Would I Lie To You? • Watcher Weekly #034

Aug 26, 2020
106 940 Views

The raven video Shane was talking about! usworlds.info/slow/video/dpunpX26moOXnpk
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Hello! Welcome to the 34th episode of our weekly talk show!
This week's agenda:
1:08 Chill Zone
3:45 This Week
4:30 Watcher News
5:52 Q & A
10:11 Would I Lie To You?
20:29 Goodbye
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  • All Hail the WATCHER

    Dash LukkyDash LukkyDay ago
  • Does that classify as a bank robbery?

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn2 days ago
  • Oh I guess he's just a sketchy truther

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn3 days ago
  • Steven is a horrible liar

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn3 days ago
  • I had 13 cats at one time, one was named periwinkle, we where petting periwinkle and saying his name than our other cat grey came up and said periwinkle no lie I was like WHAT!

    Mahfk NamsaynMahfk Namsayn3 days ago
  • I miss homemade, and episodes inspired by stevens vision, so i was thinking, until homemade can continue... why not "*homemade at home*" ? Where steven just gives little tutorials for all his favorite meals and drinks he likes to prepare for himself/guests? Idk if thats something hed want to do...? But maybe something similar.

    Eat Bags Of MoneyEat Bags Of Money9 days ago
  • Play it again!

    M FM F19 days ago
  • Burt's Bees. Yes. The only lip balm. Not waxy. Not freakishly menthol, when your food tastes like it, still, even . . . later. And, lip results, phenomenal. They just end up feeling like normal lips. Not chapped, not peeling, not "flavored", just well..., healthy, and ok lips. IDK. Hahaha. Burt's Bees is just the "cheese" of all lip balms. Love it. One time, everyone locally was out of it. . .ugh sh*t'll, what? It couldn't be real, I am in Illinois, but it was happening. Glad to see it on shelves again. Lip life got back, real, right, when I could find it again. Burt's Bees. It is the real lip deal. (Hahahahahahaha.)

    danita whitsondanita whitson22 days ago
  • I really love this episode! We get to know more about you guy's childhood. Pls do more in the future!!

    Miki Jia YinMiki Jia YinMonth ago
  • Ryan looking sus at the 1.00 broccoli offer😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Solstice BeatSolstice BeatMonth ago
  • You should do a puppet history on Leon Trotsky maybe his assassination

    Esaias YavariEsaias YavariMonth ago
  • He really stole a plastic owl from a bank. This dude...

    BalmyBalmyMonth ago
  • so... Shane robbed a bank

    dystopian sunflowerdystopian sunflowerMonth ago
  • 90 minutes long...... like..... a college class? #puppet history would be a better learning experience #theres always more

    Madison MonnetteMadison Monnette2 months ago
  • wait...shane a Malaysian?..can shane speak in bahasa?..

    hantu bantuhantu bantu2 months ago
  • Shane would lose his mind. There's a house on the edge of my town that has an above ground pool that has at least 6 of those owls 🦉😄

    Ashley B. is meAshley B. is me2 months ago
  • Shane’s approach to chapstick is what I do too. I have so many in drawers, my car, and other weird places that I can’t lose track of them without effort! 😂

    Cooked PandaCooked Panda2 months ago
  • I am so mad to find I've been robbed of so much Puppet History content.

    Thursday St GilesThursday St Giles2 months ago
  • Ryan: Criticizes the way Shane pops grapes into his mouth. Ryan: 7:49 *pops food into his mouth*

    JadeToniRitsa LJadeToniRitsa L2 months ago
  • The Grover edits XDDD

    The Purple HutThe Purple Hut2 months ago
  • Therapist Steven cracks me up

    kwaiikwaii2 months ago
  • can u guys do more episodes of are u scared? plsssssss

    Forrest GumpForrest Gump2 months ago
  • I love would I lie to you

    Giles SGiles S2 months ago
  • How tf did shane sneak it out Dude how big was ur hoodie

    The Amazing GirlThe Amazing Girl2 months ago
  • Steven is from Malaysia???

    Atikah DailyAtikah Daily2 months ago

    John Archie AblanqueJohn Archie Ablanque2 months ago
  • Lol you should search up mynah birds in the philippines, their mimicking is just too exact, like if they heard a cell phone it can sound just like it. Also, 4 hr puppet histories cut down to 20 mins reminds me of the insane couple minute edits of the eric andre show 😂

    Isabella JayIsabella Jay2 months ago
  • Ryan: He's unflappable. Shane's stolen owl somewhere in his parent's house: 👁️>👁️

    S A M A N T H A T S U K IS A M A N T H A T S U K I2 months ago
  • The animation question made me think: do ryan and the guest see the animations and how?

