We React To Our First BuzzFeed Videos • Watcher Weekly #022

Jun 3, 2020
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Black Lives Matter.
The money made from this video will be donated to bail funds across the U.S.
Main part of episode was filmed at the beginning of last week.
A Great Birds Eye View on Ways to Help:
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George Floyd Memorial Fund: www.gofundme.com/f/georgefloyd
Minnesota Freedom Fund: minnesotafreedomfund.org/donate
Reclaim The Block: secure.everyaction.com/zae4prEeKESHBy0MKXTIcQ2
Black Lives Matter: secure.actblue.com/donate/ms_blm_homepage_2019
Bail Project: secure.givelively.org/donate/the-bail-project
Black Visions Collective: secure.everyaction.com/4omQDAR0oUiUagTu0EG-Ig2
Campaign Zero: www.joincampaignzero.org/
National Bail Fund Network: secure.actblue.com/donate/bailfundscovid
The Innocent Project: www.innocenceproject.org/donate/?f_src=FY20_web_x_gen_nmat_campTop000Button_Main
M4BL: secure.actblue.com/donate/movement-4-black-lives-1
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Hello! Welcome to the 22nd episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
1:52 Chill Zone
3:28 Content Callout
3:47 This Week
4:21 Q&A
10:40 Deep Cuts
16:34 Goodbye
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  • Guys, I needed to take a minute to thank you all. I have stumbled upon Ryan and Shane on Buzzfeed a few days ago. (A small break from work gave me the time) I binged and nearly broke my stomach with laughter. So now I have made way over here! I just got to say that the opening of this video really touched me. I turned to you guys to take me out of reality for a bit, but I think it was an amazing thing to do and say at the time, and it is obviously still helping/encouraging/changing/etc. Thank you so much Shane for being the personality that I strongly relate to. Not only do I love your dry humor and being the straight man, you are absolutely kind as well. You never outright disrespect believes, or rituals, and I do think you try your best to not intentional scare Ryan! Ryan, you are so fun to watch. Your childlike wonder when exploring places makes me happy. I feel like I get to go on a real emotional journey with you. And Steven, I do not know you at all yet. Apologizes! I bet you are a banging member of the team if those other two want to hang out with you. Thanks to all three of you for letting me leave my depression at the front door for a few hours at a time. A little light is sometimes all you need. Take care!

    Jackie BumbulJackie Bumbul2 days ago
  • the professor certainly takes PCP

    talia malooftalia maloof5 days ago
  • I was an injury prone child (because unlike nowadays I was very energetic). The injuries include a cracked skull, broken arm, badly cut eyebrow (I still have a scar there) and very badly and completely scraped upper thigh and buttcheek (it was one big wound which healed throughout like 2 or 3 weeks and I had trouble walking, because it hurt to move it).

    MiledithMiledith23 days ago
  • I wanna hug Steven so bad when he happily presented his first video at BF and the other two just "look down" on it :(

    Animania freakAnimania freakMonth ago
  • No one is talking about Ryan’s giggle at 9:55?

    Vivian HortVivian HortMonth ago
  • That made me remember the worst injury was when I was in summer camp in Puerto Rico. It was in a tropical island and my group had an activity in the “ski slope”. Were they use white type carpet like a fake grass material, they put tons and tons of soup and water to make it slippery for the skies and snowboards. However, there was a hole under the carpet that nobody knew about and I headed directly into that mystery hole. I tumble down to my knees scrape them. However, I couldn’t get up because i was in a snowboard , so I was sliding with my bloody knees down and the soap getting into my wound so painfully. Then my counselor saw a trial of blood down the white carpet down the hill.

    Daniela UmanaDaniela Umana2 months ago
    • Then they cancel the slope with skies and snowboard amd only allow round floties.

      Daniela UmanaDaniela Umana2 months ago
  • i dont need to burn myself bc i somehow cut myself while eating watermelon

    Thomas LoyThomas Loy3 months ago
  • Watcher is doing the gmm thing it’s so sweet

    Large macLarge mac3 months ago
  • I fell through a fish tank while climbing a weeping willow tree and had to get 18 staples and 32 internal stitches so I think I win the weird wonderful world of things your parents have in the back yard. I also lost half the blood in my body and when I came home all the blood was still there so my front door had my bloody handprint like something out of CSI.

    MrSuperPlushMrSuperPlush3 months ago
  • beautiful intro

    Beatriz CamposBeatriz Campos3 months ago
  • Love you guys 💜

    E Lil DittyE Lil Ditty4 months ago
  • This is the third time I have watched this video and I can honestly say your statement still seems to me the most genuine and heartfelt and well thought out about the situation in America rn. Love you guys a whole lot.

