We React To Our First BuzzFeed Video • Watcher Weekly #038

Sep 23, 2020
212 630 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 38th episode of our weekly talk show!
Today's Agenda:
1:06 Chill Zone
2:10 Content Callouts
3:18 Watcher News
5:38 Q&A
10:51 BuzzFeed Flashback
23:12 Goodbye
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  • Guys wtf are they talking about, poison air?? What? 😬 America explain

    Grace ParkerGrace Parker3 days ago
  • Try Guys go Ghost hunting with the Ghoul bois :3c?

    MandyDeaditeMandyDeadite4 days ago
  • Does anyone else feel the legitimate tension between Shane and Ryan? It could be just me.

    Does this smell like chloroform?Does this smell like chloroform?8 days ago
  • What's the poison air everyone keeps talking about?

    HairyfrankfurtHairyfrankfurt12 days ago
  • Ok but the merch ROOCCCKKKS

    Kayla OwensKayla Owens12 days ago
  • Keith: Tasmanian devil with a camera Eugene: *screaming internally*

    Giulia NicoGiulia Nico15 days ago
  • Awww they were just pups here :D They've grown so much :D

    debi909debi90915 days ago
  • They should play among us

    Marie RoseMarie Rose16 days ago
  • Has anyone else noticed that Ryan has a AirPod in one ear and a regular earbud in the other

    HaleyRHaleyR18 days ago
  • why didnt they ask Andrew to join them?

    randomjeanrandomjean18 days ago
  • Why is the air poison?

    Dragon maidDragon maid18 days ago
  • I actually loved Shane's first video and that series. It was very sweet

    Amanda SniderAmanda Snider19 days ago
  • The nature thing... I don't believe in god, but there is something I believe in firmly and that is nature. As in everything in this universe is connected by a chain of reactions, everything has it's place and nature/universe always has a way of balancing things out. Last year I started saying that if people continue to treat our planet the way they do, eventually some big catastrophy is gonna hit us as a way to bring balance to the world and sure enough it did. And for a while it even brought our planet a little bit of relief by the reduction in pollution. The universe is always going to find a way to balance things out...

    MiledithMiledith20 days ago
  • I can't believe I didn't know this channel existed, only knew about buzzfeed unsolved! Super happy because this means I've just stumbled into more Shane and Ryan content. Night made.

    Maddie VictoriaMaddie Victoria21 day ago
  • Why does Ryan have one AirPod and one normal earbud in?

    Rin SimonRin Simon22 days ago
  • Im now realizing that the boys know jenny bc she worked at buzzfeed omg, my mid is,,

  • "Babies born in Los Angeles breathe in more toxic air pollution in the first two weeks of their lives than the government says anyone should in a lifetime, a new study says." whoa, "poison air" Is Real there! Whoa!

    Skye MountainSkye Mountain23 days ago
  • The quality of Shane's video is the evidence that THIS video is actually his first video... You know, when people asked if it was recorded on a potato... Turns out, yes it was

    Spookay T'is MeSpookay T'is Me24 days ago
  • why does stephen look so done with shane and ryan

    jham mjham m26 days ago
  • I ready "Sadie moon" as "saddy moon" and I was like "awww" until he pronounced Sadie. and I instantly felt dumb and obligated to tell the internet.

    Sonya WillisSonya Willis26 days ago
  • petition for shane to shave his moustache

    Nimisha SinghalNimisha Singhal27 days ago
  • shane's video quality is too relatable

    justjessjustjess27 days ago
  • Are you technically still working for Buzzfeed because your making new Unsolved and postmortem episodes?

    Casey KreieCasey Kreie28 days ago
  • Wishing you the best

    Ace HardyAce HardyMonth ago
  • I actually laughed at Stevens first video XD

    Bring me my crocsBring me my crocsMonth ago
  • How was this posted 1 month ago? It feels like we watched it last week. #QuarantineMysteries 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Mia TerracottaMia TerracottaMonth ago
  • Shane’s style is always the lesbian dream

    watchcloudspassmebywatchcloudspassmebyMonth ago
  • 4:16 Ryan and Shane: *Pirate noises* Steven: 👁👄👁

    iI Grizzly IiiI Grizzly IiMonth ago
  • I actually think I saw the period synchronizing video! 😮

    Marissa MatéMarissa MatéMonth ago
  • I am white but I get an extremely red blotchy face after 1 drink

    Faith GrahamFaith GrahamMonth ago
  • omg Spiritfarer is such an amazing game 😍 very good choice!

