We React To Shane’s First YouTube Video • Watcher Weekly #027

Jul 9, 2020
188 873 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 27th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
0:53 Chill Zone
4:07 Trailer Drop
5:05 WWW S2 News
5:24 Q&A
10:19 Video Vault
17:11 Goodbye
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  • Shane reppin’ Lou Malnati’s! Yeeeaaaaa CHICAGO!!!! 🤘

    Celia ZamarripaCelia Zamarripa2 days ago
  • Shane talks about videos of walks around London and Tokyo. For walks around London I recommend 'Watched Walker' channel and for Tokyo I love 'Tokyo Explorer's channel

    Stefan OakesStefan Oakes19 days ago
  • 9:07 Shane!!! You look like a fucking Karen 😂

    Atalia RivasAtalia Rivas21 day ago
  • Who else has been binging on the watcher #BESTQUARANTINESHOW

    Jason RothJason Roth24 days ago
  • shane always cracks me up i hate (not really hate) him back on Unsolved but im gradually hating ryan now hahahahaha

    kat. neskat. nes25 days ago
  • When I am 50 and I am actually an old man....Lol

    Nicolbarbe SullivanNicolbarbe Sullivan2 months ago
  • I can’t decide if Shane’s hair is cute or homeless looking

    Bruh BroskeBruh Broske2 months ago
  • This felt like it went on for 17 years. 😉

    Lizabeth MalkyLizabeth Malky2 months ago
  • dogs sweat thru their paws

    karrenmoorekarrenmoore2 months ago
  • i like how ryan channels his inner rod serling

    karrenmoorekarrenmoore2 months ago
  • I can't with the quotes at 8:33

    ShaliekShaliek3 months ago
  • Why does Shane look like an evil little girl in the intro?

    ShaliekShaliek3 months ago
  • Old dogs die

    Dário S.Dário S.3 months ago
  • took me the whole video to notice that Steven's shirt says "chinese"

    nesnes3 months ago
  • Shane with his hair down makes him look like a Beatle and I am here for it lol

    Karma 01Karma 013 months ago
  • Wots with Shane's hair 😂😂

    Tammy StewartTammy Stewart3 months ago
  • Who is the new guy? 😂

    James WoolfordJames Woolford3 months ago
  • You boys are my happy place

    SkyrilSkyril4 months ago
  • I'm a little bit older and in the midwest, but when did the headband girl style on men thing start? I've seen it in South Korea a long time ago but never here. Shane sports it well though.

    Wendy McKenzieWendy McKenzie4 months ago
  • 9:07 Shane: hello there : ) Steven: ugh 🤢

    hi it’s mehi it’s me4 months ago
  • With Shane's hair length now (particularly combing it forward like he demonstrated here), he needs to put that green shirt and brown pants back on (BUN: Supernatural Loey Lane episode), then he REALLY WILL look like Shaggy!!!!

    April E SalazarApril E Salazar4 months ago
  • “oh god this is my life now” - Steven Lim’s energy/reactions to shane-ryan tandem suggestions

    Reese PeraltaReese Peralta4 months ago
  • stop bullying Steven tho, he is so wholesome :(

    Claudia ZGClaudia ZG4 months ago
  • At 3:45 no one appreciated Stevens ambient mouse idea!!!! That was so good!!! Let Shane truly experience mouse life? Why are they always SLEEPING on Steven he is a GENIUS

    Jinx DoonanJinx Doonan4 months ago
  • That ‘Chinese’ top Steven wears is my favourite thing. And I love that they just WILL NOT let us forget the fact that Steven peed on his friend’s clothes.

    HelenHelen4 months ago
  • even in college shane was a nihilist

    HufflepuffsPandaHufflepuffsPanda4 months ago
  • Ryan with his hair down looked like a Karen 😂

    Jonathan AndradeJonathan Andrade4 months ago
  • If I could do anything I think I would… shrink myself to the size of a mouse. I’d leave the world of men behind me forever, and live amongst the mice. And I would bring technology in and art to those uncultured swine. And I would build tiny tools for their mouse hands made from toothpicks and marshmallows. And I would be there king, NAY, their prince. SHANE THE MOUSE PRINCE! Ruling from my grand castle inches high, carved from the finest cheeses. And there I would dwell with my three mouse wives, and my twelve mouse concubines. (Laughs). Oh, but the wars we’d have with the frogs, terrible, just terrible. Those metal mice warriors, the atrocities they’ve seen. Yes, that is my dream… My secret dream.