    HelenHelen4 months ago
  • So no more unsolved or supernatural videos ?

    CJ WCJ W4 months ago
  • No one: Shane: give us a real spice one 𝒷𝒶𝓇ℊℴℴℊℴℴ

    Daniela GamezDaniela Gamez4 months ago
  • The most wholesome and sincere intro. We stan our Watcher boys.

    Kitty JusticeKitty Justice4 months ago
  • steven has nice teeth

    \\\\4 months ago
  • We stan we stan we stan.

    sadpeepol :vsadpeepol :v4 months ago
  • Idk about you but I feel like Shane would have an upper hand against the professor

    UltronfistUltronfist4 months ago
  • Shane watches Avatar: The last Airbender... I am now a fully signed up Shaniac.

    David McClymontDavid McClymont4 months ago
  • Are you guys going to have paranormal stuff again??

    Sidhant Kaul 1MV19CS104Sidhant Kaul 1MV19CS1044 months ago
  • Thank you for speaking out! Too many people are staying silent

    Paige McMasterPaige McMaster4 months ago
  • Ay considering the intro, guess which of these three is most likely to be killed by police brutality? It's Shane. Asians and Pacific Islanders have a substantially lower rate than Europeans and the US average overall.

    SmoneySmoney4 months ago
    • Yeee and Asians make about 5.6% whilst European descent make about 72.4% of US pops

      Kassepi RaiKassepi Rai2 months ago
  • Thank you for talking abt it in a respectful way. Thank you for donating. Thank you.

    Alyssa LivingstonAlyssa Livingston5 months ago
  • #AllLivesMattter

    Josh Orr-FaheyJosh Orr-Fahey5 months ago
  • NOOO WHEN STEVEN STARTED EATING POTATO BALLS :(( "mmm potato balls" its adorable

    marsbarsmarsbars5 months ago
  • sunburnt steven looks extremely good . why

    marsbarsmarsbars5 months ago
  • Steven, are you okay? Would you like some help?? I just- do you need anything?

    Death BreadDeath Bread5 months ago
  • This is not an issue. You f we would stop talking about it it would stop. Stop addressing by race. There’s only one race. The human race.

    Yung PoopyYung Poopy5 months ago
  • You should colab with the try guys on the Watcher channel

    Steffen LacsamanaSteffen Lacsamana5 months ago
  • It's all shrew, It's all shrew stuff.

    peaceful Furypeaceful Fury5 months ago
  • All these head injuries on Ryan explain why he’s so crazy now.

    Thiccimus PrimeThiccimus Prime5 months ago
  • Is Ryan ok? If he wants to talk Im here, I live in Greece but we can make a video session work

    Tanya SoumbasakisTanya Soumbasakis5 months ago
  • Shane I had that same accident when I was ten at a campground in Illinois. I have literally felt your pain.

    AnimaVisionaryAnimaVisionary5 months ago
  • I need that weird kid that was following Shane and his brother around to comment on this video omgg

    Student Joanna RobledoStudent Joanna Robledo5 months ago

    Joe HallJoe Hall5 months ago
  • me sitting through the ads because i don’t have money to donate: 👁👄👁

    Sarah CSarah C5 months ago
  • I love binging all of these shows, it’s just a real big refreshment from everything else

    Papa’s FagioliPapa’s Fagioli5 months ago
  • black lives matter

    Pleasure KevinPleasure Kevin5 months ago
  • Shane's kinda starting to look like Jeff Foxworthy.....:P I recently got sunburnt on my calves, and while I did feel a slight tinge of joy knowing that I'd been outside long enough to get sunburnt, it hurt like a b****....

    CantStayAwayCantStayAway5 months ago
  • I never thought I’d miss watching a puppet, but the professor needs to make a return 👌🏻👌🏻

    Rina ParkRina Park5 months ago

    Kyrene LopezKyrene Lopez5 months ago
  • When is unsolved coming back I miss it sooo much

    laura ehrhardlaura ehrhard5 months ago
  • Ryan is still pretty spaced out in this episode. Yes I am doing detective work. I’m connecting the dots.

    Anna VasquezAnna Vasquez5 months ago
  • Ah so this is where the haunting of Ryan started

    Nur AtiqahNur Atiqah5 months ago

    wowee look at that emowowee look at that emo5 months ago
  • "ryan u fell into a pile a bricks rite"

    wowee look at that emowowee look at that emo5 months ago
  • anyone gnna talk abt how when steven was showing the scar on his knee ryan was just casualy like ah yes,,,, time to also bring out my knee

    wowee look at that emowowee look at that emo5 months ago
  • steven’s smile could not possibly be any more perfect

    Emily RoseEmily Rose5 months ago
  • *shane says hes watching Avatar: the Last Airbender:* *my dumb bitch self, weeping tears of joy:* GO CRAZY AAAA GO STUPID AAAA GO CRAZY 👍(👀👄👀)👌

    Kim jun OofKim jun Oof5 months ago
  • Love you guys

    gary ba ba booeygary ba ba booey5 months ago
  • That intro ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I friggin adore you guys!

