Who’s Most Likely To…(Fan Submitted!) • Watcher Weekly #026

Jul 1, 2020
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Hello! Welcome to the 26th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
0:57 Chill Zone
2:20 This Week
2:40 Last Week
3:58 Q&A
9:10 Who's Most Likely To...
16:25 Goodbye
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  • All Hail the

    Dash LukkyDash Lukky16 hours ago

      Dash LukkyDash Lukky16 hours ago
  • This show is basically Shane and Ryan going on unofficial dates and Steven 3 wheeling.

    Nolet HoffmanNolet Hoffman2 days ago
  • 12:51 I thought the answer would’ve been Shane because didn’t Shane once laugh when a lady said that her dog was flung to the wall by a ghost?😂

    Gumiho MochiGumiho Mochi21 day ago
  • 0:56 Oh look it’s the Professor!

    Gumiho MochiGumiho Mochi21 day ago
  • Rewatching this and it still makes me smile. Also Steven you are a beautiful boi :)

    Animania freakAnimania freak23 days ago
  • I love steven, great vibes

    Riso RoyRiso RoyMonth ago
  • “French toast is bread, and bread is good.” Inspirational.

    Stupid Little AcornStupid Little AcornMonth ago
  • why are they so bad at accents

    Eva CelesteEva CelesteMonth ago
  • As a very awkward human my solution to the "take a step" situation is to just freeze like a deer in the headlights and let the person pass, lmao.

    Jessica CreedJessica CreedMonth ago
  • I love ur show, ill be a guest

    Danielle LaneDanielle LaneMonth ago
  • Shane's cat looks like Steven's cat...... MIND = BLOWN

    Lucy LeeLucy Lee2 months ago
  • shane

    karrenmoorekarrenmoore2 months ago
  • ryan

    karrenmoorekarrenmoore2 months ago
  • i like peppermint

    karrenmoorekarrenmoore2 months ago
  • The minute the scene changed when y’all answered that is Steven Steven question and the color changed on the screen 😂🤣🤣🤣

    Makiyah MitchellMakiyah Mitchell3 months ago
    • Y’all had meeeeee laughhhhinnnggg🤣🤣🤣😭

      Makiyah MitchellMakiyah Mitchell3 months ago
  • Please. PLEASE do a tap dancing series.

    ShaliekShaliek3 months ago
  • I can't I love these three actors 😂

    ShaliekShaliek3 months ago
  • This just shows why the ghosts aren’t talking to them, they aren’t introducing themselves using their real names. kidding, I’m a total Shaniac, but I love Ryan with his two foot tall hair and Steven who is known to the internet for eating expensive food

    MindtrickzMindtrickz3 months ago
  • the only thing i concluded out of this is that steven and shane are floor gang oUGH

    im cringeim cringe3 months ago
  • Oh my gods, Steven is part of the floor gang ✊

    im still trashim still trash3 months ago
  • Steven calling out Harry and Zayn is One Direction fandom half the time 😂😂😂

    Swarnim AdhikariSwarnim Adhikari3 months ago
  • Ryan, you're adorable

    SkyrilSkyril4 months ago
  • The fact that beautiful, put together, confident, fit Ryan Bergara used to think he was the most awkward person on the planet gives me hope

    SkyrilSkyril4 months ago
  • STEVEN IS A DIRECTIONER oh my god i love him so much

    BeaBea4 months ago
  • theory: the professer is controlling shane, he's in the back just. watching him. making sure he says the right things

    Lucas MLucas M4 months ago
  • Most likely to be an evil mastermind disguised as a cinnamon roll: *Ryan*

    Korotea XKorotea X4 months ago
  • "who's most likely to laugh at the wrong moment?" Me: Ryan What I really wanted to say: Baily Sarian

    FrmSyriaWithLuvFrmSyriaWithLuv4 months ago
  • Shane is hot. Damn. You can cook kn that body boi

    Monologo de JessMonologo de Jess4 months ago
  • That was The Longest wait for a sneeze to come

    GiovannaGiovanna4 months ago
  • I could only imagine Ryan as a chipmunk cause he looks like he stores nuts in his cheeks🥺 it's cute tho

    Balqis Nabila DidiBalqis Nabila Didi4 months ago

    Tana HiyokaTana Hiyoka4 months ago
  • The tap dancing thing would be hilarious for someone like me to watch, cause im an actual tap dancer

    redfeather 5673redfeather 56734 months ago
  • Life hack, never step back in the other direction, always double down, walls and other obstacles be damned

    Joshua HeaysmanJoshua Heaysman4 months ago
  • i have a strong feeling that garrett watts would be the best rodent buddy with shane

    Kristina LeeKristina Lee4 months ago
  • Shane voting for Ryan to be the one to laugh at inappropriate times, after he has been filmed laughing at a demon lobbing a dog is the most hypocritical thing to come out of lockdown.

