We Guess Our Horoscope Personalities • Watcher Weekly #018

May 6, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to the 18th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
- Chill Zone
- Special News
- HWYD Reviews
- Q&A
- Horoscope Quizlet
- Good Bye!
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  • All Hail the Watcher.

    Dash LukkyDash LukkyDay ago
  • Started watching the watcher weekly's around 11 am yesterday now its 251 am (I also rewatched sd&d&d

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn3 days ago
  • shane is stubborn tho...have u ever watched him ghost hunt?

    Aesthetic AngelAesthetic Angel6 days ago
  • the editing/effects are fantastic, i love the whole watcher group ;u;

    Sparkling Lemon-Lime PopSparkling Lemon-Lime Pop9 days ago
  • An Ex-Spook-Sive?

    Jove BissonnetteJove Bissonnette10 days ago
  • I'm not even that into astrology, but Steven puts off mad virgo vibes.

    LeeAnne Fourcrows Hensley-MerrittLeeAnne Fourcrows Hensley-Merritt14 days ago
  • Shane looks like the cool history professor that cusses in lectures and says, “History is important but I know a lot of you dgaf so at least try to pay attention for exams. If you fail, at least I did my job. Try not to ask too many questions so we can get out of here early.”

    Ella DElla D19 days ago
  • biden just won so im binging watcher to celebrate!!!

    Sophia MagyarSophia Magyar22 days ago
  • Ascendant is basically NOTHING, lol.

    YourofflineYouroffline25 days ago
  • That whole segment on sun signs was exactly how you would expect that conversation to go. Even the things they said about the topic fit to a tee haha.

    NelsonNelson26 days ago
  • Idk why we're talking about bellybuttons, but if anyone finds weird medical facts interesting i have a hernia the size of a pea in my belly button that does no harm. When i was little i named it Fred as little kids do.

    Jaz ShawJaz Shaw28 days ago
  • I get the way Shane gets when I’m done with a huge project. If the project is exhausting enough, I actually get sick. My body won’t get sick until the project is over. Like, when I graduated college, everything was project based. I didn’t sleep enough for weeks and got Shingles afterwards. Shingles is caused by the Chickenpox virus attacking your body when your immune system is compromised.

    Grace Winchester-BagginsGrace Winchester-BagginsMonth ago
  • wait I have the same sun + rising as Ryan :O

    GabiGabiMonth ago
  • I BEEN SAYING Shane & Ryan are the perfect representation of a Taurus x Sagittarius duo

    GabiGabiMonth ago
  • im kinda a believer of horoscope personalities (comes in handy when dealing with people, at least from my personal experience) and Ive been wondering for a while and even commented asking if Steven was a libran coz he really gives off Libran vibe and to finally come across this video and to know his ascendant is Libra, I am finally at peace. lol. Ascendant is basically how you come off to people aka the vibe you give to people which may necessarily not be true but that is how people see you, people who don't know you personally. Steven really gave me libran vibes coz im a libran sun and moon so i know what libran personality is like. Hoping you would reveal your Mars and Venus if you haven't already (shall look for it now) coz im a sucker for these kinda things lol, please *puppy eyes*

    Black RoseBlack RoseMonth ago
  • I am curious if the boys have their correct ascendant. It changes sign like every two hours so you gotta have a very precise hour of birth.

    Sofia LunaSofia LunaMonth ago
  • Do chinese horoscope

    Kris OgleKris OgleMonth ago
  • More 🐎 💩

    Hotboy FazeHotboy Faze2 months ago
  • Wait.. Ryan as sag sun? I should've known it lool as a fellow sag

    K & D joshiK & D joshi2 months ago
  • 4:44 the proffessor omg

    Dragon HunterDragon Hunter2 months ago
  • aren’t you not supposed to tell people your whole birth chart bc they can like mess with you

    themonsterfrombird boxthemonsterfrombird box2 months ago
  • I can't get enough Steven from worth it, so here I am watching 3 guys talking about horoscope 😂 But I'm really intrigued by this "power-hungry in pitch meetings" Steven, please elaborate more ;)

    Animania freakAnimania freak2 months ago
  • This is so awesome and always look forward to every upload on this channel

    katherine collinskatherine collins3 months ago
  • The intro was like good mythical morning.