    GeiaGonzalezGeiaGonzalez5 months ago

    M _M _5 months ago
  • please let weird wonderful world come back !!

    Sarah DavisSarah Davis5 months ago
  • I wanna see you guys go back to BuzzFeed and do BuzzFeed unsolved !

    Sabana FalekaonoSabana Falekaono5 months ago
  • Good god I miss the ghoul bois

    Kaleigh RothlisbergerKaleigh Rothlisberger5 months ago
  • Have y’all ever thought of having a guest on unsolved supernatural also what happened to #kelseyonunsolved2019

    Noah GibsonNoah Gibson5 months ago
  • When Netflix removed Avatar the first time years ago, I was PISSED. So glad they added it again

    Lindsay YLindsay Y5 months ago
  • 4:32 did shane call ryan "bergoogoo"???

    Mercy TaylorMercy Taylor5 months ago
  • I cannot believe no one is talking about the fact that Shane called Ryan BER GOO GOO

    Margaret GreenMargaret Green5 months ago
  • So stupid.. ALL LIVES MATTER. Well fuck it lets just go ahead and give them everything,.. never mind he was downtown, shirtless spending fake money, not to mention the toxicology report we will never see, because he was on something at the time. The police DID NOT KILL HIM. His medical condition did. Get over it crybabies. He didn't deserve to die for it, but stop crying over it and blaming white people.. Jesus you spinless crybabies want more and more and more.. Go cry to the NAACP, no other race has a bullshit group like that. How about affirmative action for Caucasians, as we are the minority now ... What about us? Oh we are white so F us??? Go back to your tree and hide from lions at night if it's so bad here,. I'm sure there is a fleet of ships to take you, the mothball fleet I think it's called. And I'm not even racist, I just have a brain, and common sense, and see what is going on. ALL LIVES MATTER, ALL THE TIME!!! What about Jimmy Hoffa day, or Abraham Lincoln Blvd?? What about the fact there is NO white history month??? Fuck this, it's stupid..ALL LIVES MATTER. your skin color won't make your life more important than any other, unless your in America,. Then apparently only certain lives of a certain color matter..but hey let's go riot until we "gets what we wants"..

    CdouglasCdouglas5 months ago
  • Does the funds bail out the rioters and looters?

    Jessica LewisJessica Lewis5 months ago

    Joberrr MakJoberrr Mak5 months ago
  • I can relate to the bus injury, though I didn't get too hurt from it... After a red eye flight to France, we had to take the bus to our AirBNB, and I was fucking exhausted bc I'd never been out of the country before and didn't know how to fuckin act on a plane. Didn't sleep well, didn't drink much... so I'm passing tf out on this bus ride. We make our stop, I go to get off... and I forgot my seat was one of those raised seats, way higher up, like 2-3 feet. It was like a Wile E. Coyote moment where I seemed to hover comically in midair before just hitting the ground. I terrified this poor old French man, who could only muster a frantic "YOU ARE OKAY?! YOU ARE OKAY?!" And my alien, sleep deprived self just smiled and said "Yeah, I'm fine" in English like an idiot, and then left the bus. Wound up with a suuuuper bruised up thigh, but I don't even think it was that, I think it was the rocks all over the beach later.

    horohorosrinhorohorosrin5 months ago
  • hey ryan can ricky goldsworth make an appearance please

    belle bassobelle basso5 months ago
  • I think Qezza should have beat shane and ryan's secret handshake, but the Professor being the final champion is very fitting.

    RosettaRosetta5 months ago
  • Ryan and Shane, how do you feel about the Forest Fenn treasure being found by somebody other than you?

    Lisa BordenLisa Borden5 months ago
  • Hey shane and ryan, could yall make a video talking about how to join buzzfeed?

    Cody GertschCody Gertsch5 months ago
  • For Shane and Ryan in next weeks q+a: Did you see that forest fenn’s treasure was revealed to have been found and what do you think?