    Max PageMax Page4 months ago
  • Ryan: Everybody has their own scent but they just don't know it because it's their own scent. Me, who can't smell: 👁👄👁

    Ezra YanezEzra Yanez4 months ago
  • Ryan’s British accent 😂😂😂

    LateNightCraziesLateNightCrazies4 months ago
  • i love how like during ruining history shane said he doesn't like cats and now while doing another history series has one as a pet

    HebHeb4 months ago
  • I love how everyone just has bright lighting and there's just Shane with a big shadow on his face.

    Amy LowryAmy Lowry4 months ago
  • What do they mean when they say they're characters?

    Caroline OcheskeyCaroline Ocheskey4 months ago
  • Did they leave buzzfeed?

    nicole_ kills19nicole_ kills194 months ago
  • ryan doing an impression of himself is everything

    Sadie BehrSadie Behr4 months ago
  • woah, a toasty chill zone indeed

    Mia TerracottaMia Terracotta4 months ago
  • I wonder if are you scared series come back where if its on a haunting ghost stories that were real if they will go to that location and do a investigation lol

    Yoshisan 13Yoshisan 134 months ago
  • Most likely to laugh at the wrong time: *unanimous vote for Ryan* Flashback to Shane laughing when the woman was describing her dog being whacked into the wall by a ghost >.>

    Taite ApkerTaite Apker4 months ago
  • When they said who is most likely to laugh at the wrong moment, I instantly thought Shane. Anyone remember when that one women was telling a story of a force throwing her dog against the wall? And how is was awful and terrorizing for her? And Shane laughed 😂 and then proceeded to apologize for doing so?

    Simply_DiabolicalSimply_Diabolical4 months ago
  • Start tap dancing while talking about mysteries

    mythicalphandermythicalphander4 months ago
  • What do they mean characters tho? Are they just joking around or talking about a series I don’t know about 😂

    mythicalphandermythicalphander4 months ago
  • Ryan's shirt looks like he killed someone

    Kokichi OumaKokichi Ouma4 months ago
  • Do more D&D

    MadiganMadigan4 months ago
  • after watching Desperados I am now terrified of dolphins

    Natalie SerenaNatalie Serena4 months ago
  • And I just saw those “Ryan has disappeared” vidoes and this video from 5 days ago shows his not disappeared and I’m Super confused lol

    This is Cutie Ringo JoyThis is Cutie Ringo Joy4 months ago
  • #watcherweekly Do you edit your own shows?and also what is up with ricky goldsworth

    HYP3R BEASTHYP3R BEAST4 months ago
  • 1/100 times Shane just runs over the other person lol

    Veronica :0Veronica :04 months ago
  • Steven calling out Zayn and Harry is MEEEEEEE

    AlexiaAlexia4 months ago
  • Man I am not a sweets person. Give me eggs benny, breakfast quiche and a skillet? Omg difficult to rank!

    Sam DSam D4 months ago
  • Who's idea was it to call the channel Watcher? Are you worried "the watcher" has seen any of your videos, i wonder what he thinks. - a cow bison hybrid is called a "beefalo"

    rosehavasurosehavasu4 months ago
  • Top 5: Quarantine Edition!

    Jelo De LeonJelo De Leon4 months ago
  • I love the faces Ryan pulls, mainly at Shane, for acting like a numpty! 🤣🤣

    Nutty InsomniacNutty Insomniac4 months ago
  • Is it just me, or did the professor’s nose color change? Look in the background.

    Am MmAm Mm4 months ago
  • Please marry me shane😄you're so cute

    Ina GjukicIna Gjukic4 months ago
  • I LOVE scary Stories; I hope they bring out more soon. That kind of creepy stuff is the original reason I followed Ryan and Shane from Buzzfeed. I also like the Professor and WWW. Honestly I could just watch those three on a loop and die happy.

    Adrienne NevesAdrienne Neves4 months ago
  • Guys. French toast **cooked in a waffle iron**. Epically delicious.