    Becoming WholeBecoming Whole3 months ago
  • I believe that astrology depends on the source you are receiving the information from.

    anna mooreanna moore3 months ago
  • Why did I get so excited when I saw the professor sitting in the corner !!! 😬

    LiB CalLiB Cal3 months ago
  • the way the professors head expands when shane says the watcher badge might make you look like you're in a cult... holy shit

    rosabellerosabelle3 months ago
  • not having the lil whiteboard behind steven feels weird somehow

    ActuallyRandomPersonActuallyRandomPerson3 months ago
  • Bruh you have to consider the sun and moon when evaluating rising. You have to keep account how they all interact with one another

    jasznia jacksonjasznia jackson3 months ago
  • I’m a boogara I believe in everything unbelievable lol but now I understand my attraction to Shane, HES A TAURUS... god I love Taurus men.

    Emma EarthlingEmma Earthling3 months ago
  • They gave the Proffesor a big head at 4:45

    Just MeJust Me4 months ago
  • most virgos are messy but organized. when i think of a virgo's home (my mom's a virgo), i think of a clean house that's cluttered and might not make sense (cooking utensils like spatulas and whisks are all on the highest cabinet shelf instead of next to the sink, stove or in a drawer) and while it seems disjointed at first glance, everything is just uniquely organized, even though it looks 'messy'. there's not a single object, no matter how small, in the house that my mom doesn't know where to find. tbh i think that's how most virgos are 'organized'! and it's really funny how shane's reaction to learning what an ascendant sign is was an incredulous 'HAAH!?' because of course as a double-taurus he presents to other people very genuinely and the idea of wearing a 'mask' didn't ring legit to him!

    lucluc4 months ago
  • i think u guys got the risings wrong cuz u thought they were right, but rising isn't supposed to be right! especially to your close friends who know u better. it's more about how ppl would think what type of person u are from the OUTSIDE view, like if you met someone new, what would they guess your zodiac sign to be type of category. as an introvert tho, my mask is much more integrated for me that even people close to me think my rising fits very well, i have learned the art of masking lmao

    luna •luna •4 months ago
  • oh wow? ryan is sun sagittarius and rising virgo just like me lol zodiac-twins

    luna •luna •4 months ago
  • i was playing this while i did some other stuff,,, i got all their horoscopes right :'))

    BeaBea4 months ago
  • I see that the Professor is roommates with Shane 🤣

    Fuji's SisterFuji's Sister4 months ago
  • Heyo Taurus club Shane, hows it feel to be ~in tune with you feminine energies~?

    Sara WinbergSara Winberg4 months ago
  • 4:45 😆😆😆

    Neko NekoNeko Neko4 months ago
  • my sun, moon, and rising signs are all aries..........

    Skyler MaxwellSkyler Maxwell4 months ago
  • normal people’s near death experiences: i almost got electrocuted me: i almost walked in front of a car...

    Skyler MaxwellSkyler Maxwell4 months ago
  • wait, ryan's a sagittarius??? yess a fellow sag, it all makes sense

    ezraezra4 months ago
  • Here's the unsolved alien video for anyone looking: Part 1: usworlds.info/slow/video/aZaAnYC9fY-We6k Part 2: usworlds.info/slow/video/mYara6ydkJeMl4M

    Caitie KiraCaitie Kira4 months ago
  • I want to be in a relationship with Shane and I’m straight as fuck

    peep novapeep nova4 months ago
  • No more pins in store,I'm sad. Have you thought about a Professor stuffed animal,that would be cool.

    Holly DaltonHolly Dalton4 months ago
  • 4:45 why did professor's head suddenly enlarged? lol

    Raniel SorianoRaniel Soriano4 months ago
  • 4:45 when she made the Professors head bigger at first I thought he moved and it scared me so bad

    Maegan RaelynMaegan Raelyn4 months ago
  • i am super happy i have been babysitting all year now i can get some merch!!!!!

