We React to Popular Tiktoks • Watcher Weekly #037

Sep 16, 2020
142 589 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 37th episode of our weekly talk show!
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  • Wwqv.cvl

    Danielle MonahanDanielle MonahanDay ago
  • Now we know what scares Shane 13:54 😂😂

    Denuka RameshDenuka Ramesh9 days ago
  • The oars musical performance was my favorite.

    Rachel KaiserRachel Kaiser11 days ago
  • Steven is obnoxious idk why

    Katie ShelseaKatie Shelsea17 days ago

    Isaiah MathewIsaiah Mathew18 days ago
  • Ryan has big Miow energy lol

    L SmithL Smith18 days ago
  • Ryan is DEFINITELY Meowth

    Chronically CreepyChronically Creepy20 days ago
  • i’m a 5 and i’m playing with a fidget cube rn ryan our minds are so powerful

    charlie pavljkovskycharlie pavljkovskyMonth ago
  • Steven's smile in 12:17 😍

    Tahsin kheyaTahsin kheyaMonth ago
  • It's a cool hat

    Hi:)Hi:)Month ago
  • That tiktok at 13:22 was just behind-the-scenes Silent Hill.

    TheMardBardTheMardBardMonth ago
  • I LOVE PSYDUCK! Yes, Ryan, fuck yes.

    DaziaDaziaMonth ago
  • I thought that pig was either a a siren, a lawn mower or a hair dryer.

    asmodeusasmodeusMonth ago
  • love how shane and the professor sound so similar

    punita khandagalepunita khandagaleMonth ago
  • Pigs NEVER like being picked up. They are the biggest drama queens and will most definitely try to convince your neighbors that you are murdering them. Love them with all my heart though, lol. 🐷🐷

    Emerald GEmerald GMonth ago
  • I’m sure this has been said before, but Shane looks so much like the dad from The VVitch and it constantly throws me

    Megan KvaleMegan KvaleMonth ago
  • Why do they have one ear with wireless ear pod and the other with a normal earphone.

    Miriam PerkinsMiriam PerkinsMonth ago
  • Guys, would love a stuffed animal of the Professor....just saying, would sell quick in the merch store

    Alexis LightAlexis LightMonth ago
  • y'all got the Pokemon SPOT ON! Ryan is geodude or meowth Shane is sudowoodo Stephen is squirtle, but I could also see raichu or clefairy lol

    Rachel ShearonRachel Shearon2 months ago
  • Why is Steven accurately good at pairing people with their Pokémon double

    Aubrey BAubrey B2 months ago
  • "your guys' questions" (I wonder if you can reword this phrase, unless your guy has a question which is presented be the proverbial You.)

    eastportlandeastportland2 months ago
  • I love Ryan with the Curly hair.

    Rachel FrumkinRachel Frumkin2 months ago
  • I feel like Shane’s an enneagram 9

    Hannah RaquelHannah Raquel2 months ago
  • love yall

    Lara No BraidLara No Braid2 months ago
  • I came here wondering if Ryan was still missing thank god he’s not

    BLUE _SHOGUNBLUE _SHOGUN2 months ago
  • We need more unsolved

    Teddy McGrathTeddy McGrath2 months ago
  • Will true crime ever come back

    Ryley LundRyley Lund2 months ago
  • what happened with buzzfeed unsolved? are shane and ryan done with it?

    shadowpark200shadowpark2002 months ago
  • Steven gives me Kadabra vibe for some reason but hey, that's just me

    Lord_of_the _Oreos_ vol 3Lord_of_the _Oreos_ vol 32 months ago
  • I appreciate Ryan's hot take on Psyduck. I may sound old right now, but it warms my heart that he felt comfortable talking about how cute a pokemon is, and then Shane and Steve both just nodded like, "yes yes, that makes sense, yes." No bullshit about making fun of his opinion or whatever.....just nice to see supportive friends!

    Harpylady269Harpylady2692 months ago
  • please check out mythicallrose on tiktok!! They did a cosplay of The Professor that is SO GOOD

    Yazmeen ImamYazmeen Imam2 months ago
  • Will you ever do an Unsolved series on Watcher? It was my favorite show and I still watch the marathons today.

