’s little kicks whenever Ryan says “kick back”. It’s so cute ahhh

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • ryan in the south would be hilarious

    Maddy ChadbourneMaddy Chadbourne6 months ago
  • I started watching these during quarantine and now I'm catching up on older ones; it feels so strange to not see them separated with webcams lol

    sankookiesankookie6 months ago
  • shane laughs so much in this video ☺❤

    ha haha ha6 months ago
  • we want more tourist trap episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Summer AndersonSummer Anderson6 months ago
  • 20:10 Ryan just casually asking to be cannibalised?

    frostedSkiesfrostedSkies7 months ago
  • Steven: LIVE ????!!!!

    Patrick BalicantaPatrick Balicanta7 months ago

    Roberto AguilarRoberto Aguilar7 months ago
  • i just _know_ shane was about to say "on BUN!" at 0:29

    Daniya !! is mildly confusedDaniya !! is mildly confused7 months ago
  • Shane, try not to eat slugs. Some have parasites which can give you paralysis (case in Australia).

    Elizabeth FariasElizabeth Farias7 months ago
  • At 4:40 Ryan sounds like he’s doing an impression of Rick from Rick and Morty

    Jayme UnderhillJayme Underhill7 months ago
  • I loved Shane and Steven’s outlook on failure 💕very inspiring. I needed that

    AleAle7 months ago
  • I gotta say I am slightly concerned for Shane's well being after hearing the extensive list of live bugs he's eaten

    Cas LoweCas Lowe7 months ago
  • I do the same with the bees shane

    Brittany Bee MyersBrittany Bee Myers7 months ago
  • Hi Ryan! Chill tf out! Just do ur thing :)

    KendraKendra7 months ago
  • Love your videos will you ever do true crime videos or something similar on this channel?

    Bgts 12Bgts 127 months ago
  • Just throwing this out there -- what about doing Tourist Trap as a twice yearly hour-long specials? That's enough time for saving up for a budget and edits and all the other awesome editorial magic that happens. Plus it's something for us as the audience to look forward to. Anyways just a thought. Good luck with the show! :)

    MochiMochi8 months ago
  • Come to Seattle for Tourist Trapped!

    Talia CowanTalia Cowan8 months ago
  • but fyi all the cafes in new orleans use the same beignet mix. cafe du monde included, but it's their mix.

    C AC A8 months ago
  • As an Australian I approve of the accent

    Michael FangMichael Fang8 months ago
  • Tourist Trapped is your best series.

    Trevor SellmanTrevor Sellman8 months ago
  • I loved tourist trapped

    CeairsCeairs8 months ago
  • Noooooo Tourist Trapped was my favourite one so far 😭

    Sam DSam D8 months ago
  • O.M.G! Professor merchandise!!!! Yes please I'll have one of each! Why have you not yet created questions hats?! Please have another Tourist trap episode!!!

    Marco CarreonMarco Carreon8 months ago
  • Guys please travel to Puerto Rico! Y’all can do episodes about the nature (el Yunque rain forest, the beaches, the caves, zip lining, kayaks, four tracks, bioluminescent bay), hidden treasure spots and the city (food, museums, el Castillo San Felipe del Morro)

    armyforlife3 Naoarmyforlife3 Nao8 months ago
  • Trapped is my favorite episode of your channel, then puppet

    VeronicaVeronica8 months ago
  • We do call it mainland Europe

    Sophie TuttonSophie Tutton8 months ago
  • Tourist trapped was amazing and I NEED more episodes!

    Josie ThalJosie Thal8 months ago
  • watcher building burns down? *all hail the watcher*

    maddie sollazzomaddie sollazzo8 months ago
  • Question for Watcher Weekly: Would you guys ever consider releasing a longer version of the Knott's Berry Farm rides/activities that you have enjoyed that day? LOVE Tourist Trapped. This has become my must-watch episode during this quarantine time. 💛

    Mia TerracottaMia Terracotta8 months ago
  • It's unsettling that we only know one of the stories behind the many bugs Shane has eaten

    Signe KarlssonSigne Karlsson8 months ago
  • West Side Market would blow the Ghoul Boys away! Love from Cleveland!

    Christina KChristina K8 months ago
  • Buck-ees? Do you mean buck eyes? Me and my Ohio brain are very confused.

    Olivia G. St JamesOlivia G. St James8 months ago
  • Does anyone know why they often say “We are Watcher” multiple times in a row?

    Kayte52Kayte528 months ago
    • Cause they're mentioning all of their social accounts: twitter, ig, youtube and patreon

      Mia TerracottaMia Terracotta8 months ago
  • 1:13 we call it continental europe

    Jenny KarpeJenny Karpe8 months ago
  • 6.13 time is a circle. ryan you ok 😦😅🙃😂

    Jenna BeattieJenna Beattie8 months ago
  • i’m british and used to live 20 minutes from the channel tunnel, and i have never knew people called it chunnel. i’ll be real.

    Jenna BeattieJenna Beattie8 months ago
  • shane i’m sobbing please stop eating bugs LIVE like why are they still ALIVE

    Josie JoynerJosie Joyner8 months ago
  • Birds n the bees?

