We DIY’d a Graduation for 169 Students • Watcher Weekly #020

May 21, 2020
124 878 Views

Congratulations class of 2020! Thank you to all the graduates and to those we couldn’t get to!
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Hello! Welcome to the 20th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
1:17 Chill Zone
1:49 Content Callouts (fan arts!)
3:10 This Week
3:37 Q&A
9:05 Watcher Graduation
28:22 Professor Speech
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  • The handshakes where so fucked 🤣

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn21 hour ago

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn21 hour ago
  • Such a wonderful thing to do. My graduation ceremony is cancelled 😭

    katherine collinskatherine collins9 days ago

    hannah ruthhannah ruth14 days ago
  • Finally got to this episode. How nice.

    Sam WardSam Ward14 days ago
  • The graduation was so sweet... Ryan, you're a wonderful man.

    KatKat14 days ago
  • Wooh! I went to Weslaco East High School ♥ So happy someone from my school did this ^^!

    Loveless WhiteLoveless White15 days ago
  • Wish i could of graduated :( can i still make class of 2021

    Chris CrossChris Cross22 days ago
  • This is the only graduation ceremony I've ever cared about, and that includes all 6 sibling graduations I attended before we stopped doing that.

    M TM T27 days ago
  • I-O!

    Joy ReneeJoy Renee28 days ago
  • I liked the DIY Graduation 💕. I love the professor 💕

    xyreen riveraxyreen rivera29 days ago
  • This is the sweetest thing!!!!!! We love you boys!

    Shai EstrellaShai EstrellaMonth ago
  • The DIY graduation is so sweet! I feel for all the grads who didn't get to celebrate their achievements in the traditional way, and I'm so proud of everyone who worked hard to get to graduation. This is such a nice way of acknowledging all that hard work!

    angelofdusk13angelofdusk13Month ago
  • God, this is so freaking cute! I also love seeing the comments of the people who were in the video. Very wholesome. ; w ;

    Nico SanNico SanMonth ago
  • Ryan’s smile makes it so entertaining to watch this through the end

    Leighanne CalacuayoLeighanne Calacuayo2 months ago
  • aw, the graduation thing was super cute, you guys rule

    IchabodIchabod2 months ago
  • Alright I guess i gotta see this.

    Josh nymanJosh nyman2 months ago
  • lauren really worked hard on this one. ryan was tinted pink in a room where the lights are pink. i think thats exeptional

    alifia !alifia !2 months ago
  • this episode is just me sitting and saying "that's a cool name" and "I'm gonna name my child that" every 5 seconds

    nasthegreatweirdonasthegreatweirdo2 months ago
  • *Hears O-H* *Screams in the middle of the night with other sleeping people in the house* I-O!!!!! WOOOOW!

    Lindsey EbyLindsey Eby2 months ago
  • I just want to kno is watcher part of buzzfeed

    Umunique FordUmunique Ford2 months ago
  • École secondaire Sainte Famille??? That's so close from here I feel famous by repercution

    Emmanuelle Beaudoin-RoyEmmanuelle Beaudoin-Roy2 months ago
  • Most graduates are females.. 😍

    BGK SBGK S2 months ago
  • Like 99% were women. Love it.

    The Skeleton FriendThe Skeleton Friend3 months ago
  • I’m do glad everyone’s houses are as messy as mine 😬

    kleerudekleerude3 months ago

    Maria OorloffMaria Oorloff3 months ago
  • trans spiderman is my fave

    Candy Corn SkullCandy Corn Skull3 months ago
  • a rare footage of ryan bergara using the teleportation jutsu

    rukawa ryonanrukawa ryonan3 months ago
  • this is so unbelievably pure and good. also shout out to the person graduating from IFHS, congrats!

    AnotherWesleyAnotherWesley3 months ago
  • Thank you for doing this :')

    Isaac GarciaIsaac Garcia3 months ago
  • The graduation part is so wholesome💓

    John Ross Dela PenaJohn Ross Dela Pena3 months ago
  • Oh my god someone I know from school is in this, dope

    Manasvini TangiralaManasvini Tangirala3 months ago
  • wonderful stuff

    Debora BowlinDebora Bowlin3 months ago

    Debora BowlinDebora Bowlin3 months ago
  • In the feels today about not having a normal senior year, so I'm re watching this. Thank you again for this amazing idea!

    Marlise MasseyMarlise Massey4 months ago
  • Im mad i missed sending my video in lol

    Karla ValdezKarla Valdez4 months ago
  • gotta say that graduation speech was 100x better than virginia tech's commencement lmfao thanks professor

    Joey MooringJoey Mooring4 months ago
  • When you hesitated to submit something just to go back and wonder if anyone else at your watches Watcher and sure enough William & Mary shows up. Go Tribe !

