We Trap Steven in a Former Unsolved Location • Watcher Weekly #023

Jun 10, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to the 23rd episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
1:23 Chill Zone
5:13 Content Callout
5:21 This Week
6:05 Q&A
14:02 Viaduct Tavern
21:28 Goodbye
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  • First actual thought Ryan has within seven minutes Is about Cars 🚘😂

    _Peachy_ Peach__Peachy_ Peach_Day ago
  • Bring steven on unsolved revisits

    rane smithrane smith2 days ago
  • Ok, but like, can we talk about how STUNNING Shane looks in this video?

    _valntyne__valntyne_3 days ago
  • Ryan made me laugh so hard i almost started crying!

    Jason PadgettJason Padgett4 days ago
  • Ryan, you good?

    IsabelleIsabelle7 days ago
  • I think Ryan is coming down from a trip

    Sonya WillisSonya Willis7 days ago
  • I love how they just ignore Ryan having a nervous breakdown. Caffeine psychedelic moment.

    Monty BabyMonty Baby8 days ago
  • Ryan looks to be having a Manic hallucinogenic episode. Brought on by over consumption of caffeine. Buy the ticket, take the ride...

    Does this smell like chloroform?Does this smell like chloroform?8 days ago
  • Is Ryan okay? He seemed like something was really wrong. I just had a really bad feeling about it

    Marysa KnudsenMarysa Knudsen9 days ago
  • The fact Steve and Shane don’t know what song 21 questions is... I’m sad and disappointed

    NiaJ MuaNiaJ Mua11 days ago
  • What happened to this man😂

    Killua_135iKillua_135i13 days ago
  • Ryan gets spooked and picked on in every episode, seems peachy keen not being the butt of the joke in this one 🤣

    Nate BooneNate Boone14 days ago
  • Speaking of energy gum, my father works at a candy factory and sometimes brings home “experiment” candy in bulk (when Combos was first coming out he brought home a truckbed full and nobody liked them) and once when I was in middle school his company had recently partnered with another company to make gum, and he brought home some experimental energy gum that was not approved by the FDA so they couldn’t sell it. It tasted like actual feet, it was the most disgusting thing I’d ever tasted, and now we had crates full of it in our garage. So I did what any smart young entrepreneur would do and brought it to school and sold it! It was so disgusting that people would buy it just to PRETEND they liked it and impress everyone by how long they could stand chewing it. I always won these chewing competitions because I’m a bad-tasting-candy MASTER, but people would ask every day for some of this practically radioactive gum. I ended up just giving it out for free because I thought it was funny and middle schoolers didn’t have enough money back then to sustain their weird gum habits. Eventually the gum went bad and I couldn’t give it out anymore and there was almost a riot.

    Emily DavisEmily Davis14 days ago
  • Ryan is watching a scary movie lmfao

    Zskyler HardenZskyler Harden19 days ago
  • Ryan is doing throughout the WHOLE episode what Shane has done in the first few seconds of every post-mortem 😂

    Gumiho MochiGumiho Mochi19 days ago
  • At first I thought he was doing a bit....then I realized he wasn't... Kinda seemed like he was having a panic attack and was trying to pretend everything was ok. Maybe he thought he was pulling off trying to seem normal? Take care of yourself Ryan.

    The Ginger CatThe Ginger Cat20 days ago
  • If there are Shaniacs for Shane and Boogaras for Ryan, what about Steven Lim??? I’m not caught up :(

    Claudine EsguerraClaudine Esguerra21 day ago
  • Bro literally what is happening to Ryan

    Trajan ColterTrajan Colter21 day ago
  • How many minutes of ironic commercialism at the start there lol

    Mulder StarlingMulder Starling24 days ago
  • Fr. Thomas would be very proud of Steven. :)

    SquirrellyFriesSquirrellyFries24 days ago
  • ok i'll bite, what's up with Ryan?? lol

    SOS ParanormalSOS Paranormal28 days ago
  • Yo, seriously! What the actual fuck was Ryan going through?! I'm in tears with these faces.. like gasping for air.

    Military Spouse 101Military Spouse 101Month ago
  • Was Ryan possessed lmbo. I'm in tears over here lol lol. What was going on lol.

    Military Spouse 101Military Spouse 101Month ago
  • W.o.w ryan enjoy the one drug that's absolutely acceptable. 🤣🤣🤣

    Amanda PorterAmanda PorterMonth ago
  • Looks like Ryan ate some acid or shrooms before the show

    mr. cykelcrashmr. cykelcrashMonth ago
  • Ricky goldsworth peaking through a bit on this one

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynMonth ago
  • I'm starting to think that as Ryan's shirt says "Let's summon demons" he has done just that and is now having to parent a demon cuz he keeps giving it the look my mom gives me when shes on a phone call but he looks scared at the same time.... so yea demon baby

    Kelsey BreznickiKelsey BreznickiMonth ago
  • I have a request for any future videos involving flashing lights...when you started the Viaduct part, there was cop lights flashing in the back. Can you maybe put like a warning up before hand that they'll be there? That way I can block my eyes from it. I'm epileptic and the lights bother me. Thanks guys! Love your stuff!