    エハはるとエハはると4 months ago
  • Can we put Shane in more shows please

    Jori StrodeJori Strode4 months ago
  • Is it just me who thinks shane looks hot in this episode, he looks good with that hair

    alexiel axelalexiel axel4 months ago
  • I'm finally catching up on Watcher Weekly and am wondering if you'll be restocking the Watcher Logo pin?? I just saw it here but totally missed out on my opportunity to buy it! Darn!!

    Marimo JennMarimo Jenn4 months ago

    Swim SwomSwim Swom4 months ago
    • Also my bff is a Taurus to

      Swim SwomSwim Swom4 months ago
    • I love you shane and ryan you make me so happy💖

      Swim SwomSwim Swom4 months ago
  • Or maybe a “spooksclusive”?!

    KpopKnitterKpopKnitter4 months ago
  • Taurus: sensual about things, comfort is very important. Shane at every location: The Winchester house is lovely. *pulls out snacks that he always keep on hand* What a gorgeous bed. I would buy a murder house if it meant the house were more affordable. Taurus: very stable and reliable. Shane in every location, demonic, haunted or attraction: Little to no response unless there´s a bug IN his nose. Steven: Sounds like...Ryan?

    Shaymaa MahmoudShaymaa Mahmoud4 months ago
  • I'm a Taurus, I also don't believe in ghosts and astrology lmao.

    OrbitOrbit5 months ago
  • eye doctor? do you not say optician?

    jessica djessica d5 months ago
  • At 4:46 the professors head enlarges and I think he’s haunted......

    Alli SargentAlli Sargent5 months ago
  • okay but huge congrats to the newlyweds!! i’m wishing you two the best, and i hope your marriage is amazing!

    Kirby’s Thicc ThighsKirby’s Thicc Thighs5 months ago
  • You couldn't guess each others descendants because you know eachother too well

    Space PirateSpace Pirate5 months ago
  • The HWYD thing about good advice reminds me of MBMBaM, like if you sift through all the jokes and stuff there's actual good ideas going on. Maybe not all the time with MBMBaM but it's much more on the comedy end of the spectrum.

    Death BreadDeath Bread5 months ago
  • My mom names the squirrels too

    Callan SmithCallan Smith5 months ago
  • As a sagittarius I feel like ryan and I have so much in common but are also total opposites. I don't believe in any of the stuff but it's really fun to play with looking for patterns and coincidences and imagining stories

    Anna KalninaAnna Kalnina5 months ago
  • Shane has sun and ascendant taurus???? omggg we love an earthy man

    RachiiLovegoodRachiiLovegood5 months ago
  • the boys: happy mother's day! me, a 14 year old girl: * debby ryan look * thank

    izzyizzy5 months ago
  • *witches have entered the chat*

    Jayla ParkerJayla Parker5 months ago
  • All the signs can change things we have so many charts

    yupitsme _yupitsme _5 months ago
  • I’m a huge astrology nerd, and have gotten pretty good at reading birth charts so this was fun for me. That being said, fuck yeah to my fellow Sagittarius Ryan ♐️ But also, like Shane, my sun and rising are the same sign which imo makes for a very “what you see is what you get” personality, no mask here.

    littlecoconutinclittlecoconutinc5 months ago
  • Shane describes my horoscope feelings succinctly. Barnum statements are not some deep, compelling "OH MY GOD IT'S DESCRIBING ME!" as some might think. It was P.T. Barnum who said, "There's a sucker born every minute." ...allegedly. My dad always liked to quote that right around the time I'd ask him for money to play a game at the carnival. But you know what? As I grew up... I got it. I still get it. I don't want to hand over money for some rigged bullshit, either!

    horohorosrinhorohorosrin5 months ago
  • This was fun! They should do their whole star chart, i.e. all planets, angles and houses! As in, your "natal chart". One planet or two really doesnt tell you the chemistry of your personality.

    Mockavel VelliMockavel Velli5 months ago
  • Shane is such a Taurus Sun Taurus Rising 😂 I think none believers try to disprove their horoscope

    Jessica Luke-TaylorJessica Luke-Taylor5 months ago
  • I like how even after they accurately guess their sun signs, which literally makes up most of their actual personality, they dismiss the zodiac because they guess their ascendancy wrong. Guys, *of course* you're going to disagree with your first impressions, it's not reflective of who you *actually* are, just what people think of you in your first encounter. The fact that you got all of them wrong is more proof that they are accurate

    Caitlin AndersonCaitlin Anderson5 months ago
  • Steven is Floorgang

    Karmen SzetoKarmen Szeto5 months ago
  • I'd kinda like them to do their other signs. Moon, mercury, venus, and mars.

