We React To Fan Videos • Watcher Weekly #016

Apr 22, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to the 16th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
- Chill zone
- Exciting PSA!
- This Week
- Q+A
- Fan Videos & Shoutouts
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  • Hey guys! Steven here - thanks for joining us this week and dare I say Shane has surpassed Ryan in guitar skills? If you're looking for more Watcher shenanigans, head on over to our new podcast and subscribe to Here's What You Do (bit.ly/hereswhatyoudo). Thanks and see y'all next week!

    WatcherWatcher7 months ago
    • Steven, they said in one word, not 6 paragraphs each 💀

      Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
    • This has probably already been asked, but was the name "Watcher" inspired by the Buzzfeed unsolved True Crime "The Watcher" episode?

      Ice FoxIce Fox6 months ago
    • Hey guys, love your content! Question: do you guys listen to kpop? If you do who are your favorite artists?

      STAN LOONASTAN LOONA7 months ago
    • What’s your favourite shakespeare play?

      BenniBenni7 months ago
    • What’s your favourite pitbull song?

      BenniBenni7 months ago
  • The more emotionally developed you are, the more likely you will feel strongly about things. That's not to say you will react to the stimuli tho. Most people know how to hold it in somewhat. I can't hold it in at all and although life is great and I wasnt sad at the time, I had tears streaming down my face in the first 20sec of this clip: usworlds.info/slow/video/bZ5_h6_Ok2Z5eXM Life be like that for me lol

    EkzEkz12 days ago
  • Music to cry to: Twenty One Pilots - Neon Gravestones Tyler Joseph - No Phun Intended (most of the album) Keaton Henson - Small Hands Continue the list...

    MiledithMiledith20 days ago
  • That call for visual entertainment really did incentivize me to listen to the shout outs

    Nicky47Nicky47Month ago
  • Visit St. Louis. We have the city museum, botanical gardens, the Gateway Arch, Busch Stadium and so so so much more

    Trevor TaynorTrevor TaynorMonth ago
  • Shane, with the top of his head still visible: Shane had some stuff to do

    SpoonCatSpoonCatMonth ago
  • lmao when steven grabbed the oister sauce

    tommy maitommy maiMonth ago
  • Haha Shane is definitely the nihilist, Ryan is the pessimist, and Steven is the optimist!

    Matthew KennellyMatthew Kennelly2 months ago
  • Love seeing the professor 😍

    Becoming WholeBecoming Whole2 months ago
  • I’m very curious to see the contents of Steven’s fridge. I think he would have some interesting items. 😊😋

    sunny_shine_85sunny_shine_852 months ago
  • Love you guys keep up with the videos it helps us out thru the crazy times

    gary ba ba booeygary ba ba booey2 months ago
  • really appreciated the fridge tour, thank you steven

    el.el.2 months ago
  • I might be wrong but that 4th scary fan intro with the text the red letter, is the text that flashes the letter from the unsolved episode called the watcher with a dude sending letter to a house that his family had watched over in decades?? If so... That’s nice.

    andrea beltranandrea beltran3 months ago
  • It's not a real quarantine haircut unless you do it yourself. I did a pretty fine job of it, frankly, to toot my own horn with great intent.

    Schaefer HundSchaefer Hund3 months ago
  • Love you guys 👦

    gary ba ba booeygary ba ba booey3 months ago
  • i cannot be the only one that just hears Justin McElroy saying ‘for the modren era’ everytime they mention that here's what you do is an advice podcast ldghksasl

    ActuallyRandomPersonActuallyRandomPerson3 months ago
  • You guys forgot goosebumps XD

    Fiore CiliegiaFiore Ciliegia3 months ago
  • This channel gets more and more awesome with every video. Stephen is so funny, Shane is just amazing at presenting and Ryan makes everything come together

    katherine collinskatherine collins3 months ago
  • That little intro dude in the red sweater was so cute

    Speaking in RhythmSpeaking in Rhythm3 months ago
  • Professor getting g naked !!!!😂

    AnnaMaria MazzolaAnnaMaria Mazzola4 months ago
  • My heart was full of delight when Shane pronounce "Minh Nguyen" SO properly at 19:10, thank you for the effort to be respectful!!!!!

    Đa Diện MiêuĐa Diện Miêu4 months ago
  • I feel betrayed that Scream was not named best horror franchise.

    Alexandra ForstAlexandra Forst4 months ago
  • I'm living for Steven doing the Macarena and looking all confused HAHA

    lilysarvestanililysarvestani4 months ago
  • They should do like a new fan intro every time they start Watcher Weekly. There is so much talent out there.

    Adrienne NevesAdrienne Neves4 months ago
  • The frames when the exposed professor was outlined by the line-circle bit slapped me in the face

    Har- BingerHar- Binger4 months ago
  • yes, Φ is pronounced Phi.