    ClaireClaire2 months ago
  • i am really disappointed that after they talk about the big head effect they never use it anymore. like they could have used it alot more even in that episode where they talk about the editing process and especially the big head effect. and they don't even use it anymore! :0

    Desiree ArredondoDesiree Arredondo2 months ago
  • Ryan, your girlfriend is a saint that's all I have to say 😂 Paddington for 20-30 minutes?!

    Stephanie BolingerStephanie Bolinger2 months ago
  • petition for 90 minute puppet history videos

    Evelyn HoffmannEvelyn Hoffmann2 months ago
  • I had stop the video part way through, just to see the raven talk lol.

    Emily BakerEmily Baker2 months ago

  • Yea! Got my shout out today! CapChaos!

    Linda MastersLinda Masters2 months ago
  • I love puppet history! This is the whole reason I started watching this channel

    Bridget Ryan-SamonteBridget Ryan-Samonte2 months ago
  • Ryan's "buh-bye" at the end reminded me of the droid that speaks as you exit Star Tours at Disney World. I'm not sure if he did that on purpose or not, seeing as he is such a Disney fan.

    Kristi MounceKristi Mounce2 months ago
  • When the next are you scared coming

    Cracc 216Cracc 2162 months ago
  • Shane is literally the human vid of goofy

    Rochelle AzarconRochelle Azarcon2 months ago
  • I wonder if Shane knows they make pop sockets with burts bees!

    Laurie GriffusLaurie Griffus2 months ago
  • 90 minute puppet history? dont tease me shane

    miley xxmiley xx2 months ago
  • Is that how Shane puts on chapstick just man handles it then just smeres it what the hell ...

    Fager AliFager Ali3 months ago
  • I wanna see more wired and or wonderful coming back cuz I love those sooo much

    Fager AliFager Ali3 months ago
  • We love a sporler Ryan has 🤣🤣🤣😂

    Fager AliFager Ali3 months ago
  • SO (and I already know how weird this sounds as I type it) I follow that raven's handler on Instagram (@pythonpaige of the @WorldBirdSanctuary), and Mischief, like all ravens, can mimic sounds, even of the humans around it, and the "Hi!" that it does is so adorable. It also has a very deep "hello" from a previous employee at the sanctuary.

    Bon BonBon Bon3 months ago
  • Literally would have been pumped for chapstick talk

    Twisty SunshineTwisty Sunshine3 months ago
  • I'm so glad I got everyone right lol it's my first time on this season so hehe

    Lamele sunt drăguțeLamele sunt drăguțe3 months ago
  • I chuckle every time Steven does the shaka knowing that he caught it from Shane and Ryan.

    aerocarnieaerocarnie3 months ago
  • Anyone else want 90 minutes of Puppet History or is that just me?

    A Redheads RamblingsA Redheads Ramblings3 months ago
  • Why is ryan cute now? •w•

    - Eskimo -- Eskimo -3 months ago
  • Shane , is that Deneen pottery/ death wish coffee mug your drinking out of in this watcher weekly?

    Kat TrujilloKat Trujillo3 months ago
  • wait so u guys have would i lie to you in america?

    tee koiketee koike3 months ago
  • Steven and I have the same personality. I identify with him so much. No matter what Shane looks like, my crush on him does not falter. Haha, I get what Ryan's saying about getting annoyed for no reason.

    Becoming WholeBecoming Whole3 months ago
  • PLEASE make a 90 minute long puppet history We would Love That

    Juneau SJuneau S3 months ago
  • yes 911? that’s the owl thief. he’s right there. go get him. he’s a menace to society.

    Lily LiangLily Liang3 months ago
  • “I do remember you saying that you went to this bar a lot, ‘cause it was just too much work to repeatedly come up with new ideas of places to go [on a first date].” I have lived this truth.

    Amy GeeAmy Gee3 months ago
  • WEIRD I've been binging 'would I lie to you' and then I come here and you guys are playing it!!

    Cree GregoryCree Gregory3 months ago
  • So you're telling me that we could have 4 hours of puppet history?? We're straight up being robbed.

    Viveka GuptaViveka Gupta3 months ago
  • yes PEASE do that game again!!!!! honestly a testimony to how life can be stranger than fiction 😂

    Bee JuuBee Juu3 months ago
  • Are you guys ever going on spooky adventures again after the pandemic?

    AsterinneAsterinne3 months ago
  • Steven appreciation !!

    Z KZ K3 months ago
  • Can we talk about how Ryan was deemed "paddington bear"😭

    briana davidsonbriana davidson3 months ago
  • I would love for them to play Would I lie to you again! Also, if Shane wanted to share some facts that didn't make the cut during the Watcher Weekly, if be about that.

    faureamourfaureamour3 months ago
  • This Trio is much as a duo , Steven is more on the side... :p..

