We Try to Decode Gen Z Slang • Watcher Weekly #036

Sep 10, 2020
355 312 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 36th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
0:56 Chill Zone
3:07 This Week
4:32 Announcements
5:26 Q&A
11:22 Slang Time
18:12 Patreon Shoutouts
19:45 Goodbye
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  • Sooo that's whyyyy my parents dont understand me

    HOW ITS MADEHOW ITS MADE12 hours ago
  • ok but when i saw "bad bleep" I CACKLED LMFAOJDKSBDKDBJD

    Julianna JacildoJulianna Jacildo14 hours ago
  • All Hail the WATCHER

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky20 hours ago
  • Ok boomer and simp are only funny because people use them way too much and it drives other people crazy

    Mathilde GabrielMathilde GabrielDay ago
  • Bruh I may be Gen Z but because I don't use TikTok I feel like I age 50 years every 5 months

    XcaliumXcalium2 days ago
  • I've never heard the phrase bad bleep

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn3 days ago
  • Would stealing that owl classify as a bank robbery?

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn3 days ago
  • when they said gen z is the funniest generation I straight up said to myself “its the trauma”

    Brailey SubletteBrailey Sublette4 days ago
  • I am (only just) in Gen Z, and I've also googled simp before 😂 i don't know half the slang, I feel like anyone above 20 we just feel like old people

    Jessica WaltonJessica Walton4 days ago
  • That's why I blame Gen Z for its TRASHY SHIT GEN Z IS 💩 EVERYONE IS HUMAN WE ARE DIFFERENT OUTSIDE BUT WE ARE THE SAME INSIDE I don't know why would someone divide a group of people by generations Like wtf are those so called "generations" They're so TRASH

    Iron EngineIron Engine4 days ago
  • I love when ppl go like ✨This✨ to words like ma brain reads it in a like a 🧚🏽‍♂️✨Fancy✨🧚🏽‍♂️ tone

    Daylisia CastroDaylisia Castro4 days ago
  • Baby boomers aren't "the Greatest Generation". That generation is older. Don't care enough to look up the actual dates as I'm Gen X.

    Suzi McCrorySuzi McCrory4 days ago
  • As a young millennial, I didn’t understand any of the gen Z slang other then a little understanding of yeet

    hank2188hank21885 days ago
  • The way Shane guessed electric chair right the first try

    Isabelle James-HutsonIsabelle James-Hutson5 days ago
  • "Gen Z is the Funniest Generation" Thanks Its the trama

    Leigha RandallLeigha Randall5 days ago
  • stupid question... but is this a podcast ??

    mandaaachristineeemandaaachristineee5 days ago
  • 11:23 for the gen z slang

    ErinErin5 days ago
  • Some of those words are 🧢. I haven't heard like two of those. More used is like dark humor lol

    Jessica AvilaJessica Avila5 days ago
  • I think its super awesome and under appreciated that Steven has thought "i want to do exactly this for the rest of my life".

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money5 days ago
  • shane is the baddest bleep of the millenials

    rozi Wryarozi Wrya6 days ago
  • “They’re the self-proclaimed greatest generation” No we defiantly are the gre- *oh wait*

    Bre Johnson-frowBre Johnson-frow6 days ago
  • Isn't the Greatest generation the one before the Boomers?

    Leigh WaltonLeigh Walton6 days ago
  • .

    melxdiq doomsmelxdiq dooms6 days ago
  • yes

    melxdiq doomsmelxdiq dooms6 days ago
  • Gen-Z and never heard "electric chair"

    Brandon KochnariBrandon Kochnari8 days ago
  • Here’s a tip for Gen Z slang: we don’t have elaborate definitions, it’s usually very simple

    Chris Isaac Shelton (965ChrShel)Chris Isaac Shelton (965ChrShel)8 days ago
  • im gen z and i have no idea whats going on

    benjicordbenjicord8 days ago
  • Not to be dramatic but Ryan's curls are showing me a whole new side of him

    Olivia DodgeOlivia Dodge9 days ago
  • I Am gen z and I didn't know like a third of those

    Space PirateSpace Pirate9 days ago
  • I realized Gen Z does this thing where we say some morbid horrible shit then we’re like ✨✌️🥰 ❤️ 🧚‍♀️

    DeobihoeDeobihoe9 days ago
  • “oh Simp, i googles this the other day” yeah ..... we know you did

    Andrew WolfAndrew Wolf10 days ago
  • I love that I've literally never heard of most of these. The ones I have heard of i dont think have actually been used in months

    J4ne ._D0eJ4ne ._D0e10 days ago
  • Anyone else laugh their ass off when she held up the words?