    Claire SchmidtClaire Schmidt2 months ago
  • shane legit looked like doc holliday this week im-

    Cassie ButtCassie Butt2 months ago
  • I’ve never related to a pig more

    Sarah BottinoSarah Bottino2 months ago
  • Does anyone know if the new tumblers have a place for a straw? Need to know before buying one!

    EmthepuffEmthepuff2 months ago
  • I love the look Ryan gets whenever Shane compliments his own work.

    Flangel66Flangel662 months ago
  • Wow. Lots of assumptions about shane in the comments... guilty😀

    Valeska VidsValeska Vids2 months ago
  • Are you guys gonna do more "are you scared?" episodes? Also shane seems like a guy who eats a cupcake like a sandwich and makes it cool.

    Valeska VidsValeska Vids2 months ago
  • I feel like Shane would be Abra or Kadabra

    Tess LivengoodTess Livengood2 months ago
  • Ryan: *starts a show where the whole premise is literally solving things* The MOST enneagram 5 thing ever

    Jordan CrowleyJordan Crowley2 months ago
  • I was just sitting there trying to figure out what enneagram shane could POSSIBLY be because he’s so chaotic and was disappointed to not learn his number. But at the same time, it’s better not knowing?

    Jordan CrowleyJordan Crowley2 months ago
  • Sooo excited for spooky season!!

    TravelBeanTravelBean2 months ago
  • if yall were a smell, what would you be? and alternatively, if you could be a smell, what would you be??

    Yoko April TamadaYoko April Tamada2 months ago
  • does every country assign a mandatory social security number to its citizens???

    rupika crupika c2 months ago
  • Tetris is one of the more expensive Wonderswan games , I would've used Gunpey to experiment with instead .

    Bryan O'BrienBryan O'Brien2 months ago
  • Many people would agree

    SchizoidManateeSchizoidManatee2 months ago
  • i love their friendship combo

    ____2 months ago
  • Do professor have any girlfriend?

    Unknown 22Unknown 222 months ago
  • I’m sobble

    SleepyTimes 1SleepyTimes 12 months ago
  • make puppet sized watcher patches

    Jessica AlbrightJessica Albright2 months ago
  • HOLY CRAP THEY ANSWERED MY QUESTION! Thanks so much for your answer Shane! I can't wait to see your segment on the song making process! Side note: I think I nearly had a stroke when Steven said my name. I asked that question almost a month ago! I can't believe they went back and used it!

    Leah SmithLeah Smith2 months ago

    McKennaD324McKennaD3242 months ago
  • What if hot daga characters were musical guests for puppet history,,,

    Maddie LimonMaddie Limon2 months ago
  • Guys it’s 55 degrees right now outside my home. It’s fall.

    Kelly RoseKelly Rose2 months ago
  • fantastic

    Debora BowlinDebora Bowlin2 months ago
  • Ryan was NOT that convincing when he said "Oh yeah!"

    Andrew LentnerAndrew Lentner2 months ago
  • Steven, "White Fragility" is a grift to profit off of a movement of people doing actual work to end racism. Please stop boosting it.

    Marissa OlanickMarissa Olanick2 months ago
  • i love the puppet history songs so much!! Shane could you please put them on spotify :)

    TahanaTahana2 months ago
  • nice

    Surga MahajiwaSurga Mahajiwa2 months ago
  • You guys are my guilty pleasure.

    Lori WadeLori Wade2 months ago
  • I wanna see Shane's hair with a middle part and the cowboy hat

    Todd The DotTodd The Dot2 months ago
  • Just became a Patreon Member! Love the bois

    Lisa ElliottLisa Elliott2 months ago
  • I am here for cowboy Shane

    chibisarafacechibisaraface2 months ago
  • While I agree Ryan has Meowth energy, I’m gonna have to say Steven is more Wobbuffet & Shane is clearly a Mr. Mime

    creepergirlnextdoorcreepergirlnextdoor2 months ago
  • Can you give me and my friend a shout out please? My names Vanessa and Her name is Ivana. We're big fans!

    Valeria DuranValeria Duran2 months ago
  • Ryan’s witty one-liners are what I live for

    RA MorganRA Morgan2 months ago
  • we like the hat

    isabellaisabella2 months ago
  • In with Steven lol not a big fan of Halloween

    Shelby WeberShelby Weber2 months ago
  • shane is high. I want more Ryan.