    Sarah La FetraSarah La Fetra4 months ago
  • Shane's just always been like that huh

    Formaldehyde EnthusiastFormaldehyde Enthusiast4 months ago

    GiovannaGiovanna4 months ago
  • 09:05 Shane does a great Emo Phillips impression

    ᗯᴏʀʟᴅ ᑕᴜᴘ ᗯɪʟʟɪᴇᗯᴏʀʟᴅ ᑕᴜᴘ ᗯɪʟʟɪᴇ4 months ago
  • Steven is 100% the friend-mom of the group

    Kim HicklingKim Hickling4 months ago
  • Ryan is glowing

    mollyblockmollyblock4 months ago
  • I heard the firework thing was started in an attempt to keep cops awake at night. That way they become sleep deprived. Idk if thats true tho

    Potato DotsPotato Dots4 months ago
  • Holy hell Mouse Madej sounds like a cool band name lol

    LanwarderLanwarder4 months ago
  • shane please just wear that pizza shirt outside of Illinois I would just think you're an employee taking his break walking down the streets of woodfield

    ----4 months ago
  • I cannot wait for them to experience derby!! I’m so excited!!

    Sonja HeathSonja Heath4 months ago
  • Are you scared?!???!!????!!??!!??!?!?????!?!???!!!!!?????!!!?!?????!??!?!?!?!??!???!?!?????!!?!???!???????!!!?

    SuCC ZuccSuCC Zucc4 months ago
  • Here’s a fun story of mine: So, I go to this Irish music place. I’ve been going there since I was about 5. Everyone there believes it is haunted. Including me. I didn’t before because I used to be pretty skeptical. But then, last year, I had a lot of experiences. Here are just a few… I used to see dark figures. I thought I was going crazy, until I told some of my friends. One of them just so happens to be Wiccan. He said that they are called Shadow People. They can’t do much to you, they are just a bit scary. Some are good and some are bad. I had a LOT of experiences with them. At one point, I was up on my phone and I heard something. I looked at my door to see who it was, because I can usually tell who people are by their footsteps, but not this time. I looked and saw my father literally creeping out of the corner and looking at me. We were looking at each other for about 4 seconds before he went away amazingly fast. I looked in my parents room and they were both asleep. I also saw a nun there. She looked completely human and she just looked at me and I looked at her. I then saw her evaporate into thin air. I told my mom and she said that it was probably just one of them checking in on us because we are next to a church. I told her that it evaporated and she said that some of them had died so it wouldn’t be all that surprising. I also saw an old timey blue dress between two floors. It was beautiful. Super puffy with a lot of layers. But then I saw the legs. I also saw many shadow people that looked to be either hung or decapitated. I’ll never forget, my friend was going to get her sister because my mom was looking after some kids, and she was panicked because my friend’s little sister had started sleep walking very badly. She was running around and crashing into things, falling and getting up repeatedly, etc. on the way back from that, she heard a child’s laughter. She looked in the direction to see a little shadow person. I also ended up seeing the exact same one. And so did another friend. We didn’t tell each other until I finally gave in and told them and they had also seen the exact same thing. Another time, I had sleep paralysis. In my dream I was heading to my car with my friends. Then all of a sudden one of my friends said “hey, I bet you won’t see a single drop of blood today.” And I thought it was weird and looked at my car. There was a single drop of blood. I said “ight bet.” And she laughed and we got into the car. I got ready to start driving, when all of a sudden, blood started filling up the car. I was panicking and my friends both said “oh my god come on. It’s obviously a prank.” And I was just panicking so much and I said “you can think that, but I’m getting out of here.” The blood rose insanely fast and it was at my neck by then. I tried to get out but couldn’t. As the blood rose to my nose and I couldn’t breathe anymore, I looked out the window one last time to see this horrifying thing. It was pitch black, but I could still see its facial features. It looked... evil. It also looked as though it had been murdered and the person who killed it left only from its shoulders up. It looked as though it had been shaved off, but not cleanly. It was ragged and gross. It also only had one hand in the same condition. It started laughing at me. I woke up paralyzed. It was tickling me, laughing and I could still see it. I could hear it. I could feel it. It disappeared after about fifteen seconds and I could move again. Only to see the hand crawl under my bed. Sorry that was long, I have had a lot of things happen there. Also these are 100% true, I don’t have the imagination to make this up.

