We Explore Our Fans' Homes • Watcher Weekly #031

Aug 5, 2020
105 286 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 31st episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
1:02 Chill Zone
1:23 Content Callouts
2:15 WWW News
3:06 Q & A
10:51 WWW Challenge
19:55 Goodbye
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  • For a minute I thought she was picking death caps n about to eat them

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn8 hours ago
  • Everyone’s talking about how chaotic Ryan is being, I just wanna know how much he smoked and what strain?

    Berlin VandliljeBerlin Vandlilje6 days ago
  • omg I had a panda version of that bear at 16:22 wow that brought back so many memories, I loved that thing

    Liv CLiv C11 days ago
  • you guys need to discover all the nysteries of the denver airport

    karrenmoorekarrenmoore22 days ago

    GBPNZGBPNZ23 days ago
  • I think the photographer is Vivian Maier. She was an amazing street photographer born in New York, lived in Chicago and Los Angeles. I love her work, as a photographer myself. She was a pack rat, and held on to tons of old newspapers and stuff. There’s a whole documentary about her called ‘Finding Vivian Maier’. It was very interesting to watch

    Kate PearsKate Pears29 days ago
  • 16:30 i had one of those as a kid oh my god

    lucienlucienMonth ago
    • the noises are supposed to be bear noises btw :0

      lucienlucienMonth ago
  • VIVIAN MAIER is the photographer Shane mentioned at the end of the episode I think! I don't love photography as an art form but I love her work! She captured a lot of tension and humor in her street photography. Maier was completely unknown as an artist until long after her death when someone bought a storage unit of her film--just did it for the passion. I hope some people check her out

    Genevieve LeachGenevieve LeachMonth ago
  • you are an old man Ryan just wait till you hit your 40's. invest in a wheel chair

    Linda SangerLinda SangerMonth ago
  • Top5s, Bedtime Stories, Scary Mysteries, and K'eyush the Stunt Dog. Those are my go to's while waiting for Watcher to release a video.

    Adler HolmesAdler HolmesMonth ago
  • Steven needs to drop his USworlds subscription list, I’m always on USworlds while I work And would absolutely loved if Shane and Steven did a show checking out the craziest or unique airports I can agree with Shane “I fucking love airports” too lol

    LivingMyLife22LivingMyLife22Month ago
  • If anyone is wondering the photographer Shane is talking about at the end is named Vivian Mayer, there's a wonderful documentary on her and her work and the discovery of it called Finding Vivian Mayer that came out in 2013.

    Jordan MurphyJordan Murphy2 months ago
  • I was thinking we didn't live near anything Weird or Wonderful, and then I remembered that we live right next to a cemetery and a Free Masonry Church :/

    Mochi ChoiMochi Choi2 months ago
  • I want Shane’s shirt

    Vince nickVince nick2 months ago
  • Bro I had that bear as a kid and you feed it and take care of it

    Zoë MurrayZoë Murray2 months ago
  • if i meet shane i will actually cry

    cody shelleycody shelley2 months ago
  • I would watch the shit out of Steven & Shane’s airport show. 🛫

    Amy GeeAmy Gee2 months ago
  • Pls make a show just exploring airports and going over the weird lore in them bc we know all airports have something weird abt them! you could start w DIA and that demon horse

    Alyssa LivingstonAlyssa Livingston2 months ago
  • God I fucking love airports

    Alyssa LivingstonAlyssa Livingston2 months ago
  • best birthday present ever ! new watcher weekly on my birthday !! happy 35th to mee!!!!!!

    AnnaMaria MazzolaAnnaMaria Mazzola2 months ago
  • the swiss airport is so good even ryan would like it

    Lillie WalstromLillie Walstrom2 months ago
  • That's a furreal friends bear. I had one! Not horrifying, he likes hugs.

    Baffled MouseBaffled Mouse2 months ago
  • UFO home on the beach are called ShotCrete Domes up here - they are suppose to be tornado and hurricane proof 🤪

    Kirstin IrelandKirstin Ireland2 months ago
  • after the q+a ryan looked like he was watching mari hide a dead body

    Paper InspirationPaper Inspiration2 months ago
  • KevJumba!!😍😍 Ryan Higa!

    PinkGeek77PinkGeek772 months ago
  • oh my god, I remember those bears! it's whimpering because you're not hugging it :(

    Amanda TAmanda T2 months ago
  • I would love a steven and shane airport show when its safe again. I feel like that would be awesome

    Andromeda NightshadeAndromeda Nightshade2 months ago
  • lol buzzfeed is nothing without Ryan and shane

    Abdo dzAbdo dz2 months ago
  • I just really love thier every, not forced, not scripted, just friends enjoying each others company and putting it on the internet

    briana davidsonbriana davidson2 months ago
  • also ryans paddington shirt is giving me LIFE

    Marian HatchMarian Hatch3 months ago
  • no one: shane: "i LovE aiRpOrTs"

    Marian HatchMarian Hatch3 months ago
  • shane and steven, as a fellow lover of airports, i NEED a show of the two of you exploring airports

    Em REm R3 months ago
  • As a car guy, more specifically a Ford fan, I almost immediately noticed Shane’s Ford Bronco shirt. Is he a Bronco fan, and does he own one?

