Weird Wonderful World Q+A • Watcher Weekly #004

Jan 29, 2020
145 975 Views

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Hello! Welcome to the 4th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
- Plants
- Weird Wonderful World
- Homemade
- Q&A
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  • Ryan "baby face" boogara

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk NamsaynDay ago
  • Clean shaven ryan without glasses looks weird

    Willow RosenbergWillow Rosenberg5 days ago
    • In a weird way

      Willow RosenbergWillow Rosenberg5 days ago
    • But still good

      Willow RosenbergWillow Rosenberg5 days ago
  • In Ryan’s defence the red skull is in the winter soldier comic just not the movie

    SkylarSkylar9 days ago
  • I find it interesting that the foodie is the only one that never drinks coffee during these eps

    Annie I.Annie I.22 days ago
  • Ryan was really rocking a look and vibe here that is too powerful for mortals.

    vigilauntvigilauntMonth ago
  • "We're not going to have Steven Lim tap dancin out there sellin cars or insurance"

    SamSamMonth ago
  • Talking about all the changes in this video 8 months ago.... now we are 7-8ish months into quarantine 😂😂😂

    Katarina BushKatarina BushMonth ago
  • I like stevens dry humor lol

    jongup guppiejongup guppieMonth ago
  • Omg, I got teary-eyed when they mentioned Anthony Bourdain 😢

    Becoming WholeBecoming WholeMonth ago
  • shane has mom energy

    Emily PriceEmily Price2 months ago
  • Shane's headband is everything

    Rachael BergerRachael Berger3 months ago
  • Nooo we gotta see that handshake

    gohawks1201gohawks12013 months ago
  • 11:45 his deadpan af disclaimer lmao

    MikuLeekzMikuLeekz4 months ago
  • Okay, but did anyone else’s USworlds fcking *crash* the second Shane said the diplococcus for the first time?!

    Trixx KwamiiTrixx Kwamii4 months ago
  • shane looks like a divorced art techer

    Banunu BanunuBanunu Banunu4 months ago
  • I’m sorry, how did they skate right past Shane saying he watched shows about cannibals and knows that the butt tastes best?

    LibbyRozeLibbyRoze5 months ago
  • shanes so bubbly in this one

    val gutiérrezval gutiérrez5 months ago
  • steven’s getting more love in this ep and im living for it

    Prestine PajarilloPrestine Pajarillo5 months ago
  • boring

    Linda SangerLinda Sanger5 months ago
  • 4:51 what is this look between ryan and shane LMAO

    Alina EdwardsAlina Edwards5 months ago
  • Ricky Goldsworth is coming back: this time eating human flesh!

    Lynn LewisLynn Lewis5 months ago
  • shane looks like if hozier was a career youtuber

    PersephonePersephone5 months ago
  • 13:21 THE PROFESSOR ON THE FRIDGE . GOD ..........

    fairly regretfulfairly regretful5 months ago
  • Here in watcher at 13:38, was what some to believe to be the spirt of Ricky Goldsworth trying to escape Ryan’s body! The boys said it was a demon, so RICKY IS A DEMON CONFIRMED

    Rose LavayenRose Lavayen5 months ago
  • Shane, Ryan... what ya'll doing being entranced by each others beauty all the sudden @ 4:50 - 4:59

    sevenseven6 months ago
  • Steven saying, "your arm is still on my shoulder" is giving me same vibe as Young Ryan saying, "we just touched hands, it's weird" 😂

    alonenotlonelyalonenotlonely6 months ago
  • 4:51 A lovely moment as Shane exchanges smiles with Ryan (thank you onephantasticsummer)

    ShaliekShaliek6 months ago
  • Shane: "Here in my 30's, I think it's fun to look weird." Seriously, guys, GISH. Y'all need to look up GISH: Greatest International Scavenger Hunt. y'all would be PERFEEEECCCT and you would have so much fun, seriously. Oh my gosh PLEASE do GISH and film your misadventures. I would kill for that!!

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • "I'll take one glute, please." xD xD xD I'm dying

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • HERE for Shane's headbands

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
    • (Yes... I am commenting along as I watch the episode....)

      SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • I do just wanna say I am really excited to watch Homemade!! I love home cooking and recipes that have been passed down for generations, which is exactly what this show is about! And I am super eager to try new things. Also, though, I LOVE tamales, but I've never made my own, so I'm especially excited to get to that episode!

