Watcher Office Tour • Watcher Weekly #035

Sep 2, 2020
90 894 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 35th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
1:35 Chill Zone
2:48 This Week
3:11 Puppet News
3:31 Q&A
10:51 Office Tour
18:37 Goodbye
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  • 4:50 so a suprise escape room?

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money6 days ago
  • Gemini sun Taurus rising

    Mack - 10Mack - 1010 days ago
  • Ralph Ineson looks like the perfect mix between Shane and Alex Horne

    PemoPemo15 days ago
  • The first plant he showed should be named bigogogo

    Sophie DealSophie Deal24 days ago
  • I've met Shane's dad and I'm very confident I've seen future Shane.

    Loryn RileyLoryn Riley29 days ago
  • steven wearing kuala lumpur shirt❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    ᄋᄅᄑᄒᄑᄌᄋᄅᄑᄒᄑᄌMonth ago
  • 15:59 yeah I bet it was an “accident” too. Right Ryan?

    Hailey OHailey OMonth ago
  • it does not surprise me _at all_ that shane is a huge fan of something as terrifying as the dark crystal

    Eleanor MackEleanor Mack2 months ago
  • Love this, Steven is eye candy especially when he laughs, just warms my soul 😍

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • "Yoongibiased" on the watcher!! wow how these two worlds collided 😁😁😁

    Tabi PriyaTabi Priya2 months ago

    Bhanvi TandonBhanvi Tandon2 months ago

    Makayla JohnstonMakayla Johnston2 months ago
  • I am living for Shane's hair. I wish I had it for myself, but not in a creepy serial killer way...or do I?

    Thursday St GilesThursday St Giles2 months ago
  • When Shane says the WEAREWATCHER< WEAREWATCHER, he's got a pirate vibe goin on.

    Lucy LeeLucy Lee2 months ago
  • Steven Lim: "as you can see it's pretty small" me: *realizing the office is bigger than my entire apartment*

    RavenRaven2 months ago
  • Pleaseee Shane and Ryan have some spooky episodes about like serial killers what they did how they got caught etc 🥺

    Cristal ReyesCristal Reyes2 months ago
  • Tag yourself i'm the professor lying face down on top of the box in 16:08

    Lavender CrowLavender Crow2 months ago

    TheFlutefreakTheFlutefreak2 months ago
  • Shane be looking like Edgar Allan Poe

    vianca jovenvianca joven2 months ago
  • Ralph Ineson was in both the Harry Potter films and Game of Thrones, two of the biggest screen franchises ever..

    Lucy McKennaLucy McKenna2 months ago
  • We need a full cut of the Shane office tour

    HotDrinkGeezerHotDrinkGeezer2 months ago
  • Did y’all never just have people put candy in a bucket with a “take one” sign

    Rebecca WixtedRebecca Wixted2 months ago
  • Please name one of the plants Stevenus Fly Trap 🤙🏻

    Joe DeMedioJoe DeMedio2 months ago
  • Hit up my lady @delchisstudio on IG for tips on your plant care. She would love to help you guys.

    Unskilled KitchenUnskilled Kitchen2 months ago
  • I also love the new Dark Crystal series! Question for Shane: which Skeksis is your favourite?

    Abbie CantwellAbbie Cantwell2 months ago
  • oh my GOD YES i love the dark crystal series PLEASE talk abt it more holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    wildwild2 months ago
  • Are y’all still under lock down? Texas is open.

    June is my sweet puppyJune is my sweet puppy2 months ago
  • when's the next are you scared?

    C CC C2 months ago
  • shane should be the professor for halloween

    JessJess2 months ago
  • the pure primal rage that Ryan induces in shane

    Kaylen Is smolKaylen Is smol2 months ago
  • Just a personal opinion, but Shane looks more like young Walt Disney than Ralph Ineson. So, maybe he should dress as Walt Disney and Ryan can dress as Mickey.

    katelyn applekatelyn apple2 months ago
  • The b*n solo shade..... i love it.