    Hello! I am tiredHello! I am tired4 months ago
  • thought they meant shane dawson lol

    taryn elizabethtaryn elizabeth4 months ago
  • Shane’s hair is a whole mood

    Tempus FugitTempus Fugit4 months ago
  • With his hair down, shane looks like one of the beatles.

  • Shane this is urgent!! Where do you get your cute headbands???

    ChaiChai4 months ago
  • 12:55 is this Unus Annus?

    whotheheckyisbecky13whotheheckyisbecky134 months ago
  • 3:18 insert the mouse prince monologue that Gilderoy does in A Very Potter Senior Year

    Lydia SorensenLydia Sorensen4 months ago

      milamila4 months ago
  • 9:06 "oh hello there" this could be the best intro to every video.

    Penelope _Penelope _4 months ago
  • Lou Malnati’s !!! The best deep dish pizza

    Samantha SeymourSamantha Seymour4 months ago
  • oh wow we were at columbia at the same time O.o

    Greg BGreg B4 months ago
  • Why did Shane turn into Demetri Martin when he let his hair down?

    Katy AdamsKaty Adams4 months ago
  • @3:23 When Shane says “Make me sword fight a rat with like a toothpick or something...” my subtitles said “Make me sword fight a rat with like a *new dick* or something...” and that was just an interesting turn of events.

    Morgan RMorgan R4 months ago
  • Only here for Ryan and shane dont care about that nut head steven

  • shane shaved!

    Cameron PerezCameron Perez4 months ago
  • Hahahaha i just noticed Stevens "Chinese" Champion hoodie 😂

    xAlbinopiratexxAlbinopiratex4 months ago
  • www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/fire-ravages-249-year-old-spanish-mission-southern-california-n1233591?fbclid=IwAR1lNvpZMotG_Zw1DfvhUnfDSKOYIB5zhVUQWJlMBvjY2Y9gBHjLy0-WP9E The demon church you visited recently burnt

    Carolyn BallCarolyn Ball4 months ago
  • Shane looks like Mike Nesmith from the early days of the Monkees.

    Mamasita D.Mamasita D.4 months ago
  • @wearewatcher Even though you are wrapping up Unsolved right now, will you do something similar to that show on Watcher?

    Jacob HuttnerJacob Huttner4 months ago
  • 3:28 steven trying to assert himself like its a corporate leadership workship

    Elo QElo Q4 months ago
  • I love this channel I really do, but it seems like Ryan especially isn’t really listening to/interested in what Steven has to say. I’ve seen so many times where Ryan cuts him off and it makes me sad :( Because I’m interested in what Steven has to say. The dynamic seems off and somehow like Ryan doesn’t respect Steven as much as he does Shane. I don’t know if Ryan is conscious of what he’s doing, but I hope he refrains from doing that.

    B PB P4 months ago
  • I THINK THE TRIO ACTION WOULD BE AWESOME! (Advocating for Big Ol’ Stevo for Are you Scared?)

    MiracleMiracle4 months ago

      MiracleMiracle4 months ago
  • theyre the buzzards from the jungle book

    Abigail MartinAbigail Martin4 months ago

    Abigail MartinAbigail Martin4 months ago
  • In 2007 I was 7 years old XD

    Gracye AllenGracye Allen4 months ago
  • Ok who’s the British dude that looks like shane and ryan “smashed together” I need to see it

    RussianSpyRussianSpy4 months ago
  • 03:23 - Lou Malnati's, represent!

    ragnarockingragnarocking4 months ago
  • Best laugh of the week. Tiny Shane!

    Linda MastersLinda Masters4 months ago

    Haley MeltonHaley Melton4 months ago
  • I work at an animal hospital and Shane's video is my life and now this is how I will explain things to dog owners 👍🏻 thanks! 😂

    Aundie KutzkeyAundie Kutzkey4 months ago
  • wait, this isnt about Shane Dawson? oops LMAO

    CiaraCiara4 months ago
  • Photoshop surgeon needs to photoshop them all as one person 😆

    Gilli FishGilli Fish4 months ago
  • Shane im 34 and 4'9", and I'm not a pygmy.... you DONT want to experience being small. It thoroughly sucks. I'd give anything to be even 2 inches taller

    jay beezjay beez4 months ago
  • It would be fun if Steven would be also a part of are you scared show with the ghoul boys. It would add a new element of an outsider to the whole show..