    Diana IbarraDiana Ibarra4 months ago
  • Ryan's pronunciations on some of these common names... Ryan have you deadass never met a Tatum or Leigh? Like I love you but goddamn.

    Shelby AllenShelby Allen4 months ago
  • 24:09 my man made a legendary entrance

    angelickittenangelickitten4 months ago
  • This was so sweet. And the Professor with the graduation garb is so cute

    S KullsS Kulls4 months ago
  • I guess this technically counts as my graduation commencement speech ( cause my school didn’t have one) so thank you professor for your ( inspiring?) speech

    Chloe JacksonChloe Jackson4 months ago
  • Gotta love Ryan and Shane (And steven) for this.

    Monsieur BacteriaMonsieur Bacteria4 months ago
  • Ummm, I think you mean “almost 170 students” lol

    _ HuffleProud __ HuffleProud _4 months ago
  • We love what a total Ohioan Steven is when he said O-H I immediately out loud said I-O. Love that sportsman ship babeyyyy

    layla Perduelayla Perdue4 months ago
  • Steven graduating from ohio state is the singular thing that I am most proud of from my state/area

    izzyizzy5 months ago
  • I feel so moved by how much effort is put into this! Ryan, you are great for doing this and it turend put so sweet^^

    LoesLoes5 months ago
  • I actually graduated a few weeks ago and this just made me actually so happy to watch congratulations to my fellow grads of 2020!!

    JustLikeLexiJustLikeLexi5 months ago
  • professor got me motivated. i think

    RichieRichie5 months ago
  • I know one of the people graduating, but I won't reveal who. I'll give you 2 clues. They don't live near where I live. They were somewhere in the middle of the ceremony.

    Sam WammSam Wamm5 months ago
  • this was so cute

    May MMay M5 months ago
  • this DIY graduation was such a heartwarming pleasure to watch! :’) one of the best ways i’ve seen to help commemorate class of 2020! huge props to the watcher team in making this possible for their fans and putting in the effort to put this all together!

    Mariah C.Mariah C.5 months ago
  • The Ryan head turn everytime had me dead lmao

    FaithelixaFaithelixa5 months ago
  • Shoutout to the guys from el Tec de Monterrey. You be making us proud

    Denisse ReyesDenisse Reyes5 months ago
  • Damn it, I missed the submission TvT.

    Evelyn MendozaEvelyn Mendoza5 months ago
  • When Steven said, “O-H!” I yelled, “I-O!” Ohioans, ban together!!

    Alex HortonAlex Horton5 months ago
  • The professor says ACAB

    N0R5K1N0R5K15 months ago
  • Today was my graduation!!!!

    AnaPaula GomezAnaPaula Gomez5 months ago
  • IO!

    2buxaslice2buxaslice5 months ago
  • this was one of the sweetest videos ive seen

    kindcolorkindcolor5 months ago
  • Im doing my final exam tomorrow after 7years of Uni . .... ... And I'm not going to get to go to graduation 🤦

    Kayleigh Dunne OfficialKayleigh Dunne Official5 months ago
  • Erin Smith wherever you are, attack on titan is amazing

    shay uhshay uh5 months ago
  • I appreciate the box graduation cap

    Lilypad2245Lilypad22455 months ago
  • I miss steven’s kitchen

    Lilypad2245Lilypad22455 months ago
  • this was the cutest, sweetest, most wholesome thing to come out of this damn quarantine

    Kai Lani GlassKai Lani Glass5 months ago
  • why is it all women lmaoo

    Reagan or somReagan or som5 months ago
  • the polar express is very important to me, so shut the fuck up you awesome dicks.

    Owen POwen P5 months ago
  • Sarah Bradshaw was my camp counselor i had watch it like three times to make sure it was her that’s so crazy!! Miss you Sarah congrats

    Sam CabezaSam Cabeza5 months ago
  • Graduates: 👋 Ryan: ✊ And together 🤝 Honestly the graduation was wholesome and amusing. Congratulations everyone who graduated and I'm sorry you didn't get your huge ceremony. Hopefully this helped haha

    IlluminaughtyIlluminaughty5 months ago
  • The professor was a little bit too early with the whole dismanteling the system thing.

    shubidoeshubidoe5 months ago
  • As a graduate of 2020, thank you, guys. ESPECIALLY THE PROFESSOR, THAT SPEECH WAS AMAZING

    Jill StephensonJill Stephenson5 months ago

    Yeet HawYeet Haw5 months ago

      Yeet HawYeet Haw5 months ago
  • The graduation ceremony is the cutest thing ever! I would choose to have this as my graduation any day!!!