    Attie DavisAttie Davis5 months ago
  • 1:04

    Jose LopezJose Lopez5 months ago
  • Do Moon dumbasess

    loops loopsloops loops5 months ago
  • “This is why you’re not on the show” they say to Steven, on the show.

    Daisy DollDaisy Doll5 months ago
  • that annoying puppet that portrays shane, behind shane is so cute

    Cat MCat M5 months ago
  • y’all can dismiss astrology but your charts add up lol

    kinda over itkinda over it5 months ago

    no_sushi4youno_sushi4you6 months ago
  • Y’all should do a video about your MBTI personalities.

    Ally EvansAlly Evans6 months ago

    Xiaotian ShangguanXiaotian Shangguan6 months ago
  • Why the fuck is Steven Vriska

    Not GraceNot Grace6 months ago
  • Please follow up on the astrology signs it’s entertaining to see what you think!

    tamwingyan97tamwingyan976 months ago
  • Shane is a Taurus Taurus 😂😂 I got them all right. I think astrology is easier when you know surface level things vs intimate details

    Tea_de_ TaeTea_de_ Tae6 months ago
  • These are the only people I will listen to talk about astrology and shit

    DazedAndConfuzzledDazedAndConfuzzled6 months ago
  • you guys should try mbti/16 personalities types. i’ve been dying to know about their types. it’s basically like a glorified version of astrology, but it’s a logical pseudo-science theory that makes a bit more sense. take it with a grain of salt as well

    marciemarcie6 months ago
  • Heyyyyyyyyy the staircase is not horrible!! Love that lighthouse 💕😂

    Annly PAnnly P6 months ago
  • You have a lot more than your moon and mercury to do and yes I want to hear all the placements pleaseee

    Arielle 11Arielle 116 months ago
  • Shane.... a Taurus: “I take comfort seriously. I like to sit a lot”

    Arielle 11Arielle 116 months ago
  • The editor is brilliant as always 😃

    arinad2arinad26 months ago
  • The rising signs make sense to me because I don't know you fellas personally and your rising represents how you portray yourself to the world while your sun is your true self and the personality that those you're closest to will see more of, but ascending signs will become less relevant for some people as they age which is why you guys might not be able to relate to yours anymore

    Kayla DattiloKayla Dattilo6 months ago
  • My bday is May 4th and since the internet is a thing, can someone please tell me if they have the same bday as me?

    EmilyEmily6 months ago
  • Pretty sure the reason Ryan’s jeans always have holes in the knee region is because his knees are always hot. Fact or fiction?

    Tricia KornegayTricia Kornegay6 months ago
  • Shane: "...and we decided that it would be better with Ryan and I..." Steven: "...Man I wonder why you would think that" ShYaN *content* BaByYy

    ShaliekShaliek6 months ago
  • What kind of camera did you get?

    Mamasita D.Mamasita D.6 months ago
  • Seeing the professor in the background of Shane kind of scares me it looks like it’s just staring at me

    Brandon AlmariaBrandon Almaria6 months ago

    Bianca V.Bianca V.6 months ago
  • Steven's ascendant is LIBRA???? im so honoureddddd

    sereneserene6 months ago
  • I knew Shane was a Taurus when he said in one ep of unsolved: “7:30? That’s dinner time” about someone not working a lot of hours, and then his overall stubbornness and need to be proved something to believe. A quote I think of is the shark episode.. “I’m jumpin. I’ve jumped. I’ve landed. It’s a shark.” Showing how stubborn Taurus’s are until literary proven

    EliseElise6 months ago
  • Question, did you decide on "watcher" because of the case you covered on Buzzfeed unsolved?

    CheeseTricksCheeseTricks6 months ago
  • Shane's mindset towards astrology is so relatable

    Tasmiya HAQUETasmiya HAQUE6 months ago