    Miss MandaMiss MandaMonth ago
  • Ryan i have that same shirt👽

    Sara JohnsonSara JohnsonMonth ago
  • shane whats ur internet provider lol

    beabeaMonth ago
  • ccccuuuuurrrrrllllllyyyyy

    - stream in a dream -- stream in a dream -Month ago
  • Shane looks like a cartel enforcer.

    BookwormBookwormMonth ago
  • Why does Ryan have an AirPod in his right ear, a wired earbud in his left ear and a mic on his shirt

    Emery GaoEmery GaoMonth ago
  • Ryan's eyes were a lil scary with the highlights

    Austin ŌzōlinsAustin ŌzōlinsMonth ago
  • this was such discussion of the craft and i dig it

    HenneyBuggyBandHenneyBuggyBandMonth ago
  • I love sleeping too! Sleeping is legit my hobby and also love of my life

    HanaHanaMonth ago
  • That pirate bit 🤣 omfg

    Breyana AndersonBreyana AndersonMonth ago
  • 10:50 is where the reacting starts lol

    fXiryeditzfXiryeditzMonth ago
  • Never would have thought that I would see someone with my name pop up for questions 😆😆

    Amaris SandersAmaris SandersMonth ago
  • Asian Glow might be a thing but nobody talking about Shane's chronic Caucasian Giant Pixels.

    Jesseca TrainhamJesseca TrainhamMonth ago
  • Shane on that sex predator wifi

    AlexAlexMonth ago
  • Steven seems like: "....these goons..." 🤣lolol

    jpjulzjpjulzMonth ago
  • 2020 shane looks like hed obduct 2000 shane

    jake clewisjake clewisMonth ago
  • Warzone is so unrelaxing but it's all I play 😂

    tyler combstyler combsMonth ago
  • Speaking of Halloween... Shane, Robin Williams called. He wants his vest back. www.robin-williams.net/tv/mork-and-mindy/images/15/image04.jpg

    Cleo HarperCleo HarperMonth ago
  • No offense but... It looks like Ryan has a baby face. Also, what do they mean by saying “poisonous air”??

    Aline SáAline SáMonth ago
    • This was during the california wild fires so the air quality was really bad at the time

      S.A.S.A.Month ago
  • I can't believe it! I actually watched Ryan's first video. And that is where my love for the boys was born.

    Maria Mark WritesMaria Mark WritesMonth ago
  • does their merch site accept visa gift cards?

    skylar moodyskylar moodyMonth ago
  • 0

    Barbara AndersonBarbara AndersonMonth ago
  • Steven during the ad is my favorite

    FlanneryschickensFlanneryschickensMonth ago
  • shane’s 1fps made this video.

    StormaGamerGirl •StormaGamerGirl •Month ago
  • Shane is a supreme being. Professor needs to have Shane on as a guest. Just somehow, with the devil’s editing debauchery, make it possible SHANE

    Zach KubishZach KubishMonth ago
  • Waiting for the real Watcher to send menacing letters to you guys 👀 I worry for y’all

    Emy MagdaleneEmy MagdaleneMonth ago
  • Ryan and Shane should host a show about movies, since they're both cinemaphiles. Also, Steven should own being Mr. Fancypants of the group and host a show related to that. But I think he should host it with either one of the Ghoul boys

    Neiki VNeiki VMonth ago
  • Lol elections.... I love living in Australia 🇦🇺

    Olivia _Phillips__Olivia _Phillips__Month ago
  • Ryan.. has really pretty eyes :)

    GapanrediGapanrediMonth ago
  • Stevens video was pure 😂 Shane and rayan 😆

    Dik KidDik KidMonth ago
  • i wish it was safer to do more homemade :(

    Abagail McDonaldAbagail McDonaldMonth ago
  • Am I the only one that like just felt the anxiety radiating off of ryan and steven in their first videos? It reminds me of myself when I have to be on camera lol

    death and green tea pockysdeath and green tea pockysMonth ago
  • After this, I really need a full on Try Guys and Watcher collaboration. I know Keith has been on Puppet History and Ryan and Shane have been on Eat the Menu, but I want a full on crossover video!

    Leah SmithLeah SmithMonth ago
  • Nature: I'll make the air toxic so people will stay inside. My grandparents: That sign can't stop me because I can't read.

    Kona the CatKona the CatMonth ago
  • Y'all should add vote save america to your voter resources.

    SteveSteveMonth ago
  • that surfshark ad really had me LMAO

    JaymeeJaymeeMonth ago
  • Do more puppet history!!