    Delisa TahirDelisa Tahir3 months ago
  • I'm a simple woman, I see owl in the title, I click.

    itsthecolleenlifeitsthecolleenlife3 months ago
  • Damn I'm a fan of WILTY

    Calvin LimuelCalvin Limuel3 months ago
  • I'd be ok with 90 minute long puppet history episodes. lol

    bunny bbunny b3 months ago

    Catherine PetrovichCatherine Petrovich3 months ago
  • Bring back "are you scared?"

    claudine rosalesclaudine rosales3 months ago
  • right after steven said he’s trying to get to the root of this question, i got an add for an insurance app called root

    Miranda DoughertyMiranda Dougherty3 months ago
  • I wish they would go back to buzzfeed and do a season of buzzfeed unsolved:(

    PancakeWafflePancakeWaffle3 months ago
  • I love you guys! I ran across this other channel that is shamelessly using your buzzfeed content amonst others. Here is the link to one video. It just sucks that someone else is profiting from your hard work. usworlds.info/slow/video/aYOcaXqpnneinGY Thanks for the laughs guys!

    Chantel HChantel H3 months ago
  • Show us the raw puppet histories you cowards

    Lorna VàzquezLorna Vàzquez3 months ago

    autumn oautumn o3 months ago
  • Can we do a Puppet History on Aleister Crowley?? Hell yeah!!!

    SuperhitpixSuperhitpix3 months ago
  • "One of those little stool boys" oh right that's totally a thing

    Kate McGarrigleKate McGarrigle3 months ago
  • how dare you ryan! durian is the best smell amongst the fruits kingdom!! I’m highly offended.

    Walida HaqueWalida Haque3 months ago
  • I knew it was Bert's Bees because the idea of Shane throwing Bert's Bees from his nightstand at home invaders from that Are You Scared episode made me laugh real hard.

    Helen MartinezHelen Martinez3 months ago
  • Shane mentioning “would I lie to you?” threw me a curveball aha. It’s a really popular comedy panel show in the uk (everyone should watch it) and it’s hilarious. Epitome of British comedy panel showss

    Ellie RoseEllie Rose3 months ago
  • Bro I choked at the appearance of Grover

    Me meMe me3 months ago
  • Fr I thought Shane was gonna say they would add the link to his funeral 😅

    Me meMe me3 months ago
  • steven did your plant finally die? it was fun watching it look more terrible every episode

    Jasmin LaufeysonJasmin Laufeyson3 months ago
  • 100% would subscribe to the patreon if it meant I could watch the puppet history: director’s cut

    yellowducky101yellowducky1013 months ago
  • Now we seriously have to see that owl next week 😂

    Nathanael TanNathanael Tan3 months ago
  • I like the truth or fiction bits. Maybe more like that, I don't know... story based content. I guess that is what we like about you guys. It doesn't have to be real, scripted is fine.

    Seth Simmons-MeadSeth Simmons-Mead3 months ago
  • That bird really talked

    RobertRobert3 months ago
  • Just jumping on here to add to the fact that I would also like a 90 min video of Puppet History

    kamryn simskamryn sims3 months ago
  • I love Would I Lie to You! You should do Countdown next lol.

    Kirk WKirk W3 months ago
  • Mischief the raven is at world bird sanctuary in St. Louis. Not 10 minutes from my house! He is also trained to collect recycling and put donations in a box.

    Chris MarsalekChris Marsalek3 months ago
  • Hey guys I’ve watched literally only one of your videos (the soda pop one) but I have lost sleep over this burning question inside of me... WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE MOLASSES ROOT BEER AND WHY DID YOU HAVE TO CUT AWAY AT THE LAST MOMENT

    Insert nameInsert name3 months ago
  • I need more detail on that owl story 😂😂😂😂

    Dinda RoossaDinda Roossa3 months ago
  • You guys should make a Reddit

    thanh nam nguyenthanh nam nguyen3 months ago
  • Shane's funeral 😂

    Hugh JassHugh Jass3 months ago
  • Steven looks particularly good this episode.

    Calico FictionCalico Fiction3 months ago
  • I need a whole season of "Are you scared "

    king of kingzking of kingz3 months ago
  • I would 100% watch hours of puppet history. Let's make this happen.

    Lex CalhounLex Calhoun3 months ago
  • Did Shane share with you a video of a seagull eating and then vomiting a hot dog, by chance?

    Sydney McFaddenSydney McFadden3 months ago
  • I would love to see more of these true or false videos, very entertaining!

    Shelley TimbsShelley Timbs3 months ago
  • A 90 min extended cut of puppet history not only is a great idea for the people (me) but also would help you in the youtube algorithm bc youtube will note eyes on your channel for extended amounts of type.

    maria pizzamaria pizza3 months ago
  • Who else would LOVE a 90 minute puppet history? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

    Stephanie VStephanie V3 months ago