    Chloe SchmidtChloe Schmidt10 days ago
  • I’d simply ✨pass away✨

    Angelina VeraAngelina Vera10 days ago
  • Bruh im gen z and i dont even know what half of that crap means

    AutumnSprinkleAutumnSprinkle11 days ago
  • Oh guys. What if you had the middle generation, unclassified kid, though. Poor them. I have the youngest child , and maybe even the next one up, doesn't fit that category. I, also was. . .misconstrued in the geeralization mix. Not a baby boomer, on the end of it, '64. Latest child: Not a millennian, just seconds before it. And we are like, no. Don't really FIT in a CATEGRY of all that. Set determinations of an AGE group might be flawed a bit. There are so many people that just don't fit the date scrip, and bottom line, might by, definition, maybe, in a way, that? Not liking the VIEW. People so frequently lack the undrstanding that theer ARE other people. Loving that everyone where you work and all of what you do is PEOPLE minded. Iif you just ran a short series that focused on "The Others", the generation "in be tweens", the ones thamt didn't make the profile? Idk. Interesting, though. A lot of them. NOT the ones in the age categories. The In Be Tweens. Cool thought. We care about the outside of age category people, too.. .thing? I don't know. Love your creative, innovative selves. Thank you you all for helping life not s*ck as it real life does for the most part. Enjoyment. Something amazing I can take into my real life and keep it there and keep that going. Just keep doing and going and . . . it is helping. DO NOT STOP. Tryig to find where I can can contribute. New to the internet thing. Telling all freinds , so more people is good......sound like Shane. Goodnight. Sorry, get tired and wordy d will try to work on it. Pluh. Reread post and almost did not hit comment. Oh well. Gonna hit it anyway. Typed the whole crap. If I don't send, pointless thoughts. Sorry. Sending the dumb rambling. LOVE ALL YOUR SHOWS!

    danita whitsondanita whitson11 days ago

    AveryAvery11 days ago
  • bruh the greatest gen was the ww2 gen, not the baby boomers

    Jobob101Jobob10112 days ago
  • I am apart of gen z and a lot of these I have never heard of

    Nolan BowlerNolan Bowler12 days ago
  • “The Greatest Generation” is actually the Boomer’s parents.

    PoemJunkiePoemJunkie12 days ago
  • It's the daddy issues for me Make a chain

    joeyzsusjoeyzsus13 days ago
    • I'm here

      Kaitlin CoxKaitlin Cox13 days ago
  • Do DMV slang next

    Nicole FlennikenNicole Flenniken13 days ago
  • I also yeet out of conversations when it gets weird. Just say yeet then ghost

    Nicole FlennikenNicole Flenniken13 days ago
  • It’s the not knowing when the video actually starts for me

    KadeKade14 days ago
  • This comment section sucks

    Jackcitlau _Jackcitlau _14 days ago
  • Bad bleep...? What?

    Jasmine NuelleJasmine Nuelle14 days ago
  • I am apparently a gen z (1997+) but i don't and can't keep up and understand their slangs.

    Sophia AvelinSophia Avelin14 days ago
  • I'm gen z but I didn't know wtf the electric chair, what ever the bad bleep was, and "say some right now". Ig because I'm in the younger part of gen z but I have never heard ppl say "say some rn" and electric chair. I don't live in a whole I have a life and I still didn't know what those ment

    Jewels RebelJewels Rebel15 days ago
  • I hate this comment section, every comment has, 👏 , ✨ and its just so cringe

    luke warmluke warm15 days ago
  • 2:05 My mom is a Gen X and- lemme tell you- I dunno if it's just because because we're in the South but she's Racist, Xenophobic, anti-masks, a Trump supporter, Homophobic, and Transphobic I'm so embarrassed, as a bi transman, to be around her in general she's THAT bad. I know this may sound bad cause she's my mother but idc- I don't want to be seen associated with her.