    El P.El P.4 months ago
  • Scream and Halloween are the 2 best horror franchises.

    Shannon PrescottShannon Prescott4 months ago
  • When Shane started to sing was it just me or did he start to sing “Tonight You Belong To Me” that creepy song on American Horror Story?😆

    Darby BaldwinDarby Baldwin5 months ago
  • Guys, you don’t know how overjoyed I was when I saw that lady signing! Love Deaf representation!

    Anna W.Anna W.5 months ago
  • Its funny to me that y'all have better cameras then the people who do these group video things on TV lol

    OrnateSnowOrnateSnow5 months ago
  • The 4th fan art animation was a reference from the Buzzfeed Unsolved episode entitled "The Eerie Case Of The Watcher". You can see in the background one of the letters sent from the Watcher to the family the first time they moved into the house.

    Adriana RosasAdriana Rosas5 months ago
  • the professor is so adorable i love him

    Lelei _Lelei _5 months ago
  • Is Shane dressed like Mark Wahlberg inThe Perfect Storm for a reason? Is he going to belt out The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald? Legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they call Gitche gumee.

    Lisa OswaldLisa Oswald5 months ago
  • Beautiful sounds from steven buddies

    Violet HensonViolet Henson5 months ago
  • i'm a simple gal, when i zee de professor in the thumbnail, i click

    Michelle KeziaMichelle Kezia6 months ago
  • Classical gas was always my go to in high school on guitar

    81Hotboy81Hotboy6 months ago
  • Lmao Schaumburg is most definitely NOT Chicago Shane

    Cats&BatsCats&Bats6 months ago
  • y is it just an Asian and white sandwich or rich people sandwich nice wiyers shane

    malcolm warrinermalcolm warriner6 months ago
  • I agree that Steven is cuddly

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • Oh Steven I’m swooning, that guitar playing is so soft. Since I haven’t slept yet and its almost 7am, do you think you could play some guitar for me to help me sleep? Also I know the song and its bugging me what is it

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • "Cuddly and Large" YES

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • Steven is such a sweetheart omg. I usually only watched a few of his videos before watcher and i didnt think much of him BUT HE IS SUCH A NICE PERSON WTF

    GiovannaGiovanna6 months ago
  • Catching up on these, could you do one where each segment is animated by someone else? Or a few at the end of each episode that almost made it.

    Charlotte YoungCharlotte Young6 months ago
  • As someone who is from the 626, we do have the best food!

    JayNic737JayNic7376 months ago
  • When Ryan's back hurt...I felt that. One time I was doing research, as I always do, and the thing is I always hunch my back. And so I was like, I haven't eaten since this morning better go eat, so I sat up straight. And my back cracked so loud, it hurt, it's like in cartoons with the grandma cracking his back. That's what happened to me.

    death and green tea pockysdeath and green tea pockys6 months ago
  • sorry the best horror franchise is scream

    Paula PorrasPaula Porras6 months ago
  • Shane wiggling around on his chair like a four year old forced to sit at the table at their parent’s dinner party. Also as a Christian who was also part of a worship band, I appreciate Stephen’s G and Esus chords 😜❤️

    Tarrie RevenantTarrie Revenant6 months ago
  • I dearly hope lebearpolarr is a reference to Cabin Pressure

    Tarrie RevenantTarrie Revenant6 months ago
  • How about shout outs to the ones that just watch from no tier!? And more cussing.

    Chris JamesChris James6 months ago
  • for a price, the professor will incorporate your name into his strip tease routine.

    Emily PedutoEmily Peduto6 months ago
  • i love the professor’s lashes/brows

    Jade HarleyJade Harley6 months ago
  • The beginning with Steven on the guitar is just Shane trying to go to church while Ryan keeps pestering him

    Lexi WestLexi West6 months ago
  • Shane: Aaaaaaawwwwwwww what a sweetie All of you three make my heart go uwu

    Kathleen TroncoKathleen Tronco6 months ago
  • Was not prepared to see the Professor snatched bald

    Mags SwifflinMags Swifflin6 months ago

    Leah BalthazorLeah Balthazor6 months ago
  • RYAN sound like he is speaking simlish

    Esmeralda MaldonadoEsmeralda Maldonado6 months ago
  • Me: Mommy why does Shane's earpods has wires? I'm scared :( Mom: Come on sweetie it's not safe here, we have to go.

    Ammar MaritiAmmar Mariti6 months ago
  • If less is more then it's def Steven who needs to go lol

    JackieJackie6 months ago
  • Ryan: "go listen to the podcast......OR I WILL FIND YOU" Maybe I won't listen then 😏 that ain't a threat Ryan!