    Caleen DraimeCaleen Draime8 months ago
  • I can see Pete Davidson playing Ryan it kinda makes sense haha

    Sahana SankaradossSahana Sankaradoss8 months ago
  • “Hey Billy, what’s your favourite episode of Watcher Weekly?” “I liked the one where they argued about Chipotle for a loooooong time.” (I actually did laugh a LOT during that bit, haha)

    Lorelei-Lorie-StoneLorelei-Lorie-Stone8 months ago
  • "just laugh through those tears,"

    Saffy maeSaffy mae8 months ago

    piper gibsonpiper gibson8 months ago
  • Tourist trapped was so great please make more. You should go to Gatlinburg Tn if you guys get to traveling out of state.

    Desiree CollinsDesiree Collins8 months ago
  • Tourist trap was a lot of fun to watch

    Amanda ConnAmanda Conn8 months ago
  • What is Pete Davidson? I don't know what he is... WHITE AS HELL

    Sofija TomicSofija Tomic8 months ago
  • I think we’ve learned to be very afraid of shane

    Garrick.thegnomeGarrick.thegnome8 months ago
  • steven lin i appreciate you my guy you're so great!

    M FM F8 months ago
  • Shane's reaction to Ryan asking " At what point are you gonna eat me" I-

    MattyMatty8 months ago
  • Shane is so white. White Shane who eats bugs.

    BrendaBrenda8 months ago
  • Have they fully left buzzfeed?

    Melissa SmithMelissa Smith8 months ago
  • My dad drank a bee once so I would've chosen the bee. Just wanted to share.

    Alexandra LarssonAlexandra Larsson8 months ago
  • I loved Tourist Trapped! I hope you do more in the future, I love adding places to my list of things to see around the country.

    KatDJZKatDJZ8 months ago
  • Didn't know ryan loved dirty dirty innuendos this much>_

    WalkingbolsterWalkingbolster8 months ago
  • shane was gonna say "directly on this video on BUN" and then realized this wasnt bun

    iipuiipu8 months ago
  • shane's australian accent? NO.

    gottalovemegottaloveme8 months ago
  • Are they’d till doing buzzfeed unsolved? Because the Instagram says new episodes are coming

    Julie DianaJulie Diana8 months ago
    • They are still doing buzzfeed unsolved + Worth It, they're just independent contractors now.

      subjectivelywintersubjectivelywinter8 months ago
  • Shane that’s the best attempt at an Australian accent I’ve heard an American do 😂

    Alyssa HallAlyssa Hall9 months ago
  • «i don't know what he is. white as hell» dkfñsnsjskdjs

    Camila LucíaCamila Lucía9 months ago
  • listen I appreciate Shane's commitment to the bit, but jesus christ, a JUNEBUG??? those things are disgusting

    sydsyd9 months ago
  • Shout out to West side market in Cleveland. My aunt works there!

    Caitlyn SoukupCaitlyn Soukup9 months ago
  • I've eaten an alive termite. It's fine, tastes like in like you can smell wood inside your mouth while eating it

    Clarissa NitihardjoClarissa Nitihardjo9 months ago
  • 🤓

    Marisol ContrerasMarisol Contreras9 months ago
  • Shane and Ryan’s crack stash has run out I see

    Archi ShahArchi Shah9 months ago
  • Are yall going to make any ghost/ghoul content at any point? Or are you #OVERIT! ? Thanks! Love you!

    Celeste GaetanoCeleste Gaetano9 months ago
  • Great! When do we get true crime/paranormal stuff?

    PaprikaPaprika9 months ago
  • You should create a show called “Zero” based around zero waste things. Like people compete to make a craft that’s zero waste, throw a birthday that’s zero waste, make a picnic lunch that’s zero waste, etc. The winner gets something, idk what. And the edit has fun facts thrown up on the screen about eco friendly options or non eco friendly things mentioned. I think it’d be fun, interesting, and give viewers a lot of tips on being more eco friendly in all aspects of their life.

    Lauren TLauren T9 months ago
  • Make ghost stuff

    Devin RamseyDevin Ramsey9 months ago
  • facial hair --- ʙᴀʙʏ ғᴀᴄᴇ - facial hair

    mani ortegaaamani ortegaaa9 months ago
  • Cute mug

    Yvonne GonzalesYvonne Gonzales9 months ago
  • I hope you make a new episode of tourist / hidden at some point, although I really understand that its too much work to create them as often as your others! Like, maybe a couple of episodes a year or something like that 😍😎 As a Norwegian its really nice to see those kinds of videos since it shows things that mainstream tv-shows or USworldsrs maybe would not choose to show!

    Marte OlsenMarte Olsen9 months ago
  • Is Shane a lizard person?

    CaraCara9 months ago
    • Eating all those bugs

      CaraCara9 months ago
  • You should do Tourist Trapped in St Louis. Most of the touristy stuff is free anyway so totally cost effective!

    Cassie BosomworthCassie Bosomworth9 months ago
  • Steven's mind tripped by seeing Shane's and Ryan's secret handshake. 😂😂😂♠️

    sauceloversaucelover9 months ago
  • Question: I think it's great that you guys branched out on your own! Are Shane and Ryan going to be doing any haunted places explorations, still? I absolutely love you two together doing investigations, you are sooo funny and I would share those episodes everywhere!

    Ashley-RoseAshley-Rose9 months ago
  • Watcher 2? I think you mean... Still Watching

    Annie MarrarAnnie Marrar9 months ago
  • how much money did this cost?

    Allison OliverAllison Oliver9 months ago