    Sean O'BrienSean O'Brien3 months ago
  • All hail the watcher

  • please bring back are you scared!!!!!!

    SHAM IRLSHAM IRL3 months ago
  • I love Steven let him talk more

    Alisa PerezAlisa Perez3 months ago
  • Those ufo houses r always by the beach lol. They r built that way a long time ago for wind prevention. Or hurricanes. We have a few in my town around the beach . They were built in the 80s/90s. Now there r way better ways to build but those ufo house never caught on it seems lol.

    DOTcommDOTcomm3 months ago
  • I’d love to see the subscriptions!

    Sydney McFaddenSydney McFadden3 months ago
  • ‘Polite laughter’

    Blake W.W301Blake W.W3013 months ago
  • Every time Shane says the social media handles all i hear is, "we are watching, we are watching, we are watching."

    imakyle _imakyle _3 months ago
  • Exploring fan's homes should come back!!!!!

    GiovannaGiovanna3 months ago
  • lmao nah, rip again to new zealand

    j vj v3 months ago
  • the weirdest thing in my town, is livsreise, a norwegian museum in stoughton wisconsin

    Zoe Tremain-WoodcockZoe Tremain-Woodcock3 months ago
  • Big fan of you guys taking most of the youtube-aired questions from youtube. If I'd known the odds of a question going through, I would've asked one. Hope you'll do this regularly!

    IndybotIndybot3 months ago
  • Steven yes tell us your video binges!

    Sarah KatherineSarah Katherine3 months ago
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul is one of the best airports I’ve ever been to. Highly recommend

    Emma FriendEmma Friend3 months ago
  • Way to jinx it guys, Auckland's back in lockdown (for like three days, guess I'll go play some Fall Guys)

    Christopher StewartChristopher Stewart3 months ago
  • That was a very chaotic intro...

    Qrow in A skirtQrow in A skirt3 months ago
  • Guys!!! The 3 of you need to do a show exploring the Denver airport! The creepy conspiracies for Ryan... and the airport will make Steven and Shane so happy!

    MyNerdy SelfMyNerdy Self3 months ago
  • Ryan....are you okay?

    Cassandra FrostCassandra Frost3 months ago
  • “Are you sure it wasn’t coronavirus asking that question?” 😂😂😂

    Bella CurcioBella Curcio3 months ago
  • Poor Mackenzie just asked an innocent question but got compared to coronavirus instead

    hira sanhira san3 months ago
  • Ryan your USworlds taste is impeccable! Rattled off all my faves

    DeCipherTheMindDeCipherTheMind3 months ago
  • “Did you see where my hat went? I was shredding.” Already amazing

    Night OwlNight Owl3 months ago
  • Dome houses are better able to withstand tidal surf than square, flat surfaces

    mummamu1970mummamu19703 months ago
  • Ryan should watch OffHand Disney he would love it someone tell him

    Nikki RivasNikki Rivas3 months ago
  • I feel like Watcher videos haven't been showing up in my subscriptions 🤔 just found out I've been missing videos. Anyone else noticed that? Or did I just did'nt pay attention?

    ElisabethElisabeth3 months ago
  • Lt. Lick Me?

    Hector De La GarzaHector De La Garza3 months ago
  • Ryan: I don't watch a lot of USworlds Also Ryan: *lists all the channels he's subbed to and tells us about all the content he watches*

    Joe BJoe B3 months ago
  • I hope they do this again, I missed the submit date.

    endymion enbyendymion enby3 months ago
  • Thanks to whoever that does the captions and makes this show accessible. I love you.

    endymion enbyendymion enby3 months ago
  • THAT WAS LUCY FROM the original TOP FIVE SCARY USworlds CHANNEL in the first video. I know that accent from anywhere. Or I’m wrong.

    Rhiannon LloydRhiannon Lloyd3 months ago
  • I know I’m late, but: As someone from Denver, y’all should totally do an episode on DIA, Denver International Airport. You guys would LOVE to investigate the wacky bullshit in that place, and the fact that the airport just keeps feeding into it.

    Grace CooperGrace Cooper3 months ago
  • Ummm Steven, is that a Brown Recluse bite?? Also, I love that no one acknowledged your issue and just jumped to their answer haha

    SarahSarah3 months ago
  • The photographer Shane was talking about is Vivian Maier. There's an amazing documentary on Netflix about her

    Bryn VanMansumBryn VanMansum3 months ago

    TM AllisonTM Allison3 months ago
  • LOVE DEFUNCTLAND. Knew Ryan would be a fan.