    Crystal ShardsCrystal Shards6 months ago
  • you know what the fans want? you know what we’re DESPERATE for? you know deep down,,,,,,,,,,,, hot daga

    Camille ArroyosCamille Arroyos6 months ago
  • Why not use a different intro every week??

    anna carlsonanna carlson6 months ago
  • 1:18,1:24,2:10,4:13,7:03,8:55

    Tniia _Tniia _6 months ago
  • I've said this before and I'll say it again......I freaking love Shane!

    EeeeZeeeEeeeZeee6 months ago
  • steven is literally the purest🥺 steven’s fridge: support local restauraunts!

    Carmen VillalobosCarmen Villalobos7 months ago
  • Is there a chance you guys would be willing to make a decal or a sticker for the online store? I have a travel mug I put stickers on and I want rep watcher!!

    Denise CollinsDenise Collins7 months ago
  • I love the soft sway Steven does when he plays guitar

    _del__del_7 months ago
  • here’s what you do was honestly hilarious!! im so glad it’s like an hour long because it’s great to listen to while working :)

    neve jorjaneve jorja7 months ago
  • Someone needs to make an intro, like that spongebob anime. Hahahha

    HannahSachieHannahSachie7 months ago
  • A podcast giving me advice from these three? Sign me tf up

    Briar MaysBriar Mays7 months ago
  • 3:44 Shane's head just enlarged

    Sunita PandeySunita Pandey7 months ago
  • Please somebody meme Shane saying shut up to Ryan lol

    Briana CunninghamBriana Cunningham7 months ago

    Jazmynn RosenbrockJazmynn Rosenbrock7 months ago
  • Shane fidgeting around in the chair like a two year old has me cackling.

    Molly BordenMolly Borden7 months ago
  • [uncomfy]

    charlie hcharlie h7 months ago
  • Question: whats the professors type to date? Its a serious question

    Owiee!Owiee!7 months ago
  • I love getting high and listening to you guys.

    Jordan VaughanJordan Vaughan7 months ago

    Myles MendozaMyles Mendoza7 months ago
  • Evil Dead is the best of all the horror franchises, hands down.

    Cliff ThreadgoldCliff Threadgold7 months ago
  • the Professor without his glasses and hat is just so cursed hjHSKDFHFS

    mechabatsmechabats7 months ago
  • the best part of this channel is that they have no clue what the fuck they are doing. xD

    Taco JohnsonTaco Johnson7 months ago
  • I now have one weakness: Steven lim playing a guitar. Send help.

    Lady KataLady Kata7 months ago
  • i cant believe it took me 3 months to find this channel

    SarahIsLameSarahIsLame7 months ago
  • Shout out to Lauren Yamin, who put in the hilarious little comments in black with the editing 11/10

    R kwadraatR kwadraat7 months ago
  • I love how you can see the top of Shane’s head when he’s doing the professor😂

    a.persona.person7 months ago
  • Shane is still a demon. That is a fact I shall accept until the day I die.

    Jonnny RenJonnny Ren7 months ago
  • I only see 1 podcast so far.

    DARKSYD3DARKSYD37 months ago
  • I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD EVER SEE THE DAY THE PROFESSOR'S GLASSES DROP OFF AGAIN. This is the content I subscribed for. Even his little hat fell off, so precious

    AddieAddie7 months ago
  • Y’all still talking in sink while far away

    Phoebe RosePhoebe Rose7 months ago
  • In today's episode of What's On Steven's White Board: *"Support Local Restaurants!"* istg this man is so wholesome 😭💜

    Irina SantillanIrina Santillan7 months ago
  • i want Steven to play guitar to me :(

    Irina SantillanIrina Santillan7 months ago
  • 👋🏻Please put your podcast on stitcher 👋🏻

    Ila MedlinIla Medlin7 months ago
  • ahhhhh the next warcher weekly is on my birthday🥺❤️ april 29

    Star ShoppingStar Shopping7 months ago
  • that lemon tea carton in steven's fridge! I recognize it.

    Joy H.Joy H.7 months ago
  • steven is so fucking sweet

    Stefanie CristineStefanie Cristine7 months ago
  • I wanna cuddle Steven

    Lyan CrownLyan Crown7 months ago
  • What?! No mention of leprechaun franchise?? 🤣

    Bri RakotzBri Rakotz7 months ago
  • Ф Is the Russian letter F

    Leviosa HybridLeviosa Hybrid7 months ago
  • The first song Steven played on his guitar is the main them of a Dutch Amusement Park called ‘The Efteling’. It’s very surprising hearing it, that’s awesome!

    Leviosa HybridLeviosa Hybrid7 months ago
  • No more puppets for the love of god! I would rather see shane actually talk about things instead of a puppet.. that's why I'm not subscribing to the watcher... but I love you guys and watched all 100 episodes on the unsolved series about 100 times.

    Jonithan HollimanJonithan Holliman7 months ago
  • When Shane said Schaumburg /was/ like being in Chicago a little part of me died inside

    Danielle HuertaDanielle Huerta7 months ago