    AHBUCHIUAHBUCHIU5 months ago
  • Its not Christmas without the polar express. Its a god awful movie, but I have to watch it and sound of music every Christmas or I just don’t feel holly and jolly Also, i was smiling during the whole graduation ceremony, that was such a sweet thing to do for fans

    Kittikat4124Kittikat41245 months ago
  • Ryan, I was tired just watching that. Your dedication to the fans really is out of this world.

    BuruRavenBuruRaven5 months ago

    EevachuEevachu6 months ago
  • to everyone who balanced a book on their head and the one who used Hogwarts robes... you're all my heroes lol

    Carley ColsonCarley Colson6 months ago
  • I'm actually sobbing

    Hinaga MoizafHinaga Moizaf6 months ago
  • Loved the graduation ceremony. was long, but I loved how many people sent in their videos. Was interesting to see that 98% of them were female. Only thing that would have been better is if it was in alphabetical order, like a real graduation and also so I would know how close to the end it was. Loved seeing some of the creativity in there.

    C SailerC Sailer6 months ago
  • “Tatum” Bruh.

    OsibTheSunbroOsibTheSunbro6 months ago
  • Thank you Ryan, that graduation ceremony was just as emotional and awkward as I remember my own being way back in 2009. Also a good short sweet and to the point speech from the Professor. Rock on, comrade.

    RosettaRosetta6 months ago
  • Ok but how did they sync the handshake up so well

    Nancy MaiNancy Mai6 months ago
  • IO edit: 1:13

    Meif'wa Shadow Knight ;DMeif'wa Shadow Knight ;D6 months ago
  • If only my handshake was as flawless as half of these

    Lauren HawesLauren Hawes6 months ago
  • Sadly, I missed out on this graduation, but very much appreciate the sentiment and think you guys are awesome for hosting this lovely virtual grad. Keep on being awesome!

    Alicia NorrieAlicia Norrie6 months ago
  • Congratulations graduates! This is actually really sweet and I may have teared up. You can't prove it though.

    Courtney MappersonCourtney Mapperson6 months ago
  • Dammit Ryan how come I always miss the chance to send my videos. I just graduated at top of my class for online taxidermist dagree at 35 yrs old. My ma n pops going be so proud of me. I can maybe buy a bike and move out if my parents house. Really showing them who's the man

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne6 months ago
  • 23:36 another french watcher !! Right next to where I live😄

    MathMath6 months ago
  • I feel validated by watcher as a grad more than I feel validated by my school district

    SeaSea6 months ago
  • Published on May 21st --- Announces that it’s May 20th...

    Velma WhiteVelma White6 months ago
  • I love how shane is slowly starting to look like a cave man

    Ysabel DinoYsabel Dino6 months ago
  • Tell me why I watched through the whole ceremony even though neither I nor anyone I know was in it. Congrats everyone!

    Grace LewisGrace Lewis6 months ago
  • oh no I wish I was able to participate. Wish i knew in time

    Paloma Dalia MendozaPaloma Dalia Mendoza6 months ago
  • I would honestly prefer this graduation opposed to an actual one is that weird?

    WangKongWangKong6 months ago
  • This is too cute, and a great idea Also, best graduation speech ever Professor

    Mina WeißMina Weiß6 months ago
  • Omg that was absolutely amazing you guys!!! The coolest graduation ceremony ever, by far. So inspiring. Congratulations to all the graduates!! I am very happy I got to see you all walk across the green screen. Oh snap!! Lol, I just realized you literally walked into a new future!!!! Way more impactful than the old school walk across the stage. You straight walked through 2020 with the tech of the new age!! #Legit

    AriaAria6 months ago
  • Ok...sooo two things : 1. I was TRIGGERED when they came after Polar Express!!!! Like sir, HOW DARE YOU! 2. Omg that graduation ceremony was soooo sweet! Shout out to the girl with the Watcher Weekly cap! That was super cute!!

    madikinz17madikinz176 months ago
  • sometimes you guys do some wholesome shit and I just can't! APPLAUSE! Congratulation all you graduates!!!

    DeiDei6 months ago
  • I-O!!!! I got you Steven, not leaving you hanging.

    Katie ComptonKatie Compton6 months ago
  • My reaction to the commencement speech: THAT was the speech?! Hey, man... Hey- that- okay, that was pretty good though...

    BooWeeDooBooWeeDoo6 months ago