    Catix The ArtistCatix The Artist15 days ago
  • Greatest Generation: The people who fought in WWII Baby Boomers: The 70 million babies born in the years following WWII Gen X: The kids of the Baby Boomers

    Josh KeslingJosh Kesling15 days ago
  • Gen Z slang is just slang that's been used in black culture for decades and everyone else is finding out about it because the internet and using it because they wanna look cool and funny.

    GirlYouAlreadyKnowGirlYouAlreadyKnow16 days ago
  • u r all out of ur mind i m in my 50's so what does that make me a grandma, eventhough a lot of pleople that made it to my age r. some not to say lots are dead .... but my neighbor who is 60 has a new girlfriend who is 48 , what do u think about it?

    Consuelo ChavezConsuelo Chavez16 days ago
  • I'm very confused by half of these slang words... and I straddle the line between Millennial and Gen Z! DX

    J.M. IvieJ.M. Ivie17 days ago
  • I loved seeing how angry boomers got over being called boomers like they weren’t already called boomers/baby boomers.

    Ego JohnsonEgo Johnson17 days ago
  • i have never heard bad bleep or electric chair ever. I am very active on the internet except for tiktok, so /:

    PemoPemo17 days ago
  • I know a younger Gen Z who uses yeet and electric chair as a greeting in group chat😂

    LamiaLamia17 days ago
  • Earphones confused me the whole video

    Chloe CharbonneauChloe Charbonneau17 days ago
  • you know what this world needs: Shane Madej and Brad Leone in a video together. please.

    Emilia KõivEmilia Kõiv18 days ago
  • I’m gen z too but istg y’all are so cringe it hurts

    Ethereal PrincessEthereal Princess18 days ago
  • I'm gen Z and I had no clue what most of those words meant. I feel out of the loop with my own generation.

    Fiona FlagstadFiona Flagstad18 days ago
  • They should have done I've never seen two pretty best friends

    lmaooicry overanimelmaooicry overanime18 days ago
  • ngl im at the prime of gen z and i didn't know some of these T-T

    emma frostemma frost19 days ago
  • Missed gen z by 36 hours. I was born December 30 1996

    Emily WoodEmily Wood19 days ago
  • As a Gen Z, This is hilarious to watch. I'll be sure to tell Gen Z about this.

    Marli ShutenMarli Shuten19 days ago
  • I’m Gen Z and I didn’t know the 2 they didn’t know lol. But I’m also not on TikTok so.. 😂

    Taylor EdgarTaylor Edgar19 days ago
  • Me: listening to there good vocabulary Also me not knowing what they mean: I like your funny words magic man

    BapeBape19 days ago
  • I love how it’s millennial slang too but lucky for us no one notices lol

    John GreenJohn Green19 days ago
  • The greatest generation was the early 1900's

    WilliamWilliam20 days ago
  • Imagine taking some aave, gentrifying it and calling it gen z slang then whitesplaining. The audacity. Lord.

    RBCRBC20 days ago
  • I’m technically gen z and I have no idea what any of those words were except simp....

    Cristal SalazarCristal Salazar20 days ago
  • Wait I have never heard electric chair or bad bleep???

    Karen HeklaKaren Hekla21 day ago
  • My new life goal is to run into Shane out and about and witness this "noodle man" escape plan

    Chronically CreepyChronically Creepy21 day ago
  • Me, a gen z, hearing "bad bleep" and "electric chair": What the hell is that????? Do we use it?? Is someone really using it??? Hnnngg????

    Typo_Kimg_KoiTypo_Kimg_Koi21 day ago
  • I'm Gen Z but I don't think I belong in it. I find it hard to get along and understand all the nonstop trends. I just hope a zombie apocalypse happens so that Z can stand for zombie.