    Jane DoeJane Doe2 months ago
  • Steven is 100% oshawott

    Alicia CorreaAlicia Correa2 months ago
  • Stephen = JigglyPuff

    Siôn-Iestyn PopeSiôn-Iestyn Pope2 months ago
  • Are still doing unsolved mysteries

    Tahlia LeedhamTahlia Leedham2 months ago
  • I wanna see y’all read about starseeds... i think Shane would love it 😂

    Ashley ToAshAshley ToAsh2 months ago
  • the watcher crew should try playing among us

    marciemarcie2 months ago
  • "We react to popular tiktoks!" *watches four*

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred2 months ago
  • Shane's hair really be looking like Willie Wonka huh

    Evelyn RoddanEvelyn Roddan2 months ago
  • Ryan really needs to stop saying “your guys questions” just say y’all’s he would save 3 milliseconds

    Angie GibsonAngie Gibson2 months ago
  • 13:54 all their expressions of horror

    Taeao RTKCTaeao RTKC2 months ago
    • But Ryan had a straight face...

      Taeao RTKCTaeao RTKC2 months ago
  • Im a snorlax-pokémon

    Jordan VaughanJordan Vaughan2 months ago
  • Sudowoodo looks like a Hotdaga character (I hope I spelled hotdaga right, don't come for me hotdaga stans. or do, i'll go for a brawl)

    S A M A N T H A T S U K IS A M A N T H A T S U K I2 months ago
  • I agree with Shane. The key to pulling off any fashion thing is by wearing it and making it other people's problem. I dress like a 19th century witch and you have to deal with it!!

    Claire HastingsClaire Hastings2 months ago
  • shane and ryan!! will you guys ever make another season of unsolved? i am desperately missing shane & ryan spooky content

    Erin BrownErin Brown2 months ago
  • Wait the fuck I thought Ryan was MIA?

    Jimi BleuJimi Bleu2 months ago
  • Steven: "I think you're like meowth" Ryan: *Immediately laughs like meowth*

    Alisa PerezAlisa Perez2 months ago
  • 13:55 I learned that Ryan does not blink at possible gore-ish scenes. This man is not afraid of blood. Now ghosts is a different story.

    Sadin15Sadin152 months ago
  • 10:19 is Shane channeling us all "tryna hang"

    Sadin15Sadin152 months ago
  • You should keep growing your hair and donate it.

    Patricia CaffreyPatricia Caffrey2 months ago

    Alexa GarciaAlexa Garcia2 months ago
  • there was a lack of clone jfk memes

    no uno u2 months ago
  • STEPHEN IS SUCH A 1!!!!!!

    RobertKaufman93RobertKaufman932 months ago
  • Is it weird that I think Ryan kinda looks like his nemesis, The Professor, with those glasses on?

    CantStayAwayCantStayAway2 months ago
  • Play among us

    Sweet PuffSweet Puff2 months ago
  • When is UNSOLVED returning?

    Volo Antique MallsVolo Antique Malls2 months ago
  • Shane looks like that one cowboy in a zombie movie

    Deja YoungDeja Young2 months ago
  • Shane, are we ever gonna get clean vocal tracks or, maybe even stems, released for Puppet History songs? Patreon-exclusive or not. People could make some sick fucking mashups with them.

    Rose ShrimpRose Shrimp2 months ago
  • What's the worst you've eaten? Mine is our pet dog.

    Miles ChanMiles Chan2 months ago
  • This was taken from the Enneagram Institute for Ryan's Type, 5: Key Motivations: Want to possess knowledge, to understand the environment, to have everything figured out as a way of defending the self from threats from the environment. *happy Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural noises*

    danielactidanielacti2 months ago
  • Steven - Squirtle Shane - Bulbasaur Ryan - Charmander the original three

    Luky FLuky F2 months ago
  • Commenter: * calls the Puppet History songs masterpieces * Ryan: * looks into the camera like he’s on the Office *

    Emily LittleEmily Little2 months ago
  • Yeees! Please do a musical walkthrough!! ♥

    JJ MetrejhonJJ Metrejhon2 months ago