    Juan Sebastian Aguirre PatiñoJuan Sebastian Aguirre PatiñoMonth ago
  • April 28th is my birthday 🤣

  • Steven "Dozen Jump Cuts Per Sentence" Lim. :D

    Wayward MindWayward MindMonth ago
  • Ryan and Shane!!!! We miss u!!!!

    Jami HaysJami HaysMonth ago
  • I would love to you guys play the pc game phasmophobia

    Sammy OrtegaSammy OrtegaMonth ago
  • 8:32 did anyone notice Steven's expression? lol

    NatsbeNatsbeMonth ago
  • The Asian glow video is something I still remember watching, but I forgot it was Ryan hosting it. That the first video I saw of his, that's crazy!

    Bruno'sBaBySquirrelBruno'sBaBySquirrelMonth ago
  • I want ghost hunting stuff after all this with these 2 🤣🤣

    GunnerJosh2k11 GJ2K11GunnerJosh2k11 GJ2K11Month ago
  • As a white man, I glow quite rosey when I drink

    InsomaniaInsomaniaMonth ago
  • My sister is white and has a problem with Asian Glow, so....

    Jessica LeserJessica LeserMonth ago
  • Hey guys why do you leave Buzzfeed?

    Francis Matthew LadreroFrancis Matthew LadreroMonth ago
  • Can we get a D&D and Social Distancing season 2???

    Jessica LeserJessica LeserMonth ago
  • Shane looks like he is living his AOL Dial Up dreams

    Jessica LeserJessica LeserMonth ago
  • oh no! Low quality jail!!!

    Jessica LeserJessica LeserMonth ago
  • I love that Shane’s filming on a toaster

    Lil K SmoLil K SmoMonth ago
  • petition for them to do a season 2 of dungeons and dragons. Perfect time for it too being October!

    정샛별정샛별Month ago
  • Do some more are you scared stories!

    NickNickMonth ago
  • Damn I remember watching the Asian glow video now

    Rowan WhitethornRowan WhitethornMonth ago
  • The Surf Shark segment was literally the first time I haven't skipped an ad segment. Also, Steven's face during all of it 😂

    Rushati MukherjeeRushati MukherjeeMonth ago
  • Shane.... you'd have better quality on an iPhone 6...

    ryan miyashitaryan miyashitaMonth ago
    • #bergara

      ryan miyashitaryan miyashitaMonth ago
  • Y’all just got one new sub ... my bestie didn’t know y’all left bizzfeed BUT I GOTCHU ... and now she subs

    Rebecca TsosieRebecca TsosieMonth ago
  • I’m losing it at steven’s vídeo but also because of how they’re losing it. SO funny. Men* talking about periods is always hilarious

    Angela Is hereAngela Is hereMonth ago
  • For Halloween I’m still going out in my cosplay and running around like an idiot on main street bye 💀

    Clout ElfinClout ElfinMonth ago
  • What do they mean by the air is poison? Wtf is going on in america

    Saffron EvansSaffron EvansMonth ago
  • Steven is filming something? New Show? I'm so excited.

    Pleasant Ne Zu MiPleasant Ne Zu Mi2 months ago
  • The Douche Twins haven't been defunded yet? Milk Toast and Dick Hole (Shane & Ryan) LOL

    H WH W2 months ago
  • Please upload videos at 1440p :D

    Gareth PitchfordGareth Pitchford2 months ago
  • Sleep is my hobby

    Sarah HaycoxSarah Haycox2 months ago
  • I’ve had Halloween cancelled on me twice in my life now good lord #northjerseysnowstormgang

    Alfia MelirkAlfia Melirk2 months ago
  • The Asian glow thing is weird because Irish people literally change color when they drink as well.

    MocityspiritMocityspirit2 months ago
  • The nickname is beef boy, get it right people

    MocityspiritMocityspirit2 months ago
  • Is “Are You Scared?” coming back for spooky season?

    AJ-ChromaticAJ-Chromatic2 months ago
  • CONTENT SUGGESTION (saw this from the comments) WATCHER SOLVED where Ryan and Shane (and maybe Steven too?) discuss crimes that have several suspects but are actually SOLVED. (but neither of them know the truth until the end) Imo this is a good idea bc a lot of people seem to be interested in true crimes etc. (But like atst this idea may seem meh to them since they've been doing practically the same thing for years)

    Kaye SKaye S2 months ago
  • Why is he ashamed of the period video? That's a genuine and interesting belief menstruating people have and talk about, periods should be talked about a lot more in general, and for a guy to dare and do that is actually quite admirable. Clearly everyone is willingly sharing and there's not really anything to think of as awkward!

    Amma KAmma K2 months ago