    MaJorMaJor21 day ago
  • as a gen z, i sadly only knew what half of them meant

    Syaraha SalwahSyaraha Salwah21 day ago
  • I love how they’re laughing at “you didn’t even drink water.” Which is suburban mom humor and we’re like “BABY IM A DIFFERENT BREED”

    BeanieBabeUwu :BeanieBabeUwu :23 days ago
  • This video is very poggers

    BeanieBabeUwu :BeanieBabeUwu :23 days ago
  • Ha I am the "they" aretalking about at 20 years old.

    Maya AshbyMaya Ashby23 days ago
  • WHAT EP IS 7:18??? 🤣🤣🤣

    Roiana MustangRoiana Mustang23 days ago
  • Bad Bleep = No cuz we don't mess with the Raecist lmfao and we usually say "chair but make it *electric*

    Jazz'sArtDimensionJazz'sArtDimension24 days ago
  • they have the incorrect drag race girl as their social media coordinator im dying she is the best gen z has to offer

    Anna ZukalováAnna Zukalová24 days ago
  • Steven: we didn’t do anything ilegal Also Steven: we stole and lit things in fire... but we also wrote sweet songs for each other

    rosaticrosatic25 days ago
  • I’m gen z, I still don’t understand half of the slangs bro, like how simp means that? I thought they were talking about SIMS :((

    rosaticrosatic25 days ago
  • I like being generation X, I respect the boomers, millennials, gen y, gen z, gen whatever.

    Marigen BeltranMarigen Beltran25 days ago
  • I’d like to see more of Shane and Ryan trying to figure out Gen Z language like: “Get that bread/bag” “Awooga” “That smacks” “On blast” “Tweakin” Or any more y’all can think of

    ʀσռռɨɛ. ʝʀσռռɨɛ. ʝ25 days ago
  • Honestly we've created a whole new language at this point

    iSleepyiSleepy25 days ago
  • I’m 19 I didn’t know half of them...

    Alexis BeckerAlexis Becker26 days ago
  • Ok boomer isn't ageist it's against the boomer generation when they say something out of line: they weren't always old. They didn't come out the womb old lmao

    Jaz ShawJaz Shaw26 days ago
  • Shane sounds like boomer lmaoo and we love him

    Ichi KyubomIchi Kyubom26 days ago
  • Ok, but as someone from Gen Z, Shane transcends generations.

    Sea PineconeSea Pinecone26 days ago
  • Fr

    JanelleJanelle26 days ago
  • I love how Steven Lim is in between Shane and Ryan... If they would rub elbows... Virtually... They'll definitely burn each other. One with fire, one with holy water.

    Jethro LabestreJethro Labestre26 days ago
  • ✨it’s the putting ok boomer in a video this far into the year for me✨

    i stan some shit idki stan some shit idk27 days ago
  • Ryan: "I didn't really do weird things in high school" *flashback to the time he admitted to throwing a racist kid to the floor on puppet history* Me: whatever lets you sleep at night, bergie

    that's your fookin job you fookin loosahthat's your fookin job you fookin loosah27 days ago
    • @Fiore M. actually i just searched it up and i think it was the episode about the first female detective (i feel bad for not remembering her name oops)

      that's your fookin job you fookin loosahthat's your fookin job you fookin loosah25 days ago
    • @Fiore M. i don't rememeber what episode it was i'm sorry i recently binged all of them and it just blurred together but i think it was one of the newer ones

      that's your fookin job you fookin loosahthat's your fookin job you fookin loosah25 days ago
    • woah what when did he mention that??

      Fiore M.Fiore M.25 days ago
  • Everybody trying to push the "gen Z is rlly funny", guys we are not, we literally just dont care and laugh at everything in an attempt to feel something beside the dreading feeling of doom and angst. Look, i ll show ya', this is the best joke that we have "weed eater"

  • The greatest generation is actually the generation before baby boomers

    S CS C28 days ago
  • The new one is “sus” my kid brother uses sus for such random crap

    Ulysses S. GrantUlysses S. Grant28 days ago
  • im gen z and half of these slangs i didnt even know about until now

    Daniel LaxityDaniel Laxity28 days ago
  • As a Gen Z, I have never heard Bad Bleep or Electric Chair.

    Abbigail RampartAbbigail Rampart29 days ago