    TheMoonGoddessTheMoonGoddessMonth ago
  • So jealous. I can't get good pumpernickel bagels.

    zarasbazaarzarasbazaarMonth ago
  • Ryan either high af or having a mental breakdown or doing a bit. Anyway which way we stan

    Jedi NinjaJedi NinjaMonth ago
  • Years of ghosts r catching up

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynMonth ago
  • They hype up the midwest wayyyy too much 😂

    Kaitlyn JacobsKaitlyn JacobsMonth ago
  • Ryan is a big ADHD mood throughout this whole thing

    Leo RiveraLeo RiveraMonth ago
  • Matcha tea sucks

    Anushka MukherjeeAnushka MukherjeeMonth ago
  • Just looked up all those bagel places on GOLDBELLY. That really was free advertisement lol

    No White Space StickersNo White Space StickersMonth ago
  • :O :O :O I own the same t-shirt as Ryan

    Lyly BennettLyly BennettMonth ago
  • Stupid question would these guys be wanting do a Halloween special

    Dallas HughesDallas HughesMonth ago
  • why is Ryan high out of his m i n d

    she,they *crying noises*she,they *crying noises*Month ago
  • Have any of them commented on Ryan looking freaked

    brandon92brandon92Month ago
  • 20:25 Ryan.... let me ask you this one thing...... Are you scared?😏 *QuE sCaRy MuSiC*

    Hailey OHailey OMonth ago

    Hailey OHailey OMonth ago
  • I want to know if Shane is wearing a bandana or an actual headband. 🙂

    Angela KozellAngela KozellMonth ago
  • Jesus Ryan are you okay?

    adamejadamejMonth ago
  • "Caffeine"? Is that what kids are calling it these days? 🧐

    Vanessa AbbasVanessa AbbasMonth ago
  • ryans just watching one of the many demons that shane has told his address to crawl around his walls

    evaevaMonth ago
  • It was the caffeine Ryan!

    Carolina MCarolina MMonth ago
  • Alright who gave Ryan acid, his walls are definitely reaching out and pulling on his soul

    InsomaniaInsomaniaMonth ago
  • Wth is up with Ryan?

    Lee and the AG CommunityLee and the AG CommunityMonth ago
  • Ryan was on some serious drugs

    MM2 months ago
  • Is Ryan okay?

    Ash The GhostAsh The Ghost2 months ago
  • Stevan is like a mix between Shane and Ryan

    Hailey OHailey O2 months ago
  • Ryan thinks the watcher is watching him

    BearkillarBearkillar2 months ago
  • Ryan is having a straight up Panic Attack. I know what one is when I see them.

    FadedMaturityFadedMaturity2 months ago
  • Wow, Ryan is a great actor. He had us all concerned there for a minute, lol

    Katie KobzenKatie Kobzen2 months ago
  • "Mmm, hmmmmm, *matcha* " ryan you good buddy

    Grace RileyGrace Riley2 months ago
  • Poor Steven, he couldn’t grow a mustache if he tried

    Mary KaneMary Kane2 months ago
  • Ryan blink twice if you need help

    Robert WilsonRobert Wilson2 months ago
    • seriously my man looks like he's about to transcend the physical realm

      Robert WilsonRobert Wilson2 months ago
  • Two years ago, "Maybe Andrew could take it but Steven would poop himself. 2020

    ChezDayableChezDayable2 months ago
  • #FloorGang #TapeGang

    ChezDayableChezDayable2 months ago
  • People think Ryan is going crazy when it's really just the caffeine #StillABoogaraThough

    ChezDayableChezDayable2 months ago
  • Ok but will we ever get to see the picture?

    Elise SmithElise Smith2 months ago
  • Steven is Ryan from the very first unsolved supernatural lol

    Christine AmaChristine Ama2 months ago
  • I swear to god if there’s not another are you scared episode I’m gonna unsubscribe

    F O O D B O IF O O D B O I2 months ago
  • I'm Christian too and yeah, we believe in spirits and demons but we believe God is greater and there's nothing to be afraid of. Great job, Steven on calling on Jesus' name right away. Edit: love that the guy knows "Worth It"😊

    Becoming WholeBecoming Whole2 months ago
  • the bg music is giving me serious mystic messenger vibes

    Issy HIssy H2 months ago
  • Its hard to uh, sustain my belief w the ryan bit tbh

    alifia !alifia !2 months ago
  • Steven in the Viaduct Tavern just is the epitome of “I’ve made a terrible mistake”

    Ava CatherineAva Catherine2 months ago
  • When Ryan said “21 questions, by 50 cent, No ? Not this audience”

    Makiyah MitchellMakiyah Mitchell2 months ago
    • Ryan is amazing 🤣

      Makiyah MitchellMakiyah Mitchell2 months ago
  • This is... a really strange commercial for that gum. I'll stick to my Vyvanse, I think...