    Prem JhaPrem Jha4 months ago
  • If only every episode of The Watcher was as good as "Why is my dog dying" - This channel would be comedy gold.

    Davie DukesDavie Dukes4 months ago
  • I had no idea that the "dogs don't sweat" clip was Shane this whole time.

    IndybotIndybot4 months ago
  • Well we know Steven Steven Madej would be a cat person, since it's two against one.

    IndybotIndybot4 months ago
  • Love how fast Ryan rolled with being corrected about the filming/release date. Dude went from talking about his weekend plans to "if you're watching this...I'm dead" without batting an eye. Way to "yes, and" a casual exchange into comedy gold.

    IndybotIndybot4 months ago
  • Shane looks like all four of the Beatles at the same time.

    Gdizzle FoshoGdizzle Fosho4 months ago
  • I love how Steven usually has the braincell

    Why am I not Sleep yetWhy am I not Sleep yet4 months ago
  • I don't know what breather is and at this point I am too afraid to ask

    jenn gonzalezjenn gonzalez4 months ago
  • I love watching them ,walking videos they help me yo relax and help me sleep ,plus you get to see places you will never probably visit

    Julie DaleJulie Dale4 months ago
  • Ryan looks like he’s discovered a goldmine

    Micro_LinerMicro_Liner4 months ago
  • I’ve been waiting for you guys to watch Shane’s old videos lol

    Juan ChavezJuan Chavez4 months ago
  • Oh shit it’s dem bois

    Ren SawyerRen Sawyer4 months ago
  • Shane reminds me of my one history teacher who would cap on the kids 😂

    zombie 13zombie 134 months ago
  • Sheep Dog Shane

    DizzyUG 2113DizzyUG 21134 months ago
  • Will u make it a saga like the hot doga

    Megan GrantMegan Grant4 months ago
  • So they've officially left Buzzfeed Unsolved? If so, what a shame! Buzzfeed is never going to be the same.

    Musa BhattiMusa Bhatti4 months ago
  • i need stevens sweater

    Dat BtchDat Btch4 months ago
  • HEAR ME OUT: I think you and the Try guys should do a "game show" episode where you take on a challenge and see who wins. Watcher boys vs Try guys... obviously yall need another team mate, Michelle Khare? A random friend? Anyone? It could be any kind of challenge, an obstacle course, a treasure hunt, synchronised swimming, roller durby, a game of chess! Literally anything!! You could call it the Ex-buzz games! Also, do a challenge once every season (weather seasons) cause I need it. K bye, thanks

    RachRach4 months ago
  • Are they ever going to do buzzfeed unsolved style vids again? Not complaining about all of these- I love them but I’m curious

    Elizabeth CochraneElizabeth Cochrane4 months ago

    Sonia TomasSonia Tomas4 months ago
  • Props for the most righteous Lou Malnati's T-shirt!

    DaveDave4 months ago
  • Question: has steven ever seen dragon ball z? Its goten and trunks. 😂😂 but have you guys seen dbz or naruto or any other anime you guys thoroughly enjoy.?

    Tim2PlayTim2Play4 months ago
  • July 9th is my Bday!!!

    Melissa ReeseMelissa Reese4 months ago

    lilysarvestanililysarvestani4 months ago
  • "How'd you do the spinning one?" "I uh, spun in a circle" lmao Shane continues being hella On Brand lmao

    lilysarvestanililysarvestani4 months ago
  • Shane wants to belittle

    HermanHerman4 months ago
  • Can we have a watcher weekly where Sara and Marielle join you guys? That'd be great! Steven, bring your SO too, if you'd like! We'd love to see more of your life in quarantine!

    lilysarvestanililysarvestani4 months ago
  • shane and ryan should do randonautica

    AstarayaAstaraya4 months ago
  • morris ashley walked so the professor could run

    Annie CastilloAnnie Castillo4 months ago
  • Before you shoot off a bunch of fireworks next year, maybe take into account the likelihood that someone in your neighborhood actually fought for freedom and now has PTSD.

    BarneyMillerBarneyMiller4 months ago