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • I'm still catching up with these videos (in order!) but I have loved every Watcher Weekly I've seen. You guys are some of my favorite people, and I get so much enjoyment literally just sitting her watching y'all discuss your hair styles

    SkyrilSkyril6 months ago
  • Shane’s “huh?” after Ryan’s “Hi, I’m Ryan Bergara, and I’m going to the moon” got me real good. This episode was pure gold 👌🏼

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • This is the weirdest, bestest, funniest episode of Watcher Weekly and I am LIVING for it

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • Ryan’s mug on the couch like that gives me so much anxiety

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
    • Literally after I commented this Steven saved the mug ahahah we’re so in sync!

      Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • Lmao when Steven made that diss about Facebook I immediately clicked out of YT and said aloud “I’m gonna go like you on Facebook just for that comment” and proceeded to type “water entertainment” into facebook.... wow what a disaster I am

    Holly PendredHolly Pendred6 months ago
  • shane cuffs his jeans

    itskateaitskatea6 months ago
  • 10:47 well hi Ricky Goldsworth thanks for appearing briefly #loveit

    Sarah brownSarah brown6 months ago
  • Ryan's look has greased lightning energy and that is something I can get behind

    Lizzy NightingaleLizzy Nightingale6 months ago
  • Ryan every time Shane brings up feelings: but you don't h a v e emotions

    Ellie PuglisiEllie Puglisi6 months ago
  • I'm 8 seconds into the video and my immediate thought is holy shit Shane's mom jeans

    Ellie PuglisiEllie Puglisi6 months ago
  • I love Shanes blazer! Could anyone tell me what brand it is?

    CommondevintooCommondevintoo6 months ago
  • I am in constant fear that the mug on the couch is going to fall

    Cathlyn AtaideCathlyn Ataide6 months ago
  • I think Steven's crunchy hair has been added to shane's list of fears (beside avocado pits)

    Maggie SnyderMaggie Snyder7 months ago
  • Definitely sounded like Mulaney

    AleAle7 months ago
  • you guys are so frickin cute

    Phoebe ChenPhoebe Chen7 months ago
  • Shane and Ryan having a Dwight/Jim feud over the desk😂

    Lisa BordenLisa Borden7 months ago
  • Ryan Bergara mentioning John Mulaney. My life is now complete,

    PersonWhoLikesBooksPersonWhoLikesBooks7 months ago
  • oof- personally shook and CALLED OUT by Shane's Facebook comment

    Brooke MaeBrooke Mae7 months ago
  • This episode was absolutely hilarious, GREAT video!! 💕

    Ellizabeth KaneEllizabeth Kane7 months ago
  • Shane is the fun friend I wish I had & Ryan is my secret crush...but I definitely relate with Steven the most 😆 awkward but can be sassy, serious but can be sarcastically hilarious

    sl slsl sl7 months ago
  • I was an indoor office plant gardener before the pandemic and my favourite thing about it was how cute and nervous people get about their plants. you can actually spray the helck out of the bamboo palms because they are prone to spider mites when they get too dry. Shane was very sweet about it tho and anthony obviously knows what to do. They should get a peace lily if they get more because those things take a lot of water, and overwatering is usually how anxious plant people kill their plants. If it dries out, it'll flop, but when you water them again they come back from the dead almost, plus they flower.

    Chelsea CampbellChelsea Campbell7 months ago
  • Steven has to cut in like, No, nO hOmO bRo

    Barbra stanwickBarbra stanwick8 months ago
  • Where is the butterfly question?

    wasVIRALwasVIRAL8 months ago
  • Sponsored content is 100% Ok with one asked but yea😂

    Barbra stanwickBarbra stanwick8 months ago
  • Yaaaaasssss!!!! Great job!

    Marco CarreonMarco Carreon8 months ago
  • All hail the watcher

    PlutoVRPlutoVR8 months ago
  • Shane's outfit in this is actually my Lesbian Style Goals, it's really nice!

    babahu15babahu158 months ago
  • Steven is the parent of this group. 😂

    Lauren AndersonLauren Anderson8 months ago
  • Love the little captions 😊 its a keeper

    sanssans8 months ago
  • hi yes, i will KILL for the person who edits these

    Robin Jey BonesRobin Jey Bones8 months ago
  • in making the professor, shane really lost it huh. he’s ever farther gone than usual

    Robin Jey BonesRobin Jey Bones8 months ago
  • "So here's Steven playing defense on me..." *falls down* 🤣