    Brady SnellerBrady Sneller5 months ago
  • can you do something about the stupid conspiracy theories going around? to shake the webs about the stupidity of quite a few people (some very intelligent people around me has mentioned stupid stuff that I can't believe, they do give a second of their thinking time) maybe doing some deep investigation about it...file style and reactions....it would give Ryan a reason to get up in the morning for sure, as it seems pretty down in episode...Shane and Steve good on you for keeping the smile and upbeat ...keep the good work boys

    Claudia Ceppi IturraClaudia Ceppi Iturra5 months ago
  • lovely intro...totally support you from the u.k

    Claudia Ceppi IturraClaudia Ceppi Iturra5 months ago
  • I just LOVE how u guys said BLACK with such emphasis. ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏿✊🏽..... Its the little BUT big things for me.

    ivorymarie82ivorymarie825 months ago
  • “Worst childhood injury” well I’m 17 and in the last 5 years the major injuries have been: I’ve been stabbed (multiple times) while out for a walk, tore a huge hole in my knee while walking around school it was so bad I had to have surgery, fell off a building and dislocated my shoulder and most recently I broke my ankle in 3 places and dislocated it cause I tripped on a chair ✌️

    Panicking! EmoPanicking! Emo5 months ago
  • The Forrest Fenn treasure has been found. I would like to know the boys reaction.

    TheCinder24TheCinder245 months ago
  • Did you all hear about Forrest Fenn's treasure chest finally being found! I immediately thought of the boys, and their adventure in search of it. Great video anyways.

    Natalie KuntzNatalie Kuntz5 months ago
  • Remember the Forrest Fenn treasure buried in the Rockies??? It's been found!!! www.clickondetroit.com/news/weird-news/2020/06/07/forrest-fenns-treasure-hidden-in-rocky-mountains-found/?

    meowmeowmoewmeowmeowmoew5 months ago
  • speaking of old buzzfeed Forest Fenn treasure has been found! :O

    Mellow MuffinMellow Muffin5 months ago

    clay nclay n5 months ago
  • why is Ryan not blinking? looks pretty disturbing....

    SyndariaSyndaria5 months ago
  • Where's the floorpisode

    GiovannaGiovanna5 months ago
  • Can't wait for them to review dogs don't sweat

    TawbphlebTawbphleb5 months ago
  • Steven, show us your cat next time!

    Emily OliverEmily Oliver5 months ago
  • Thank you for the intro and donation links. As for sunburn - doing it just once early in the season switches on your immune system and clears out all the Winter miseries.

    Donna BarrDonna Barr5 months ago
  • Love the new channel, I think you should do a collab with Markiplier. Either Top 5 Beatdown or Spooky Small Talk. He lives in LA so that would be easy and fun. I also really love the Tourist Trap, hopefully, after the quarantine you could go to other areas!

    bob stenglarbob stenglar5 months ago
  • wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful!

    Maddy JezMaddy Jez5 months ago
  • Thank you so much for helping!

    Stephi LemosStephi Lemos5 months ago
  • I love you guys, really.

    mochi kunmochi kun5 months ago
  • get rid of police officers unions

    Ashley BAshley B5 months ago
  • If I needed another reason to love you guys, I have one. Thank you. Truly.

    braxton eppsbraxton epps5 months ago
  • The guy in the middle is annoying !

    leigh prendergastleigh prendergast5 months ago
  • “give us a real spicy one bergoo-goo”

    Alicia gAlicia g5 months ago
  • Steveeeeen, please show us your cat!

    RiDLRiDL5 months ago
  • Shane is me 😂 watching Avatar the Last Airbender and playing a shit ton of Skyrim 😂😂😂

    Liz ValentineLiz Valentine5 months ago
  • I don't even know how it could be done but a Spooky Small Talk with The Professor would be amazing.

    Shambling AbbyShambling Abby5 months ago
  • The message in the beginning really meant a lot to me especially because there are a lot of people aren’t showing their support or open to educating themselves and others on BLM! So thank you Steven, Shane, and Ryan 🙏🏿🙏🏿 It really does mean a lot!

    Naja VNaja V5 months ago
  • Shane fiddling with the Professor's glasses at 3:21 😂😂

    RizGrizRizGriz5 months ago
  • when are you guys doing unsolved cases again ??? missing watching your adventures. 💓

    rachelle aceldorachelle aceldo5 months ago
  • We appreciate you using your platform ❤❤❤ #blacklivesmatter

    Nation's sunshine FelixNation's sunshine Felix5 months ago
  • wanted to hear if steven had any injuries, emotional or physical lmfao

    TheWorriedCatTheWorriedCat5 months ago
  • Have ryan get his head shaved to see if, he has a scar on his head from the bricks. Like this comment to have this happened.

    CreatorOfGodsCreatorOfGods5 months ago

    Jasmine GallagherJasmine Gallagher5 months ago