    Schaefer HundSchaefer Hund2 months ago
  • I think Ryan needs professional mental help. I'm so sorry I'm just concerned. In one of their episode from buzzfeed, the one where they are making apple taters, they've said that the spirits actually followed and haunt Ryan, he had nightmares. And now, he is showing some manic behavior when it comes to something supernatural scary like ghosts and demons or crimes. Just look at his expression when he closed the door leaving Steven inside, he looks quite mad to me. Again I'm sorry, I'm just thinking that doing investigation in scary places may actually have taken a toll on him. But you could also say that it might be because of coffee.

    Aurea De VeraAurea De Vera3 months ago
  • *ryan was going insane with “power” from not being put in his place by ghosts scaring him or anything scaring him when this was happening with him I bet*

    A Golden BearA Golden Bear3 months ago
  • I’m late to this video, but was it ever answered why Ryan looked like he was spacing, psyching out? His eyes look uncommonly yellow.

    Nam GonzalesNam Gonzales3 months ago
    • yea apparently its prologue to are you scared so its scripted

      Dabeen LeeDabeen Lee3 months ago
  • Why Ryan is keep looking around

    deku dekudeku deku3 months ago
  • Ryan will probably be me next week when school starts again

    KIMINKINK 'KIMINKINK '3 months ago
  • missing my dose of goul hunting during this hiatus

    Mary PeskoMary Pesko3 months ago
  • seriously tho is he ok?

    MAQSMAQS3 months ago
  • ryan in this episode is me consuming any caffeine ever 😔

    ActuallyRandomPersonActuallyRandomPerson3 months ago
  • His eyes are red... was he crying?

    Cutie CreationsCutie Creations3 months ago
  • Do you guy remember “the curse of anabelle” ? Where Shane ask anabelle “will Ryan die in next week ?” ( I forgot it) and the left light (nothing happen after next week) and after Shane and Ryan done Ryan said this to anabelle “thank you for not doing any harm to me or in the future” (I think I forgot it too) after he said it Shane start to experience paranormal activities in his house or his hotel.

    reth sathyagamerYTreth sathyagamerYT3 months ago
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Jairah LopezJairah Lopez3 months ago
  • Really appreciated the genuine Jesus moment.

    Michelle WongMichelle Wong3 months ago
  • Ryan seems like he's on mushrooms

    asmit317ifyasmit317ify3 months ago
  • Wtf is wrong with Ryan

    Stefanie TidwellStefanie Tidwell3 months ago
  • I know I’m hella late, but Julian Solomita once had a series called Last Minute Trips, where they threw a dart at a map blindfolded, and went there almost immediately and stayed for a weekend. I would love to see you guys do something like that! Kinda like tourist trapped/Weird and or wonderful/a lil history and small town hype

    happily hannahhappily hannah3 months ago
  • Steven : i dont think its a good idea messing with spirits Shane: hold my beer

    dark sundark sun3 months ago
  • I thought Ryan freaking out in this video was to promote something, is it lol? does anyone know

    Leea BeekerLeea Beeker3 months ago
  • this wasn't the first time Ryan acted strangely there were prevs episodes and now I'm concern if this was just his character. update on him please

    Marjoery velosoMarjoery veloso3 months ago
  • omg he said waverly and i jumped bc i thought my mom was calling me.

    Waverly BWaverly B3 months ago
  • 👀 mmmhmmmmm matcha

    Evie GEvie G3 months ago
  • Yo what’s wrong with Ryan

    lil glil g3 months ago
  • Ryan looking like he accidentally took some LSD before the show and now it’s kicked in all of a sudden lol

    T. B.T. B.3 months ago
  • Ryan: *actually being possessed* USworlds AD: “HaVe yOu EvEr hAd a DrEaM tHaT cAmE tRuE?”

    Wet WaterWet Water3 months ago
  • Ryan on caffeine is my natural state

    Lorna VàzquezLorna Vàzquez4 months ago
  • This guys trippin.

    Jude SushiJude Sushi4 months ago
  • Shane: talking, vibing, answering questions Steven: eating his bagel Ryan: going through the 5 stages of possession

    what nahwhat nah4 months ago
  • Is Ryan okay???

    Naomi WhiteNaomi White4 months ago
  • You should do a ghost hunting in Ryan house

    BÜŇň ÝBÜŇň Ý4 months ago
  • Wtf what wrong with Ryan

    BÜŇň ÝBÜŇň Ý4 months ago
  • I don't know what just happened with my poor baby Ryan, but I hope you're okay, sweetie. Love you, man

    SkyrilSkyril4 months ago
  • these guys are the only people making me happy since 1d disappointed me once again (i still love them tho)

    BeaBea4 months ago