    FollowingUsernamesRFollowingUsernamesR3 months ago
  • This is gonna sound so weird but I’ve always loved how every airport is different. Different types or architecture and designed terminals. The airport in Pitssburgh PA, is HUGE. It’s so wack, basically a museum lots of wax figures and statues to look at. The Orlando FL airport (Disney fans KNOW) just has very laid back kinda cursed vibes. Very strange. The airport in Philadelphia reminded me straight up of one of those pod hotels. The area was sooo small and they each had a separate little room to board. Anyways yes I need an airport series🤣

    Jess RobinJess Robin3 months ago
  • Ryan’s eyes really go ⬅️➡️⬆️⬇️↘️↗️↙️➡️➡️⬆️⬆️⬆️ anywhere but the camera

    Alexis BiancaAlexis Bianca3 months ago
  • I really liked the last one. She did some great editing. Seems like a film maker in the making

    Desiree EspinosaDesiree Espinosa3 months ago
  • steven is secretly spiderman confirmed

    Reed ColesReed Coles3 months ago
  • sometimes i feel bad because I'll look at shane's head and think its been edited bigger but no. that's just his normal head :/ rip

    Aniya CooksAniya Cooks3 months ago
  • Shout out to all the Kiwis here! We did good :)

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred3 months ago
  • BROWN RECLUSE! That sounds like a Brown Recluse spider bite. The venom eats a crater into your skin. Might wanna get that checked out!

    Gage CookGage Cook3 months ago
  • Ryan, you say you love immersion and things like Disneyland, etc. have you ever been to an immersive theatrical experience, ie sleep no more? Cause I bet you’d love it

    Rebecca ZRebecca Z3 months ago
  • the fact Ryan watches disneyland ride POV’s and defunctland and yesterworld makes me so extremely happy bc I thought I was just crazy for missing the parks so much that I binge all the YT content and it turns out im only a little crazy

    Jordy SeevesJordy Seeves3 months ago
  • "we support creative endeavors here" "If he did something outside of Watcher, LeTs FiRe HiM" That buzzfeed shade tho

    HeyRyanIsOnXHeyRyanIsOnX3 months ago
  • Shane' face at 17:13 SENT me, I've never seen a face like that on him

    Lyan CrownLyan Crown3 months ago
  • Lorenzo Ball 😂😂

    Martin GarciaMartin Garcia3 months ago
  • I swear the first time I saw this video’s title, the first thing that went through my head was *ALL HAIL THE WATCHER.*

    Der Große KurfürstDer Große Kurfürst3 months ago
  • Yo I had that bear. You fed it and held it so it would cry. I loved it lol.

    Kirah EatonKirah Eaton3 months ago
  • i’m from Chino Hills. yes it’s hot and yes we have beautiful hiking trails for saying we’re a big city. you could come check it out :)

    FriFri3 months ago
  • I HAVE THAT BEAR!! or at least I have very vivid memories of a bear like that!

    Cottage CarrotsCottage Carrots3 months ago
  • We need the third episode of are you scared

    JondiJondi3 months ago
  • interested on the list for USworlds Steven

    Claudia Ceppi IturraClaudia Ceppi Iturra3 months ago
  • the perfect trio

    Dean Victor SantosDean Victor Santos3 months ago
  • “He did something outside of watcher let’s fire him”- shane @ ryan Looooool

    M JM J3 months ago
  • Our boarders here in QLD Australia are closing as we were almost back to normal but Victoria screwed things up, we have around 4 active cases now so we have to keep the other states from coming in again.

    Sarah PriceSarah Price3 months ago
  • New Zealand meet & greet - awesome idea! x from NZ

    Kay BrightKay Bright3 months ago
  • Hold on....you know that one episode on unsolved true crime where they talk about the watcher stalking the home of a family. Now look at this, a channel named ‘watcher’ looking at homes, huh, coincidence? I think not

    Eeks ZimaEeks Zima3 months ago
  • I am think of making a Watcher subreddit.

    ChivalianChivalian3 months ago
  • 16:16 Stranger to have them inland, they were homes designed to be presumably to allow its occupants to live through storm surges. Like stilt homes, but with the functionality of having a place to stick your car.

    Gran FalloonGran Falloon3 months ago
  • Why is Steven quiet?

    Inwil 14Inwil 143 months ago
  • The slow demise of Steven’s plant continues 😬

    Brenda LBrenda L3 months ago
  • aw that little 'wo-oo' at 19:53

    lizardlizard3 months ago
  • Q: If you could be transported to any fictional world/country/town/city etc where would you go and why? (P.S Lovin’ the channel, pretty sure the Roller Derby episode made my mom pee her pants from laughing so hard)

    Geeky ForeverGeeky Forever3 months ago
  • Shane, watch Packed in a Trunk: The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson, its about an 1800s ladies artwork being found by her living relatives. Also check out the album Margaret by Jason Webly and friends, its about this random ladies life told through song after a songwriter found her journal in a garbage bin!! They are so fascinating

    kiernan winchesterkiernan winchester3 months ago
  • The creepy hand dude was installed in Christchurch for a while and I'm getting flashbacks of driving through the city at night and seeing it lit up watching you, it was terrifying! Love the boys in NZ please come here one day, we're basically one weird and wonderful country!!

    Sarah AlyseSarah Alyse3 months ago
  • Intro Ryan reminds of the homeless man named Kevin that I used to know and take care of

    Cheyenne maierCheyenne maier3 months ago
  • The photographer s name is Vivian maier. She also had some mirror selfies which I find hilarious because of the big ass camera she’s holding

    Margo bMargo b3 months ago