    Trevor BellTrevor Bell8 months ago
  • i think we all believe you when you say that ryan cackled like a witch. i have no trouble believing that.

    jonginini kimjonginini kim8 months ago
  • i am living for shane's headband and outfit in general

    jonginini kimjonginini kim8 months ago
  • I love this new channel @WatcherWeekly but I mean, my brain keeps screaming for more ghoul boys and wonder if #StevenLim is a #Boogara or a #Shaniac... I need more episodes of haunted* places guys 🙏 💕 #watcherweekly

    ImA SwarovskiImA Swarovski8 months ago
  • shit i REALLY wanted to see shane and ryan's handshake

    juliajulia8 months ago
  • 13:51 i literally have that exact same glass-bottle-spritzer thing. Lol i got it from hobby lobby. I use it as a water spray bottle for my hair

    ArielellaArielella8 months ago
  • Is it just me or does ryan look like hes glowing?

    Queen K-IAQueen K-IA9 months ago
  • Ryan looks like a long girl. And I'm here for it.

    Marisa StewartMarisa Stewart9 months ago
  • shane looks like Mr. Sikowitz

    Reynolds WrapReynolds Wrap9 months ago

    NuzhaNuzha9 months ago
  • Bone marrows are delicious

    pastaman iapastaman ia9 months ago
  • when ryan said 9:11 sounded like john mulaney i had pause the video to stop wheezing

    Campbell SmithCampbell Smith9 months ago
  • "its crunchy?1" its hairspray."

    MaxwellMaxwell9 months ago
  • 13:37 Demon Ryan Confirmed Why is no one talking about this?

    TeekalinTeekalin9 months ago
  • 7:37 it’s *c r u n c h y*

    SilverMountain 516SilverMountain 5169 months ago
  • Maybe Shane is a demon but he cares about his plants

    Lili FloresLili Flores9 months ago
  • I've realized I don't like Steve. I'm avoiding any video where he is present.

    NiceNice9 months ago
  • What is not grown up about Worth It?

    Brandy ZochBrandy Zoch9 months ago
  • And the Diplococcus mystery thickens :O

    Mayara T.Mayara T.9 months ago
  • With Ryan and Shane unlocked from the chains of BF's PCness, we geeeeet... cannibalism \o/ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mayara T.Mayara T.9 months ago
  • When did Shane become a Cagney and Lacey stunt double?

    WeAreLegionWeAreLegion9 months ago
  • Love the bit where Ryan was willing to demonstrate his ‘witchlike’ cackle, I can imagine Shane’s horror 17:54

    Tess DuberessTess Duberess9 months ago
  • this hairstyle makes ryan look really adorable. Even though he is a witch

    dumbalekdumbalek9 months ago
  • shane: be weird, eat ass

    dumbalekdumbalek9 months ago
  • THIS is Ryan Bergara, the man from before is Ricky Goldsworth

    Lyan CrownLyan Crown9 months ago
  • I love that Shane and Ryan are so feral that hairspray freaks them out

    Malorie PhilipsMalorie Philips9 months ago
  • im most excited for Steven's shows because im most excited for food, at all times

    Malorie PhilipsMalorie Philips9 months ago
  • the way shane was upset abt the plant,,, he really is a hippie god bless

    Rafaela DiasRafaela Dias9 months ago
  • What is their name on patreon?

    Sidin' With BidenSidin' With Biden9 months ago
  • Second off 😜😂😂😂

    Ellie BurtonEllie Burton9 months ago
  • I love worth it!

    may t. goyamay t. goya9 months ago
  • I’m very tickled by the editing in all these. I especially love the Shane Shade, Ryan Roast, and Steven Sting callouts.

    syrniumsyrnium9 months ago
  • I feel like Steven is the normal to Shane and Ryan’s crazy lmao

    Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood9 months ago
  • very Mulaney and i loved it

    Acacia Alexander-TeelAcacia Alexander-Teel9 months ago
  • petition to get John Mulaney on this show

    psycho illogicalpsycho illogical9 months ago
  • my current mood: rewatching all the watcher weekly episodes that are out :)

    Alex DaigleAlex Daigle9 months ago

    Lex MoonLex Moon9 months ago
  • “Here in my thirties, I think it’s fun to look weird” STRONG JENNA MARBLES ENERGY 😂

    asia thomasasia thomas9 months ago