    Rhaena TargaryenRhaena Targaryen2 months ago
  • Ryan Bergara IS a celebrity

    Person McpersonPerson Mcperson2 months ago

    Alisa PerezAlisa Perez2 months ago
  • I cannot imagine steven lim twerking

    Liberty MorganLiberty Morgan2 months ago
  • yes and vomit

    Liberty MorganLiberty Morgan2 months ago
  • Halloween 2020 Costume Idea: Vomiting Mime

    John MarrowsJohn Marrows2 months ago
  • Love you guys from Malaysia.

    kf160k160kf160k1602 months ago
  • Steven pwned the heck outta Shane this entire episode.

    surelychoosurelychoo2 months ago

    Matthew SchummMatthew Schumm2 months ago
  • Glad the plants are mostly living

    Twisty SunshineTwisty Sunshine2 months ago
  • 10:00 omg shane pronounced yoongi correctly

    Atikah DailyAtikah Daily2 months ago
  • When are the professor pins going to be restocked?????

    AmethystEyesAmethystEyes2 months ago
  • I spy paddington bear

    Rachel MottersheadRachel Mottershead2 months ago
  • Wait why is your "Yoongi" pronounciation so good, Shane??? Pleasantly surprised!

    Aliifah BiancaAliifah Bianca2 months ago
  • I jolted from my bed when I heard Shane say Yoongi.

    RedHairedAlyRedHairedAly2 months ago
  • mood: the writing on the whiteboard that says "ryan bergara IS a celebrity"

    Katelynn SmithKatelynn Smith2 months ago
  • The way Steven pronounced “Medina” as “mah-dee-nah” when there is a city in Ohio but it’s pronounced “muh-die-nah”. Not saying he said it wrong, just curious as to why he pronounced it differently from the city (unless he’s never heard of it)

    Heather PHeather P2 months ago
  • Ryan's plant is cute...

    Chunelle Maria Victoria EspanolChunelle Maria Victoria Espanol2 months ago
  • How has COVID changed your day to day there

    Benny BooBenny Boo2 months ago
  • 8:52 so my grandma lol

    Sofia PrendivilleSofia Prendiville2 months ago
  • I can't find any postings but when is the Unsolved returning?

    Murphys LawMurphys Law2 months ago
  • Who is with me? Shane is looking like Edgar Allan Poe!

    Vince WilsonVince Wilson2 months ago
  • Shane just looks more like Inigo Montoya every day

    Ella BoehmeElla Boehme2 months ago
  • I never understood that some people look very similar to an actor and don't take advantage of that. I would dress up for every Halloween party or Cosplay Convention as a different character played by the actor. I mean: Ralph Ineson was in Star Wars, in Guardians of the Galaxy, in Harry Potter AND in Game of Thrones! That would be the ultimate dream of any multifandom cosplayer. No matter how bad your costume might be, everyone would recognize you immediately.

    J. H.J. H.2 months ago
  • steven, twerking comes from the thighs and the knees, not the hips and the back, it just takes a bit of practise youll get there

    Amelia RobinsonAmelia Robinson2 months ago
  • Who wants Ryan and Shane to do the paranormal investigation !!!

    last tm mtlast tm mt2 months ago
  • omg the professor paying rent in jelly beans... my heart can't handle the cute

    ArtxLifeArtxLife2 months ago
  • Shane went there with Ben solo like he is just as upset as we all are

    Alexis BaughmanAlexis Baughman2 months ago
  • just a shout out for Steve's Kuala Lumpur shirt.

    petra leongpetra leong2 months ago
  • "You leaving" "Its 5: 42"

    Mike CashMike Cash2 months ago
  • AHAHAHAH yoongibiased charmander i'm ded

    Lucy LeeLucy Lee2 months ago
  • Shane and Ryan PLEASE once corona calms down take a trip down under for supernatural unsolved! My sister works at the Kalamunda hotel in WA and holy crap it’s haunted

    Aimee GlossopAimee Glossop2 months ago
  • such good would recomend

    David MachucaDavid Machuca2 months ago
  • the 10 dislikes are the expired cheeseballs and the burnt plant

    Adella SuwandhiAdella Suwandhi2 months ago
  • Yoongi bias 💞

    moonchildmoonchild2 months ago
  • I'm old, so I keep thinking that Shane reminds me of Michael Nesmith from the Monkees. It's his sense of humor and mannerisms in particular.

    Lori WadeLori Wade2 months ago
  • NEWS FLASH: Brad Pistachio plays both Shane Madej AND Ralph Ineson.