    Chelsea LangstonChelsea Langston4 months ago
  • ryan has so many teeth

    DeboraDebora4 months ago
  • Can yall please just play with ur cats for one episode... Ryan can obtain one from somewhere

    MikuLeekzMikuLeekz4 months ago
  • “Dogs aren’t assholes” *laughs in dog handler*

    James BarnesJames Barnes4 months ago
  • Imma need that tap dancing series, guys. PLEASE. I love seeing people learn how to tap dance, I’ve done it since I was little. :)

    Caroline ACaroline A4 months ago
  • 14:55 or, you do what i do. Stare directly at them and continue moving forward until they chicken out and get out of your way like the absolute psychopath you are.

    Osyris KingOsyris King4 months ago
  • Ryan needs to drop that skincare routine dannnnnnnnng

    Lucy LynchLucy Lynch4 months ago
  • Most likely to do the Into The Wild

    TOT3TOT34 months ago
  • Steven is a one direction stan. Steven is awkward. Steven is amazing. We stan Steven

    SanskritiSanskriti4 months ago
  • okay but there's a type of jellyfish that's technically immortal...i'd want to be that animal more than a mouse or anything lmaoo

    Kacey PKacey P4 months ago
  • Guys I love you I only found out of this channel because if a comment in another video!! I wish you all the best luck in this new path and as I long fan of you I would recommend more promo... All my best✨✨✨

    Flor CamprubiFlor Camprubi4 months ago
  • Yes to the tap dance series please.

    Grizz StoufferGrizz Stouffer4 months ago
  • Surely Shane is more likely to laugh at the wrong moment? He literally laughed in a woman’s face while she was talking about her dog being thrown across a room

    Phoebe RosePhoebe Rose4 months ago
  • All intelligent animals are assholes. Dolphins are basically as smart as humans which is why they’re butt heads and some of them are low-key rapey

    Phoebe RosePhoebe Rose4 months ago
  • floor gang OUH

    JackieJackie4 months ago
  • I want episodes of serial killers or mafia figures with Steven talking about it or participating. He strikes me as a psychopath.

    Dariana TorresDariana Torres4 months ago

    head over heelieshead over heelies4 months ago
  • Watcher Weekly gives me life and I love the chaotic energy of them

    Katherine SundgrenKatherine Sundgren4 months ago
  • Are you guys ever going to do unsolved againe?

    Adrian steeleAdrian steele4 months ago

    cassandra marinocassandra marino4 months ago
  • "First: Toast is bread and bread is GOOD" - Steven Lim, 2020 My German ass: Damn right :D

    boristhecactusboristhecactus4 months ago
  • Shane and Steven are Floor Gang confirmed.

    Clare LimClare Lim4 months ago
  • kinda hope they bring back d&d because i miss it

    fairyfairy4 months ago
  • I realize that we rarely see Shane's teeth. Why is this so unsettling to me

    Emma LansdowneEmma Lansdowne4 months ago
  • Malik ...MALIKEEEEE😂

    Paige MullemanPaige Mulleman4 months ago
  • I really wanna eat the good gum

    Paige MullemanPaige Mulleman4 months ago
  • I need more of the cat in these

    Paige MullemanPaige Mulleman4 months ago
  • why does shane looks like an alcoholic cop from the 70s? i mean it in a good way

    Marina BittencourtMarina Bittencourt4 months ago
  • Watcher is floor gang confirmed

    tomie_grungetomie_grunge4 months ago
  • more puppet history pls bb boizzzzz

    Viap AypalViap Aypal4 months ago
  • Steven Lim, "commit to one direction" (^-^) LOVE IT!

    Rika ERika E4 months ago
  • Eyyy my man Hosea got a q in

    Fried OpossumFried Opossum4 months ago
  • Throwing my vote in for the tap dancing show!

    fenellaevangelafenellaevangela4 months ago
  • LOOOOOOOOOVE Ryans shirt! He looks great! Why oh why is Shane wearing my Dad's old couch from the 80s?????

    Natalie RayeNatalie Raye4 months ago
  • I actually took tap-dancing when I was in my early teens. I'm 32 now, going on 33 this month

    Andrea DialAndrea Dial4 months ago
  • 4:40 the freaking nailed it

    Donut eaterDonut eater4 months ago
  • Steven: Bread is good Amen 🙏

    Shubie Do-WopShubie Do-Wop4 months ago
  • hey, wait, do all weird people get a mint phase? cuz i'm weird and i'm reaaaally into mint candy

    LauLau4 months ago