    Leah SmithLeah Smith2 months ago
  • "some of the leaves are burnt" LMaOOO WHAT

    Claire BrackettClaire Brackett2 months ago
  • Lmao whenever someone gets their disney facts wrong around Ryan...he's like "Mickey and Minnie are HUSBAND AND WIFE, SIR" 😤

    R PR P2 months ago
  • Anyone else thinks Shane looks like Diego Luna?

    elemeno \elemeno \2 months ago
  • So I Googled Ralph and Oh My God👀👀👀👀 (the demon has a twin😱)

    Lyan CrownLyan Crown2 months ago
  • I am so excited for my new puppet university shirt I ordered yesterday!

    bluemeaniegirl1386bluemeaniegirl13862 months ago
  • can we talk about how beautiful Ryan's teeth are... drop your mouth care routine

    Clarisse DoligonClarisse Doligon2 months ago
    • His dad is a dentist.

      F HF H2 months ago
  • If someone were a fan of the Halloween police, would that make them a BOOtlicker?

    IndybotIndybot2 months ago
  • Barn burner? Mayhaps we’re getting the famous cow that burned down Chicago?

    ColaPola SIPColaPola SIP2 months ago
  • I got a question for Steven!! are you as annoyed by Ryan and Shane's antics as you look?? anyway, stay safe!!

    yeet yeetyeet yeet2 months ago
  • I hope the shows Steven hosts do well and continue on, I really enjoy his whole vibe. Just as much as I love Shane and Ryan's delightful commentary on the shows they do.

    PanicPanic2 months ago

    KeytownKeytown2 months ago
  • Things are so bad lately, thank God those videos get me through week.

    Windy DayWindy Day2 months ago
  • Office plant name suggestions starting in order at 15:34 1 Jay 2 Kiralee 3 Gustav 4 Ottoline 5 Sigurd 6 Wilhelmina

    Amanda CatheyAmanda Cathey2 months ago
  • i'd never had this level of disappointment when they answered the twerk question without actualy twerking.

    porfirio diaz carrilloporfirio diaz carrillo2 months ago
  • Thinking about how in 50 years there will be history videos about covid.....

    lolzIDKausernamelolzIDKausername2 months ago
  • I bought Kary's book that she recommend last Puppet History (Strong Women) and I've started the first part and its really interesting! I'm also so excited for my PU sweater to ship!

    Amanda CatheyAmanda Cathey2 months ago
  • these views are too low

    Adeeba RuhulAdeeba Ruhul2 months ago
  • ryan is too close the the camera. 6ft bro 6ft

    Evan O'DwyerEvan O'Dwyer2 months ago
  • Steven, you're not greasy or oily; it's 2020: you're "dewy". 😂❤

    Kibbles vonButterscotchKibbles vonButterscotch2 months ago
  • What's with the lil white bit in the corner of Shane's screen? When it's full screen?? 🤔

    J0s3b0bJ0s3b0b2 months ago
  • I very much ADORE that living room mural!! It's really pretty!!✨️🌻

    Salted Caramel SundaeSalted Caramel Sundae2 months ago
  • Shane sounds like he is describing a Oubliette! A dungeon featured in medieval and Renaissance castles with only an opening at the top. Sometimes these (allegedly) also had spikes on the bottom. In reality, probably they were for storage. But that doesn’t mean that writers even from the 18th century weren’t fascinated with the possibilities!

    Marsha ThornberryMarsha Thornberry2 months ago
  • Why is steven describing my apartment.. i cant help the slanted floors...

    John carteJohn carte2 months ago
  • To everyone who wants to crochet the professor from the intro, the design is available for free on ravelry, here's the link: Kudos to the person who made it btw, you're awesome!

    Fareeda ZanoferFareeda Zanofer2 months ago
  • I like how Death is watching over the office 😂

    ellzzz _38ellzzz _382 months ago
  • JUST A PIT 🤣

    Su ySu y2 months ago
  • Once i get my check i will get that PU hat 😇 i LOVE YOU SHANE

    Alexa J.Alexa J.2 months ago
  • The office tour is pretty good. 💛

    Mia TerracottaMia Terracotta2 months ago
  • I don’t know what I would do without these guys during this pandemic 😂😂 Steven is actually really cute with those plants much love

    Diana HernandezDiana Hernandez2 months ago
  • Saddest podcast is really fun to listen, I love it, makes missing Disneyland bearable. 😢

    Lamia T LLamia T L2 months ago
  • name the plant coochie

    emily saralemily saral2 months ago

    Priyanka AmbatiPriyanka Ambati2 months ago